Let's Play Advance Wars!

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 27th February 2014, 7:47 am

Was Andy the first to kick his butt?


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 27th February 2014, 9:51 am

I believe so.


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 28th February 2014, 1:02 pm

part 23:
Seems like I'm going to Andy a lot lately:

Hope it works out this time.

Andy wrote:It's about time to wrap him up for good.
I'm gonna get him and make him tell me why he's been chasing me!

Sami wrote:I must be dreaming!
Andy! Are you getting serious on us?

Max wrote:Are you feeling OK, pal?
You comin' down with something?


Andy wrote:Gimme a break, guys! I don't think you understand what it means to be me.

Okay, let's see what Eagle has for us:

I think this is the same map, but without the fog of war.

Wait, do each of the COs have a different difficulty setting or something? Confused

Eh, anyway, I think I can do this now that I know what's ahead of me. First things first, hit a couple of these units near me:

There we go. Now I'll move some of my units around, start capturing the nearby cities, and call it a turn:

Now to see what Eagle does:

Eagle wrote:Andy! I'm coming for you!

Just a lot of moving around for Eagle's turn, so I should be able to attack a few of his units.

I'll just post the results of my turn:

Managed to take out a tank and rocket unit, so hopefully, things works out okay...


I lost most of my air defense thanks to that......along with about half of my units......


I'm just going to try and take the HQ as fast as I can with what's left of my transport chopper:

I also managed to hit a few of his units, so hopefully that helps.....

I also forgot that I could use Andy's power, so I'll go ahead and repair my damaged units. Now for Eagle....

Eagle does damage, but it could have been worse. My turn again:


Horrified I am so screwed.......

I think the only way I'll win is if I keep my troops in the mountains and blast his ground units with my rockets. I managed to take out Eagle's Bombers, so that's a big relief.

Eagle keeps moving his units around and out of my rocket units range, plus, he takes out my scout unit, which wasn't too important at this point. I'm currently down to 2 jets, 2 troops, and one rocket unit.

I can use Andy's power again, but I think I'll hold off using it for now.

Things still aren't looking too good for me....

Finally got Eagle's last jet, but I'm still pinned....

Finally, something within range!

I think I'll do turn by turn for the rest of this update:

And I'm officially fucked.....

Lost my rocket unit, plus one of my troop units. Eagle is closing in on my base. Yeah.... So fucked up right now.... Not even going to bother continuing.....

When I started this LP, I didn't realize that this game would be so tricky, and I apologize for all the screw ups that have happened so far during this LP.

I'll try this level again later with Max and see what happens. Hopefully, I can get past it and continue the LP, but.....Damn....  Really. 


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 28th February 2014, 5:54 pm

Master this game and you might be able to make it into the military.


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 2nd March 2014, 4:28 pm

part 24:
Really annoyed with this at this point, so I'm just going to post the first part, map shots, important events, and just do a turn by turn summary.

As I said last time, I'll go with Max for this round and hope it works.

Max wrote:It's just like him to deploy such a well-balanced battalion.
But the key here is a strong frontal assault, and at that, I'm the king!
You know, I gotta find out what his beef with Andy's all about.
Yeah, I owe it to the kid to get this guy off his back.
OK, Joey, let's do this!


Win condition is apparently just kill everyone.

1st turn summary:

I should have went with Max sooner! Already seeing the difference he's making in the combat with increased power for direct combat! Took out a chopper and bomber, plus, damaged a medium tank.

Eagle manages to take out my chopper on his turn, which sucks, but I'll live.

Second turn:

Manage to make a big dent in Eagle's forces, thanks to the fact that I could use Max's power! Took out all but one of his remaining bombers, critically damaged his jets, and took out a couple of his tanks. He still has 3 full powered choppers, which may be a big problem since Eagle might have his power on his turn......

And I was right... Eagle manages to hit a good portion of my units, but I should be okay.

Turn 3:

I hit more of Eagle's units, and really improve my chances of winning. If I can just get to the choppers at the top before they do too much damage, I should have this won.

Eagle hits a few more units, but so far, so good.

Day 4:

Eagle is down to one chopper, one badly damaged jet, one small tank, and one troop unit. I think I'm good!

Eagle takes out my bomber and hits my troops hard, so I might have a problem....

Day 5:

I use Max's power again and get the last of Eagle's air units, so now I need to get my medium tank to a city to repair it so I can take out Eagle's last two ground units. I am a bit concerned by how Eagle has troops close to my HQ, which makes me think capturing the HQ is also a win condition like normal....

Eagle just captures one of my cities on his turn.

Day 6:

Almost got this. I sent a jet to protect the HQ (since enemy units can't go on a space with one of my units, plus ground troops can't attack jets). Now I just need to finish this and finally move on to the next level!

Eagle just moves his troop closer to my HQ.

Day 7:

Closing in.

Eagle simply move his troops to another side of my HQ. :P

Day 8:

One of my jets is nearly out of fuel....

Day 9:

I go ahead and move my troops in to attack his.

Day 10:

My jet crashes from lack of fuel... I do take out Eagle's troops! Also, my tank is at 100%! Super Grin

Day 11:

Almost there...

Day 12:

Just one more turn...

Day 13:

FINALLY!!! Thank you Max!

Max wrote:You demand an answer? Very well. Here's your answer, Max.
Your compatriot, Andy, viciously attacked my homeland.

Whut Andy? Really?

Andy wrote:Huh?

That Andy? This brainless idiot??? Whut

Eagle wrote:The look on his face during the assault... I'll never forget! Never!

Whut You mean that clueless look that he has right now, because that's about the only look I ever see on his face...

Max wrote:Hey! Hold up a minute, Eagle.
There's no way Andy would do something like that.
C'mon! He couldn't have planned all that out. He's just a kid!

And he's an idiot!

Andy wrote:Um... Excuse me?

Shut up Andy...

Max wrote:What I mean is, he does things for a reason.
And there's no reason for him to attack Green Earth. He didn't do it!

Eagle wrote:Hmm...
Very well. I'll take you at your word...for the moment.
But don't believe for a moment that I trust any of you.
Andy, if I find that you're lying to me, you'll curse the day you were born!

Don't really care about any of this right now. I'm just glad to get this level over with! Anyway, onto the next level!

Sonja wrote:Hello, Eagle.

Eagle wrote:You... you're Sonja from Yellow Comet.
What are you doing here?

Sonja wrote:It wasn't Andy who attacked you. It was someone else.

Eagle wrote:Do you know something about all of this?

Sonja wrote:Yes, I do.
I'll tell you who's pulling all of our strings if you'll follow me.

Eagle wrote:But I...

Drake wrote:I know what you're worried about.
Go ahead and go with her.

Eagle wrote:Are you sure it's OK?

Drake wrote:I'll take care of Green Earth for you, don't worry.
That's what shipmates are for, right?

Eagle wrote:You have my gratitude, Drake.

Drake wrote:I like the idea of getting a closer look at the Orange Star Army.
I'll meet you again later.
Watch yourself, Eagle!

Well, a new choice! Who do I pick this time? Let me know and that's who I'll play as.

So until next time, see ya!


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 7th March 2014, 5:37 pm

part 25:
I'll go with Sami since nobody made a pick.

I think I'll do like I did in the last update and just post turn by turn summaries, plus important stuff.

Sami wrote:What is it, Nell?

Nell wrote:We have a problem.
A recon force we sent into Green Earth has been ambushed!

Sami wrote:So, we need to perform a rescue mission, correct?

Nell wrote:Eight days, Sami!
If you can protect it for eight days, we'll take over.
I know you can handle it, Joey.

Sami wrote:You have a question, Joey?


Nope, I'm good.

Sami wrote:There's noting special about my behavior. Nothing at all!
Let's get back to the task at hand!


So yeah, gotta rescue the guy and protect him for 8 days to win.

Seeing how he's surrounded at the moment, this should be so much fun...

Map is kind of blocked off by fog, so I won't bother posting the whole thing, but I will show this:

So he's not completely helpless, though, there's a ton of anti aircraft stuff, soooooo.....yeah... :P

Day 1 summary:

I screwed up slightly when I moved the troop unit I was supposed to protect first before moving a transport closer to it, or moving something in to attack the other units that are around... I did take out a sub, then moved more stuff across the water to provide backup.

Drake's up now:

Drake wrote:cruisers to prevent escape by transport copter...
All right! Everything's shipshape. There's no escape for that unit!
Time to make a big splash and give Eagle some cover.

Wow..... I majorly screwed up.... Drake kills my sub with a battleship I can't see, then takes out both of my battle copters.............

I don't think I'm going to do well......

Day 2:

I've got the troops in a chopper, and now, I'm just trying to keep them out of enemy range. I've also got other troops capturing cities, and captured one this turn. My cruisers spotted some enemy units, so I had my battleship hit Drake's cruiser, then move more units around.

Drake summons his Tsunami to start his turn, then takes out a bunch of my units, including two transports (one chopper and one boat)....

Day 3:

I manage to move my troops further back to safety, and hit a few of Drake's units.

Drake hits my battleship with his still hidden battleship... He then hits a few more of my units, leaving me little to work with....

Day 4:

Moved my transport all the way to the edge of the map, then hit a few of Drake's units, and also found his battleship.

He then uses said battleship to take out my cruiser... He also takes out my missile unit with his tanks, and move other units.

Day 5:

Went ahead and dropped the troops off up here.

Drake nearly has me wiped out......

Day 6:


Day 7:


Drake uses another Tsunami on his turn, takes out my chopper aaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddd........

Hits my troops, but they somehow survive.... Phew!

Drake wrote:I just can't beat you guys.

Again... Phew! Rank isn't too great, but I'll take it. Also got promoted to Gray Hen. Next:

Sonja wrote:Olaf's invasion of Orange Star is where all of this began.
During the attack, Andy was seen leading sorties on several countries.
You saw him yourself, didn't you?
So... doesn't all this strike you as exceedingly odd?

Eagle wrote:Well, now that you mention it...

Sonja wrote:You see what I'm getting at?
It would've been impossible for Orange Star to launch multiple offensives while trying to repel Olaf's attack.
That's the anomaly I wanted to show you.

Eagle wrote:Impossible! I'm getting angrier by the moment!

Sonja wrote:It seems that our mystery foe has the ability to create human clones.
I think it's safe to say that we've encountered several copies of Andy.

Eagle wrote:Blast! This is terrible!

Sonja wrote:I have some more stones to overturn, so I'll be going.
What are your plans?

Eagle wrote:I won't leave this madman on the loose!
I'll find him and crush him!

Sonja wrote:It's up to you then, Eagle!
Hail the Prince of the Skies!
Good luck!

So now it sounds like we're going to be fighting Andy clones.... As if the real Andy wasn't bad enough.. :P

Anyway, there is another choice, so let me know who I should take into battle with me next time, and until then, I'll see ya!


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 9th March 2014, 1:39 pm

part 26:
Nobody picked anyone, so I'm going to go with Andy, just to see a Andy Vs. Andy thing.

Eagle wrote:Andy.
Please accept my apologies. I'm sorry I doubted you.

Andy wrote:What the...? It's another me!

Eagle wrote:Ah, yes.
That's the clone of you our enigmatic foe somehow constructed.
Starting with Green Earth, he's attacked several countries.

Andy wrote:Are you serious?

Eagle wrote:I've caused a lot of trouble for you, but I'd like to battle by your side.
The green units are mine!
Let me handle all of the enemy air units.
It'll give you time to push straight ahead and storm the foe's HQ.

This should be fun! Let me check the map and intel first, then I do like I've been doing and just do a turn by turn update.

Map first:

Intel goes like this: Win condition is just the usually kill everyone or capture the HQ. The only difference is that I lose if both mine and Eagle's forces are killed.

Our opponent is an exact copy of Andy:

Literally. All the info is exactly the same...except for what country they're from. Our Andy has the Orange Star emblem. Clone Andy has.......a black hole? Hmmmm.... Interesting.

So anyway, let's start this. Day 1 results:

Going to play it safe for now. Was thinking about sending my sub in right away to attack, but I realized that it would be in range of Clone Andy's battleships, so I just moved it there and submerged it. I've got all my transports fully loaded and ready to go, moving towards the enemy HQ.

Eagle's up next:

And he does a good job of taking out a good chunk of Clone Andy's air units! He also hits an artillery unit, battleship, and cruiser with his bombers, taking all but the battleship out (battleship only has one HP though).

Clone Andy now:

Clone Andy wrote:Destroy!

Clone Andy then wastes a Hyper Repair:

The only thing that needed repairing was his battleship, and it's still in horrible shape.

Clone Andy then proceeds to hit Eagle's air units hard... He then move some other units around, and then it's my turn again.

Day 2:

I'm starting to move my troops in.

Eagle strikes on his turn, then strikes again:

Derped up the shot a bit... Doink!

The result is the destruction of nearly all of Clone Andy's air units, both of his battleships, and is sea transport (that I had damaged earlier).

Clone Andy strike back by hitting two of Eagle's air units with his last two air units, then sinking my sea transport....

Day 3:

Moving more units closer, beginning to capture cities, and loaded up my last troop unit into the chopper. I'll try to get that one as close as I can to Clone Andy's HQ.

Eagle hits Clone Andy's last two air units, killing one and damaging the other, then hits a rocket unit with his bomber.

Clone Andy uses his hyper repair again, repairing all the damage to the rocket unit. He then takes out Eagle's bomber, and wipes out one of my troop units...

Day 4:

Hit a few of Clone Andy's units, moved one transport out of danger, then moved my chopper closer to the HQ. Finally got to use my power, so I repaired a few of my units that were damaged.

Eagle takes out Clone Andy's last air unit, leaving Eagle with noting more to do.

Clone Andy hits a couple of my units, but noting too major, though, I did derp up and moved my chopper into the range of one of his tanks accidentally... It survived, but still, a dumb mistake on my part.

Day 5:

Things are looking good. My other transport is in danger, but as long as I can keep my missile unit safe, I should be able to hold off the tanks that are coming that way. Other units are in good positions for now.

Eagle is now just sitting around doing nothing...

Clone Andy hits my troop transport and my sub (though, the sub is pretty much a decoy for him to hit since there's no more sea units).

Day 6

Everything is still looking good! I've got my transport chopper up near the top of the screen, and should be able to drop my troops off at the HQ on the next turn.

Eagle does nothing again, and Clone Andy hits a couple of units for minor damage.

Day 7:

This is in the bag now.

Day 8:

And finally:


Sami wrote:Here they come again!

Max wrote:Cripes! There's no end in sight!

Eagle wrote:You don't have time to waste around here.
Leave this to me and go!

Sami wrote:I'm staying, too!

Eagle wrote:No, Sami!
You have to go as well!

Sami wrote:No!
Even you can't stand against this horde!

Eagle wrote:You have no idea how powerful a foe awaits your friends.
They can't face him alone!
Go, Sami! Go!

Sami wrote:I understand.
Watch your back!

Eagle wrote:Ha!
They'll soon find Eagle's no easy prey!

B!? I think I did better than a B rank, but oh well....

More stuff, blah blah blah. Next!

Grit wrote:Howdy, Sonja! How y'all doing?

Sonja wrote:I've finally got our foe by the tail.
I need you to convey some intel to Andy and his friends.

Grit wrote:And what are you gonna be doing in the meantime, darlin'?

Sonja wrote:I need to survey the situation.
Don't worry, I won't do anything foolish.
Father warned me to take care.

Grit wrote:You wouldn't be trying to pull the wool over my eyes, would you?

Sonja wrote:Of course not.
You'll go, won't you?

Grit wrote:Well, I reckon I have to.
Stay put now, I'll be right back.

Sonja wrote:Grit's always been more useful than me... (sigh)

Another choice! A new, mysterious foe! Who should take on this challenge? Let me know!

Until next time, see ya!


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 10th March 2014, 1:49 pm

Part 27:
Picking Andy again since the story seems to be revolving around him, and because I'm doing fairly well with him lately.

Again, I'll be doing just turn by turn updates after the intro.

Max wrote:I guess that's our mystery foe.

Andy wrote:If we beat him, do you think my clone will vanish, too?

Sami wrote:Yep. I don't think there's any doubt about it.
We're counting on you, Joey!

First, map check:

One thing to note on this map:

There's a port! First time I've came across one! There's also a second one nearby it. Basically, they're like airports (deploy and repair units), but with sea units.

Intel shows that the win condition is the same ol' kill everyone or capture the HQ. Now for some info on our mystery CO:

...........Not much info........

Oh well, let's begin.

Day 1:

Going to try and capture as much as I can, but at least a harbor and airport. Got transports moving around units as fast as possible. Also bought an artillery unit to help out. Moving the rest down the road and will build more units later when my money builds back up.

Sturm's turn now:

Sturm's theme:

Seems like this guy knows what he's doing... He's only moving troops right now, but the movements just seems a bit smarter than what I've seen from previous COs.

Eh, doesn't matter. I'll still kick his ass in the end. :P

Day 2:

Still moving stuff around. Loaded up another troop unit and my rocket unit in my sea transport so that I can get them across easier.

Sturm continues to move his troops. Neither of us have made an attack yet. That should change on the next turn.

Day 3:

Something tells me that I've derped up majorly and I'm going to lose this battle.... I've got my troops ready to take the airport, but I'd like to clear out some of the units around that area first, namely, that battleship. Sturm's bomber really concerns me, since so many of my units are vulnerable to it... Hopefully, I can take it out soon.

Sturm hits my chopper transport and land transport... He also moves in more troops and units. I'm being slightly overran right now....

Day 4:

Took out Sturm's bomber, so that's one thing. Also took out one of his battleships, so that's another thing. Managing to hold out okay so far, and I've started capturing the Airport.

Sturm unfortunately hits my last transport, but I can build more if needed. He also hits a few of my other units, which is a slight problem... And he start capturing the harbor I'm close to, but I can easily take out the troops capturing it.

Day 5:

Captured airport, killed units trying to take harbor, taking harbor, built missile unit, and moved and attacked.

Sturm hits two of my units in the lower part of the map, then moves more units and starts capturing the other harbor.

Day 6:

Still moving around and trying to get an advantage. Currently can't build anything at my airport since Sturm has a strategically placed missile unit... My new missile unit took out a jet, leaving a couple more nearby.

Sturm continues to move closer, and also hits a tank that I stupidly left vulnerable.....

Day 7:

Nothing much happening. Took out one unit, then moved more of mine.

This LP is really getting dull... I'm so sorry.....

Day 8:

Still trying to work something out. My sub is about to run out of gas, so it'll be sinking next turn....

Day 9:

Should be able to hit that missile unit next turn.

Day 10:

No idea what to do.... Got the missile unit, but he's now got a cruiser ready to strike, plus, he still has jets around it...

I did buy a battleship, so that might help.

Day 11:

I seem to be going nowhere, even though I'm taking out a lot of Sturm's units... Probably because he keeps buying a lot of them on his turns...

Day 12:

Still doing okay....I guess? I think I just need to capture more cities and stuff, and I should be able to get back on my feet.

Day 13:

......I'm really just getting so tired of this game.....

Day 14..... I've just about had it.... I'm not doing anything... Everything I've got is overran by Stern (or whatever his name is)'s troops and tanks and........ Anger

I just don't know how much more of this I can take... I think there's only a few levels left in the game, but I'm just soooooo tired of posting pointless shit that's just a couple of screenshots of the same thing over and over again.....

I'll try to finish this level, but I'm not sure how long it's going to take.... I think I'll only post shots of very important things and briefly just update once in a while since the past few turns have been so fucking dull......

Anyway, here we go.

First major thing to happen: Day 16:

Finally able to build air units without them being shot down immediately since Sturm moved his jet.

Day 18:

I've officially lost it..... I can't take any more....

Also, it's impossible for me to win since Sturm has just moved in on my last base, which means I can no longer buy ground units, meaning I can't capture any more buildings, meaning that it's impossible for me to catch up and win.......

I've honestly had it with this game. I like it, don't get me wrong, but I just don't feel like LPing it anymore.... This may change in a day or two, maybe, but, lately, I've just haven't felt like doing this anymore. I've tried continuing so that I can finish, but my updates are getting duller and duller, I hate copying and pasting all these screenshots that are practically the same thing over and over and over again.... I've just had it.......

I might try again later, since I'm so close to finishing, but I need to think of a different way of updating that isn't so dull and takes so many screenshots.


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 15th March 2014, 7:18 pm

Okay, since I'm off today and will be busy for a while, today will (hopefully) be the last update for this LP. I'll be finishing the last few levels (or trying to anyway :P ) and will only post the most important details of the levels (like dialogue, story, and important moments during gameplay).

Again, I apologize for this LP to turn out so dull, but I hope I can make it up in this (again, hopefully) final update.

One last thing before I begin, I want to thank all of you for following this LP to the end, and I hope I can do another LP again soon for you guys to check out (and hopefully, it won't go nearly as bad as this one did :P ).

So, without further ado, let's begin the final levels of Advance Wars:

Mission 17: Enigma:
Andy did okay when I played this level last time, but I think I'll try Max out for now. I think the main reason why I lost last time is that I just screwed up and let Sturm capture too many bases and cities, which let him get more money than me...

Oh, I almost forgot about this soundtrack:


This is played during the first part before the actual level starts (the part where Sonja and Grit are talking, then I choose which character to play as).

Anyway, the dialog at the start is the same as when I played the level with Andy, so no point in posting it.

Let's hope things work out better this time...

Things have been going well so far, except for this:

First big screw up... Left a transport chopper with a troop unit vulnerable to attack.......

And a lot of other stupid shit happens on that turn.... Anger

More derp ups.... Crash into a sub, which isn't going to go well for my transport next turn. Also built a cruiser....next to a bomber......

I hate this game......

...And it didn't go as bad as I thought it would. Sturm just bombs my transport and leaves my cruiser alone.

It's now day 18 and literally no progress has been made......

Day 23:

Finally starting to make progress and move closer to Sturm's HQ!

Day 32:

Almost there.... This is taking way too long though....

Day 38:

FINALLY!!! I thought this would never end!

Sami wrote:It looks like it's finally...

Grit wrote:Andy!

Andy wrote:Hey! It's Grit! Long time, no see.

Grit wrote:No time for that now, Junior.
I found the snake's hidin' place!

Max wrote:Huh? Then this isn't...

Grit wrote:That's just the tip o' the ol' boy's tail.
Hurry! Sonja's in danger!

Wow... That rank sucks, but it doesn't surprise me seeing how long it took me to finish this level.... Anyway, let's move on to the next level!

Mission 18: The Final Battle:

Sonja wrote:Do you have a name, or should we just call you Disaster?

Sturm wrote:My name is... Sturm.

Sonja wrote:Well Sturm, we've finally hunted you down.
Time to pay the piper, as they say.

Sturm wrote:Hunted down? Me?
You've done nothing but enter the door that I opened for you.

Sonja wrote:What?

Sturm wrote:Did you think I didn't notice you, little girl?
You and your pathetic strategy games! Is that all you're good for?

Sonja wrote:What? But... that's... you couldn't...
Are you saying you've known all along?

Sturm wrote:You've made one stupid mistake after another...
Did you imagine yourself a match for me? You conceited fool!
It's time to put an end to this farce. Time to pay the piper, was it?

Sonja wrote:...
I'm sorry, Father...
I've broken my promise...

...Okay, Sturm's a big jerk...

I can only play as Andy in this level, so let's start:

I hope that title is right and this is the final battle....

Sonja wrote:Grit?
I'm so sorry. Take everyone and run...
The enemy...Sturm... He's much more powerful than I'd imagined...
Everyone's going to be...

Andy wrote:This 'Sturm' is the one who did this to you, right?

Sonja wrote:Andy, please... You've got to get away.

Andy wrote:Who's running away?
That guy's goin' down!

Grit wrote:Andy's right.
There ain't too many people who get on my nerves like this bozo does.
We can't let him go!
Joey! I'll lend you a hand!

Sami wrote:I... I... Ooooh!
I am so mad!
Sturm! I can't stand power-hungry blockheads like that!

Drake wrote:You're a bit steamed, eh, Sami?

Sami wrote:Captain Drake!
How did you...?

Drake wrote:I got Green Earth all straightened out.
So, I thought I'd come deliver my army.

Sami wrote:These Green Earth troops?
I can use them?

Drake wrote:Naturally!
I deployed this group especially for you!

Sami wrote:All right, then! I'm in, too!
I'm ready whenever you are, Joey!

Andy wrote:All right, everybody! Let's move out!

Okay! Let's see what I've got ahead of me first, soooooo..... MAP CHECK!!

I obviously can't control the Green Earth or Blue Moon troops, but they should help a bit.

Win condition is either kill all of Sterm's units or capture his HQ.

Like last time, just the important events:

Well, first turn, I have an important event: I do get to control Grit and Sami's units, but only on Grit and Sami's turns (which is why I couldn't control them earlier during Andy's turn).

Hmmm..... Controlling 3 different teams per day.... This battle could take me a while to finish......

And after Sturm's first turn, I realized that I made a couple of bad decisions.... Oh well.....

A few turns later, something big....

The result?

.........Wow.........Grit's units look like shit right now.....

Another thing I noticed is that it looks like Sturm's units can move farther than my units.....

Andy's getting a bit overran right now......

It's day 5 now, and I think I'll restart this level.... I am sucking majorly right now.... Andy's just about wiped out, Grit's units are too badly damaged to do anything.... Sami's doing okay, but it's not going to be enough to win...

Take two!

This time, I'm going to keep my units back a bit and wait for Sterm's units.


I shouldn't have grouped Andy's units together......

Okay, I figured out what I did wrong last time:

To keep Sturm from overrunning me, I have to block off the bridges.

.........I fucking hate this game....... I may restart it again if things continue going like this....

......... Really.

Take 3.....

This time, I'll make sure to block all the roads before Sturm comes storming in....

.....What the fuck does Sturm have against Andy? Every fucking time! Andy get's wiped out.......

Maybe it's just because Andy sucks... :P

.......I've had it..... I can't take anymore..... I think I will lose my mind if I play anymore.......

Also, looking up a quick list of levels for Advance Wars, it appears that there's one more level after this one..... It doesn't appear to be as hard as this one, but still......another....fucking....level........

But anyway, I am stopping here because I am losing my mind over this game..... I may try to beat it again, but it probably won't be for a while....


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Lief Katano on 15th March 2014, 7:30 pm

Jesus, seems to be hell. And given that there's no levels (like in Pokémon), you can't try to grind up so you can take punishment better...

I applaud you, though, for reaching the second-to-last level.

...also, how the fuck does Sturn, who appears to be a robot, have access to Meteor? 60-year-old men have trouble casting that spell.

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...I'd have four gil. Which isn't a lot, but it's annoying that there's more than one of 'em.
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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 15th March 2014, 7:35 pm

Who knows.... What I do know is that it's a fucking annoying meteor.....

I will try to finish this on another day, but I need to get to bed early tonight, and I don't really feel like spending the rest of my evening giving myself a bigger headache before I have to get up early in the morning for work....


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Lief Katano on 15th March 2014, 7:40 pm

Is it basically an area of effect damage thing?

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...I'd have four gil. Which isn't a lot, but it's annoying that there's more than one of 'em.
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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 15th March 2014, 8:00 pm

Yeah, something like that. It seems to reduce all my units in the area to 2 HP after it's over. It also appears to hit the area with the most units around it......


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Lief Katano on 15th March 2014, 8:11 pm

This seems to be a pretty quick game. Probably needed all of the bullshit to stretch the time you played it.

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Please play Final Fantasy Record Keeper | RW: Ramza Soul Break: Shout (241 MND) ID: SGuM
...I'd have four gil. Which isn't a lot, but it's annoying that there's more than one of 'em.
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  : If I had a gil for all the fiends...

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 15th March 2014, 10:00 pm


Not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but I've been using this let's play as a dipstick for your ability in Supremacy. But it seems to have been working better in reverse.


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

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