Let's Play Advance Wars!

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 17th March 2014, 9:32 pm

What may or may not be my last attempt to beat this game:
Pulling my hair out and about to go insane, buuuuuut...after a couple of attempts today, I'm finally making progress!

I figured out a good strategy: On Sami's turn, buy troops and transports and try to swarm Sturm's base. While Sturm deals with Sami's troops, I build up Grit and Andy's units. For Grit, I mainly get the long range units, but also bought a few troop units as well (and a couple of bombers later on since Grit was getting a ton of cash coming in). Andy, I mainly bought medium tanks, but did buy a couple other units to back them up.

A few turns later:

I'm closing in on Sturm's base!

A few more turns later:

O_O OMG!! I may actually win this! All I need to do is keep that unit safe while it captures the HQ.

A short while later:

FINALLY!!!!! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!  Oh Boy!  Oh Boy!  Oh Boy!  Oh Boy!  Oh Boy!  Oh Boy!  Oh Boy!  Oh Boy!  Oh Boy!

Sturm wrote:So close, I was so close...
I underestimated the strength of these worms!
I...I've been beaten!
My dreams of world conquest...
I vow that I will return!
When that time comes, I will challenge you worms yet again!

Grit wrote:I do believe we've reached the end of a long, dusty road.
Goodness gracious!
If it ain't my old friend--big, bearded Olaf.

Olaf wrote:Is that you, Grit?
What have I done...?
I never realized Sturm was...

Grit wrote:Don't get all long in the face now, Olaf.
Everything turned out all right in the end.
And Boss, you still got a lot of work to get done.

Olaf wrote:You....you're right.

Grit wrote:Blue Moon's treated me well, and I'm in her debt.
Well, what else can I do?
What do you say? Can I help you rebuild her?

Olaf wrote:Hm?
Do you mean you would forgive me my misguided deeds?
Grit, you...you...(sniff, sniff)

Grit wrote:Maybe it was worth Surm foolin' him just for this.

Olaf wrote:Did you say something?

Grit wrote:Nope. Not a word.
Let's say we get movin' on down the road.

Max wrote:Did we win?

Andy wrote:Yeah, this time we really won!

Sami wrote:And Sturm's army is gone for good, too.
Ah! What happened to Eagle?

Drake wrote:Ahoy, there mates!
It looks like you've weathered the storm! Or should I say, 'Sturm!'


Max wrote:Captain Drake!

Drake wrote:Don't you worry your pretty little head over Eagle.
He'll be back.
He always keeps his word. No matter what!

Sami wrote:Yes... Yes, he does!

Drake wrote:At any rate, you did great!
But we've still got rough seas ahead of us.
We've got to put right the country borders that Sturm muddled with.
It's going to take some time for the fighting to die down.

Max wrote:Do you mean we're not done yet?

Drake wrote:It's not as bad as all that.
At the very least, it'll be fun seeing you all again!

Andy wrote:I think it'll be fun, too!

Drake wrote:That's a good lad!
Looking forward to testing your mettle again! Until next we meet!


Don't care what rank it is! I finally finished that level! Excited

Leveled up to Opal Hen, whatever that is! Don't care! Squealing

And the credits start rolling. Soooooo.... That means there's no more levels? :???:Huh...

It also shows my stats along the side, so here's a recap of how I did in the campaign:

Not bad overall, I'd say.

And that is it! I guess the source I looked up for level info was incorrect. Though, I did unlock the Advance Campaign mode, so there may be other levels in it, but I think after all the hell I went through in the regular campaign.....yeah.... I don't think I'll be going near that..... :P

Soooooooo.....I guess that's all for this LP! Got a bit crazy near the end, but I did have a fairly good time doing it! I might check out the other features of this game sometime since it was a pretty fun game to play, but I don't think there's anything else LP worthy.

A couple of thoughts about the game: Overall, I did enjoy it! It was fun, the story was interesting and could be quite funny at times, though, it was a bit childish here and there IMHO... I liked the characters and their powers. The different units were also cool. Just a really fun game to play and, like I said, I think I'll check it out more to see what else there is and just play for fun.

My favorite characters would have to be Max (because of how powerful his units were), Sami ( PURE LOVE), Grit (mainly for the last level because his ability was really handy to use), and Sonja (didn't get to see her in action, but really liked her character).

I will admit that this game was a nightmare to LP at times and really wasn't the best game for me to LP due to the amount of dull moments.... But, like I said, it was an enjoyable game to play, and I definitely want to try out the sequel games someday.

I was thinking about LPing the sequels, but seeing how tricky this one was to do, and how dull it turned out, I think I'll pass (unless you guys want to see them).

Can't really think of anything else to say, and I feel like I'm starting to ramble a bit, so I guess I'll end this here!

I will say thank you all once again for checking out this LP! Hopefully, my future LPs won't be as crazy and dull as this one...  Dreaming 

Oh, speaking of future LPs, I'll be holding off starting any new LPs until Supremacy is completed. This is mainly due to how busy I've been lately with my new job. Once Supremacy is completed, I will consider starting a new LP, though, multiple factors have to fall into place before I do start another one (like how busy I am, what game to do, stuff like that).

Anyway, I'll leave this thread open for a couple of days to give everyone a chance to comment if they wish to do so.

Once again, thank you all for checking out this LP, and until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Lief Katano on 17th March 2014, 9:38 pm

Here ya go Lief :1  Here ya go Lief :1  Here ya go Lief :1  Here ya go Lief :1 
 Here ya go Lief :1  Here ya go Lief :1  Here ya go Lief :1  Here ya go Lief :1 
 Here ya go Lief :1  Here ya go Lief :1  Here ya go Lief :1  Here ya go Lief :1 

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 17th March 2014, 10:06 pm

*nods approvingly*


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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

Post by Guest on 31st March 2014, 8:49 pm

Cap archiving the Pit Stop Awards topic reminded me that I need to arc-hive this.... Sorry

*flings thread into the laser powered trash compactor*

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Re: Let's Play Advance Wars!

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