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Pokémon of the Week: Slurpuff Empty Pokémon of the Week: Slurpuff

Pokémon of the Week: Slurpuff 250px-685Slurpuff
The Meringue Pokémon

Its sense of smell is 100 million times better than a human's, so even the faintest scent tells it about everything in the area. It's like it can see with its nose!

Pokémon of the Week: Slurpuff MEgFfU4

Design + Name
Let's get the obvious out of the way. Slurpuff's name is a combination of slurp and puff. With me so far?

Well, its Japanese name is Peroream, a combination of peropero (the onomatopoeia for licking) and the English word cream. It's also worth noting that it's similar to the Spanish word for dog, perro, though that likely had 0% influence on the naming process even though Slurpuff is partially based on a dog.

It slightly resembles a poodle, though it could really be based on any breed of dog that is playful, cute, and/or relatively tongueful. It also draws inspiration from a variety of desserts—most notably the meringue, as noted in its species name.

[fit]Pokémon of the Week: Slurpuff 5c4cdc6d0bdbf1f127a8dce912ebf23e_XL[/fit]
Pokémon of the Week: Slurpuff 5174444000151011013229

Slurpuff's pink "hair" could possibly be whipped cream, and the red cherry-like thing on top slightly resembles the hairstyle of the poodle above. Dogs are also known for their sense of smell, which happens to go well with the whole concept of Slurpuff being based on both a dog and sweet-smelling desserts.

It's worth noting that its pre-evolution, Swirlix, is based on cotton candy, which in many parts of the world is known as fairy floss.

Overall, I love Slurpuff's design. Look at it! It's so happy! It wants to play with you! :D

I also like how the red "icing" or whatever around Slurpuff's neck looks like a bib or a scarf, with the red dot below making it look like it's dripping.

And look!! at!! Shiny Slurpuff!!

shiny slurpuff:
Pokémon of the Week: Slurpuff Tumblr_n4ul1sGZMn1ttdkobo3_400

PSA: Even though it looks both cute and delicious, attempting to eat your Slurpuff is very much not recommended, as it is a living being and also it'll freaking kill you

Yeah, overall Slurpuff is really well designed.

And I'd last like to mention how clever the German name is. Slurpuff's German name is Sabbaione, which is a combination of sabbern (to drool), and Zabaione, another egg-based dessert. :V

Game Data
Slurpuff is 2'07", and yet weighs only 11 pounds. That thing is low-density. Must be all the whipped cream.

So far, it only has two Pokédex entries, due to it being a Generation 6 Pokémon. Both of those entries focus on its keen sense of smell, which is something that's been used a handful of times in the anime.

For example, a recurring character named Sawyer takes battle notes in a journal. He also has a signed picture of Steven Stone in the back cover of that journal. At one point, Sawyer loses the journal, and Team Rocket steals it (thinking it to be Steven Stone's super-secret battle notes).

Sawyer's Slurpuff comes out of its Poké Ball, takes literally one whiff of the air, and it immediately knows where the notebook is, even though it's a hecka long distance away.

So yeah, it's nice when the flavor text (get it? flavor text? Slurpuff? comedy gold) in the Pokédex entries is used for material in the anime.

Aside from that, here's its base stats:

Pokémon of the Week: Slurpuff Npeszvp

...Yeah, it's really nothing to write home about. It has no single defining stat. It's just okay all around.

Slurpuff's main Ability, Sweet Veil, is alright. It prevents Slurpuff or its field allies from falling asleep. Sweet Veil can be a little situational, to say the least, but it's probably the best choice for single-player.

Slurpuff's Hidden Ability sees a bit more competitive use. With Unburden, if a Pokémon loses its hold item, its Speed is doubled.

This is most often used in combination with Belly Drum, which halves Slurpuff's HP in exchange for maxing out its Attack. If you give Slurpuff a Berry that activates after it loses a certain amount of health, you can use Belly Drum to max Slurpuff's Attack, while lowering it to the right amount of HP to activate the Berry, so your Speed gets doubled as well.

It's an interesting strategy, but the loss of HP makes Slurpuff really fragile. There are really better competitive Pokémon out there.

In-game though, Slurpuff is pretty decent. Its Attack and Special Attack are about equal, so you can really dig into its entire offensive movepool. It learns some decent Fairy- and Grass-type moves, like Play Rough or Energy Ball, respectively. It can also learn Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, and Psychic, three fantastic Special moves.

And strangely, it can learn Surf. Like, haha what? Sure, I'll just take my sentient pile of pudding and go for a nice swim. :B

It's only weak to Poison and Steel, which are relatively uncommon offensive types, even in-game. It's immune to Dragon, and gets STAB super-effective coverage on Dark, Dragon, and Fighting Pokémon, which can all include some troublesome Pokémon. It can take down a few fairly strong Pokémon late-game. Though it's worth noting that can be said of many Fairy-types.

Uh. Not much to say here.

I guess it's worth noting that this is pretty much the counterpart to Aromatisse, another version-exclusive strange pink mish-mash of many disparate design ideas that evolves via trade with a hold item.

And with that, have a Slurpuff (+ Swirlix) fan art!

desert of the slurpuffs by phatmon:
[fit]Pokémon of the Week: Slurpuff Desert_of_the_slurpuffs_by_phatmon66-d8tv6xt[/fit]

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