How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4

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How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4 Empty How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4

Greetings! Last time, we talked about even more Monster types. Today, we're moving on to a new type of card: the Spell Card! They don't protect your Life Points, but they're still just as useful as monster cards.

There's five different types of Spell Cards (not counting Pendulum Monsters, which are their own thing and don't fall into any of the categories below). Each of them are played in the Spell/Trap Zones, which lie behind your Monster Zones. You can only have five Spell OR Trap Cards active at once, though this generally isn't a problem. ...Generally is the key word here.

You can play Spell Cards directly from your hand during your Main Phase 1 and 2. You can also Set them, but most of the time, that won't do much, unless you're trying to protect your hand.

First off is the standard type of Spell Card: the Normal Spell Card!
How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4 300px-Polymerization-SDHS-EN-C-1E
Normal Spell Cards have no icon associated with them, and follow everything listed above to the letter. After activation, you pay the cost, if any (as a note, sending cards for Fusion Summons is not a cost), resolve the effect, and then they're sent to the Graveyard, unless the card says otherwise. (If I ever don't say that, assume it. Card effects always take priority over rules.) 

Related to Normal Spell Cards are Ritual Spell Cards:
How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4 300px-BlackLusterRitual-LCYW-EN-C-1E
They're basically Normal Spell Cards, except they have an icon (How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4 34px-Ritual.svg), also things that affect just Normal Spell Cards don't affect Ritual Spell Cards and vice-versa. I guess what I mean is that you use Ritual Spell Cards just like you use Normal Spell Cards: activate them, pay the costs, send it to the Grave.

The exception is that all Ritual Spell Cards have a purpose: Ritual Summoning. You have to Ritual Summon Ritual Monsters (big surprise there):
How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4 300px-BlackLusterSoldier-LCYW-EN-C-1EHow to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4 300px-HungryBurgerSRL-EN-C
(Hungry Burger is also shown because it's so ridiculous I have to show you it. Don't use it.)
The Ritual Monster in question has the Ritual Spell Card you'd use to Summon it written on the card. You always have to Tribute monsters at least equal in Level to the Ritual Monster you want to summon; Ritual Spell Cards that summon a specific monster usually let you go over. You can't willingly Tribute monsters that are over the Level of the Ritual Monster (example: you can't Tribute 3 Level 4 monsters in order to summon the Level 8 Black Luster Soldier; yes, I can think of reasons why you'd want to do this). Where you can Tribute monsters from is always written on the Ritual Spell Card; it's typically from your side of the field or your hand. (This is the only time you can Tribute monsters from your hand, I believe.)

By the by, Tributes for a Ritual Summon are part of the effect, not a cost. This is important because it means that you don't lose monsters if the Ritual Spell Card gets negated. If the Ritual Monster's summon is negated, though, you still lose the cards.

Anyway, onto the next Spell type:
How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4 300px-ValhallaHalloftheFallen-BP03-EN-C-1E
Continuous Spell Cards (marked with How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4 34px-Continuous.svg) are an exception to the "send directly to the Graveyard after resolving its effect" rule that has plagued Spell Cards so far. Instead, once you activate it, it stays on the field until your opponent forcibly removes it. Of course, this is a double-edged sword, because once you play it, there's no getting rid of it, and you can only control five Spell or Trap Cards.

While some Continuous Spell Cards do, indeed, have Continuous effects that last as long as they are on the field, others - such as the pictured Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen - instead have Trigger or Ignition-like effects. Basically, they stay on the field, but you choose when to activate their effects. Basically, it's a reusable Normal Spell Card (but it's still a Continuous Spell Card). It's still Spell Speed 1, though, so you can't activate it whenever you wish. It's also important here to understand the difference between activating a Spell Card and activating its effect - activating the Card is when you place it on the field, activating the effect is when you choose to apply the effect. This, of course, has no bearing on Continuous Spell Cards with Continuous effects.

Related to Continuous Spell Cards are our next Spell Card type:
How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4 300px-AxeofDespair-YS15-EN-C-1E
Equip Spell Cards (marked with How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4 34px-Equip.svg) are similar to Continuous Spell Cards in that they stay on the field after activation. They're unique, however, in one activation requirement they all unspokenly share - there must be a face-up monster on the field in order for you to activate an Equip Spell Card. Some Equip Spell Cards are also picky about who they're equipped to (a certain type/Attribute/archetype/Level/kind), so there must be a valid target. (This means that you can accidentally equip your opponent's monster, yes.)

All Equip Spell Cards constantly target the monster they're equipped to. Thus, if a monster can't be targeted by card effects, it can't be equipped. If the equipped monster is no longer a valid target, it is instantly destroyed. No longer being a valid target includes having the type changed to a non-compatible type, having the monster leave the field, or having the equipped monster be flipped face-down. All constant pains, but all worth it. Probably.

Of course, perhaps even cooler is...
How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4 300px-MysticalSpaceTyphoon-YS15-EN-C-1E-F
Quick-Play Spell Card (How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh: Part 4 34px-Quick-Play.svg)! Unlike every other Spell Card, you can activate these types of Spell Cards any time during your turn, as long as the conditions to activate it are correct. (For example, you cannot use Mystical Space Typhoon when there are no Spell or Trap Cards on the field, or during the Damage Step, because it doesn't affect ATK or DEF.) You can also Set them on the field to activate them at any time during your opponent's turn. The ability to utilize Quick-Play Spell Cards whenever can also help a lot - for example, you can use De-Fusion to split your Fusion monster during your Battle Phase and then ravage your opponent's Life Points. Or, of course, screw up your opponent by splitting up their Fusion Monster. Wonderful opportunities are available with Quick-Play Spell Cards. Or I could be overhyping them. (You will get good use out of the pictured Quick-Play Spell Card, though. Just remember that it won't prevent the destroyed card's effects from activating.)

Anyway, Quick-Play Spell Cards, as per the name, are Spell Speed 2. This is the reason why you are able to activate them at any time. It also means that you can activate them in response to other things. For example, if your opponent activates Axe of Despair, you can immediately activate your (face-down, of course) Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy it, preventing your opponent from reaping the benefits. This is called a Chain. When a Chain occurs, effects resolve in reverse order; so the last card to be activated has its effect resolve first, and the first card to be activated has its effect resolve last. Only non-Continuous card effects can start and continue a chain; things like attacks and Summoning don't start one.

That's it for now! Next time: Trap Cards!

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Post on 12th June 2015, 12:58 am by Meyneth

Aw man, Black Luster solider was my man back when I used to play Greece. Sadly I wasn't able to find his summon card so that makes me sad.

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Lief Katano

Post on 12th June 2015, 1:04 am by Lief Katano

I keep on thinking that Black Luster Soldier's a chick.

Why? I. Don't. Know.

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Post on 12th June 2015, 1:07 am by Meyneth

I can see it.

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Post on 12th June 2015, 7:54 am by Truthseeker4449

Perhaps it's also worth mentioning that a set normal spell can be activated the turn it is set.

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