Pokémon Infodump - 7/1/16

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Pokémon Infodump - 7/1/16 Empty Pokémon Infodump - 7/1/16

Greetings! Lief Katano here! A day or so ago, new Pokémon for Sun and Moon had been leaked out. Today (yesterday?), information on their abilities has been released! So let's show 'em off!

Before that, though, some notes about Zygarde. Zygs-50 shares the ability to shift into Zygs-Complete (hereafter known as Zygs-C) with Zygs-10, with its ability to do so officially known as Power Construct, which triggers at 50% HP. Both Zygs-10 and Zygs-50 can have either Power Construct or Aura Break, which is...shitty. Aura Break is bad and whoever made it should feel bad. The Core Enforcer move acts as a Gastro Acid for any Pokémon who has acted already, in addition to kicking loads of ass. Lore-wise, Cores act as Zygarde's "brains", while Cells just make up the body. Neither can fight without taking a Zygarde form.

Now onto new Pokémon!

Pokémon Infodump - 7/1/16 Bruxish
This ugly fish is a Water/Psychic Pokémon that can scare away fish, and can scan for prey with the thing on its head. It can either have Strong Jaw or Dazzling as its ability - the latter is a new one that negates priority attacks.
Pokémon Infodump - 7/1/16 Cutiefly
Aww, what a cutie pie! A Bug/Fairy type that can sense auras and is drawn to people that are really happy/sad, due to their auras resembling flowers in full bloom. Abilities are Honey Gather and Shield Dust.
Pokémon Infodump - 7/1/16 Drampa
Better stay off of this Normal/Dragon-type's lawn! He's a pretty nice fellow, actually, and is friendly towards children. Don't piss him off, however - otherwise his Special Attack will rise one stage! (Which is kinda weird, considering that it's called Berserk...that usually raises Attack.) You can enrage one by dropping its HP below half or being a jerk to children. Its other ability can be Sap Sipper.
Tapu Koko:
Pokémon Infodump - 7/1/16 Tapukoko
This Electric/Fairy type is the guardian deity of Melemele Island, who's kind of a jerk! He's also fairly curious, though. He can tap into a new ability called Electric Surge, which automatically generates an Electric Terrain when he hits the field, amping grounded Pokémon's Electric moves and preventing sleepiness. He also has access to the move Nature's Madness, which cuts the opposing Pokémon's HP in half. Ouch!

He's not in the Legendary section, so he might just be a regular ol' Pokémon, though Magearna isn't in it either. Take that as you will.
Pokémon Infodump - 7/1/16 Togedemaru
Togedemaru is the Pikaclone for this generation, and an Electric/Steel type. The tail-like thing on its back (really its upper back) can be used as a lightning rod, with the same benefits that you'd except - drawing Electric attacks towards it, nulling them and raising its Sp. Atk by one stage. It can also have the ability Iron Barbs.
Pokémon Infodump - 7/1/16 Charjabug
The evolved form of Grubbin! He's grown an Electric affinity since evolution, and is content with staying perfectly still. It works as a battery - a powerful one, too, capable of powering a household for a day. It also has a more mundane use, powering up the special attacks of its allies in battle. Wait, is that really the mundane use...?

Either way, Charjabug can evolve as well, into...
Pokémon Infodump - 7/1/16 Vikavolt
...Vikavolt! This massive bug relies on Charjabugs to keep it powered up for battles. As such, it trades out Battery for Levitate. Honestly, I would've prefered sticking with the previous ability this time, even if it made no sense. :U
While not new, I'm not sure if this has been reported here before. Rockruff, the dog Pokémon, is capable of evolving at least once, judging by the flavor text on its page, though its not shown what that evolution is. Magearna can also be acquired by scanning a QR Code with the new Rotomdex feature. Hopefully this means time-limited events are a thing of the past...!

There's also a new Battle Royal mode, where you can face three other trainers in a battle. Each trainer uses three Pokémon, and the battle is over at the end of a turn where at least one trainer has all of their Pokémon wiped out. Then, each player is ranked based off of the number of Pokémon left and KOs scored - so if you kept all of your Pokémon alive, but didn't really score any KOs, you might still lose, while if you KO'd like a madman but managed to be the one who had the battle end, you...still might not win. I'm not sure how they're all weighted, because that hasn't been revealed yet. :U

There's also some new pictures revealed, though what they mean hasn't actually been revealed yet. I'd post them, but I can't get their URLs. Hm.

Either way, there's two pictures I think that are of note. One's the male PC riding a Stoutland, so riding Pokémon returns. The other one is a Pikachu covered in a golden aura, unleashing an electric attack. This is notably similar to the Pokémon BREAK mechanic from the TCG, so perhaps they're related?

The other picture is a forest. :U

The pictures can be seen here.

Either way, I gotta leave for work. Feel free to put your thoughts in the comments!

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