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Now that I've Finished Thousand Year Door, I feel like posting some of the songs I liked and a few words on them. (and this is a pretty long list, so you've been warned). I was gonna post this in the music thread, but I think it would just be better if it was a blog.

This kind of just notes for me, but I thought it's always good to share music.

Also spoilers ahead.

Intro Song:

It's nice how this song captures the different parts of thew intro, the sadness of a city completely destroyed, but yet the hope and determination of Rogueport
Title song:

It's just so darn upbeat
Mario and Luigi's house:

It makes for some nice idle music
Skill music:

It's really catchy, especially for a tutorial song
Tutorial Battle:

again with catchy tutorial songs!
Under Rogueport:

this song doesn't make it sound like your in sewers, or just any ruins. It makes it all feel more like a network. Complex and intricate while still containing that adventure feel (it also feels a bit foreboding if you ask me). And it's pretty catchy.
The Thousand Year Door:

I love this song. Just how empty and unnerving it can be while still holding onto that immediate mysterious aura the door has. It kind of sounds like it's trying to pull you in. (I just like how foreshadowing this song sounds).
Petal Meadows:

It may just me a Mario theme remix, but darn it, it's a really happy one.

You probably forgot this song existed

It sounds like the end to an Disney movie in the 80s
Starring as Grass!:

Such a great theme. It even sounds quirky, but somehow adventurous.
Shadow Sirens, Fight!:

It sounds so seriously silly
I may have posted this on earlier in the thread, but come on:

I mean, it's Glitzpit

It sounds like a murder mystery in an office building

I like it's simplicity at sharing emotion
2 spooky:

The empty atmosphere of the twilight
More spook:

I really like empty songs. I also didn't fight big boo this time around because I forgot about it. A+ gamer I be.
You've been duped:

I also like a bit of chaos Thousand Year Door Music 3201082271
It'll be easy they said:

It's just a ride away. Right? This is a nice theme for the break chapter though.
Sunset dungeon:

Very peaceful. Mi Gusta.

This song capture the weirs of the Smorg, but it's still able to capture that you're on top of a train. Fast paced with bumps. Oh Beldam and your weird creations.

You can feel the since coming off of this one. It also has the energy for the "we're taking the fight to them!". It almost sounds a little too happy
on a quick note:

when be and bunnies we're playing OJ we decided that this song sounded like a paper mario song, and I immediately thought of the X-Naut base
What's a finale without a Bowser appearance? A cruddy finale, that's what!:

OK, but that timpani.
For everyone:

The feels though.
The Finale:

This is just a rocking final boss theme that seems to capture the dread and the stakes. I GET HYPED EVERY TIME.
and good night:
End Credits:

There's just something about it. It's happy to be done

I'm also gonna throw in my least favorite songs. (don't worry, there's only 2)


It's not that these two songs, are bad, but this is the final dungeon! And all we get is a remix of the normal underground theme? they sounds dark, sure, (and there are parts in them that work for the area) but they make the place feel dirty and like the rest of the ruins. Destroyed and, well, in ruins. There should have been some contrast in the songs, this place is in perfect condition, it's not in ruins. This ginormous castle is well kept but yet it's completely empty. They just don't feel right for the area.

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