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Pokémon Sun and Moon Infodump Empty Pokémon Sun and Moon Infodump

Greetings, everyone! As per usual, I'm Lief Katano. Unlike per usual, I'm going to be covering the new Pokémon Sun and Moon info.

The first new items are related to Solgaleo and Lunala. Solgaleo's a Steel/Psychic type. It sports the new ability Full Metal Body, which, as so far seen, completely negates stat drops, similar to Clear Body. Makes more sense than Registeel with Clear Body, at any rate. Its signature move is Sunsteel Strike, which can OHKO a Salamence. ...An untrained Salamence, at any rate.

Lunala is Psychic/Ghost. Its ability is Shadow Shield, which is the exact same as Multiscale - it lowers damage taken by half.

...The abilities are kind of creatively bankrupt. Then again, Black and White had not!Mold Breaker for their mascots, and X and Y were... better, but the abilities were variants of each other, so it's par for the course, really.

Its signature move is Moongeist Beam, which is a Ghost-type move. Both it and Sunsteel Beam have an innate Mold Breaker effect, allowing them to hit regardless of the target's ability.

Character customization returns! ...At least, it returns insofar as allowing you to choose a skin tone. But I'd be surprised if it doesn't return beyond that. :U

The Pokédex this time is a Rotomdex! It's...ah, it's a Rotom-possessed Pokédex that can talk to you. In the game, it can give you advice on where to go next based on who you talk to, and shows where you currently are, like a Town Map. It can also use the QR-scanning abilities of the Nintendo 3DS system to add Pokémon to your Pokédex, letting you know where they are.

There's also a few new characters revealed:
Player Characters:
Pokémon Sun and Moon Infodump Cj8tI6XWgAA2yLF

Pokémon.com wrote:You will choose to be a hero or heroine in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, and you can name yourself whatever you'd like. The story begins right after your character has moved to the Alola region. No sooner have you arrived than your adventures begin to unfold, and you'll meet many people and Pokémon as you grow and learn.
Not too much different than usual. Though, funnily enough, this is the second character to have moved in to the region - the first is Brendan and May.
Professor Kukui:
Pokémon Sun and Moon Infodump Cj8snMCWUAQoD-k

Pokémon.com wrote:Professor Kukui is the Alola region's dependable Pokémon professor. He lives near your home and looks out for you. He's passionate about his research into Pokémon moves and has sometimes taken direct hits from Pokémon when there was something to be learned from it. Sporting a white lab coat slung casually over his bare torso, he shows off his own unique style.
He looks like a massive fucking dork I swear to whatever. Interesting to note is his specialty in researching Pokémon moves.
Pokémon Sun and Moon Infodump Cj8tSrOWgAQgEZr

Pokémon.com wrote:Hau is a Pokémon-loving young boy with a big appetite! He's the same age as your character. When you move to the Alola region, he makes friends with you right away. He has a real weakness for malasada, a famous treat in the Alola region, and he is always in search of malasada shops. He is a big-hearted boy who really loves Pokémon.
Pokémon Sun and Moon Infodump 300px-Leonard%27s_malasadas
Dang, that does look good. I can't blame him. It's, of course, a Hawaiian treat, though it has origins in Portugal. And yeah, he's definitely the "rival" character.
Pokémon Sun and Moon Infodump Cj8s2l8WgAAG60m

Pokémon.com wrote:Lillie is a mysterious girl who assists the professor. This young girl is about the same age as your character, and she's working as Professor Kukui’s assistant for personal reasons. She's not fond of making Pokémon fight in battles, but she loves reading and has devoured many books. Lillie will play an important role in the story of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.
He might have to share screentime with this character, though, who is the only new character to actually show up - everyone else appeared in the previous trailer. There's some speculation that she's the Champion, but... eh, she's probably going to be more of a Bianca. (That is to say, she won't be the Champion. :U) I can't say I'm anticipating liking her attitude, however. Look at that expression.

The Pokédex is also split into four parts - presumably, one for each major island.

To top it off, have a picture of the Rotomdex!

Pokémon Sun and Moon Infodump Cj8qepvXAAAypPA

That's all for now. Until next time...

Pokémon Sun and Moon Infodump Cj8sIK0WEAEFWyv
dang look at the size of those islands

See ya!

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Infodump :: Comments


Post on 2nd June 2016, 10:40 am by Caprizant

1. Solgaleo being anything but Fire-type was a surprise tbh but Psychic/Steel is probably the last combination I'd guess. It sounds neat though!

2. I was kinda attached to the second A in Lunaala :(

3. Island chain region hype! Not that anyone legit thought we were only getting the one island. The gameplay they showed makes me feel confident that the region will look awesome.

4. Lillie is going to be an interesting character.

5. Also second hot professor in a row nice >:D

Now onto the main story of this entire announcement...


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Post on 2nd June 2016, 11:33 am by Guest

Rotom? In my Pokédex?

It's more likely than you think.

And it talks, at that. Isn't this the first time in the main series a Pokemon has legitimately talked?

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Post on 2nd June 2016, 1:20 pm by Guest

Lillie = Tsundere calling it.
Rotom Pokédex sounds cool! Wonder if you'll actually be able to use Rotom in battle?
And yeah, big surprise that Solgaleo not being at least part fire. Psychic/Steel? Hmmm... Starting to like Lunala a bit more now, so I'm probably going with Moon based off of that. Dreaming
I seriously hope character customization does return...
Hmmm... Thought the fat guy with the Hawaiian shirt on in the trailer throwing the starter Pokéballs was the professor, but hey, this guy seems ok.

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Post on 2nd June 2016, 1:32 pm by Princess

Rotomdex...sinnoh confirmed? Oh sweet Lordy. at least it's a start.

I love Lillie's design! She's so cute. I like how the protagonists and characters around the protagonist's age look young, around 10 or 11. I was not fond of the idea that the characters would get older and older each generation.

I really don't like the female protagonist's hat. Other than that, they look fine.

I will still get Pokémon Sun. I prefer the design of the legendary and I'm not a competitive battle, so typing doesn't matter as much to me. To be fair, I feel like they often randomly pair steel with other types like in the case of Mawhile, Lucario, etc.....but seriously, psychic/steel is a well established type pairing and I wish it were more original.

The professor looks like he could be a child of Birch and the Hoenn fighting type gym leader (his name escapes me at the moment).

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Lief Katano

Post on 2nd June 2016, 2:50 pm by Lief Katano

@Charles Copy cat's Doduo could talk, as well as the Marowak ghost. There's also a talking Murkrow in Johto, though it's possible that that's just mimicry. And a talking Zoroark in B2W2. 

@Luma There's three lines of Steel/Psychic Pokémon - Bronzor's, Beldum's, and Jirachi. That isn't exactly widely used. :U

@jo I somewhat doubt we can use Rotom, if only because, story-wise, the Rotomdex needs Rotom to function.

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Post on 2nd June 2016, 4:13 pm by Greece

Princess wrote:
I really don't like the female protagonist's hat.

Thank you. It's really ugly.

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Burnin' Bunnies

Post on 2nd June 2016, 4:33 pm by Burnin' Bunnies

I agree. We better be able to get different hats like in X and Y

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Post on 2nd June 2016, 4:50 pm by Caprizant

Aw, you guys don't like Glove World Hat? :C
It's ok I don't either

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Post on 2nd June 2016, 5:03 pm by Guest

She looks like a chicken with it. :I

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Kaede Akamatsu

Post on 2nd June 2016, 5:33 pm by Kaede Akamatsu

I must be the only one who thinks the hat is cute...

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Post on 2nd June 2016, 5:46 pm by Truthseeker4449

I don't like this Rotomdex. The map looks like a dream come true. Everything else, I dunno, besides me not liking the hat either.

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Lief Katano

Post on 2nd June 2016, 5:51 pm by Lief Katano

What's the problem with the Rotomdex?

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Post on 2nd June 2016, 6:05 pm by Guest

The Rotomdex is fucking awesome, Truth.  The hell are you talking about?!  

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Post on 2nd June 2016, 7:19 pm by Truthseeker4449

Perhaps I'm just old school and prefer unpossessed electronics.

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