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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 27th June 2013, 8:24 pm

Part 13: Returning to a familiar place:

part 13:
Last time, I was carrying Curly out of the Core and to (hopefully), somewhere safe:

I go through the mouth thing and it leads me to here:

Music that plays in this area: Living Waterway ~ Cave Story OST

Getting through here isn't too hard compared to what I've been through recently. The only enemies down here are Critters and Bats like the ones we faced in Grasstown. There's even a few Jellies later on here.

Further up, more Critters and Bats:

I then come to this spot:

If you shoot here:

Hears will appear! *refills his health*

Further along, I come to a fast current:

Once you get in it, it's hard getting out of it until it stops. You can guide where it takes you in some spots though.

Once in a while, I come to some spikes in the way:

All you have to do to avoid them is jump over them. Some are harder to avoid than others....

I then come to this section:

If you go one way (the upper right side), it'll just loop you back around through the spot I'm in right now. If you go the other way, which is much trickier (it's just to the left of the part that loops you around), you'll end up here:

This leads you to here:

There's those Jellies I mentioned earlier....

This section is very tricky to get through. One reason is because of all the Jellies. Fortunately, they aren't too big of a problem. The other reason this part is tricky is because of the area the Jellies are in: It is a bunch of currents that just send you flying around without going anywhere....

There's a way to get through it though, and it leads to this area:

Now this area is very easy to miss if you're not ready to jump towards it. If you're not going for the perfect ending (aka: you don't have Curly with you), then there's not much here except a place to save and rest. However, this is very important now that I have Curly with me. I missed getting here the first time I came through and had to restart.

I was going to check it out again anyway when I missed it because I couldn't remember what was in the room from my last playthrough. But when I missed it, the current carried me further away, then it popped up a message that Curly had died.... So yeah, I went ahead and killed myself to restart.

Anyway, on the second try, I did make it. Here's what's inside:

Like I said, if you don't have Curly, it's just a place to save and rest. But now that I have Curly, when I go over to the bed to rest:

Curly stays in bed. Now to check the computer:

"You know, I often recorded what I learned in that notebook..."

Can't remember if that's what it said last time or not, but anyway, I now check the bookshelves. The one on the left doesn't have anything important, but the one on the right:

I say yes and start reading:

"Surface-developed robots have limitations on their operation underwater.
If they are submerged for too long a period, their system automatically shuts down to avoid short-circuiting.
The following is a description of the proper method of caring for a flooded robot."

After a "........" and a brief pause:

Squealing Now I can help Curly!

The notebook has a bit more in it:

"When the robot has been dried via the aforementioned procedures, the system will automatically begin the rebooting process."

I then head over to Curly:


After a while:

Squealing SHE'S ALIVE!!!

: .....

: You're alive!
Oh, I'm so glad...

: I didn't think we were going to make it.
Once you fell unconscious, I couldn't think of any other way...
Looks like my air tank worked just like I'd hoped.

She's so brave and nice and.... *SOB*

: Ah...

Guess that's the rebooting process...

I go back over to the computer to see if there's any more info, but it just says:

"I pray for your victory."

That sounds familiar.

I check on Curly again and it pops up this message:

"It appears that it takes some time to reboot."

Hmmm.... I guess I'll go out and come back in. That usually does something in games like this. I'm not sure if I needed to or not, but when I come back to check on her, this pops up:

Oh God.... I don't know! If I take her, will it kill her? Should she rest more??? But I can't just leave her here by herself.....

I decide to take her and if something happens, I'll restart:

So far so good... I then come to the part earlier that it said Curly had died, but nothing like that pops up, so I think I did the right thing... *phew*

Speaking of that part:

There's another place you can shoot to get more hearts if you need them:

After getting the hearts, I move on and come across many more spikes:

I actually didn't make it across those, but it didn't damage me too much. After that though:

Uh oh....

It then takes me to this area:

And another boss fight....

Say hello to Ironhead....

This battle can be tricky, but not as hard as some of the more recent bosses (in fact, if you manage to beat him without taking any damage, you get an award like medal in your inventory (although, it's useless and just for show)). There's also a ton of fish that swim around you and balloon up with spikes when they swim near you, so you have to watch out for them. They do drop health and stuff, so that comes in handy.

Also flying around in the water are these big blocks that damage you if you run into them....

For this fight, all I do is just move around with the current that keeps pushing me forward dodging all the enemies and blocks flying around. Ironehad also swims towards you and can damage you (he also fires red laser beams occasionally), but for me, the main problem is the blocks and fish...

I find that the best thing to use against Ironhead is the Blade, which quickly takes out his HP. Eventually, I defeat him:

Unfortunately, I lose hold of Curly, and we both end up floating away separately in the current....

The scene then shifts to here:

Huh.... This place is very familiar, but.... It's much quieter than I remember.....

This sad little tune plays through this part (and it has a fitting name for this part): Quiet ~ Cave Story OST

I kinda panic through here since I can't find Curly anywhere... I thought maybe I screwed up somewhere and she wasn't supposed to float away like that, so I explore a bit before saving to see if I can find her.

I go outside of the Reservoir to the Mimiga Village:

It's the same as before, but now there's not one Mimiga here and that sad little tune continues to play through here....

Looking around the Village results in no Curly.... I really start panicking here.....

I head down to Arthur's house thinking maybe she'd be there, or at least someone who might know where she is...

When I first go in, there's nobody there, then:

It's Booster! Maybe he knows where she is!

: Only you, I see...
...The Doctor has acquired the red flowers.
...The island's Mimigas have all fallen into his hands.
So the tragedy has become inevitable...
I should have allowed at least Sue to escape when I had the chance...

He then hands me this:

This is an improved version of the Booster that I showed you guys earlier if I had talked to Booster when he fell. This one has more power, so it'll take you a bit higher than the other one. It can also change directions in mid air, which is really awesome, but kinda tricky to master...

Booster then continues:

: Please, heed my last request.
If you see Sue again, I want you to take her and flee this island.
That girl is Sakamoto's daughter, and she never wanted to come here in the first place.
But we couldn't leave the child all alone, so she had no choice but to come along with us.

I'm still worried that I screwed up at this point since he didn't mention Curly, so I keep looking around. I'll go ahead and show you guys what the computer says though:

We'll do that in the next part. Now, I just want to find Curly....

I head outside again. After equipping the Booster, I can get around much easier:

At this point, I've decided to just show you guys some areas that I wasn't able to reach before without the booster. After I do this, I check whether or not I screwed up while trying to save Curly on my Wii while I have the game paused.

I decide to head to the Graveyard first for this reason:

That mysterious door... Inside, there's nothing but a purple Pignon:

Doesn't matter what you say at this point as noting important happens, but later, she does become important.

After this, I head back outside and boost up to the very top part of the village:

This leads to the area where you start the game from (and is also the area you fell from during one of the first scenes):

Going back down this way will get you something good. Just go to the area where you got the Polar Star:

You'll find that the hermit is awake:

And he's a bit upset:

Someone went and stole it while I was sleeping!
Drat, this is why I should've been keeping it in my pocket when I napped...

He then notices something:

Isn't THAT my gun?!
What are YOU doing with it?!
I didn't make it for you!
Give that back!

I see you've certainly been giving my gun a workout.
You know, I've long believed that one's weapons should be crafted by oneself.
That one who fights with another's weapons and considers that force his own is witless.
That one who blames his tools for that which his own power cannot achieve is a fool.
When I see this gun before me that you have used so exhaustively, it moves this man to tears.
To think such thorough use were possible even before the gun's completion...
I apologize for my grumbling.

After a few seconds:

Ooo... Aaaah... The "best weapon in the game!"

The hermit then says a few more things:

In this world, there exists a balance between those who are creators and those who are users.
I knew that, of course, but it took your help for me to experience this firsthand.
From now on, I cow to dedicate myself to the side of creation.
The labor involved becomes joy when I know there are those who will enjoy my work to the utmost.

Now to show off the Spur: This gun is very unique compared to the other weapons we've seen. It doesn't use experience to become more powerful, it just requires you to charge it up by holding down the fire button. It can still be fired like the Polar Star, and the regular blast are just like the 3rd level blasts of the Polar Star, only if you get hurt, this doesn't get weaker, which will come in very handy for upcoming fights.

The first level of charging results in a single beam that fires a long distance:

The second level is a double beam:

And the third level is a large beam:

Now that I've shown it off, I'll head back to the Mimiga Village. On the way, there's many more Critters and Bats in the cave (most likely put there to let you test out the Spur):

Oh yeah, did I mention that the blast can go through multiple enemies? :D

While this gun is awesome..... I kinda prefer Curly's Machine Gun that I used from last time... I know this one's more powerful, but I just love the fact that you can use it to propel yourself like you have a Booster pack.

Anyway, I head back to Arthur's House, and because I still haven't seen any sign of Curly, I decide to check on my Wii before saving.

I found out that I did everything right and that she was supposed to float away, so I go ahead and save:

Now before I end this part, there's a couple of items I want to get real quick in the Labyrinth, so, because the teleproter can let me get there now, I teleport there:

This is the area where Booster would have been if I checked on him earlier.

I find it funny (in a odd way) that if you check on him, he dies, but if you leave him down here, he turns out fine, teleports back to the house, and gives you a better booster. Go figure. Hm...

Anyway, the reason why I'm here is to get back to the Labyrinth Shop (it was a bit tricky getting back because of all the enemies, but the Spur was very handy for taking them out):

The reason why I'm here is for this:

The shopkeeper tells me what it is, sort of:

Just a decoration, I'm afraid, but you've already got the strongest weapon, so what else can I do?

Now, this isn't just a decoration. Sure, it looks nice, but when you're battling enemies:

These little green stars (seen around the middle of the shot) will fly around you and damage enemies. It doesn't do much damage to them, but it's a nice little thing to have.

I then head back to Arthur's House, but then remember something else I forgot to get, so I head all the way back again to the area around the Clinic. Remember that Chest above the new Clinic area:

Now that I have the booster, I can reach it! To do so, just head up:

Blast the rock that's in the way and head down to the door:

Inside is this:

This is a very handy item:

What that means is that if you get hurt, your weapons lose less experience (well, technically it's called energy, but I've been calling it experience since it levels up your weapons). So if you take damage, you may still have most of the energy in your weapon, keeping it at a high level of power (depending on how much damage you took).

Now that that's done, I head back to Arthur's House and save. Next time, we'll head back to the Egg Corridor. Until then, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 28th June 2013, 8:56 pm

Part 14: So many cowards around here....

FYI: If you didn't see my post in the Lava Cooler, I had this almost completely typed out earlier when shit happened.... So consider this an abridged version of what I had typed out because I don't feel like typing it all over again......

Part 14:
Last time, I was given a message to head to the Egg Corridor, so let's go there now:

Looks a bit different...

Egg Corridor? music.

Talking to the robot on the left, he says this:

There was this huge explosion!
When I came to, it all looked like this.
What on earth happened?!

Along the way down the now devastated Egg Corridor, you'll find these "Sky Dragon carcasses" once in a while around where the large eggs used to be:

Along the way, you'll see the same enemies you faced the last time you came through here, plus a new enemy:

A Zombie Dragon...

There's also falling spikes (as seen in the shot) you have to watch out for occasionally.

Behind that dragon is a chest with a missile expansion, so I can carry 5 more missiles than before.

Once in a while, you'll come across these larger spikes that will fall down:

If they land on you, you're dead.

I now have to go through this doorway to continue:

Inside, you have to get past a couple of Presses to get to the top and continue on:

After that, you'll run into more dragons, including one that you can KO with a falling spike:

You'll then come to this thing:

It'll start counting down when you get near it, so run away from it. It explodes after it counts down and will instantly kill you if you're around it. Do NOT try to kill it because it has way too much HP for you to kill it fast enough.

I then come to this part:

Going inside the small opening leads to this:

The chest has another missile expansion, but if you get it, you have to fight a pair of bosses here. You can skip them by not getting the expansion, but I want it, and these bosses aren't too bad:

The key is to aim for them when they open their mouths to attack (they launch fireballs at you), otherwise, they can't be damaged (like with Balfrog). They can still be damaged for a short amount of time afterwards indicated by a silly face they make (as seen here after I defeated them):

After beating them, a save disc drops down, so I save and move on.

After a few more enemies, I reach the end of the Egg Corridor:

The rooms at the end are about the same as last time we came here, so I heal and save in the far room, then head in the egg room, where I check out the computer:

Then someone says something to me:

Who's there?

Kazuma then steps out of the shadows:

: Glad to see you're all right.
I'm the only one here.
After you left for the Sand Zone, the rest of us hurried to secure a means of escape.
That's when Misery showed up.
Sue got taken off with her, and I haven't seen the professor...
I gather the Doctor was able to obtain the seeds.
Oh, no, no, I'm not blaming you...
The Doctor's victory was assured from the moment he got his hands on that Crown, really.
It's only a matter of time before his army of wild Mimigas is complete...
After that, I fear not even you could stop him.
We've no choice but to flee...
I figure we might be able to escape if only we had a Sky Dragon.
...That's why I came here.
And now, my dragon has hatched.

This is the choice that will give you the bad ending if you say yes (although, you can avoid going with Kazuma if you do say yes). If any of you are curious, here's the Bad Ending.

When I say no, he says this:

: I see...
You know, there's one other way one might return the Mimigas to their natural state.
You could destroy the island's core.
If you did that, however, the island would most likely crumble.
A dangerous choice, no?
Well, either way, we don't even know where the core is...
If you'd like to give it a try, I can wait.
But remember, if the situation grows dire, I may have to leave without you...

He then leaves, and an exit appears at the end of the room:

I head through it, and it leads out here:

Outer Wall music.

Kazuma and his dragon are just ahead:

To continue, you have to head up, but there's a area below here that has a small family in it:

There's two tiny people inside: A mother and her kid. The mother asks if you've seen her husband, and, if you remember the small man in the Mimiga Graveyard, the answer would be yes. We'll get to him later though. Now to head up:

Along the way up, you'll run into these Night Spirits:

They attack by shooting stuff at you (note, I had just killed this one after it had launched it's attack):

There's also these things called Hoppers:

They hop along the wall and try to attack you.

Just to the left of that shot is this area:

The small gap I'm facing leads to this:

If you haven't saved Curly, the chest won't open. Since I have, it opens for me:

This item times you when you're fighting in the last area or the last boss (something like that). If you finish it in a certain amount of time, you get a new soundtrack at the intro or something like that.

Continuing up, I come across some sandy areas with Sandcrocs in them:

After them, I'm almost at the top:

And here's the top:

There's a door at the end of this part:

Going inside, you scare this guy half to death:

He then runs over to the corner and starts shaking like crazy. Going up to him startles him again:

Don't kill me!
I'm a human! I just got magically turned into a Mimiga! I'm human!

He then calms down:

: Well, you scared the pants off me, jumping out like that!
You wouldn't be that savior, would you?

Talking to him again, he says this:

: I'm Itoh, one of the humans who came to this island to do research.
That witch Misery turned me into this...
I managed to get away, but...just look at me.
And now I'm stuck here!
You climbed up from the outside, didn't you.
I'm an engineer of considerable talent, but I'm deathly afraid of heights...
Oh, woe, woe is me...
I never should've come to this island in the first place.

After talking to him, I saved at the save disc.

And that's all for this part. Until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 29th June 2013, 8:31 pm

Part 15: Down on the Plantation:

Part 15:
I head out of the area where I met Itoh through the door on the left side. It takes me here:

I head up to this spot first:

Which leads to this area:

I forget where that door at the bottom leads (I can't even remember if I got to go through it last time (might be part of the perfect ending???)), but anyway, the door at the end leads to this room:

Apparently these are the previous wearers of the Crown that the Doctor currently has. The statues have the names of who they are of when you check them out. The first one is named Halda. The second one is Annachponae. The third is Miakid. The last one is of the Doctor, but it's not complete yet. The big guy does nothing but '.....' when you try to talk to him.

Moving on, I head back out to the Plantation and run into these:

Bats..... Including a big one called a Orange Bell (not sure why since it's black...).

There's three main area in this part: The middle section (where I first came in), the lower section (there's water in this area), and the upper section (we'll get to that one later).

I'll explore the middle better later, but first, let's head down to the lower section and check this area out:

CURLY!!! Squealing

The guy says this when I talk to him:

A man from the surface, the Doctor, is using the Mimigas to cultivate red flowers.
This isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened...

So does everyone who gets that crown do this???

Now to check on Curly:

: Who...are you...?

Oh no.... She has amnesia worse than ever...... Horrified

I didn't know exactly what to do here, so I thought I'd better explore more to see if there was anyone I had to talk to first. I know what item cures the amnesia, and I know where it is, I just wasn't sure how to get it to her at the moment.

So further on, I come to this sign:

We'll be seeing Gunfish in the water ahead. I'll show you why they're called Gunfish in a bit, but first, I run into another pest around here:

A Stumpy..... There's a ton of these around here. They don't seem like much, but they are annoying.... They fly around and follow you trying to attack you. They're easy to kill though, so not a big problem.

Now for the reason why these fish are called 'Gun'fish:

They shoot water at you. Not too bad, and they're not that hard to kill, so they're not a big problem here either.

Eventually, I come towards the end of the lower part. In the water below is a deathtrap, but in the trap:

There's an item. Unfortunately, I can't get it because of the trap (I tried to see if it was possible on my first playthrough, but died as soon as I got near it...). Since I can't get it at the moment, I check out the last part of the lower section:

Unfortunately, it's locked....

Now to check out the middle section. One of the first things I come to is this:

To get to this door, you have to walk through areas of this wall that are passable. When I get to it, I need a password to enter, which I don't have...

Further on, there's these guys called Drolls:

They just stand there until you fire at them. When you do, they jump around and throw these boomerang-like things at you. The Spur does really well against them when it's fully charged.

Just ahead is the area where the Mimigas are planting the red flower seeds:

They don't say anything if you try to talk to them (you'll see why in a bit). Also in the shot is a green thing called a Midorin. They're all along here and jump around towards you trying to attack when you get near them.

Just past this area is this:

Inside is a rest area for the Mimigas:

Again, most of them will not say anything to you, but there's a familiar one that will:

Haven't we met before?
Yeah, back at the Mimiga village.
Someone called "Misery" snatched me up and brought me here.
But man, I hate farming.
I was just heading out to go fishing for a change of pace.
Do you like to fish?
Well, see you around later.

He then leaves. Since there's nothing else in here, I will too.

Past this area are a few more Mimigas:

The one at the top actually says something when you try to talk to him:

Man, these sprinklers just...
Not supposed to talk to humans.

And that's why all the others have been silent so far.

Now that there's nothing else in this section, I head back to the lower section (and after I did this, I realized that I should have probably went up to the upper level to show a few other things first, but it doesn't really affect anything, so no harm done).

The reason I head back down is to see what the catch of the day is:

Oh, hey, it's you.
I caught something weird just now.
You can have it, if you want.
It's in the bucket there.

Checking out the bucket, I find what was in the deathtrap below here:

This key goes to the door just across from here, so I go over to see what's inside:

Inside is another Droll, but he doesn't do anything at all. There's also a teleporter, so let's see where it leads:

When I try to go there though, the Droll attacks me:

I missed the shot, but he proceeds to jump on top of me, knocking me out....

The screen goes black, then someone says something:

You're not dead, are you?

After a pause, the scene goes to this:

And this is why I should have went up first, but like I said, no harm done. All that I missed was seeing Sue and a couple other Mimigas locked up in here, but I couldn't do anything to get them out, so anyway...

There's only one Mimiga left in here, and he looks very familiar:

Thought you might be dead.
You didn't flinch no matter how many times Sue smacked you.
This is the jail.
Those who try to defy the Doctor get thrown in here.
To be subjects for he experiments...
...That's what Sue said.
You a friend of hers?
You're a bit too late.
She used to be in here with us.
She was caring for you the whole time.
But just a little while ago, they came and took her away.
Just before they hauled her off, I saw her cram something into your pocket.

Checking the inventory reveals a letter from her:

Selecting it gives you the option to read it, so I say yes:

This is Sue.
I don't believe I ever told you much about all of us.
We came to this island from the surface on a research trip.
Prof. Booster was on our helicopter, and so was my mother, my brother, various assistants...
The Doctor as well.
He was there to serve out medical needs, and did so...
At least, until he found the Demon Crown...
That crown, once the property of the master of this island, grants monstrous magical powers upon it's wearer...
The Doctor knew this even before coming to the island, which is why he wormed his way into our group in the first place.
Once he had the Crown in his possession, no one could stand up to him.
We had no choice except to continue our research of the island under his orders.
The Doctor seeks to rule the Earth's surface using this island as a base.
I think he plans to first attack the surface using the Mimigas as weapons.
Anyway, I was able to get away somehow, but I fear the other researchers are already...
Now, he's using the unsuspecting Mimigas to cultivate more and more red flowers.
Once he is ready to attack, he will drive the Mimigas into a murderous frenzy using the flowers.
Using his terrible powers, he will be able to control the raging Mimigas to do his bidding.
And that means I, too, will...
If you can escape from this prison cell, look for the hideout hidden in the plantation.
If my mother is yet safe, she'll be there, coming up with a counterplan.
Please. Help my mother.
The password is "Litagano Motscoud".

"The letter ends here..."

So there's a good backstory of what's happened here. Now I need to get out of here, which is surprisingly easy. Just climb up this way:

Which leads to a door out to the upper level of the Plantation:

Just below is the door that I could have gone through earlier to see the others in the jail, but like I said, nothing important that I missed as I couldn't even talk to them.

There's not much up on the upper level except for more enemies. Above this section though is this:

That leads to where the Doctor is, but there's a bunch of presses that will crush you if you try going up...

At the other end of this level, there's another jail:

The Mimigas in here don't say much of anything, but I'll go ahead and post what they say. There's 6 of them total here:

What, are you a killer robot?
You here to kill us?

Lemme out!

Do you know a "Sakamoto"?
She's supposed to be hiding somewhere out in the plantation...

There used to be a couple humans in here too, but I haven't seen them around...
Wonder if they got away.

The Mimigas out there in the fields are being lied to!
The Doctor's gonna make us fight the robots!

And my personal favorite line:

Doctor Dumb can go screw himself!

Now at the end here, there's a teleporter:

Just walk through the areas in the wall that are cracked to get to it. When you do, it says that 'the destination is unknown.' If you take it, it leads you back to that building in Grasstown that Kazuma was in:

There's nothing important around here to my knowledge though, so I head back.

Above where that jail is, there's a health capsule:

Now that I've gone over all the parts of the Plantation, let's head back to that door that needed a password:

Inside is this:

I talk to the woman first:

: Oh, thank goodness...
I'm Momorin Sakamoto.
Sue's mother.
I used to take my chances working at the Doctor's side.
But once he found the seeds, he had no more use for me.
So he had me tossed off the edge of the island.
Chivalry is dead, let me tell you.
But that's neither here nor there.
Right now I'm working on building a rocket, one that will get you to the Doctor's throne.
I don't quite have all the parts yet, though.
Aha. I just need to borrow this.

My booster.... Bawling

: I still need more parts to finish the rocket.

She then asks me a question:

I say no.

: Ah, good answer.
Our savior indeed.
Here, put this on for now.

: Charming, quite charming.
Perhaps it's a bit big, but...
The Mimigas working the fields aren't allowed to speak with humans.
But with that mask on, you should be able to talk to them.
Are you with me so far?
To complete the rocket, I'll need plenty of electrical power.
If you could get ahold of one of those sprinklers they use out there, I think I might be able to work with that.
Please bring me back a *Sprinkler*.

So now I have to run some errands for Sue's mom... Oh well. I'll go ahead and end this part here (I have like almost 100 shots from playing today, so I'll divide it up into 2 or 3 parts).

I will show off this cute little mask I'm wearing first:

Also, that door just leads to the one below it where there's a bed to rest on and a save disc.

Anyway, until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

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Part 16: Running a few errands:

part 16:
Last time, Sue's mom asked me to get a *Sprinkler* for her rocket. She also gave me a Mimiga mask, so now I can talk to the Mimigas around here, so let's see what they have to say:

If what the Doctor says is true, these flowers better bloom fast, or else.

The other Mimigas around here say this:

With these red flowers on our side, those killer robots'll be a piece of cake!
Bloom away, my crimson dainties!

Long live the Doctor!

Get to work!

Up here is a busted sprinkler:

The Mimiga closest to it says this:

You're new here, aren't ya.
I bet you're still confused, being picked up and dropped here all of a sudden.
Well, just remember.
Don't try anything funny.
If you run away and get caught, they'll throw you in prison.
As long as you just tend to the flowers, you'll be safe, and you'll get to eat.

The one above says this:

It busted again!
Hey, you.
You're the new guy, right?
Go take that busted sprinkler in and exchange it for a new one.

So we can now get the sprinkler:

If you take it back to Sue's mom though, she says this:

: Hrmmm...
This sprinkler's batteries have run out.
I can't do anything with this.

So now I go here:

Let's talk to the Mimigas up there first. I'll start with the young one:

I don't believe a word that Doctor says!
Robots? Nyah!
Like that's supposed to scare me.

Next, the older one next to her:

It's true that robots from the surface have attacked this island in the past.
And I know many of us were killed...
But some among those robots understood speech.
I believe they, too, had souls...

The one on the bed just says this:

I'm so exhausted...

Now for why I'm here:

After giving this Mimiga the broken sprinkler to repair, he hands me a new one to replace it:

After that, he says this:

I hear they're almost done growing the last seed!
Looks like we had just enough sprinklers...

Better move faster then!

I head back to Sue's mom with the good sprinkler and she says this:

: Let's see...
Plenty of juice in these batteries.
I think this may work.
Next, I need you to track down a man named Itoh.
He's an "engineer of considerable talent", to use his own words.
But he's also one of the most timid men I've ever met.
He fled from the Doctor right off the bat, but he can't have gotten far.

So now I need to head back to that room with Itoh.

I was a bit confused by this part here, but realized something just now. I'll get to it in a sec. I go up to Itoh and he says this:

: Itoh? Yes, that's me.
What's that?
Sakamoto's working on a rocket?
So she's still alive...
A fierce one, she is.
Nothing like me, that's for sure...
All right, then.
Take this.

: I think that's what she's after.
Give Ms. Sakamoto my regards.

Now the reason why this confused me was that he acted like he didn't know me, but I remembered just now that I still have the Mimiga mask on, so he thought I was a Mimiga.

After this, I head back down to where Curly is to check on her:

Says she doesn't even remember who she is...
Just a piece of junk, I guess.
HOW DARE YOU CALL HER JUNK! *punches the guy*
Now that you mention it...
There's a certain kind of mushroom, I'm told, that brings back memories when you eat it...
Wonder if it'd work on her?

Now, I'm not sure if you needed the mask on for him to tell you this or not, but anyway, the mushroom he mentioned is that one in the room above the Mimiga Graveyard (the purple one). I'll be getting to that part later (I need to get my booster back from Sue's mom first...).

Going over to Curly, she just says this:

: Oh...
You're so cute...
Don't go too far.
And watch out for the bad robots...

I then head back to Sue's mom to give her the Controller:

: This is it, all right.
This is the Controller he's so proud of.
The analysis would be a lot easier if only he were actually here.
Well, I'll manage somehow.
Thank you very much.
It'll take quite a while before I'm finished, so why don't you rest over on that bed?

So that's what I do. After doing so, this pops up:

The scene then goes back to here:

I leave here and just outside is Sue's mom with Itoh and the rocket:

I talk to Sue's mom first:

: Did you have a good rest?
The rocket's all done.
You'll be able to take down the Doctor, right?
I believe in you.
Take this with you...

MY BOOSTER!!! :D *hugs it tightly*

: You won't be needing this anymore.

Awww.... Now I don't look like a cute Mimiga anymore.... Horrified

: Directly above us is a path to the throne room.
You should be able to get there using the rocket.
The Mimigas are gone from the plantation.
...In other words, he may already be using the red flowers.
Go on.
Ride the rocket up to the Doctor's throne room. Hurry!

I then talk to Itoh:

: I'm back!
No use in hiding anymore, you know?
And anyway, the rocket couldn't be finished without me here!
By the way...
If you defeat the Doctor, do you think I'll be able to become a human again...?

Not sure about that, but what I do know is that I need to do a couple of things before facing the Doctor. First, I head to the teleporter down at the end of the lower level:

Time to head back to Arthur's House and the Mimiga Village for a few things.

Everything I'll be needing is in the Graveyard. First, the little guy wandering around here:

I then remember that I forgot to talk to his family after dying the last time I talked to them...... So I'll have to head back to that house later, but first, that room above the Graveyard:

Talking to the mushroom this time, she says this:

You got some business with me? >Yes/No
Hm? Amnesia?
How awful.

This is the first of 5 questions she will ask you, and you have to answer them like this: That one, you say Yes.

Next question:

But in reality, you don't really want it, right? Yes/>No
You want it that much? >Yes/No
You want it absolutely positively no matter what? >Yes/No
But really you don't want it, right? Yes/>No

If you mess up, you can talk to her again.

After answering correctly, she says this:

Fine, here you go!

Checking out the badge in the inventory though:

.... I was tricked by a mushroom.... Facepalm

Talking to her again, she says this:

Found me out, eh?
That's nothing more than a silly badge!
You want to eat me?!
I'll have you know that I am a valuable, valuable mushroom like no other in all the caves!
I'm not gonna just let you eat me up!

Now I have to fight her...

She attacks by flying at you like a rocket, which damages you a lot (which is surprising since she's just a mushroom...). If she hits the wall instead (it might happen if she hits you too, but I can't remember for sure), rocks will start falling around you, damaging you if you get hit by them.

She can also do one other thing:

Jump up and (I guess) create a bunch of copies of herself. These are easy to beat though and also take some HP away from hers when you kill them.

Eventually, I beat her (but she was a lot harder that I thought she'd be...):

You win........

Now we have the thing that will cure Curly's amnesia! Squealing

Before I head back though, I need to get the tiny guy back to his family. Unfortunately, I have to go talk to them first.... So I head to that house on the outer wall via the Egg Corridor, then head back. On the way back, I just skip trying to kill the enemies in the Egg Corridor, resulting in this:


I make it out before they reach me though. I think I'll head back to the tiny guy's house the other way though....

Now to go get him:

Yeah, you're right, I ain't been home in a while.
Arright, time to go.

.... A bit demanding, but I'll go ahead and do it.

First, I head back to the Plantation and to where Curly is:

I go up to Curly:

"Jammed it into Curly's mouth."

Ummm...... I would have done that differently, but oh well....

: .....

: Quote!!
I remember now.
You're name's Quote!
You and I...

: Right...
Back then, a huge number of robots were sent to this island from countries on the Earth's surface.
Their target was the awesome power kept within this island...
The *Demon Crown*.
But you and I, we were different.
The two of us were sent in order to destroy that power.
When we got here, the island was in a shambles.
The robots had torn it all to pieces...
And countless Mimigas had been slaughtered...

: It was...terrible...

: Finally, one man got the *Demon Crown* in his possession.
The robots' work was done, and the island fell silent.
But that was just the beginning of the tragedy.
With the crown in hand, the man turned the Mimigas into killers and began his assault on the Earth.
I tried to stop him.
You were there too.
That's...as far as I can remember.
I'm pretty sure we were able to wound him.
But we seemed far out of our league...

: Do you remember anything?

Taking to her again, she says this:

: I'm fine, thank you.
Don't worry about me.

: Oh, here.

This is the Iron Bond. I think this is the item that unlocks the events for the Perfect ending. Anyway, here's what it says in the inventory:

Now that Curly's okay, I'll go ahead and take this tiny guy home. I head back to his house by dropping down from the top of the outer wall:

Eventually, I arrive:

After he goes inside, you can talk to him again:

Ah, it's good to be back.
Oho, if that isn't a fine-looking blade you've got there.
Care to trade it for my fabulous gun?

You then get a choice. You can trade back if you don't like the gun, so I'll go ahead and say yes to show it off:

The Nemesis is a very unique weapon. At level 1, it fires a powerful blast:

But if you level it up (which is quite easy since it only takes like 1 exp point for each level):

It gets weaker....

So this is a good weapon to have it experience is hard to come by (like in some boss battles), but it's really pathetic in most other areas since it's easy to accidentally level it up, and the only way to get it back down is to take damage...

At level 2, it may be weaker, but it's not too bad. Level 3 though:

......It shoots rubber ducks.......

They barely do any damage at all (they're weaker than the Polar Star at level 1....).

While this may be a handy weapon, I think I'll stick to the Blade. To trade back, just go to the tiny guy again. He'll ask you this:

Say no, and he'll trade the Blade back to you:

Unfortunately, it's back down to level 1, so I have to level it up again...

It doesn't take long though, and I then head back to the area with the rocket, but I'll be using the rocket later. For now, I'll end the part here. So until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Lief Katano on 1st July 2013, 5:19 pm

why is his name Quote

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 1st July 2013, 5:38 pm

Don't ask me. That's just what his name is.

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 3rd July 2013, 2:25 pm

Part 17: THIS WASN'T THIS FUCKING HARD LAST TIME!!! Gosh Darn it to Heck 

Part 17:
So last time, I was asked to get up to the Doctor's Throne Room with this rocket:

*flips switch and takes off*

The rocket is just fast enough to get you past the couple dozed or so Presses guarding the way to the Throne Room:

Once I'm at the top, I have to quickly jump off before the rocket starts falling back again. Here's the top:

I save, then jump back down for this reason (note, make sure you jump straight down and do NOT touch the arrow or jump keys while falling or you won't fall down fast enough (if you're drifting over to the left or right too much while falling, you get flattened (learned that the hard way...))):

One of Jenka's dogs is here!


I was told to bring this to you...


If you don't have the Life Pot that Jenka gave you a while back, or you didn't go back to get another one, the dog will say this next:

Oh, she said to give you this, too...

This will come in handy later on!

The dog then says this:

So you're going to fight the Doctor? Good luck!
My tail wags only for you!
Oh, yeah, and tell Curly I said hi!

So now that I have this, I head back down to the rocket:

After riding it back up, I head through the door:

"All weapons dropped to Level 1!"

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?!?!?!!? This didn't happen last time! Disgust

Oh well, it shouldn't be that hard to get them back up.

So anyway, here's what's through the door:

The 'Last Cave' (although, I don't think it is the last one, but I could be wrong). Soundtrack for this part.

Now there's only a bunch of orange Critters and Bats through here for enemies, and there's nothing special about them. There's also a few hazards you have to watch out for:

Ummmmmmmmmm..... I don't remember this many spikes and this much lava from last time..... Guess things are different through here since I'm going for the Perfect Ending..... Didn't expect this, but shouldn't be a problem..... Sorry

Last time, it was mainly these orange drops of goo (or something like that) that kept dropping from the ceiling that I had to dodge (you could see one of them (sort of) in the first shot of this cave).

Anyway, moving on:

Uuuuuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhh...... This lava is annoying..... It does 10 damage whenever I land in it. Touching/Landing on a spike also does 10 damage..... That's a lot when you only have 50 HP.....

There's also waaaaaaaaay more Critters through here than I remember..... I didn't get a shot of them because I was busy taking them out, but every once in a while, I'd come across a row of 4 or 5 of them (fortunately, the Spur can kill them all in one shot if you aim just right).

Yeah, waaaaaaay more spikes through here than last time I played......

There's another Critter. There's also a few more hiding in the lava that jump out when you get near them.....

Also in the shot is a Weapon Energy Capsule. If you shoot it:

It gives out a ton of Energy, which is awesome since my weapons are all drained.....

If only they wouldn't have put them in the most fucked up places! CURSE YOU!!!

There's also Hearts scattered around further along, which is great since I keep running into these stupid spikes.....

More lava, spikes, and hearts. There's also bats that fly by every once in a while, making things morea annoying....

Again, hard to get to without damaging/killing yourself.....

Oh yeah, I've been dying a lot through here and having to restart at the last save point.....

More lava.....

More Spikes and Bats......

At least there's more hearts up here...

Eventually, I make it to here:

A chance to breathe before....

Anger I'm never going to make it though here.......

I then make it to here before:


*sees what's ahead of this part*

Fuck it. I'll try again later.... I've had enough of dying for one day (I think I died at least a dozen or more times....).

So anyway, I'll try to get through here and show you what's up ahead next time (I watched a playthrough of this part to see what's in store for me, and it's not nice.....). Until then, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Lief Katano on 3rd July 2013, 2:59 pm

Thief Lief Katano appeared!
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...I'd have four gil. Which isn't a lot, but it's annoying that there's more than one of 'em.
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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 3rd July 2013, 3:05 pm

*will now add that trope to the list*


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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 3rd July 2013, 3:41 pm

This^! They even have Cave Story in that trope.

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 5th July 2013, 4:38 pm

Part 18: SUCCESS!

part 18:
So after a few more attempts today, I make it back to this part:

It's not as bad as I thought it would be through here, just a couple of Critters which are easy to take care of. After flying over to the block in the center of all the spikes, I need to head up:

There is another Critter at the top that tries to jump on you when you get near the top, but it's not too hard to take care of. After I deal with him, I come to this part:

This is the part in the video I saw that I was dreading..... Meet the Red Demon.

Now I believe this is the monster that has been mentioned earlier that Arthur (the Mimiga hero) fought off. Now I have to fight it..... It's basically a giant Droll, but only with a lot more HP and it throws three of these at a time instead of one (orange and green thing behind me):

The first time I fight this thing:


*remembers that the guy in the video used the Blade (even though it was at level 1) to beat this thing*

When I make it back to the demon, I try the blade:

Aw yeah. Cool Shades

The chest that dropped down just has a badge in it:

After that, there's these orange drops of goo or whatever you have to get past, which is much easier than what I've been through:

Last time, these drops were the biggest obstacle, dropping down from almost everywhere.

Just past these:

More Critters.....

It gets worse after this:

Presses...... And I almost forgot they were here and nearly got flattened, but stopped myself in time....

Now if I had the Bubbler at level 3, I would just use it to get rid of these since the bubbles go everywhere, but instead:

I let those stars I got a while back take care of them. It takes a while, but it does well.

I could have just triggered the Presses to fall, got out of the way before they fell on me, and kill them that way, but I didn't want to take any chances of getting flattened....

There's also a few Critters around this part, but they're easy to take care of with the Spur.

There's one more row of Presses I have to deal with:

After I get rid of the first one though, the rest are easy to kill with a couple of blasts from the Spur:

Tada! :D

After that, there's only a couple of Critters that jump out at me, but they're not too bad.

Finally, the exit! *goes through it*

Welcome to the Balcony!

Balcony OST.

This part is sort of like a place to take it easy, except for a few rabid Mimigas around:

There's also this further up:

After that is the place I'm dying to see:

*hopes that it's still the same inside as last time*

*phew* Just like last time.... *heals and saves*

There is one difference from last time (at least, I don't remember seeing it last time):

"Exploration of the island's interior would be more effectively accomplished, I suspect, had we equipment to facilitate aerial movement.
Thus, I have duly begun development upon the "Booster".
Development of this flying apparatus will take place in two stages, versions 0.8 and 2.0.
My plans call for v0.8 to be equippable and to allow for a certain amount of hovering.
I'm sure I can complete v2.0, provided I only live long enough.
It promises to be an even more useful item.'

Fortunately, he did live long enough to complete it.

Now that I have healed and saved, I move further on and hope that another thing around here hasn't changed. First:

I have to get past these..... Funny thing is that the Igor look alike isn't a boss battle this time.

Anyway, after taking care of them, I come to this spot:

Inside that part is the next boss fight, but I'm not going to do that until the next part. Instead:

I'm heading up to:

Here! :D

There's plenty of hearts and missiles (some are inside the rocks, so you have to shoot them) to fill up everything. There's also Energy Capsules that will certainly help me refill my weapons! It takes a couple of trips up to do it, but after a while, everything is maxed out in energy and I have full health and missiles! :D

So for now, I'll head back to that building to save and end here. Until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 6th July 2013, 6:53 pm

Part 19: DOH!

Yeah, I goofed up in my playthrough earlier and only got the normal ending.... I can fix it though, but I have to fight the final boss again.... :P

For now, I'll post the battle with the bosses, then have someone's video of the normal ending with the credits at the end:

part 19:
So after getting everything maxed out, it's time to take on some bosses, and the first one is right through here:

Here's the throne room.

And here's Misery.....

: So it's you.

: You really are a tenacious one, I'll grant you that.
I suppose you're here to destroy the Core?
I used to consider you merely an out-of-control robot, but I see I misjudged you.
You should know that I carry no affection for this island.
It is simply my fate that I must obey the one who wields the Crown.

: Prepare yourself!!

Now the battle begins! When I first played through this battle, I found it very tricky, but then discovered it wasn't so bad. All I really need to do is dodge her attacks, then shoot her with the Spur (Machine Gun in my first playthrough), and it takes care of her fairly easily.

Misery attacks by occasionally launching black spheres at you:

These will slowly float towards you and zap you if you stay under them. Just run under them in the opposite direction they're floating to avoid getting zapped.

After Misery attacks, she prepares to teleport to another part of the room. Before she does, she fires a bunch of black spheres at you. These don't float and zap you, they just fly very quickly towards you and try to hit you. They're easy to avoid though just by staying far away from Misery when she launches them.

She will also occasionally just try to drop a big block on you that will damage you if it hits, but again, easy to dodge.

After you get her HP down a bit, she surrounds herself with dark circles that fly around her while she attacks you:

If they touch you, you take damage. They also can stop attacks that you fire at Misery, so shoot when they're not in your line of fire (although, if you're just using the Spur like I did, just keep shooting as fast as you can or charging up a blast and don't worry about your shots getting blocked).

After she takes some damage, or a small amount of time passe, she launches another attack and teleports. The circles turn into orange bats when this happens:

When there's only 2 circles, 2 bats appear. But after taking out more of her HP, she surrounds herself with 4 circles (which turn into 4 bats like in the previous shot).

After a while, I beat Misery:

She falls to the floor and lets out a "Ergh...!" then flies up and away.

After she leaves and the victory tune plays, some blocks appear leading up to the next room:

There's a few Mimigas locked up here, but the only ones I can talk to are these 2:

First, I talk to Chaco:

Oh, it's Mr. Traveler.
Did you come to rescue me?

Now the little one next to her:

The Doctor's afraid of us.
That's why he put us in jail.
I'm sure of it.

Now for the big bad Doctor...

: Finally, it is complete.
Administering the red flowers to a Mimiga causes it to fly into a violent rage...
The reason for this, in fact, is quite simple.
The flowers contain not only a substance to draw out one's latent powers, but also one to crush one's very faculties of reason.
It is this that I have successfully extracted and concentrated.
You can see it in the form of this...

: And unlike the flowers, this crystal will affect humans as well.
It is wondrous!
Do you understand the splendor of this?
Do you?!
I doubt you do!
Then allow me to explain it...
In a special lecture!!

Now to fight the Doctor!

The Doctor isn't that hard either, and I can take care of him with just the Spur. His main attack is just shooting these 2 red beams that swirl around as they come towards you (which you can jump over fairly easily):

He then teleports away after that. The Crystal floats to where he goes next, and if it touches you, you take minimal damage.

He will occasionally jump up/teleport to somewhere above the ground and fire a bunch of red blasts all over:

After a while though, I defeat him:

The...the power...
I can't control it!!!

He then changes into a monstrous form....

His attacks this time mainly consist of him charging towards me and occasionally firing beams and bats at me (or maybe the bats just appear? I can't remember for sure...):

He ends up not being much of a problem:

After letting out a "Aaaiiggghh!!" he sort of fades away into these red bubbles:

After another victory tune, some new steps appear:

Heading up leads to here:

After going a bit deeper into the room, a voice calls out to me:

Misery then appears and drops Sue nearby her:

: If you value her life, step away from the core.

I jump back.

: So even a robot can care for the life of another.
You really are different from the others who came here so many years ago.

: I never dreamed you would defeat the new king...
...Well, so be it.
Let me offer you a deal.
You can die together with the island, or you can leave and forget you ever came...
If you promise to leave at once, I can guarantee this girl's life.

The room then starts shaking, and another voice calls out:

: Who goes there?

We soon find out as red bubbles start appearing....

: !!

The power of the Red Crystal is wondrous indeed.
It fills me even now...
My body may be wrecked, but my consciousness has never been more distinct.
It feels as if I have become a superman.

: You...

What's wrong, Misery?
Does my form frighten you?

: Grr!
Are you not dead?

She then tries to zap him:

A fool who would forget her own master does not deserve free will.
You will be my puppet until the day you die.

He then surrounds her:

She then changes forms. Sue then turns to me:

: Let's get out of here.

As she turns to leave, the red crystal flies towards her:

She then changes form:

Then the Doctor posses the Core:

And I just now realized that I was so buys dealing with transformed Misery, transformed Sue, and the 'Undead Core' that I forgot to take shots of the battle.... Facepalm

Anyway, I manage to beat them all, and after defeating the Undead Core, it goes boom.

And seeing as the part that follows is included in the video I have at the end here, I'll just let that show you what happens next.

Before you see it though, I want to explain how I messed up: You'll see in the video below what happens just after defeating the Undead Core. In the part where you run back, I was supposed to go inside the door of the building that I saved and healed in when I first got here...

I think it was closed and locked last time I played through here, so when I saw that the door was open, I thought maybe I was supposed to go in, but decided not to..... Facepalm

Anyway, I'll go through the boss battle again and get to the next part later. I'll also get some shots of the final battle and go from there in the next part. For now here's the normal ending:

normal ending with credits:

With that, I'll end it here. Until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 6th July 2013, 7:07 pm

Almost forgot some of the soundtracks:

soundtrack while fighting the doctor's second form:

Soundtrack while fighting Undead Core:

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 7th July 2013, 10:50 pm

Okay, seeing as it seems impossible for me to get through this part, I am going to just post a video of it and the finale.

I might post my screenshots of how far I got later, and if I ever do beat Ballos, then I'll post shots of that (if I remember to).

Before you watch the video, I'll explain what happens through it:

After defeating changed Misery, Sue, and the Undead Core that the Doctor 'possesses,' you have to run. Something I forgot to mention is that when you have to run, you get your HP bar refilled to max. This is important since you'll need all the HP you can get in a sec. Now, like I mentioned in the last update, the shack that you save in is open and you can go inside. Once inside, there's a hole in the floor. You can save before going down, but the bed that you could heal on is broken (or something like that). If you manage to avoid the falling debris though, you won't need to heal. When you go down, the counter you got waaaaay back when will start counting (it pauses when text appear on screen (like when someone's talking) or when you have your inventory up). After that, all your weapons drop down to level 1 again...

Now for the Sacred Grounds (AKA: Hell): When you first drop down, you instantly see deathtraps everywhere. You have to carefully boost past them and down to the bottom of the area. At the bottom is Curly. After checking on her, you tie her on your back again and carry her. The door leads to the second part of this level.

In this part, you have to fight off these angel-like monsters called Butes. They fly around you and attack. There's also a ton of falling debris you have to dodge.... After getting past it, you drop down to the next area.

In this area, there's a ton of Butes that charge at you, fly at you, and shoot arrows at you.... There's also bigger ones called Mesas that throw blocks at you. You'll also see a couple of Presses at the start of this area. It's tricky navigating through this part, but I don't find it as annoying as the last 2 parts... Also in this area are small round things that roll around and can't be killed. They're called Rollings (creative name...). There's also larger round things called Deleet. They block some pathways and when you kill them, they start counting down, so you have to get back before they explode... Near the end of this part, there's a block at the top. If you shoot it, a chest will appear. Inside the chest is a missile expansion which gives you an extra 24 missiles.

After navigating through that part, you come to a boss: The Heavy Press. You get trapped in this small area while it stays above you in the center of the area and shoots down at you every once in a while. If this were it, then this would be a piece of cake, but there's also a couple of Rollings that roll across the floor, so you have to avoid those. There's also Butes that constantly fly up and attack you...

The way to beat the Heavy Press is to stand in the center (when it's not zapping), shoot straight up, and it'll destroy the blocks around it, revealing it while it takes damage. After you take out all it's HP, it'll fall, so you have to get out of the way.

When it falls, you jump after it and it lands in this area that I showed you guys a while back with the 3rd door that you couldn't get to. The Press goes through the floor and opens up the way to the area. The other door just has the statues of the previous crown wearers, but this time, the Doctor's is complete, showing his name, which is Fuyuhiko Date. The statues can also be destroyed, and when they are, they turn into statues of Quote, Toroko, King, and Curly.

One other thing before the boss fight: Along the way, the history of Ballos pops up in bits and pieces as you progress through the level (I think some of it popped up awhile back, but there's more through here). They're not in the video, so I'll post them here real quick:

"Did you know that the witch-woman Jenka once had a brother?
His name was Ballos.
Like his sister, he wielded powers far beyond those of mortals..."

"He used his magical powers to help and guide people, and the people loved and trusted him in return.
Even more than they did their own king..."

"The jealous king has Ballos apprehended and thrown into prison, where his punishment was brutal and cruel.
Humans can be terrible creatures indeed..."

"Under the extreme cruelty of the torture, Ballos's magical abilities finally ran wild.
The king was engulfed in the swirl of magic and destroyed in an instant.
In a single night, the kingdom that Ballos so loved was reduced to ashen ruins."

"Jenka, seeing her brother's madness, confined him to this floating island.
That was the most she could do.
Even as he was, she could not bring herself to kill her own brother..."

"It was Jenka's daughter Misery who made Ballos create the *Demon Crown*.
She was subsequently cursed by the crown, forced to do the bidding of all who wear it.
If the crown is destroyed, the curse is lifted.

"Even if the crown is destroyed,it will only rise again every time, so long as Ballos yet lives.
Such is the strength of his soul that permeates the Crown."

Now for the battle with Ballos: He starts out in his normal form, which has a shit load of HP. This is as far as I've gotten, but got utterly crushed in a few seconds because my health was so low... (in every video I see, the person uses the Life Pot that Jenka gives you to fill up your health, but I had to use it in my fight with the Doctor, so it may be impossible for me to win the game since I don't have it anymore.......). Anyway, to beat this form, just dodge and shoot (sounds much easier than it is...). His attacks consist of charging at you, flying around, throwing what appear to be human bones at you in waves, and shooting lightning at you.

After that, he changes into his second form. To bet this, you have to shoo the eyes (no other part of this form will take damage). He'll try to crush you as you do this. After beating that form, these 'eyes' appear around him and start rotating around him. Shoot each eye until it closes. While you're trying to do that, he'll attempt to crush you again. Note, I say crush through here, but (I think) you just take damage if he hits you/lands on you and don't instantly die. After beating the third form, he'll then change into his final form.....

His final form is a bit disgusting, as it has these red areas or what appear to be human remains inside them... To beat this form, you just aim for the eyes again.

If you actually manage to defeat this form, he'll go boom, then the final cutscene starts. I'll just let you guys watch that part.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the video of the true final level and final boss of Cave Story, along with the perfect ending and credits:


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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 8th July 2013, 8:22 pm

So I decided to try a couple more times to make it through Hell, but failed yet again.

So after I post these screenshots, I'll be officially closing this LP.

I wanted to share my battle with the Undead Core (since I said I would), and also a few shots of my progress through Hell. I'll start with the Undead Core battle:


To start off, you have to deal with Misery and Sue (you could probably take out the core before defeating them, but I just take them out first since they're constantly trying to attack you). Misery will attack by summoning a bunch of orange Critters:

She'll also attack by shooting missiles at you if you defeat Sue before her. She may have other attacks, but I can't remember them at the moment.

Sue will just hop around and charge at you.

The Undead Core can only be damaged when it's face is showing. It'll also flash this creepy grin once in a while that you can attack:

The attacks consist of a few projectiles, some explosions along the floor and ceiling, and these humongous blasts it fires from it's mouth:

Just keep shooting at the face (the orange part) until it goes boom.

And here's the shots of my trying to get through Hell:

Open door:

Inside with save disc and hole in floor:

First steps into Hell:

First of many deaths:

More Deathtraps:

Saving Curly again:

First encounter with the angel like things that are more like demons:

Third level:

Going through Hell:

Another death:

More Hell:

Missile expansion:

Beating the Heavy Press:

Press landing:

Statue Room with the Doctor:

Statue Room with main characters:

Talking dog ghost (or what appears to be a ghost):

First drop into Seal Chamber:

Meet Ballos:

Death by Ballos:

Also, I found out earlier that you can go back to when you had to run if you got tired of trying to get through Hell. Just go over to that bookshelf in the shack and it'll pop up this:

It'll then give you the option to go back.

And with this, I'll officially end this LP. Thank you all for following along. If you have any questions or comments, you can post them in the LP discussion. So until next LP, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

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