Nopon Screams About Music He Likes: Part 1

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Nopon Screams About Music He Likes: Part 1 Empty Nopon Screams About Music He Likes: Part 1

Hello! I plan to make these blogs as I take deeper dives into the songs that I love and why I love them! Maybe you'll love them more or maybe you'll realize I am bad at prioritizing what I have to do!

To start things off I'm going to go over The Annihilation of Monsteropolis by The Megas. Now there are two versions available, acoustic and regular:



Now both versions are great but I'm going to be going over the one I prefer, the regular version. The acoustic makes great use of a virtual orchestra to back up the acoustic guitar and the sadder tone is great, but I feel the angrier tone of the regular version matches up with the lyrics better.

So in case you didn't realize it, this is a remix/cover/lyrical adapation of Airman's theme from Megaman 2. First let me just say I love the guitar work in this song but I feel the drums are what really bring it all together. In the first few seconds the drums help set up the main melody of the song by matching up with with the guitar real smooth like. Heck, it feels like the song was built around the drums as there are times the guitar feels like it could be removed and instead the drummer and vocalist could carry the entire song. One special highlight I adore is at 2:18. The guitar at this point seems to be the one keeping the beat as the drummer hits two notes between the parts of the narration. Then comes 2:38 when the vocals start singing again and the drum picks up the pace giving us more weight to Airman's words "I will destroy these people". As his monolouge continues we then reach 2:59 when Airman's rage takes over and the drums really kick in. If you notice each time Airman shouts the drums go even faster, adding to the anger and energy of his words. Really adds to the atmosphere.

Lets not forget the lyrics and the story they weave for Airman.

Rather than doing a full breakdown of the lyrics I'm going to hit the main points:
No one in this world can understand
Who I am
That is why I’m my own biggest fan.
This sets us up right away to understand Airman is lonely. Also he loves puns. The question is, why can nobody understand him? What has him so lonely?

Do you know what it’s like to be built this way?
With only the power to push others away?
A key point to understand about the Robot Masters of Megaman 2, unlike the original 6 that were originally built to benefit humanity, these 8 were built to be weapons of destruction. Airman does not have the power to help others, all he has is the power to hurt and destroy. This line gets repeated later, showing its importance and prevalence in Airman's thoughts as in case you haven't realized yet, he is the singer of the song.

Insects crawl below they do not know
My anger grows
I’ll return in full everything that they’re owed
This right here leads many to think that the citizens of Monsteropolis did something to Airman to make him so angry at them. What was it they did?

We're gonna skip ahead a bit to his monologue just let me point out this forced rhyme I think is hilarious:
I will fly high above Monsteropolis, and I’ll rain terror down on the general populace

Moving on to the neat bit!
For if I can’t walk among them
Then I will walk the world alone

This lays everything out for us to understand. Airman wants to be able to live with everyone else but he can't as he's so destructive. It could be that people then pushed him away, heck one idea I have is he tried to hang out with everyone, but his destructive nature let to them getting scared/mad at him causing his anger to only grow leading us to this point.

There will be a tombstone with The Planet Earth engraved on it!
To this day nobody knows where the tombstone would be but many assume the moon.

As the song nears its end Airman gives a message to Megaman:
You’ve a heavy role to bear
Do you think you can carry it?

In the album, Airman is the first Megaman fights, and Airman leaves it clear. Megaman's task to actually fully destroy the Robot Masters it a heavy one, to destroy his own kind. A thing someone pointed out to me, as the original 6 were built with the purpose of helping, complete destruction wasn't needed, only incapacitating them. These new ones were weapons of war that had to be completely destroyed for peace to return, thus Megaman's only option was to end the lives of these robots. This is a theme that comes into play later on.

Hope you enjoyed the first of my lil deep dives. I'll be focusing on The Megas for a bit as their songs work off of each other in neat ways which make me love them more. Until next time!

*flies off on his thunder chariot*

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