Pokémon Infodump - 7/19/16

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Pokémon Infodump - 7/19/16 Empty Pokémon Infodump - 7/19/16

A new batch of information has been revealed! In addition to six new Pokémon, information on the Pokémon Global Link and a game-changing new training technique has been revealed!

For the people who don't want various aspects of Pokémon Sun and Moon spoiled before they come out, don't worry. This infodump is split into two separate parts - one covering the Pokémon, and the other covering the new gameplay mechanics. The Pokémon are going to have their names outside of the spoilers (specifically, on the spoiler box), but all actual information is going to be hidden. Meanwhile, the gameplay spoilers are going to be in a separate spoiler tag, beneath the Pokémon. That way, if you just want to know about the gameplay but not any new Pokémon, or vice versa, you can remain safely unspoiled.

...If you don't want to see either gameplay or new Pokémon, I'm not sure why you opened this blog. It's not for you.

Either way, let's begin!

Pokémon Infodump - 7/19/16 Bug
This Bug/Water Pokémon is, as its name and Species type (Turn Tail) imply, is a massive wimp. Even in a group, they'll turn tail and flee if someone approaches - though they can also spit out a poison if they feel threatened. If you stand still, though, Wimpods might approach you out of curiousity. They're also really great cleaners, eating anything they find on the ground, which also makes them a target if they find anything precious. Maybe their cowardice is justified...

Their cowardice might just be their biggest asset, too. Their ability Wimp Out causes them to turn tail when their HP goes below half in battle. This either has them flee or tag out with another member of the party. Anyone who has competitively battles (at least competently) can attest to the power of switching out at opportune times, and getting a free switch is nice. Of course, it's going to need a high Speed stat in order for it to be effective...but somehow I doubt that's going to be a problem. :U The only problem will be catching one...
Pokémon Infodump - 7/19/16 Ghost
Wait, what? The Pokémon Company must have made a mistake. They uploaded a picture of Pikachu on Mimikyu's page! I'm not sure how they made that mistake, but that's really embarrassing.

...what? That isn't Pikachu? That is, in fact, Mimikyu, and its name really should have tipped you off?

...oh. I, uh, knew that. Of course.

Anyways! Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy Pokémon who lives underneath a Pikachu-shaped trash bag. The Pikachu likeness is deliberate - Mimikyus are very lonely, and thought around twenty years ago, "hey, that Pikachu guy has a lot of merchandise, he's popular. Maybe if I look like Pikachu, I can be popular?". They hide underneath the bags in the first place because their health fails in the sunlight.

...Surprisingly meta.

Anyways, continuing the trend of abilities that could have a massive impact on the game, Mimikyu has the Disguise ability. It's not a poor man's Illusion. Instead, upon entering the battle, Mimikyu will basically have an automatic, 1 HP Substitute, negating the opponent's first hit. Then breaking the disguise. You heartless monster! Even if it does have poor stats, it could easily be used for a free Toxic, or otherwise setting up on the opponent. I'd guess that it's a once-per-battle effect, even if Mimikyu tags out.
Pokémon Infodump - 7/19/16 Horse
Onwards, my gloppy steed! The Draft Horse Pokémon (who's a Ground type, to the surprise of no one) isn't exactly top speed material. However, they're very durable, both physically and emotionally, capable of carrying 10 tons for three days and nights without breaking a sweat. It's also strong as heck, too, thanks to its mud-covered hooves - it can wreck a car with one kick, and tear up even asphalt while galloping! Needless to say, it's banned on Alola's roads.

Mudsdale can have two abilities - Own Tempo or the new Stamina ability. Whenever it gets hit by an attack, its Defense goes up by one stage! It's...nowhere near as useful as the new abilities previously covered, but at least it helps Mudsdale get tankier, and shrug off multi-hit attacks.
Pokémon Infodump - 7/19/16 Flower
A lei Pokémon? In my Hawaii based region? It's more likely than you think. Surprisingly, these guys are pure Fairy types, presumably because those flowers aren't actually part of its body. They're just picked and carried around everywhere. Those flowers are coated in an oil that emits a soothing fragrance. Its also helpful in healing both people and Pokémon, due to the soothing aura.

It should come as no surprise, then, that it has a new, healing-focused ability. Triage causes its healing moves to gain priority (officially "the highest priority", though I somewhat doubt it's going to have +5 priority :U). It...could be useful, but I somewhat doubt it, unless Comfey's surprisingly durable. It can also have Flower Veil.
Pokémon Infodump - 7/19/16 Bear
Cute, fluffy, a force of destruction... All of these describe the Normal/Fighting Pokémon, also known as the Strong Arm Pokémon. Having picked up their techniques from Black Belts training in the woods, they're forces of destruction - and completely unaware of it, too. Warning signs are even placed where it lives! Of course, those familiar with bears probably aren't too surprised...

In addition to the Klutz ability, Bewear has access to the new Fluffy ability. A sort-of watered down version of the Fur Coat ability, it halves all contact damage Bewear takes. In exchange, however, it's given an essential weakness to Fire-type moves.
Pokémon Infodump - 7/19/16 Berry
This Grass-type Pokémon exudes a sweet, delicious aroma, drawing both people and Pokémon to it. Most people use it as an effective air freshener, but some Pokémon swallow it whole! ...Pretty impressive, considering it's 1 foot tall.

It's not very effective at defending itself. Bounsweet flees by skipping, completely failing to convey to others that it's in danger. It also wards off enemies by rotating the calyx on its head - but that also makes itself dizzy! It's...definitely not going to be a star Pokémon, that's for sure.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have any new abilities - just Leaf Guard and Oblivious.
The Global Link will be updated to support Sun and Moon, at the cost of no longer supporting Generation VI. You'll be able to create new tournaments with it, which come in two types:

  • Online Tournaments, which can either be "anyone enters" or for a specific group of people. If they get big enough, Pokémon Ranking will be calculated, just like official tournaments.
  • Live Competitions are created for people in one space. You enter using a specially-made QR code, and then battle according to the tournament's regulations.

This next bit is...somewhat related to online battles. IVs (officially known as individual strengths) were a pain in the butt to raise before, right? Scratch that, you couldn't raise them before. They were determined when the Pokémon was spawned. While Generation VI made things easier, it was still a lot of work to get Pokémon with good IVs.

This isn't a problem anymore, with a new feature: Hyper Training!

By training with Mr. Hyper (image unavailable), your Pokémon can awaken their True Potential™, raising their IVs! There are, of course, limitations on this. A Pokémon has to be level 100 in order for it to be capable of Hyper Training. (Suddenly, all of those level 100 distributions don't seem bad, do they? ...They are, because they're event Pokémon, and you can't use them anywhere. Seriously.) The second is that, in order to train, you need to pander to Mr. Hyper's strange collecting habits. In other words, you need to give him a Bottle Cap.

...my god, he's James!

Identity aside, you can get at least one bottle cap from Magearna, who will be distributed via QR code. She's showing her worth already...! You're going to need to find the rest, though. Or probably buy them at the Battle Tower analogue...

And that's it! Until next time, ciao!

Pokémon Infodump - 7/19/16 Latest?cb=20120707155813
Thief Lief Katano appeared!
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Pokémon Infodump - 7/19/16 :: Comments


Post on 19th July 2016, 2:23 pm by Princess

Wimipod resembles Clauncher a fair bit.

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Post on 19th July 2016, 4:03 pm by Guest

three things:
first off: new Pokemon are.... interesting...although... Mimikyu? Seriously? What the fuck?
Second, wow, already dropping gen. 6 online support this early? I don't remember them doing it that soon for previous gens (though I'm probably remembering wrong).
Finally, nice to see iv training! I'll definitely be transferring my Pokemon over to gen. 7 as soon as possible.

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Lief Katano

Post on 19th July 2016, 4:47 pm by Lief Katano

Mimikyu is best 'chu I swear to whatever.

They're only dropping Global Link Support, not online play in its entirety (which is done through the Nintendo Network). There couldn't really be a good comparison to previous gens, considering that Gen V was the only one that had a Global Link before, and that ended when DS Wi-Fi ended (which IIRC was before X and Y).

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