Let's Play Advance Wars!

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Impossibear on 19th January 2014, 11:30 am

going along with Lief, Fire Emblem and this game have some shocking similarities, even battle seems extremely similar, but with only ten hp total, i think this game will have a hard time scarling damage to hp, especially when it will only take 5-ish hits to kill the final boss, if hp stays at 10

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Lief Katano on 19th January 2014, 12:09 pm

I believe that Advance Wars uses armies of faceless mooks for people to fight each other with...although the commander, if he shows up, might still have 10 HP, which is A Problem.

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 19th January 2014, 12:46 pm

I doubt the commander will be a fighting unit.


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 19th January 2014, 2:19 pm

Part 3 - Even more training...:
Time for a new type of unit:

Air units! Olaf has some, but so do we, so this tutorial will be teaching the basics of helicopter units.

The first copter I have is a transport one. In order to get to the enemy base at the bottom of the map, I need to cross the sea, which basic units can't do. But with the transport copter, I can load my ground units inside and drop them off without having to go the longer, more dangerous way around.

So yeah, it's basically a flying transport tank. Loads and deploys the same way, doesn't have any weapons, blah blah blah... The major advantage is that it can go anywhere without restrictions.

Moving on, we have the battle copter:

Basically, they're flying tanks, but much better than tanks since they fly. :P

Terrain doesn't affect them since they're always in the air, meaning they can move anywhere without restrictions like the transport chopper. They also pack quite a punch compared to tanks:

There's one big disadvantage that chopper units have: They constantly use fuel every day since they're always in the air... Two fuel units per day to be exact. Also, the only way to refuel and resupply them is by an airport (which will come up later I imagine). Regular cities won't refuel or resupply air units since they can't land in them.

And that's about it for this tutorial. All I need to do is finish capturing the enemy HQ aaand...

...the screenshot didn't upload.... But yeah, I won. Got torn apart by Olaf's tanks, but other than that, I managed to capture the HQ!

Next tutorial: Air Assault!

....Aaaand Olaf is showing me how to perform an air assault by decimating a good portion of my tanks and choppers with his tanks, choppers, plus new units: bombers and fighters.....

But, this time, I have a medium tank aaaaand:

I like the sound of this one! Evil Laughter

And boy are they effective! :O

Anti-air units attack directly, so you have to move them to an adjacent space for them to attack. They're also very effective against ground units like troops and mechs. They don't do well against tanks though...

One quick note about the bombers and fighters: They use more fuel than choppers.

So yeah, a fairly large disadvantage there. Also, if they run out of fuel, they crash, and the unit is lost. I imagine this applies to choppers as well, but I'm not 100% sure.

Other than botching up the level a bit, that's it:

Next mission!

New toys! :D

Missile launchers are long distance attackers designed to take out air units, so I can attack that bomber over there:

Me likey! Extreme Smiling

Another thing I have is a rocket launcher:

Also long range attackers, but for land units, so I can hit the tanks across the way:


One disadvantage for these units is that they have tires instead of treads. This means they only move well on roads and are slowed down by just about every other terrain...

Other than that, they're pretty awesome! Now to use them to clean up here aaaaaaaaaand:

Victory is mine!

Next mission is all up to me:

I have bombers and fighters this time! Quick explanation for them: Bombers take out land units by flying near them and bombing them. Fighters are good against other air units.

For this mission, I basically just need to win as fast as I can for this mission:

And to do that, I just need to shoot everything out of the skies and bomb the hell out of the tanks and stuff:



Yes I did! Extreme Smiling

Done and done! Next!

I need to get this transport chopper to safety. To do that, I can use this new sea unit:

Cruisers can carry up to two chopper units and protect them from attack. They also resupply them. Cruisers can also attack other units, but the only ones they can attack are air units and subs:

But wow! They are great against them!

Now for another sea unit:

Unlike Cruisers, Battleships attack from a distance:


Subs use direct combat and can only attack other navel units:

There's apparently more about subs, but the tutorial is moving onto the Lander:

Like other transports, they can move other units around. They do have one big plus though:

They can also load tanks!

One thing to note is that you can only load units onto landers in shallow water (the white area of water around the land). You can also do this at ports, but there isn't any in this tutorial...

One other thing to note about sea units is that they are like air units in the fact that they both use fuel daily. If sea units run out of fuel, they'll sink...

Now for the other thing about subs:

They can dive to avoid enemy fire! Another plus is that they can still attack while underwater. However, they use more fuel while underwater, so fuel might be a problem after a while...

And that's about it for this tutorial. Time to wrap it up:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I screw up big time.... Facepalm

Take two!

.............Aaaaaaaand the game crashes on me.................. Why.

Okay, I'll end this part here. So until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 19th January 2014, 9:39 pm

Part 4 - last of the training!:
Almost done with the training missions! Hopefully we will be getting to some story soon!

Now, to finish off where I left off last time:

There we go, now onto the final two missions!

Next is Climate Status.

The mission briefing has a bit of story-like related stuff...maybe: Olaf used to be a Co in the Orange Star Army. After he caught the attention of the Blue Moon Army, he switched sides and attacked Orange Star...

This mission seems pretty straight forward (but I imagine something will be thrown in in a sec to help me train for something else). I'm in charge, and it looks like I just need to take care of these units:

Let's see how well I can do this time!

This looks like a good start.

Oh crap.....

Olaf wrote:Now I shall unleash my power!
Heavens, hear my cry!

What the....

*a snowstorm hits and Olaf proceeds to attack*

Well.... That was interesting...

Apparently, this is Olaf's "CO Power." Every Co has a special power that they can use. Unfortunately, Nell can't use her power right now... Really.

What this snow does is lower the movement range of all units.... Except for Olaf's.....

Fortunately, this is only temporary, and the weather should clear up after a few turns... At least that's what Nell says...

Anyway, time to continue my assault:

And I'd say I did okay. Olaf got a tank and a chopper unit on his turn, but I think I've still go this.

My next two turns results:

Looking good!

Oh look! It stopped snowing! Extreme Smiling

Olaf does a bit more damage during his turn, but I think I've got this in the bag now! Super Grin

My next turn:

And Olaf does a few more things, then....


...Or not... Apparently, this is a "blessing" because it slows down Olaf's units. Maybe this is Nell's CO Power? Confused

Anyway, might as well take advantage of the situation!

Making progress, but this is taking a while...

That missile unit's finally out of ammo, and it's on the run!

And here comes his last big tank... Shouldn't be too big of a problem...  Innocent 

And I was right! :fuckyou:

Now for that chopper:

And finally:

VICTORY!!! Excited

...........okay, not a great victory, but it's a victory! :fuckyou:

Onto the final training mission (finally): Fog of War!

So this is "Fog of War." What it does is limits the distance a unit can see... However, infantry and mech units have a "special ability" for fog:

In mountains, the vision increases greatly for these units (which I find odd since mountans are usually foggy as well....I think). The areas that have forests (the areas with trees) and reefs (the rocky-looking areas in the water) will remain dark unless you're right next to them though...

Since it's still dark in a spot nearby, I've got a new unit to try out: The Recon Unit:

These units have a increased range of view (5 squares) and can see anywhere without restrictions. However, they're not very powerful and should avoid any major combat.

Now to see what's in the forest:


Anyway, that's about it tutorial-wise, so I'll wrap up this battle and finally be done with the tutorials!  jokool 

Looking good so far! This level is a cake walk!

....I need to learn how to keep my big mouth shut..... Disgust

So yeah, there's some hidden units in the forests... Better scout 'em out:

Nothing yet, but I think I know where they are. *motions to the two patches of forest on the right*

There's one!

And there's the other! Super Grin

I've got this in the bag now!

There's this one boat here, but it's not an issue since it's only a transport. I'll finish it off in a sec. Just need to move my other units into range:

There we go!

And that's it!

Olaf wrote:I'll concede this day, but the real battle is yet to come!

And that's it for this tutorial! Unfortunately, it looks like Nell is leaving us, buuuuuuut:

We have someone new to work with! :O

Ah, one of the guys from the main artwork! Must be someone important!

Well, that'll just about do it, just one more thing:

I've been promoted!

But wait, there's more:

Nell wrote:I give you this to mark your advancement! Congratulations!

Nell wrote:This is a special card that allows you to check your ranking at any time. Congratulations!

....Okay, not quite sure when I'll need this, but I'll take it.


Looks like things are about to really get going now!

And there's the Campaign Mode! *phew*

I'll get started on that next time though.

A couple other things to note are a few other options in the menu now:

War Room: "Hone your tactical skills. How high can you score?"
Seems to be a bunch of maps you can try to get a high score on, so probably won't cover that in this LP.

Stats: "Joey, your battle stats are recorded here."
That basically says it all.

Design Maps: "Joey, this mode lets you create your own maps."
This sounds fun! Might try that out later.

Other than that, that's it. So like I said, I'll start the Campaign in the next part. Hopefully the story will be good and not just "Oh no! I need to bring more tanks in!" But it does seem like there is an interesting story here, but keep your fingers crossed just in case....

Anyway, until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Lief Katano on 19th January 2014, 10:28 pm

You thought Olaf had a Kyogre, then thought raining was Nell's CO Power:

Ergo, Nell has a Kyogre.

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 20th January 2014, 6:54 pm

Part 5 - Part 1 unofficially:
Finally time to start the Campaign mode!

Olaf wrote:Here so soon?
But, wait... something's not right here.
Nell wouldn't leave Orange Star's capital city unguarded.
Which means...
A new commanding officer?
Ha, ha, ha! Excellent!
I've lost a few battles lately, but no more!
An Orange Star Army without Nell is no match for me!
Time to teach this raw recruit what war's all about!

Time to get this party started! Party!

......Er, I mean war.... Annoyed

Andy wrote:Nell? Is that you?
Is this a transceiver?

Nell wrote:That's right, Andy. I'll be using it to contact you from here on out.
As this is your first real command, I wanted to check up on you.

Andy wrote:No worries here! This is going to be easy!

Nell wrote:Oh, Andy! You're nothing if not enthusiastic.
Let me give you a few words of advice.
First, let's talk about your CO Power.
You can use your CO Power when the Power Meter is full.
The meter fills up gradually over the course of battle.
Once it's full, you...well, I'll cover that when the time comes.
Oh, I also have to tell you about the Terms of Victory. The Terms of Victory explain what you need to accomplish to fulfill a mission.
Do you see Intel on the Map Menu?
Select it and you'll see three new menu items: Terms, Status, and CO.
If you select Terms, I'll explain what you must do to win on that map.
You should also take a look at the other two items when you have the time.
There's a lot of useful intel in there.
OK, Andy. You listen to Joey and do your best!
Good luck, Joey!
Take care of Andy!

Okay, had a bit of another tutorial-like thing at the start, but now I'm getting to play!

Let's start by checking the intel:

Nell pops in:

Nell wrote:Here you must capture the enemy HQ or defeat all the enemy units.

Basic goal. Lets see what the other options do:

Status is just some current stats about units and stuff, but CO has a bit more info on Andy and Olaf:

We know most of the stuff about Olaf already, but now we know what Andy's power is, and that could come in handy later on!

Looking back at the map, I just realized that there's a bit more to it:

So the campaign maps are larger than the Tutorial maps. Nice!

....Although, what isn't nice is the fact that the Blue Moon Army has more tanks and stuff... Oh well, they shouldn't be a problem!

Anyway, time to get started:

Okay, probably won't do that many screenshots again, but I felt like showing the moves I make at least once. I'll probably keep it to around one or two shots per day (unless something major happens).

Olaf doesn't do much on his turn, and it's my turn again. I manage to take out a few units and damage others:

Andy's reaction when he takes out a unit. Laughing

End of the turn:

On Olaf's next turn:

Oh goodie.... Disgust

Olaf does a bit of damage, but I come back on my turn and managed to damage and damage some of his units:

Olaf's turn begins, and the sun comes back out. He doesn't attack any of my units, but he does capture a few cities while moving around some units and merging two other units together.

My turn, I capture a few cities of my own:

Aaaaaaand I derped up both shots.... :P

After a few attacks:

Andy wrote:Nell? What is it?

Nell wrote:Your Power Meter is full!
Andy's CO Power lets you repair all damaged units, right?
Do you know when it's best to use it?

Andy wrote:Um... No, I don't.

Nell wrote:Well, I guess I'll have to tell you.
Since you're able to repair all of your units, you should use your Power when you have damaged units.

....I could have told him that.

Nell wrote:Oh, and one more thing.
When you use your Power, all of your units will be a little stronger for that turn. Don't forget what I just told you, OK?
Is that clear?

Andy wrote:Not really. But that's OK. I'll just let Joey decide.

Nell wrote:Oh, well... I guess that'll have to do.
Joey, you're in command.
Good luck!

So yeah, it's up to me! I was thinking about using it now, but since it also powers up my units, I'll wait and use it on my next turn before I attack anything.

Now to wrap up this turn:

And Olaf does a bit of damage to one of my units on his turn, so I think it's time to use my power now:

I attack a few units, but I didn't really notice any power boost. *shrug*

Anyway, results of my turn:

During Olaf's turn, he attacks one of my units, but it didn't do much damage, so I'm assuming that the power up was defensive and not offensive.

My turn again, I take out a few troop units and capture another city::

Other than that, that's it for this turn:

Olaf does a bit more damage on his turn, taking out one of my units...

My turn, I take out a couple more of Olaf's units, damage one of his tanks, and move more units around:

More back and forth action for the next few turns. Nothing screenshot worthy.

Olaf does summon another blizzard, but he avoids attacking.

Like an idiot, I forget about one missile unit and get my heavy tank hit by it:

After a few more days of derping up, I finally can use Andy's CO Power:

Unfortunately, it doesn't help that much, but I manage to get things going in my way again.

Day 15, and I finally have Olaf surrounded:

The next day:

Victory! Excited

Olaf wrote:Who in the world are you?

Andy wrote:My name's Andy! I'm the CO.
This is my advisor, Joey.


Olaf wrote:Advisor?
We needed no advisors when I was in the Orange Star Army!
Hrumph! Be that as it may.
Joey! Andy!
It takes a lot to best me. I'll remember your names. Mark my words!

Andy wrote:Hey, grandpa. Who are you?

Olaf wrote:Who am I, you ask?
Throughout Orange Star I was known as...

Andy wrote:Nell's papa?


Olaf wrote:That's right, Nell's... What? No!
That's what I get for being nice to children! No respect!

I'll have you know I am not a child. :I

.....even though I may act like one sometimes all the time...... Annoyed

Olaf wrote:Grrr... You just watch yourself, little boy!

Nell wrote:Congratulations! You've received some Advance Wars coins!
You can use these coins to shop at Battle Maps.
Go to Battle Maps and talk to Hachi for more information.
You can find Battle Maps on the Mode Selection Menu. Check it out.

Eh, let's see what that's about real quick, then I'll wrap up this part:

Hachi wrote:Welcome to Battle Maps.
If you've got Advance Wars coins, this is the place to spend 'em.
Mostly I deal in maps.
Once you own a map, you can fight on it, you see?
Oh, and I also have map cases.
You need a case to hold your Vs. Maps in.
Let me explain... Well, nah, just buy something. You'll figure it out.
Whoa, hold up there. There's something else I need to tell you.
New COs will become available after meeting certain game conditions.
You'll have to figure out those conditions on your own, though.
But if you stop by again, I might share a few secrets with you.
Well, that's enough gabbing. Time for business. What do you need?

There's not much to buy except for stuff I probably won't need for this LP. The only things I can buy right now are a couple of maps for the War Room. I imagine if anything else becomes available here, it'll only be useful for the other game modes, so I doubt I come back here for this LP.

Anyway, I'll wrap things up here. I think I'll be sticking to one campaign mission per update so I can go into better detail for the missions.

Next time, more missions! Until then, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 21st January 2014, 8:19 pm

Part 6 - Grit and Grime:
Next mission!

Grit wrote:Easy there! I herd you the first time, O bearded one.

Olaf wrote:Bearded one?
Why you...

Grit wrote:A slip of the tongue. My apologies, commander.

Olaf wrote:Enough! Just get ready to move out! Now, listen.
Orange Star forces have been deployed where I anticipated.
Their commanding officer is an untested youngster, but he's not alone. He's working with an advisor, Joey.
So don't let your guard down!
Our contingent in the area has some indirect combat units for you to use.
Now get going, Mr. Sharpshooter!

Grit wrote:What? You want me to go personally? Like, in person?

Olaf wrote:Why you lazy, no-good... What do you think a commanding officer does?
If you don't get moving...

Grit wrote:All right. Keep your beard on. I don't much like the idea, but I'm going.

Olaf wrote:Gone at last...
He's an impudent rogue, but he's also the best marksman I've ever seen.
Those Orange Star fools will never know what hit them. Perfect!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

So it looks like I'll be going up against a new CO. Let's see what happens.

Nell wrote:Can you hear me?

Andy wrote:What's up, Nell?

Nell wrote:You've been given the authority to use bases to deploy new units onto the field.

This sounds cool!

Nell wrote:Joey hasn't received instructions on how to do this, but you're up to speed, right, Andy?

5 bucks says he isn't. :P

Andy wrote:Well, um...

I knew it...

Nell wrote:Oh, my. Well, let's go through it again.
First, place the cursor on a base and press the A Button.
A list of units will then be displayed.
Use the + Control Pad to scroll through the list, and press the A Button to select the unit you want to deploy.
Units that you can't afford will appear in gray. Don't forget that.
Each day, you'll receive funds from all of the bases you hold.
You'll have to make do with that amount.
Remember, you can't deploy new units and move them on the same turn.
Hope you got all of that. Good luck!

So it looks like money is finally coming into play now. Let's see what I can get right now:

Looks like all the land units are available, but I can't afford the really good ones just yet. I'm going to look around the map and see what's going to be most important first before buying anything:

Not too bad, but those Rocket units and Medium Tank kinda concern me, but I think I'll just buy another regular tank for now and save up for the larger ones:

And there it is. I'll go ahead and move the other units around and capture the city that's close by:

I'll also check the intel before I forget:

Win terms are either capture the HQ or kill everyone. Now let's see what info we have on Grit:

Hmmm.... I'm not sure if this is good or bad. Direct combat is what I was worried about most at the moment, so it's good that he's not as good with it, buuuuuuut...... Those Rocket launchers are going to be a problem..............

Well, nothing I can do about them right now, so I'll just see what he does on his turn and work from there.

Grit wrote:Blue Moon is just plain greedy. That what it is.
Fightin' for these folks just don't sit well with me.
Well, I guess I'll just mosey on out and see what happens.

I'm laughing at his "accent" right now. His theme music fits in well with it. I'll see if I can find it and post it later. I'll also try to find the other soundtracks I've heard so far.

He attacks my small tank with his. Fortunately, it didn't do as much damage as Olaf's would have. He also moved a few units and is now attempting to capture two cities.

For now, I have 9000 moneys to spend, but I think I'll save them up a bit longer. Also, Nell wants to say something:

Nell wrote:Joey! Andy!
Pick up now!

Andy wrote:Yeah, Nell. We're here. What's going on?

Nell wrote:We've learned that Grit is the opposing CO!

.......I knew that hours ago.....

In fact, all she's telling me right now is info I already know, so I won't bother posting it.

Nell does mention that she knew Grit, so that's how she knows so much about him. Interesting.

Anyway, my turn again. I hit a few of Grit's units:

Nothing else much, but I did capture a city and moved my new tank closer:

And that ends my turn. Grit hits my one tank unit hard and captures the cities he was after on his turn. I need to get my tank out of danger, but it's a bit pinned.....

Good news is that I can get a better unit now:

And I think I'll go for that one right now.

I take out Grit's scout unit and manage to open up a gap for my damaged tank unit to escape to:

That'll do for my turn. On Grit's turn, he takes out one of my troop units because I accidentally moved it in the line of fire of one of his units.... Annoyed

Anyway, I manage to take out one of Grit's Mech units on my turn, but the way he has his other units set up, I can't really do much else, so I just build a tank and mech unit and call it a turn:

Grit captures another city on his turn, but that's about it.

My turn, I take out one of Grit's tanks, then hit one of his troop units that's trying to sneak up behind me:

Grit tries to move in more troops from behind on his turn, but I manage to hold them off, and also take out one of his artillery units while strategically moving my other units out of his range:

Then this happens....


He takes out, not one, not two, but three of my units with his power up.............

I hate this guy.......

I have my CO Power as well now, but I don't need it at the moment.

I take out the rest of Grit's troops, while also hitting his other artillery unit hard.

I also decide to check out the range of Grit's units while he's using his CO Power:

O_O That's almost the whole map!

Anyway, I also decide to use some of my money to buy another Medium Tank and a Recon unit.

Grit does nothing on his turn, so my turn comes again. I finish the one Artillery unit off, then try to figure out a way to get to his last few units without turning into a scrap pile...

I currently have a slight advantage with unit numbers, but with his increased range, it's going to be very tricky getting to them before he attacks...

I go ahead and move most of my units down the main road, then buy a transport and another mech unit, while sending the other mech unit north:

Grit does nothing again, and it's my turn again. I still haven't used my CO Power, but I still don't need it at the moment.

I continue to move closer to Grit's HQ, while also buying more troops for a sneak attack. The mech unit to the north is in range of a city, so I send it there to capture it.

Grit, again, does nothing on his turn.

More building, capturing, and moving on my turn. I also use my scouting unit to attack one of his rocket launchers.

...Unfortunately, said scouting unit is annihilated during Grit's turn...

But, seeing how much damage it did against the Rocket launcher, I go ahead and buy two more scouting units. I then move more troops around, and take out one rocket launcher on a suicide mission with a tank unit (the brave men from that unit will not be forgotten *salutes*).

Aaaaand Grit does indeed take out that unit on his turn, while also attacking one of my Medium tanks with his.

I continue to move my men across the map and capture another city in the process, while on the other side of the map, I begin capturing three other cities.

Grit just attacks my tank again on his turn.

I decide to use my CO power to help repair that tank to give it an advantage over the other one so I can move my other units in. I take out his other tank unit, leaving him with only the one missile launcher unit. This game is over now! Super Grin

Grit uses his CO Power, but wastes it by firing on a unoccupied transport:

Time to move in for the kill!


Grit wrote:And what was your partner's name again? Joey?

Andy wrote:Stop calling me Junior!
I have a name! It's Andy!

Grit wrote:Well now! That's the spirit!
Y'all are new to the Orange Star Army, right?

Andy wrote:Yeah, so?
Hey! How'd you know that?

Grit wrote:Well now, that's 'cause I'm Grit!
I was beholden to Orange Star not too long ago, myself.
So, I'm pretty familiar with most of the military types.
Well, y'all beat me this time.
Who knows, maybe we'll see each other on the flip side. So long, Joey!
You too, Junior!

Andy wrote:....

And that'll do it for this part, so until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 22nd January 2014, 6:18 pm

Part 6 - Clipping Eagle's Wings:

???? wrote:Orange Star forces, if I'm not mistaken. And, of course, I never am.
I had heard that the Blue Moon Army ruined them, but...
How interesting. I think I'll entertain them for a while.

Here we go!

And it looks like the area is swarming with troops...

Nell wrote:Joey! Andy!
Come in! Do you copy?

Speak of the devil...

Andy wrote:Nell!
There are hostile forces here!

Nell wrote:So it seems. But those...those aren't Blue Moon troops.
I'll see what I can find out.
Hold your positions!
We have some bases you can use here as a last resort.
Joey! Watch over Andy, OK?

Okay. This should be interesting. Fighting an unknown enemy. Let's check the map and intel:

Win condition is the same as before: Capture the HQ or kill everyone.

So the guy's name is Eagle, and he's with some green circle army. Seeing how he has skills with air units, I better prepare some air defenses. I don't have enough to buy any larger units just yet, so I'll just save up for now.

I should be able to take out a unit or two now with what I have though:

Eagle moves a few jets around and uses one of his chopper units to hit my chopper hard...

Fortunately, he's in striking distance now! I take out the chopper unit and hit two of his jets hard, then move more units around and buy another missile unit:

Even though they're damaged, his jets still pack a punch, finishing off my chopper and hitting another...

Then this happens:

Fortunately, I come out of his second attack with only a few scratches. My turn lets me use my CO Power:

Now to kick some tail! I manage to get rid of his jets, but his chopper is just out of my range....

On Eagle's turn, he uses his chopper to take out my transport chopper, which is what I was hoping he would do (I think).

After that:

Nell wrote:I know who you've encountered! Those are Green Earth Troops!

So I wasn't too far off. :P

Nell wrote:Rumor has it that there's an independent battalion roaming about.
I believe you've found them. Watch out for their air units.
They're supposed to be brutal!

Really? They seem like they want to be friends with us. :I

Andy wrote:You're too late, Nell.

Nell wrote:What? Does that mean you're already under attack?

No. We're about to have a tea party with them. :I

Nell wrote:Well... Um... Good luck!

You don't like tea? :I

Andy wrote:Nell left us! She ran away...

No kidding. :I

Okay, enough comic sans font, time to get back to business!

And just as I though, I can get to Eagle's Choppers now!

Boom! Now all that's left to worry about is that bomber unit. I might have to lure it out, but I hate to sacrifice any units... For now, I think this set up will do:

Eagle does very little on his turn, but he give me a free shot at his troops:

AI... Go figure. *shrug*

Anyway, I think it's time to lure out that bomber with this attack:

I'll move around a few more units and go ahead and buy a rocket unit, then call it a turn:

My plan to lure out the bomber works, but...

A noble sacrifice was made... *salutes*

Eagle then move a troop unit in a strategic spot:

Hmmmmm....... I think I can work around that.

Well, I didn't KO it, but I got it good, it shouldn't be a problem any more.

Eagle gets one more attack in with his bomber, and I take it out on my next turn. That just leaves a few tanks, which, hopefully, won't be a problem.

I move my units in, then buy another rocket unit:

Eagle hits one unit, and moves other units in, then my turn comes again:

Eagle hits my tank, then my turn again. I get my power this turn and use it since my tank got hit. I use my other units to take out his tank and troop unit. I move more units around and buy another artillery unit:

Eagle uses his power to take out one unit and hit my tank, but it also leaves him open to attack as well.

Result of my turn:

I just about have things wrapped up here, so I'll just post shots of the end of my turns:

Use my power on this turn after Eagle uses his to hit a couple of my tanks:

Then back to tank busting:

I get to use my power again, giving me a boost to get things just about wrapped up:

Only thing left to do is capture his HQ or take out his last unit (or units if he buys another one).

And I end up capturing the HQ:


Eagle wrote:Huh? It's you! Andy!

Andy wrote:Yeah, but...who are you?

Eagle wrote:Don't play dumb with me, boy!
I'll never forget what you've done!

Andy wrote:Huh?

Andy kinda reminds me of Luffy with his cluelessness... :P

Eagle wrote:So, continuing to feign ignorance, eh?
Very well, but the next time we meet will be our last!

Andy wrote:Hey! Wait up!
He's gone.
What was that all about?

Anyway, victory!

Ouch.... Speed was an issue apparently..... Annoyed

And I get a few more coins, plus, a rank up! :O

Aaaaaaaaaand that'll do it for this update. I'll also see if I can find the soundtracks that I said I would post in the last update in a sec.

Anyway, until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Lief Katano on 22nd January 2014, 6:22 pm

He kinda looks like Luffy, too, from what I've seen.

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by returnofmastercrazyhand on 22nd January 2014, 6:24 pm

trust me, I noticed what lief just said A LONG TIME ago,
back when I looked at one piece fanart during season 6

I need a life.
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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 22nd January 2014, 6:35 pm

Yeah, I noticed that he kinda looks like Luffy too after I said that.

Anyway, here's some of the soundtracks heard so far:

Nell's theme:

Andy's theme:

Olaf's theme:

Grit's theme:

Eagle's theme:

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 23rd January 2014, 12:13 pm

Part 7 - Maxed out:

Andy wrote:Who are you?

Max wrote:I'm Max, a CO in the Orange Star army.
I was ordered to join you and Joey, so here I am.

Woo! Looks like we're getting help in this mission!

Andy wrote:A new CO, huh? What's so special about you?

Max wrote:You get right to the point, don't you, pal?
I'm the king of direct combat. Need someone to mix it up? I'm the best!
When I really get rolling, Max Force boosts my firepower even higher.

Andy wrote:Cool!

Max wrote:I'm not saying I'm perfect, but why focus on the negative, right?
Hey, Joey! It's time to choose a CO for the next battle.
Use the + Control Pad to make your selection.

Ah, I can only use one per battle. Interesting. Well, let's see:

What's even more interesting is that not only will the choice pick which CO I use, it also sends me to a different battle.... Hmmmmm......

Well, if I come across decisions like this again in the future, I'll let you guys pick, but I really want to see what Max can do:

And we're off!

Max's theme:

Note: From now on, I'll try to post the themes in the updates.

Max wrote:How you doin', Nell?
Now that I'm here, what's the kid gonna do?

Nell wrote:Oh, Max. You haven't changed a bit.
But I must tell you, Andy's quite a capable CO.
If you're not careful, he may just pass you up.
See you later. Good luck!

Okay, we're in the battle now, so let's check out the map and intel:

Looks like there's going to be some sea battles as well.

Also, while looking over the attack range, I already see Max's weakness...

Long distance guns have a shorter firing range......

Anyway, now for the intel:

Win condition is the same as the past battles: Capture the HQ or kill everyone.

Now for some info on Max:

Aaaaaand I was right about the weakness for long range combat.... Oh well. Let's see what kind of firepower Max has in direct combat:

O_O Wow! Not bad!

So yeah, I think I can overcome the long range weakness. My turn ends with quite a few hard hits to Olaf's units:

Now it's Olaf's turn:

Olaf wrote:Orange Star may match me in numbers, but I have so much more power!

Well, howdy Grit!

Grit wrote:What if the enemy sends it's subs under? That'll stop you cold...

Olaf wrote:Battleships at sea!
Bombers in the air!
Is there anything more I need?
No! Nothing at all!
Attack! Attack! Attack!

Wait, did he say bombers?

*checks map again*

....There isn't any bombers....

Grit wrote:Well, as long as you're happy, Boss.

Olaf then summons a blizzard:

Then he takes the bait I had set up and attacks my long range units instead of my tanks. He then moves more units around and ends his turn.

Now to make some choices...

I decide to take out as much as I can, but derp up and put one of my tanks in range of his rocket launcher:

Other than that, I did okay.

Olaf uses his turn to hit my tank, but it manages to survive fairly well. He moves more units and attacks one of my transports, then KOes my Battleship with his....

My turn, I have my power, so let's try it out:

Let's hope this helps:

I'd say that wen't well!

Olaf summons yet another blizzard on his turn, but takes the bait again and goes for my long range units instead of my tanks.

On my turn, I take out most of Olaf's remaining units, which just about wraps up this battle:

Olaf takes out my transport on his turn, then merges his other two tanks together, which kinda makes it easier for me to finish him off:


Boom. GG.

Andy wrote:Cool! There's no way I could do that much damage.

Max wrote:Yeah! That's right!

Andy wrote:As long as I didn't use my indirect combat units, that is.

Max wrote:Oooh...you...

Nell wrote:That's exactly right.
Max doesn't use indirect combat units because he's clumsy.

Max wrote:....

Nell wrote:And your range of fire is small, too. That's life threatening, isn't it?

Max wrote:Ha!
I'll do just fine without relying on those units.

Nell wrote:I wonder about that.
Anyway, excellent work, Max!
Now, you two work together and try to get along.

Max wrote:You heard the lady. Let's stop fighting and do this, Andy.

Andy wrote:I think she was talking to you, Max.

And victory!


I might use Max more often! Laughing

Nice! Got that done in 5 days! Anyway, next:

Olaf wrote:Where is that fool?

Grit wrote:I'm right here.
What are you bellowing about now?

Olaf wrote:Bellowing?
Let me tell you something, you...

Grit wrote:My apologies, exalted commander.
I am at your service.

Olaf wrote:That's better. You just remember your place. Now, listen closely.
Those units we saw earlier have advanced further into our territory.
This is your chance to redeem yourself. Do what needs to be done.

Grit wrote:Riiight. So, I should wait here and...

Olaf wrote:Wait? What do you mean wait?
Joey's troops are...

Grit wrote:Oh, OK. Understood. If duty calls, your humble servant Grit'll answer!

Olaf wrote:If I didn't know better, I might think you weren't taking this seriously.

Aaaaaaand we have another choice! Andy or Max? Who should I pick?

Now, I did say I like how Max works, but we are dealing with Grit this time (and he specializes in long range attacks).

But, ultimately, it's up to you guys! Let me know who I should pick!

So until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 23rd January 2014, 3:23 pm

I say fight long range with long range.


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Lief Katano on 23rd January 2014, 4:20 pm

Hm...if I'm thinking right, long range attacks can't counter attacks by units that are right next to them (or is there even countering?). So on your turn, if you use Max, you can attack without fear of retaliation...but then Grit can do the same thing.

In other news, Grit is my favorite character.

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...I'd have four gil. Which isn't a lot, but it's annoying that there's more than one of 'em.
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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

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