Let's Play Cave Story!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 14th June 2013, 10:44 pm

Part 3: Scrambled, fried, or maybe a nice omelette?

Part 3:
So last time, we just entered Arthur's House:

Real quick, the top part has the things that save and restore health (there's also a couple of beds on the upper left side you can use to restore health), and the bottom part just has some water and (in the lower right part) some "flowers...?"

The middle section has something a bit more important:

When you first try to use it, you have "no permission to teleport." But, if you go over to the computer:

We can then go to the Egg Corridor.

BTW, before that, the computer pops up a message:

"Words light up the screen..."

...If I have to, though, I really will...

Sound familiar?

Anyway, off to the Egg Corridor!

And instantly, we arrive:

*sees a very large egg just a few feet away* Mmmmmm.... That could make a nice omelette... Fancy Eater

Anyway, here's the Egg Corridor soundtrack.

There's quite a few enemies here: Critters (the blobby things we saw in the first cave, only a different color), Behemoths (the elephant-like thing in the shot), Beetles (flying bugs basically (I'll get to those later)), Basu (basically a larger Beetle), and the Basil (we'll get to that in a sec).

Anyway, the first thing we'll do is talk to the blue guy above us:

That white thing on the bottom?
One touch and POW, it's over.

And boy, he ain't kidding... That's the Basil I mentioned a second ago. It runs along the bottom of the Egg Corridor as you go, and touching it will instantly kill you... If you are down there, you want to avoid that thing at all cost. It can't be killed, so don't even think about trying to kill it (believe me, I tried to on my first play through...).

You won't have to go down in that area much while going through the Egg Corridor, but there are times when you have to. There's also times when it's optional to go down there for items, like this Life Capsule near the start:

To get to that, you simply go down the area in that shot, then wait for the Basil to go away, then run towards the Capsule before it comes back:

Tada! :D

After getting it, just wait for the Basil to go away again, then run back to where you came down. Note, wait until it goes away from the direction you're wanting to go. If you don't, it'll come back towards ya before you have a chance to get back...

Now that I'm back to where I was, I think I'll show off the map system and inventory:

The inventory is basically like the pause menu for this game.

Now to continue exploring this place. There's the Behemoth from earlier in front of us, so we'll get rid of it. Note, when you shoot these things, they start rampaging:

Try to stay out of their way when shooting them.

After that, we run into a Critter:

There's more of those along the way, along with a few more Behemoths. Eventually, after beating a bunch of those guys, I get my Polar Star all the way up to level 3, which means it's now at the highest level of power and fires a big beam at enemies:

Much better than the first level (btw, the second level is basically just the first laser, but it fires two at the same time). You can still get a bit more experience to max out the experience of this gun. Doing that helps keep it at level 3 if you get hurt (because when you get hurt, the current weapon you're using lose experience).

After more enemies, we come to this scene:

: I'm not afraidda you!


: Yeah? What's that?
You wanna bring it?!
Go ahead and try!
Even my brother's never beaten me!!

*big and ugly comes up to the little Mimiga*

: Oof! You win!


: I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!!

*big punch that sends her flying*


I don't get a chance to answer her though...

*big and ugly comes up to her*

: .....

*big and ugly then carries her away*

Well, we can't let him get away with that now, can we?

So yeah, we'll be seeing him again later on. For now:

I see another Life Capsule! :D

To get to it, just head inside that door, which leads to this:

Since there's a save disk next to me, I go ahead and save. Now let's see what this guy has to say:

A soldier from the surface?
Didn't expect to see you here...
Where are the others?
What's that?
Your memory's gone?

..... I don't see what's so funny about a guy losing his memory, but anyway, if you talk to him again, he says this:

Well, till your juice runs out, have fun wandering.

Hmmm..... Anyway, to get to the Heart Capsule, you blast through the blocks near the guy, then head up to that exit which leads to here:

Jump across the gaps, and bingo! You have a Heart Capsule! :D

Moving on, I run into more enemies, especially the Beetles I mentioned earlier (they're way more prevalent through this area):

The lighter colored ones just go back and forth until they hit a block/wall, but the darker ones fly across the screen and swoop down towards ya, so get rid of them first if you see them.

It's at this point I make a mistake and fall into the bottom area of the level.....

And don't make it out in time..... Disgust

Fuck.... Why.

Well, at least I can share the the music that plays when you die...

After that, it pops up this:

Saying yes brings you back to the last spot you saved at. For now, I say no because, at the time, my computer was starting to act up. We'll continue where we last saved and finish exploring the Egg Corridor next time. Until then, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Kaede Akamatsu on 15th June 2013, 4:32 am

Mimiga? Why does that name sound so familiar?

Kaede Akamatsu
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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Caprizant on 15th June 2013, 4:43 am

I don't know what I expected from an "Egg Corridor" besides a corridor of eggs. :I

Those Behemoths kind of remind me of the Pigarithms from Super Paper Mario for some reason.


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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 15th June 2013, 10:22 am

Earlier, I found a complete list of the OST for Cave Story, so I can find the soundtracks easier now.

Also, I realized that I forgot to post a couple, so I'll do that now:

Music played during the first part's cut scenes with the guy at the computer:


Music played during the fight with Balrog (also comes up in some other boss fights if I remember correctly):


Music played inside Arthur's House:


Music played when you get an item:


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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 16th June 2013, 7:47 pm

Part 4: The bigger they are...

Part 4:
Last time, I died.....

Anyway, I start back where I last saved, which was here:

From there, I'm just shooting a ton of enemies. I also encounter my first Basu:

These things fly around and shoot green energy balls at you, which are fairly easy to dodge, but it can be tricky when you're shooting at them. If they do hit, it doesn't do much damage, but it's best to shoot them as fast as you can before they fire at you.

We then come to this room:

The first thing I check here is the computer:

With the shield up, I can't get to No. 00's room.
I think one of these terminals ought to be able to lower the shield...

The bed next to the computer just has red petals 'scattered about' it.

We'll check out these terminals now:

Most of them are just like that (albeit with different egg numbers), but two of them are like this:

The other egg that 'abnormal' is number 01. I'll go check them out in a sec, but first, I see a chest:

Ooo... Aaaah... Missile Launcher!

When you get it, it pops up a brief description:

'The Missile Launcher is a powerful weapon, but its ammo is limited.
You can replenish your stockpile with items dropped by enemies.'

I mainly use the missile launcher for the bigger bosses, but it's also good for when you're being attacked by large or multiple enemies (although, for multiple enemies, it's better to have the missile launcher maxed out on exp since you get multiple missiles instead of one when you fire).

Anyway, after taking out more enemies, we reach Egg No. 01:

And yeah, it is a bit 'abnormal:'

Let's see what that terminal says:

"ID Card necessary to lower shield."

Hmmmm.... Let's go check out the other egg:

Also, if you haven't notice by now, enemies reappear if you go in a building or room... It's handy if you need more experience for weapons, but it can be annoying after a while...

Anyway, inside the egg is a chest:

Now to head back to the first egg.

When I get there, I mistime my jump up into it aaaaaaaand.....

Dammit... Disgust

So yeah, I get thrown back to where I saved last, which was here:

And that was before I got the ID Card.... Disgust

Anyway, after backtracking, I get the ID Card again, then save before going to Egg No. 01. Fortunately, I make it back safely:

"Shield lowerd."

Now that that's done, we can get to the end of the Egg Corridor. And look who's waiting for us:


So now we have to fight him... Fortunately, he isn't that hard to beat. All I do is just fight him like I did with Balrog (shoot and jump over him):

He does have a bit more HP than Balrog did, and after a while, he starts shooting bubble like things at you from his mouth:

Also seen in the shot is the barrier that was keeping us from getting here earlier (which I probably should have shown you guys sooner Sorry).

You can use missiles here (I did last time I played through), but just using your Polar Star on him is enough to eventually defeat him:

The bigger they are:

....The smaller they become??? Whut



Now to check out the doors behind him:

Well..... Let's check out the other one then:

There's the Mimiga from earlier. Checking on her, she groans a bit, then quickly gets up:

: You're gonna eat it this time!!

: Huh?
I got creamed by that monster...

Doesn't matter what you say, but I say yes since, well, I kinda did.

: I don't need your help!!
I could handle him by myself! Somehow!
Grr... I hate this stinking island, and I hate every living thing on it!

: Oh!
Look! It's... I think it's Number 00!
This egg could be out ticket off this island!

She heads over to the computer:

: Egg condition: Normal! That's what I like to hear!

: Hm? A password?

She turns to me.

: Looks like you need a password to hatch this egg.

: Well crud.
If only my brother were here, he'd set things straight.

: All right, looks like I'm done here for now.

She then goes toward the exit:

: Doesn't look like it, does it.
The words on your cap there...
That's not a language they have on this island.
...Did you get lost?
That's okay.
I'll let you come with me.
We can get off this dump together.
In return, you're gonna help me.

She then leaves, and after she leaves, we leave as well:

Now we can head in that other room! :D

All it has in it is a save disk and a health and missile restorer. I use both:

Now to head back to the teleporter at the start, which requires me to go through all the enemies I had to go through earlier to get here...

Eventually, I do reach it and head back to Arthur's House. When I do, this cut scene happens:

: Kazuma.
Are you there?
You okay?
It's me.
Sue Sakamoto.

: You got away too, then?
Where are you right now?
I found some Dragon Eggs.
Is Mom with you?

The door's stuck and I can't get out.
I'm still in this shelter-sort-of place.
The sector code is "Grasstown"...
See if you can run a scan on it from there.
Also, Mom's not here.
I think she might still be with the Doctor.
Do any Dragons look immediately hatchable?

: At least one of them does.
But it's locked up with a password.
Can you do anything about that?

Some stuff then pops up on her computer:

"Retrieving information for user 'Kazuma'...
Location: Grasstown Structure D
Scanning for operational teleporters.
Preparing for connection to teleporter 'Grasstown'..."

: Well, anyway, I'm coming to help you.
Just wait right there.

Oh, by the way, I could really use some...

"User 'Sue' has disconnected."


After that, Sue stands by waiting for me to return (which either means that the teleporter takes forever to get you to places, or that conversation happened while I was heading to the teleporter):

While she's waiting:

Jack follows behind King.

: You're back.
I've been waiting for you...

: Yeah? What now?
I'm kinda busy.

: Toroko's been Kidnapped by the Doctor's henchmen.

: What?

: And we're holding YOU responsible!!

They come up to sue, then the scene goes dark.

: Lemme go!

: Oh no, you don't!

After that, I finally arrive. I check out the computer:

I then talk to Jack:

: Sue's back.
She's been locked up in the cage outside.
When the Doctor's flunkies come, we're going to try to get Toroko back.
In exchange for Sue, you see.
It's not very nice, I know, but Toroko is one of us.
That's what you get when you act alone.

.... That is a horrible plan if you ask me....

Anyway, I then head out, and the scene shifts to this:

: Hold your tongue!
YOU'RE the reason Toroko got kidnapped!
Our only chance is to turn you over to them and hope for the best.

: You creep-eyed freak!

: If we don't get Toroko back safely, I swear I'll tear you limb from limb!

So I then head up to talk to them:

: This is the fate of all who disturb the order of our village.

Then Sue:

: Yup, I'm stuck...
The doctor's minions kidnapped a Mimiga, thinking she was me.
Her name's Toroko, and when none of the other Mimigas would have anything to do with me, she alone was friendly and kind.
I know.
Why don't you go in my place?
My brother's in a location called Grasstown.
Find him and bring him here.

So it looks like I'm heading to Grasstown. To get there, I head back to Arthur's House:

Looks like the teleporter is ready to go! I'll explore Grass Town next time. Until then, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Caprizant on 16th June 2013, 8:02 pm

Well, this doesn't look good. Horrified
... im shipping sue and mr-protagonist-dude *shot*


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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 16th June 2013, 8:23 pm

@Caprizant wrote:im shipping sue and mr-protagonist-dude *shot*


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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 17th June 2013, 9:22 pm

Part 5: The biggest little whorehouse in Grasstown:

Part 5:
Welcome back! So this time, we'll be looking for Sue's brother in Grasstown:

The teleporter is ready, so let's go!

Grasstown music.

We'll check out that house above us first:


*tries the door*

"It's locked."

Horrified Awwwww..... Santa's not home.....

Well, let's see if this Mimiga over here knows where Santa is:

Whut Ooooooookay..... Either Santa looks a lot different from what I though he would look like, or this dude isn't the Santa I'm thinking of.....

Anyway, he needs a bit of help:

I was off drawing some water when I suddenly got attacked by monsters.
I got away and ran back home, but somewhere along the way I dropped my key.
...I'm locked out of my own house.

Well, let's help the poor guy. First though, let's see what this guy up here has to say:

A soldier from the surface?
I thought the war was over already.
Well, whatever.
If you're going on ahead, watch out for those Power Critters.
When they land on you, it hurts.

Yeah, now would be a good time to go over the enemies here. First off, there's the Critters (a bit different from the ones we've seen so far (we'll get to that in a bit)), Power Critters (basically larger versions of the critters here, but a different color), Bats (we'll get to them in a sec), Mannan (creepy looking things that don't move and only attack you when you attack them (they fire a round, red beam at you that's easy to dodge)), Frogs (just big ol' frogs that hop towards ya), Jelly (again, we'll get to them later), and a couple other things you won't see much in this level (I'll mention them when I get to them).

Anyway, let's check out the Critters:

And why are they different from ones we've seen so far?

They can hover after they jump....

And that's the Power Critter, which can hover too....

So yeah, try to kill them before they start hovering, because when they do, they start chasing you for a bit. They're not hart to kill, but they can be painful if they hit you (especially the Power Critters).

I'll be running into a ton of those Critters throughout this level...

Anyway, here's where Santa's key is:

There's more Critters around it, along with some Bats. Bats here just hover around (some stay latched onto the top of the cave ceiling). If you get under them though, they dive towards you...

Anyway, I easily take care of them and get the key:

When I return it to Santa, he's very happy:

That's the key to my house!
Thank you!

He goes back to his house, then turns back to me:

I've got a nice reward for you.

Yay! Reward!

So I head inside:

I go up to Santa:

Thanks, you really saved me there.
Here, you can have this.

Ooooooooo! New weapon! Ooo... Aaaah...

I'll explain what it does in a sec, but first, Santa has a few other things to say:

You're looking for someone?
I haven't seen anyone else around here.
If you want to go searching farther in, you'll have to pass through the fireplace in Chaco's house...

So we'll be going to Chaco's house next, but first, I'll show off parts of Santa's house:

Yes, it's just a fireplace, but that one will also come into play later. Next:

...Not sure why he has a deathtrap in his house, but anyway, we will be seeing many more of those in a little while. And like the warning sign says, you will die instantly if you get near that....

The other parts are just a bed, a save disk, and a health restorer. So anyway, now to show off the Fireball!

The Fireball fires... Well, fire:

The fireballs launch out and bounce along the ground towards the enemy. At level 1, they're not very powerful, but they are effective against the Critters here since the fireballs can go further than the Polar Star's laser. And with each level, they get more powerful:

So yeah, with all the enemies around, I quickly max out the Fireball! :D

Just above where we found Santa's Key, there's a Heart Capsule:

It can be a bit tricky to get to, but it's not impossible.

Moving on, we come to the deathtraps we saw earlier:

There's not that many through this area, but there's more up ahead... But it's easy to avoid them by jumping over.

After that, we come to Chaco's House:

Chaco is a very interesting Mimiga:

She's purple!

Goodness, that's a dangerous item you've got there.
Are you a traveler?

We then check out her fireplace:

"The flames are in the way and you can't get past..."

Well fuck.....

Chaco then sees that we need to get through:

Then you'll need the *Jellyfish Juice* you can get from the Jellies.

We'll get to that in a sec, first, the reason for this part's unusual title:

There's an interesting item you can get here, and I didn't know about this the first time I played through the game. To get it, you simply rest in the bed here right after talking to Chaco about the fire (you have to rest now if you want to see this item or it wont show up):

After you wake up from resting and healing, you discover that...

.... Chaco slept with you? Whut

Now to the item. Simply check your inventory:

And there is her lipstick.... It's useless, but it's there.

So yeah, apparently, you have a wild night with Chaco. Sailor's Mind

Moving on, we now need to get some Jellyfish Juice. When you go outside, you'll now see Jellies floating around:

Those Jellies won't give out any juice though. You have to take out the big one that's further back where Santa's Key was:

There he is up there! And he won't start moving until you shoot at him:

After beating him, he drops a chest. Inside it is:

So now we head back to Chaco's house:

You can only carry one at a time, but you can take it as many times as you like.

Keep that in mind because we'll be needing more soon. For now:

Now we can get to the other side of Grasstown:

And look, more deathtraps....

I suggest taking out the bats that are flying around the traps first. It will make it much easier going through here because....

You do not want to fall down there...

After getting past, you'll come to a few more, along with more bats and:

One of those... That's the Mannan I mention earlier. And here's the red beam:

It's easy to beat though:

We will be seeing many more of them later...

We then come to another building:

Unfortunately, the door is locked, so we'll move on for now. Further up is more Mannan and:

A frog! But yeah, all they do is jump towards you, so just kill them before they get to ya.

We'll be heading up to the area above that, which is a bit tricky, but with some skilled jumps:

Tada! We're right above it! There were a few enemies up here as well, but nothing to worry about.

After taking out the frog by the door, I head in:

I'll end this part here for now. We'll continue exploring Grasstown next time. Until then, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Caprizant on 17th June 2013, 9:35 pm

I wouldn't expect our protagonist to be such a charmer. :I
Still loving the soundtrack here.


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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 18th June 2013, 6:48 pm

Part 6: The things I do for complete strangers...

Part 6:
Last time, I had to stop mid part because of the length of it... Anyway, we'll continue from where I left off, which was right after I saved in that small building.

So from there, I went over to this:

Inside that chest is a missile upgrade:

I can now carry more missiles! :D

We'll run across those once in a while. There's a theory I heard about that says if you don't pick up the missile launcher or any missile upgrades until the very last one, you get a rocket launcher with 100 missiles. That sounds cool, but I needed the rocket launcher for all the bosses, but anyway, just thought I'd tell you guys about that.

Below the missile upgrade, there's a building:

..... So many locked doors around here......

Looks like someone wants to talk to us, so let's head over:

You look like a nice young man.

Well, can't say no to the poor guy.

Take this.

I found this on the floor.
Go unlock the door with it, will you?

But when I check the door:

Well...... Better tell the guy. *goes back to the crack*

It's not the key to this room?!
Well, that's just great...
If there's no keyhole, then we'll just have to break the door down...
Now, how would we do that...


Nah, that wouldn't work..... Might get hurt anyway.

The way to get the door down is this way: Head over to that room we saw much earlier that was locked:

There's nothing here that will help us with that rusted door yet, but let's check it out:

The thing in the middle of the floor is a robot, but it doesn't have any power, sooooo.....

Let's power him up!

He then starts to go berserk....


He doesn't get a chance to 'commence' though....


*robot gets flattened*

Balrog is back.... Yay..... :P

I say yes.

: That's right!
She WASN'T!!
The Doctor had a HUGE fit.
Smacked Misery around pretty hard.

: Poor girl, don't you think?

Why the hell does that make you smile??? Whut

: But after all, we can't defy our master.
So goeth the rule.
Anyway, I'm here to break you apart.
Doctor's orders, of course.
Ya ready?

Yeah, I'm ready... :P

Balrog fights a bit differently this time:

He launches bubble like things at you this time. He also can fly around the room:

So this time, I run under him to dodge, then fire at him when he's firing at me. Eventually:

I kick his ass (although, I'm not sure if he has one...).

I'm your worst nightmare. :I

So yeah, fought him off again and victory is mine!

Oh, I don't think I've share the boss victory tune yet, so here it is.

Now that Balrog is gone, I check on the robot:

I go ahead and pull him out. He then proceeds to....

Thank me:


Explosives you say? Super Grin



So that's what we'll do! The first two items are easy to obtain, so let's backtrack a bit to get them.

It's a bit easier to get around now that these fans are on:

They're all over the place too, including by Chaco's house, so we won't need to go through her fireplace anymore.

First thing I'll be getting on the list of materials is Jellyfish Juice:

However, we won't be using this one for the bomb. Why? Well, let's head to Santa's house to find out:

You can take what's in my fireplace, if you like.

So to get it, we use the Jellyfish Juice on the fire, aaaaaand:

Tada! :D

After that, I grab another Jellyfish Juice for the bomb. Now all we need is the Gum Base It's a bit harder to get than these two items, but I'll get to in in a sec.

Here's the fan by Chaco's house:

That way, we don't have to use the Jellyfish Juice on her fire.

After getting back to where we were earlier, I talk to the trapped guy and tell him the plan:

Yeah, that could work...
So you're collecting the materials?
Wait, did you say gum base?
Hold on a sec.

After a brief pause:

Here, take this.

It was hanging on the wall.
It says "Gum" on it.
There's got to be some connection.
I'm depending on you , young man!

So now we'll head towards the end of Grasstown. First, we'll go up to this place above where that guy is trapped:

There's not much here (some red petals are around the bed), but there is a chest:

More missiles! :D



He's not too hard to take out though:

After that, I check out a building next to where the guy is trapped (you can see it in some of the previous screenshots (tall building with a skull like thing above the door)):

The only thing here of importance is the Heart Capsule at the top. To get to it is a bit tricky...

The reason why it's tricky is because of the things above me:

It's called a Press, and basically, you do not want to be under them when they fall. If you are, you become a pancake....

The ones here are held up by some blocks, but in order to get to the Heart Capsule, we have to get them down here... What you do to avoid getting flattened is shoot up at the block, then dash away from it as fast as you can. Once the Press falls, you can shoot it and kill it:

Unfortunately, when I did that shot, I realized that I screwed up and couldn't get to the Capsule.... So I had to exit and head back in, meaning I had to deal with those Presses again...

I did manage to get the right setup to get to the Capsule though: Shoot the first one down, then jump on top of it, shoot the other press (not the block underneath it), and presto:

I can now get the Heart Capsule! :D

After that, I have to kill the other Press since he's blocking the door.

After that, I head back towards the end of Grasstown:

Oh goodie.... More Deathtraps..... :P

Anyway, they're easy to jump over, and when I do, I come to this guy:

If you hold the jump button while ta fan blows you around, you'll fly even higher.

Good to know, because I need to get higher up to reach this spot:

There's a save disk there, so I'll save real quick.

After that, I have to do a bit of long jumping...

The first jump isn't too bad: Just jump forward and let the fan blow you across:

The second jump, however, is a bit trickier since there's 2 fans (seen in the shot). What that means is that they start blowing you as soon as you get up there.... If you're not prepared to jump:

You might fall in the deathtraps below..... Disgust

Good thing I saved earlier...

The key to getting across is to just let the fans blow you to the edge, then jump forward. When I finally do get across, I come to this door:

There's a couple of fans at the ends of the room (we'll be needing to use those in a sec). There's also a chest:

Now we have all that we need for the bomb!


: Oh?
We meet again.
Do you remember me?
Indeed, in the Mimiga village...
I hadn't noticed before, but...
Aren't you a soldier from the surface?
I wasn't aware there were any left.

Then Balrog drops in again...

: Watch out, that one's a fighter!
Stronger than a Mimiga, even!

: You don't say.

She then turns to him and zaps him:

: Soldiers are YOUR duty.
Come back when this one's in pieces.

Balrog then turns into:

A Balfrog.....

Big boss means big battle music (and this will be the boss music for the next few bosses): Cave Story OST ~ Eyes of Flame

Balfrog is a bit tricky to beat. First off, other frogs are falling from the ceiling as you fight Balfrog (these frogs are much smaller than the ones we saw earlier and much easier to kill (one shot should do it for each one)). Balfrog will also be hopping towards you, and you can't hurt him while he's hopping....

To hit him, you head over to one side of the room and hover a bit with the fan, then when Balfrog jumps towards you, you use the fan to get over him. once behind him, he quickly turns, opens his mouth, and fires these red things at you:

This is when he's vulnerable. Just shoot him in his mouth (preferably with the missile launcher, but lasers and fireballs work too, just not as much). After a few seconds, he closes his mouth and hops toward you again. Just head back to the fan and wait, then repeat the steps above.

If you need health, missiles, or experience, just kill some smaller frogs and they drop them.

After you get his HP about half way down, he'll jump a bit higher, causing the room to shake briefly and sending down a bunch of frogs (both small ones and some big ones (like the ones from earlier)). You'll have to clear some out or they'll overtake you and damage you....

I can't remember if I had much trouble with Balfrog last time I played, but this time....

Bleah.... :P

So yeah, I have to start over from where I last saved, which was before I got up to the gum room.....

It takes me 3 or 4 times before I finally beat Balfrog... Disgust

Anyway, after beating him, he turns back into regular Balrog and jumps away:

*phew* I quickly save and heal, then head back to the robot:


After a small pause:



Will do!

So we head back to the door:

The scene then shifts:


: You did it, my boy!
I knew you could do it the minute I laid eyes on you.
My name is Kazuma Sakamoto.
You can call me Kazuma, that's fine.
I was lucky enough to escape from the Doctor, but unfortunately, my teleporter sent me here.
I thought I was going to starve...
I owe my very life to you!
Oh, by the way...
...You wouldn't happen to know the Mimiga Village, would you?
You've met Sue?!
Ah, I see.
You came in Sue's place to find me.
All right, then!
Lead the way to the village!

Before that though:

: Kazuma?!

: Professor Booster!!
You're safe!

: Yes, more or less.
And how is Sue?
Is she all right?

: She's at the Mimiga village.
This young fellow was just about to guide me there.

: !!!

Booster walks over to me:

: .....
...No, we've never met.
Never mind, we must hurry to find Sue.
The Doctor has begun gathering the Mimigas.
It seems he has become aware of the red flowers.

: But, Sue...
Will the red flowers affect Sue as well?
Just like the other...

: Kazuma.
The Doctor has begun gathering the Mimigas.
You know what that means, don't you?

: You...
You mean the war?!

: Precisely.
We have no choice now but to stop him.

: Stop him? But how?

: I have an idea.
For now, let us hurry to where sue is.
We'll talk then.

Booster then heads to the door and turns to me before leaving:

Kazuma then follows him out. I follow them:

Booster has another idea though:

: Kazuma.

: Yes, sir?

They both head over to the motorbike. Kazuma looks over it, then turns to the Professor:

They both then get on:

After a second or two, Kazuma has the bike started up. Then things get crazy....

After zooming around one way, then another, they both disappear.... 5 seconds later:



Better go after them....

Fortunately, before I left the building that Kazuma was in, a save disk and health restorer popped up. I say fortunately, because:

I miss a jump and die... Disgust

After restarting back at the shack, I head off again, this time, safely past the deathtraps.

Before I reach the start of Grasstown, I grab a Jellyfish Juice. You'll see why later.

I eventually get back to around the start of Grasstown:

Uh oh.....

The professor and Kazuma are nowhere to be seen, so I imagine they've used the teleporter, which I use.

Then a cut scene happens:

: The Doctor wants to use the red flowers to make you attack the humans.

: W--Why does he want to do that?!

: The man is...
...is like a demon.

: And he's going to use those flowers on Toroko?

: As far as I can tell, he's still looking for them.
We can only hope that he doesn't find them.

: If...
If he finds those flowers, Toroko...

: She would go wild...
A weapon of death...

: I'll never allow that to happen!

The scene then shifts back to Arthur's House as Kazuma and Professor Booster arrive:

: Oooohh...

: ...Are you okay?

: ...Mmm.
My life flashed before my eyes.

: .....

Then Sue comes in:

: And Professor Booster!

: Oh!
You're all right, then?!

: Well, more or less.

King then comes in:

: Who's that Mimiga?

: That's King.
A friend of mine here in the village.
There used to be tons of Mimigas here.
Nearly all of them, though, have been kidnapped by the Doctor's goons.
Even King has lost friends...

Then I come in:

I talk to Kazuma first:

: Thanks for your help.
Our transportation didn't really survive, but at least we did.

Now to Booster:

: The Doctor's plans are proceeding exactly on schedule...
If we don't do something soon...

Now to Sue:

: Welcome back!
Looks like I owe you another one.
With my brother's help, we should be able to get around the password for that egg.

She then turns to the professor:

: Booster!
Can we take this little guy with us when we go?

: .....

: Professor.

: ???

: Sue, my dear...
We have to suspend our escape.
The Doctor has located the red flowers.

; !!!

: What?

: While he has not yet acquired them, it is only a matter of time.
The location is the Sand Zone.
The flowers are apparently to be found somewhere in the Sand Zone.

: The Sand Zone?
You mean, that's where we'll find the Doctor?

: Well, more likely one of his servants.
If we don't destroy those flowers before they get their hands on them...
However, the Sand Zone is exceedingly dangerous.
Even supposing we made the trip,there's no guarantee that we would return alive...

: You're giving up?

: Actually...
There's one of us who's a perfect match for this job.

: ...Who IS he?

I'll give you guys one guess as to who that is...

Yep, good ol' me... :P

: In fact...
This is one of the armed scout robots that were dispatched to this island 10 years ago.

: A robot?!

: My impression was that they had been completely wiped out, but I do not know the particulars.
It's entirely possible that one of them could have...

: Professor.
I've connected to the Sand Zone.

: I see.
(to me) You are the most suited to exploring this island.
Please. Give us your aid.

So yeah. A lot of info for an amnesiac robot to have handed to him....

Anyway, we'll be heading to the Sand Zone next, but first, if you talk to the others again, they say this:

: You can reach the Sand Zone via the teleporter.
Find the red flowers and burn every single one of them.

: The Sand Zone...

: If you get rid of the flowers, we'll be able to prevent the war for now.
It's a big responsibility.

: So you're one of the...
I hadn't even noticed.
My, my, you certainly are well-built.

Now before we head to the Sand Zone, there's something to do: Remember how I got a Jellyfish Juice before coming here? Well, we're about to use it here:

If you remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the first update or so when we first came here, there was something interesting about the fireplace. So:

"You find something in the ashes..."

Tada! It's the Bubbler! While not the best weapon, it will come in handy later. Although, right now, it's kinda weak:

But after leveling it up a bit, it turns into a great weapon!

One last thing before heading to the Sand Zone, if you talk to Jack (who's here in the Assembly Hall), he'll tell you a bit of history about the Mimigas:

: Toroko's brother Arthur fought against a horrific red monster...
The terrible demon of this island that feasts on Mimigas.
It's not the Doctor, it's...something else.
That demon has lived on this island for ages.
It came here to the village, but Arthur single-handedly drove it back.
His gallant figure alone shielding our village from harm...
I'll never forget it, as long as I live.
He may have finally been killed by the Doctor, but he was a true hero.

Now that red monster he mentions, you can find it in the game and fight it. I'm not sure how, but I think it's found when you're playing through the perfect ending. I'll see if I can find it and fight in later.

Anyway, this has gone on for long enough. Fortunately, this is all of the part I played through yesterday. For now, I'll end it here. Next part, I'll be exploring the Sand Zone. Until then, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Caprizant on 18th June 2013, 8:41 pm

I'm liking the new developments in the story. How can robots have amnesia, though?

Also, um... have you noticed the blocks have faces? Whut


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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 18th June 2013, 8:45 pm

@Caprizant wrote:How can robots have amnesia, though?
System Errors. I hear that Windows is full of them. Data Corruption. I'm sure that there are other realistic causes.


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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 18th June 2013, 9:06 pm

@Caprizant wrote:Also, um... have you noticed the blocks have faces? Whut
Yeah, I noticed that. Looks like owls to me. Not sure why though. *goes to see if there's any info on it*

Also, I think this soundtrack was playing during some of the conversations: Cave Story OST ~ Pulse

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 19th June 2013, 9:52 pm

Part 7: The Underwear Thief:

Part 7:
Last time, I was asked to head to the Sand Zone to get rid of the red flowers before the Doctor got to them:

After I teleport there, I see someone:

She sees me too and runs off. We'll head that way as well.

Also, here's the Sand Zone music.

The first thing you come to here is this:

Climbing up isn't hard, and neither is taking out the Beetles that fly towards you when you try going up.

Taking out the Beetles helps me get my Bubbler up a level:

A bit more powerful now.

Now that the Beetles are gone, we can easily reach the top of this part:

Let's see what's in there:

There's the girl from earlier! She let's out a 'Aaaahhhh!' and comes up to me:

: We have a VISITOR!
I know what it is you're looking for!
But wake up!
Mimigas aren't your enemies!
Mimigas are harmless!!
Too bad for you, but...

She then whips out her gun:

: You're going down!!

So now we have to fight her...

The little Mimigas also attack you:

Hitting them once stuns them for a bit, then they get back up.

The girl is the real problem... She has a machine gun that is similar to the Polar Star, but it shoots much faster.... She charges up before firing it. You want to avoid the rapid fire laser blasts that follow. Jumping over her is what I do, but be careful when doing this as she can aim up while firing and hit you....

Unfortunately, I die the first time I fight her.... Disgust

Second time's the charm for me though:

: You win...
I can't fight anymore...
I suppose you're going to kill all the Mimigas,
just like the other robots?

Now we get a choice:

I obviously say no. Not sure what happens if you say yes, but anyway:

: Oh!

She gets up and comes towards me. The little Mimigas also get up and start dancing around:

: That's right!
There's nothing bad about them!
I'm Curly.
Curly Brace.
When I woke up, I was with these children.

: I don't have any memories before that...
Amnesia, you might say.

Sound familiar?

: I was...probably a Mimiga-butcher just like the other robots...

She then notice my gun:

: Oh, wow.
That Polar Star of yours is in awful shape.

I traded up the last time I played through, and it is an awesome weapon, especially when it's maxed out because you can use it to hover around if you aim down. This time, however, I won't be trading because there are other weapons, including the 'best weapon in the game' (which I'll be getting in this LP), and to get them, you need to have the Polar Star to trade them for.

After I say no, Curly says this:

: Really?
Well, if you ever change your mind, I'll be here.

After that, everyone goes back to what they were doing:

While we're here, let's check out a few things. First, let's talk to the little Mimigas. We'll start with the one that's snoozing:

So hungry for... fish...

Next, the one by Curly:

To move the Sunstones, you need to lift the spell...

Doesn't make much sense at the moment, but it will later. Now the one on the right side of the table:

Watch out for Sancrocs.
If you step on the sand, they'll jump out and bite you.
It REALLY hurts, too!

We'll be seeing those later, now for the one on the left. Note, I derped up and forgot to note what she said the first time, but it was something like this:

Red flowers?
I don't know about those, but Jenka might.
She lives here in the Sand Zone.
Her puppy is here too in the other room.
If you take it to her, she might tell you about the red flowers.

Again, that's not what she says exactly, but it's close to it. Sorry about that... Sorry

Talking to her again, she says this:

Old woman Janka used to be in charge of the Sand Zone.
She and her puppies.
Her house is...
...Somewhere in the Sand Zone...?

Not very helpful, but I know where she is, so we'll head there in a sec.

BTW, talking to Curly just has her ask if you want to trade guns, so let's check out the room:

I go over to the dog and pick it up:

He then sits on my head until I take him back to Jenka:

Now, before I leave the room, there's an interesting hidden item here that I didn't know about the first time I played through. To get it, you have to jump up here (I fired my gun to point out where I am):

You then proceed to bump your way around the inner wall (again, fired my gun to point out where I am):

Eventually, you'll come to this area here:

And you can get this item:

.... Yes, we just got a pair of panties that belong to the girl we just met.....

I believe that in some versions of this game, obtaining them unlocks Curly's Story mode where you can play the game as Curly, but it's not in this version, so they're just useless (also says that in the description):

The dog is also in the inventory. It's name is Hajime:

Anyway, now that we have the dog (and a girl's panties Sailor's Mind), let's move on. When I head back outside, I decide to get my Bubbler maxed out in exp by killing the Beetles that we saw earlier. Now that the Bubbler is maxed out, I'll show it off:

Hitting the fire button fires a small, but slightly powerful shot. Holding down the fire button creates a protective surrounding of bubbles that shoot out once you have a bunch around you:

Releasing the fire button while these bubbles are around you launches them all at once in the direction you're aiming:

These blasts can also blast through breakable rocks.

Now that all my weapons are maxed out, I head further into the Sand Zone:

These are the sun stones that the little Mimiga mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, they're blocking the way we need to go...

To get them to move, I head right, which leads me here:

Now we're starting to encounter some new enemies: Polishes (the saw blades with faces) and Sandcrocs (we'll see them in a sec).

Let's talk a little more about the Polish first: When you kill it, it turns into a bunch of smaller ones:

The Bubbler works amazingly well on them (it protects you if they get near you, and zaps any that are in front of you). I wish I had known about this weapon during my first play through (I did get it, but it wasn't until much later on...).

Now for the Sandcrocs.... Like the name suggests, they're in the sand, and they don't come out until you're in it...

You want to avoid being in sandy areas like this (usually marked by a skull and other bones in the sand). If you do get in that area, you have time to dodge the croc, but not much...

As evident by my death...... Disgust

Fortunately, I saved back where the puppy was after I maxed out the Bubbler, so no harm done.

Anyway, like I said, you want to try and avoid those. If you need experience though, they do give out a lot (that is, when they do give it...).

Now for this little item:

Heart Capsule! Excited

It can be a bit tricky getting to that one, but basically, just try to make a makeshift ladder out of the rocks around it or in the pillar next to it (you have to make a long jump that way though).

Moving on... Oh, I forgot to mention something about the bubbler:

It's awesome, buuuuuut:

It does have it's limits...

It recharges itself when you stop firing though, so you don't have to pick up ammo like with the missile launcher. Just keep an eye on the number of shots you have left when using it. Fun fact: The machine gun that Curly was wanting to trade us works on the same system (limited number of shots, but recharges when you stop firing).

Anyway, once we get past this area, we come here:

You'll want to avoid the spikes up ahead since touching them damages you...

Also of note in this shot: If you look carefully at the top, you can see a save disk. The way to get to it is over here:

See the paw print above me? That marks a secret pathway through the wall (there's many more of these later on).

There's also a few hidden hearts here if you shoot around the area (they'll just appear when you shoot). It'll come in handy if you need a health recharge.

Moving on, there's more Polishes in these blocks, but if you blast one block, then use your fireball inside the area:

Boom! Nowhere for them to go! :D

There's also more crocs in the sand below, so try to avoid that... And the best way to do that is to just stay on the blocks above it, killing any Polishes that get in your way.

Eventually, I come to this area:

There's a health refill thing on the left, a sandy area above me that has another croc in it, and a couple of Presses above these rocks. Best way to get around here is to just blast the bottom rocks and move on.


Misery is back.....

: You look like quite a fighter.
But at this juncture, you're proving yourself rather a nuisance.

: Shall we settle this?

And what's that old saying about misery?

*rumbling begins to shake up things*

: No, there's no need for me to get involved.

Misery loves company.......

Fortunately, Misery doesn't stick around, so it's just me and this mechanical menace...

When it's closed up like that, it can't be harmed, but when it opens up and starts shooting out these saw like projectiles:

You can hit it!

After shooting a few, it closes back up and goes underground.

I try the bubbler because it helps protect me from the saw blade things flying around.

After a while, the thing starts jumping around:

And I start dying.....

It takes me 2 or 3 tries to finally figure out the best way to kill it: The Fireball.

I use the fireball on it close range, then when it fires the saw blades and disappears, I switch back to the bubbler. When it comes back, I finally finish it off with the fireball:


After it's defeated:

Now we can get to the area blocked off earlier!

When I do get there, the stones start moving:

I then jump down and come to this area:

I simply blast my way down and kill off these guys called Skullheads. All these do is jump around, which isn't too bad. Unfortunately, we'll be seeing many more of them, plus other enemies later on...

Anyway, I get to this area:

That's Jenka's house:

And that's Jenka:

"Gave her the *Puppy*." (still have no idea why they have those circles around the items...)

BTW: This plays while we're talking to her.

: You brought him back, I take it?
Many thanks.
What's that?
*Red flowers*? (again with the circles...)

Then a familiar voice can be heard....

Oh great...... It's Balrog........

*dog barks like crazy*

: Ah, Balrog.
You're doing well, I see.
And how is my halfwit of a daughter faring?

: Hee-hee-hee!
Halfwit? You Mean Misery?
She's fine, just fine.
A new master has appeared.
This time, the earth will be ours!

: So once again you two plot to...

: I'm not here to give you any trouble.
I just came to collect the key to the storehouse.
The one where the flower seeds are kept!

: .....
What on earth are you talking about?

: Hoho!
Playing the fool, are you?!

: .....
I see how it is.
So you've chosen to betray us.


: You'll regret it.

Balrog then leaves the way he always does:

After Balrog is gone, Jenka says a few more things:

: A new master...
That good-for-nothing.
There are actually four others.
Four more puppies of mine...
And my hips are so weak.
Could this old woman trouble you to find her other puppies for her?

How can I refuse that (especially since I can't :P)?

So now we'll be puppy hunting. We'll do that next time though. Until then, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

Post by Guest on 20th June 2013, 11:54 pm

Part 8: Here Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy:

Part 8:
Last time, I stole a girl's panties, then returned a dog to an old lady. Now she wants me to find the other dogs...

Anyway, before I go searching, there's an interesting spot over here near Jenka's house:

These rocks are hiding hearts and missiles:

Lots of them! Ooo... Aaaah...

They'll come in handy if I need them (and I probably will...).

You can actually see one of the puppies from this area:

We'll get to that one later, but first, I'm heading up a bit:

See the paw print in the wall? That's marking a place you can go through it. It leads to a path:

Which leads to here:

Excited Life Capsule! Now let's see what's in the chest:

...... Ummmm..... Okay.

So yeah, here's one of the puppies. It's name is Mick:

Okay.... Anyway, I'll go ahead and return this one now (I'm not sure if you can carry multiple puppies, but I don't think so, so I'll just be getting them one at a time).

: That is indeed one of my dear puppies.

"Gave her the *Puppy*."

: Hmmm...
You're a soldier from the surface, aren't you.
It wasn't long ago that hundreds of robots like you came to this island.
Countless Mimigas perished at their hands.
As did the humans who tried to protect them.
Cornered, the Mimigas finally ingested the forbidden red flowers, and in their murderous rage began to strike back against the robots.
Had the red flowers not existed, the Mimigas might have vanished entirely from the island...
Three more left.Good luck.

So that was a bit of important history about a few things. She'll mention a few other things later as we bring her more puppies, so let's go find another one!

The other three are all down in this area (in different places of course):

And now it's time to see some new enemies... :P

The skull thing is just like the ones we saw earlier, but it's now being carried by a Crow (and yes, we will be seeing many more of these later....). While carried by a Crow, the Skullheads fire bones at me...

Not the best shot of the bones, but anyway, there's also another enemy in the shot, an Armadillo (the thing crawling around on the ground towards me). Taking them out is easy though.

Then another enemy comes up towards me:

A Skullstep... They're just like the Skullheads, but with legs that help them move faster....

If you shoot them a few times, they'll usually lose their legs and become regular Skullheads.

Now, the first time I played through this part, it was a big pain in the ass because of all the skulls being carried around by crows firing bones at you. This time, however:

The Bubbler is my best friend! :D

God, I am so happy that I got this before coming here. At level 3, it protects you from the bones that come flying at you, while at the same time, damaging the skulls and the crows! I don't even get a scratch from them! :D

Eventually, I come to this thing at the end of this section:

It's called a Skeleton. It jumps around and throws bones at you. It also has a bit more HP than the other enemies we've seen around here, so it takes a while to beat it, but the Bubbler does wonders at KOing it!

Also seen in the shot is the second Puppy:

Who runs away when you get near it.....


Eventually, it does come back after reaching the other end, and I grab it:

This one is called Kakeru:

I take it right back to Jenka:

: Yes, yes.
That is certainly one of my darling puppies.

"Gave her the *Puppy*."

: Thank you kindly.
We're up to three now...
Have you ever seen a frenzied Mimiga?
The cornered Mimigas hoped that the red flowers would grant them strength.
They ate them, and then they fought the robots.
Do you know what happened to them afterwards?
It is a sad tale...
The enraged Mimigas, likely unable to control their own actions, disappeared without a trace.
If rumors are to be trusted, they descended to the surface, where humans live.
An army of ferocious Mimigas loosed upon the earth...
If that were true...
Do you understand now?
Do you understand how dangerous the red flowers are?
Two more to go...

So yeah, we don't want to see an army of rabid Mimigas anytime soon.....

Anyway, let's move onto the next puppy, which can be found above the area the Crows, Skullheads, and other crazy enemies were:

There's the paw prints. I go up:

And there's the puppy! This is the one we saw earlier from the place with the hearts and missiles.

Going up to him, he runs inside the building, so let's follow him in:

Bleah.... It's dark in here..... :P

It's not easy getting up there either... The sand under the puppy has a Sandcroc in it, so try not to fall down there like I did.....

There's only one way to get up there, and you have to go above the puppy, then drop down. If you're here:

Then you're in the wrong spot and will fall down to where the croc is...

And yeah, he's barking every time I get near him.

Eventually I make it to him:

His name is Shinobu:

Now that I have him, I'll head back to Jenka again. Unfortunately....

I somehow screw up badly and die.....

After restarting again, I make it back safely:

: My puppies don't waste their affection on bad sorts.
Many thanks...

"Gave her the *Puppy*."

: .....
You're after the storehouse key, aren't you.
Wherein lie the seeds to the red flowers...
I don't care who you are, you're not getting the key.
To open the storehouse would invite that same tragedy all over again...
One, two, three...
There's only one left.

Either she's bad at math, or she's just counting the puppies I've gotten this time... Either way, we do only have one more puppy to go!

I forgot where it was when I was playing earlier, but I figured it was at the end of the Sand Zone, so let's go there.

Heading that way leads to more Skull things and Skeleton things...

Kinda crappy shot, but meh...

Anyway, to get to the end, you have to go through here, then go to the top part and head to these pillars:

You'll have to go across the tops of them to get across this part. There's also many more Crows (fortunately, without Skullheads) around here:

There's also a sign up ahead along with many, many more Crows....

"These spots are marked with a symbol."

Already covered that, but anyway, there's another paw print close to that sign, but it's basically a small hole in the ground. I'm guessing they put that there in case you hadn't figured out where the other dogs were.

Anyway, since there's so many Crows up ahead, I decide to use the Missile Launcher on them:

I switch back to the Bubbler after most of them are gone to help finish them off.

After getting past that part, I come across some Deathtraps.....

Not to hard to get by though, and soon after:

I see the last puppy! :D

Also over here is the storeroom, and, obviously:

But anyway, we'll be coming back here later. For now, let's get that puppy!

Awwww.... It's asleep.... Much easier to catch! :D

Now I have the last puppy, who's name is Nene:

Also, there's a couple of blocks you can shoot that will drop down a save disc and health refill station:

After healing and saving, I head back to Jenka's house and find a startling sight...

Balrog is back...... And he's beaten up an old lady! CURSE YOU!!!

: Catch you later!

: Wait!!

Balrog doesn't wait though and leaves the way he always does by jumping through the roof...

I go check on Jenka:

: Oohhh......You?

"Gave her the *Puppy*."

By the way, I have no idea where the others went... I'll try to find out later where they are.

: The key...
They stole the key...
You must stop them.
They plan to enrage the Mimigas and release them onto the surface.
Oh, yes...
You might want this...

: You can use this once, but only once, to restore your health.

This is very handy for the bigger boss fights we have coming up. I believe you can get another one from her after you use it, although, I'm not sure if it's only once more, or as ofter as you want as long as you don't have one.

Anyway, I'll go ahead and stop here for now. Next time, we head to the storeroom. Until then, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Cave Story!

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