The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

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The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

Post by Lief Katano on 2nd July 2015, 12:59 pm

Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals (also known as Binding Blade) is the first Fire Emblem game on the GBA and the last Fire Emblem game before its debut in America. (But not the last Japan-only game. The New Mystery of the Emblem is Japan-only, because Americans disliked Shadow Dragon.) It introduced a fair bit of mechanics into the series, which I will, of course, be covering as we get to them.

Also there's a fair bit of RNG involved. This is why I added the  emote to my sig.

But first! Tutorial!

There's going to be an intro like this at the start of every chapter.
Usually, it'll be a recap, or telling you what's about to happen.
This isn't new to the series; it dates back as far as The Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light, the first game (...why did I type all of that out?), but the map comes from around the SNES era. 
But she's a healer. Daaahck? (Spoilers, I guess?)

: Do you see the moving square? This is the cursor. You move your cursor to give out commands to yourself and allies. Do you understand?

Yeah, that's like Fire Emblem 101. ...wait a second, why are you just now teaching Roy something so vital?

What if I didn't understand? Huh, IntSys? I mean, I do, because I've been playing Fire Emblem games for, like, two years, but still.

: But the best way to learn is to actually experience a battle. Just try moving around for now. I'll be here and give you advice as needed.

Guys in blue are good guys! Guys in red are the spawn of Satan and should be eradicated as soon as possible.

Strategically, though. This is a strategy RPG.
Yes, I'm sure Roy suddenly forgot who he was. Eh

Though it is important in that only Roy can use the "Seize" command, which is how you win. (Unlike...actually it might just have been the previous one, huh, the only win condition is for Roy to seize.) I think that's the justification for as to why you can't let your lord die.

By the way, if Roy dies, it's a game over.

: that the enemy leader is positioned. For this session...

Well that's embarrassing. :U

: I'll tell you how to capture positions later, so make your way towards the castle gate. I'll teach you how to move yourself around the map.

Dammit, Cecilia, I already went over this! CURSE YOU!!!

: and fight.
Now, see, if she was teaching a tactician-like character, I'd see that the difference was one to make...

I guess what I'm saying here is that this tutorial would be a lot less annoying if they included the "Tactician" character one game earlier.

: let's try moving. You can use the direction pad to move your cursor around. For now, it's positioned on you, so just press A.

Fun fact: Nintendo has strict standards on how you should refer to their buttons. This translation would get turned down in a heartbeat. trufax

But let's not just press A. Let's press R!

This brings up our boy's stats! In relative order:
Strength affects how much damage you deal. One of the changes SoS makes is that only physical units have Str, and only magical units have Mag(ic). I'm not sure if they thought that the distinction was pointless or if there were limitations of some sort. There wouldn't be on the level-up screen; Con shows up there and it never increases on level up.
Skill affects your hit rate and critical rate. For the former, you apply Skill x 2, and for the latter, you apply Skill/2.
Speed affects your dodge rate and the number of attacks you can perform in a skirmish. Normally, it affects dodge rate by Speed x 2, but there's some other factors that might change that.
Luck is how lucky you are. It increases your chances to avoid a critical attack equal to it, and increases your hit and dodge rate by half of it.
Defense affects how much damage you take from physical attacks; you subtract Defense from the Attack of the unit. Bam, damage. Roy's pretty fragile.
Resistance affects how much magic damage you take. Roy is very fragile in this department, as are most physical units.

Move is the distance he can move in one turn.
Constitution is how much your weapons can weigh before they slow you down. It affects if you can rescue someone, as well.
Aid is what's compared to Con so you can be rescued.
Travelling is who you rescued.
Affinity affects a ~new feature~ added in the game. I'll cover it more when we actually get to it.
Status is...what status you're under. Poison, Silence, Berserk...

HP is, obviously, the amount of damage you can take until you die. In Roy's case, if his HP hits zero, it's a game over.
EXP is Experience. 100 gets a level.
LV is the level of the unit. Max level is 20.

Here is the stuff Roy has on him.

And here's the stats of what he has on him!

SW is the Weapon Rank of that sword. In the Rapier's case, it's Weapon Rank E, meaning as long as you can use swords, you can use it...theoretically. In practice, the Rapier is limited to Roy.
Range (Rng) is how far away someone can attack with the weapon. With a Range of 1~1, Roy's only attacking people right next to him.
Pwr (also Might) is how much is added to a unit's Str/Mag to get Atk. Similarly, a weapon's Hit is added to the result of Skill * 2 + Luck/2 to get a unit's hit rate with the weapon, and a weapons Crt is added to the result of Skill/2 to get a unit's Critical rate with a weapon.
Avoid is subtracted from the attacker's hit to get the relative odds of your chances of hitting someone.

The Rapier's "Strong against armored" note indicates that it has effective damage against armored (and actually most horseback) units. This means that its might is tripled in such cases. We'll want to save that, yes. what I'd say if this tutorial had any bearing on the actual game.

Roy's weapon levels. As mentioned before, a weapon level determines what weapons you're able to wield. Usually not a huge problem.

Anyway, let's get started with the map!

: cursor to select where you want to go, and press A to move. If you change your mind, you can press B to cancel. Most things can be cancelled by pressing B, so keep that in mind.

Let's move our boy over here. The blue area is where he can move. You'll notice that he can't move onto the mountains; that's because most units can't enter mountains. Some tiles (such as that forest) also take more Move to move through than others, such as the plains. This is usually made up with giving bonuses to evade.

After you move, this menu shows up. You can use item to equip different weapons or use usable items. End ends your turn.

The menu is context-sensitive. If we were next to an enemy, for example, we could attack the enemy. We aren't, though, so.

Since we moved our entire one unit, it's the enemy's turn. They moved two of their units closer to us.

: The battle proceeds like this in a turn-by-turn fashion.

I'll be honest: I skipped some dialogue here. BUT ANYWAYS. If an enemy's in the red area, it means that we can attack him if we get close enough to him. So let's mosey on up...

And attack!
One of the best things that SoS did is change the battle menu so that all of the stats are precalculated.

That x2 means that our attack speed is high enough to attack him twice. (I can't remember how much it has to be over...3?) Very useful, because that means we can kill him in one shot.

The arrows indicate the Weapon Triangle - swords beat axes, axes beat lances, lances beat swords. An advantage on the weapon triangle - in this game, at least - gets you 1 Mt and +10 hit, while a disadvantage has you lose that same amount.

As a note, that Hit is, more or less, a filthy lie. I mean, the number that it is is still important. But that number isn't the exact chance to hit.

Another new mechanic in SoS is "true hit". Before now, the game used one Random Number, chosen from 0~99, to decide your chances to hit. If the number rolled was less than your Hit, the attack connected.

In SoS, the game insteads rolls two random numbers, averages them together, and then compares them to hit like before. This massively changes the amount to hit. The best generalization is that hits less than 50 aren't as likely to hit compared to before, where numbers equal to or greater than 50 have their hit chances improved. A table is available here.

The attack flow of a skirmish is attacker > counter (if applicable) > second attack.

Who are you?

: you can move.
Thank god. I swear to whatever.
: You have command over all your allies, but also remember that you are responsible for their lives.
That's what save states are for. trufax
: And one more thing...

: to a village. Ordinary people live here, so you have to inform them that a battle is going on. Move the cursor to the village and select "Visit" to tell them.
How do they not know that already? Daaahck? At least they let us get loot.

Wolt has a bow, so he can attack from a distance. The price of this is not being able to counter, unless the AI becomes an idiot for a turn and attacks him from a distance. The AI usually isn't that much of an idiot.

Wolt, you suck CURSE YOU!!!

I took this at the wrong time, but he ended up missing with a 95.65 chance to hit (via True Hit) CURSE YOU!!!

He still gets 1 EXP, but...bleah.

Now Roy has to clean up after you CURSE YOU!!!

Because we're next to an ally unit, we can trade (give them shit/take shit from them). We don't *want* to, because Wolt can't use a sword. But we could.

: good grasp on battle now? All right, now I'll tell you about a very important weapon...information. Almost anywhere, you can press R to view help messages about things. For example, you can move the cursor to a unit and press R to view his personal data. You can also press R on the "Attack" and "End" commands to see help messages about them.
(Why would you, though?)
: If there's something you're unsure of, just press R.

Let's use that information to help u - holy shit look at those gate bonuses. +3 Defense AND +20 Avoid?! Do not want.

(Well, do want. But those bonuses are, more or less, enemy-only.)

Praise YHVH for the rapier, 'cause there's no way I'd break through otherwise. Look at that defense! Roy only has 10 Atk! (As a note, the +20 to avoid is the gate's bonus already factored in. He doesn't have enough Luck or Speed otherwise.)

Enemies aren't very lucky.

Also, a look at Wolt. Awful.

Let's move Roy here to bring the soldier over here and counter-kill him. The archer's too far away to attack him. 

Wolt's on village duty because he's too shitty to do anything else.

inform the villagers when a real battle occurs as well.

We get a vulnerary from this. 3 uses, restores 10 HP.

By the way, everything has a limited number of uses. That's what the #/# means. Sadly, only the people in Genealogy of the Holy War are smart enough to actually fix their weapons. (And, I guess, Gaiden and Fates, but they don't have weapon usages at all. Except for staves in case of the latter.)

Exactly as planned! (Roy kills him, of course.)

Hey, another out for super armor man!

To be honest, Lilina's probably the best bet for taking out the boss. She'll do 10 damage a pop, and the boss lacks a ranged weapon to counter with.

Magic's awesome because it has a range of 1~2, meaning that you can counter both bow strikes and regular attacks! Though that might not be too helpful because mages are squishy. Physical units lack Res, though, so that's great.

Huzzah, it's not just my archers who suck! I should probably give that vulnerary to Roy, though.

Wolt forks his Vulnerary over to Roy.

Also I forgot to mention this, but you can open this menu by moving the cursor to an empty space and pressing A.

Roy kills the archer and levels up! I'm an idiot and forgot to capture the screen, but included Res so I wish the tutorial carried over to a real game. :sigh: (He got Skill, Luck, Res, and HP. Not the best of stats, but I like it enough.)

Lilina moves over and gets ready to launch the nukes.

I'm guessing that the terrain bonus is literally for defense? Otherwise he should actually be taking, like, 7 damage.

Not that I mind.

: but a battle all the same. I won't go easy on you!

(I would use his small map sprite like I did for Cecilia, but it's not on the wiki.)

This would be a lot more impressive if I didn't take a screenshot during the one frame where nothing appeared.

You may think I'm in trouble now - Lilina's squishy and adorable, after all - but bosses don't move. Usually they have ranged weapons, though, so you might want to be more cautious than I was.

Unfortunately, two-turning Bors isn't an option because gates restore HP. CURSE YOU!!! I'd be mad because Lilina couldn't double him and kill him (even though he's a knight and thus slow as hell), but she's adorable and also she has magic so I won't be.


Roy had to move right next to Lilina, so he won't actually be able to defeat Bors. I had him use his vulnerary even though it won't matter. (Unless Lilina misses.)

Fun note: Bors is actually a knight of Lilina's. As in, Lilina's a noble. And we're making her beat up her (still-loyal, this is training) knight.


He dies (or retreats? I dunno.).

: Now Roy has to move to the castle gate and "Capture" it.
Capture, Seize, potato, puhtahto.

At least be internally consistent, game! CURSE YOU!!!

: That's the end of our session for today. How did it feel? If you ever get caught up in a real battle, just remember what you learned. You'll be just fine.

And that's it for right now! Next time: actually starting the game!

No character stats because we haven't started the game yet.

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Re: The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

Post by Guest on 2nd July 2015, 1:51 pm

Brings back memories of my LP of Advance Wars. I don't blame you for skipping some stuff.

Lief wrote:(I would use his small map sprite like I did for Cecilia, but it's not on the wiki.)

Ironic how his sprite is smaller than Cecilia's "small" map sprite.


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Re: The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

Post by Lief Katano on 2nd July 2015, 1:57 pm

By map sprite I meant the portrait that shows up when you look at the unit on the map.

Unfortunately it appears that Cecilia is one of the few people who have those actually uploaded on the wiki.

But I mostly skipped some stuff from the tutorials that's either obvious enough or that I covered. I'll still cover all the story stuff because I can rip the lines from an already-done LP. 

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Re: The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

Post by Greece on 2nd July 2015, 2:02 pm


Are you going to do a no death run (resetting when someone dies) or are you just gonna go with who ever dies?

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Re: The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

Post by Lief Katano on 2nd July 2015, 2:03 pm

No death run, probably. (Possibly with save states unless you guys don't want that at all.)

Unless someone starts pissing me off.

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Re: The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 2nd July 2015, 4:23 pm

That face is so huge....


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Re: The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

Post by TheCapsFan on 2nd July 2015, 8:40 pm

I want to watch this LP, but I also want to play the game myself later...I'm conflicted.


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Re: The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

Post by returnofmastercrazyhand on 3rd July 2015, 12:47 am

actually new mystery wasn't translated because it would have come after black 2 and white 2 in america, and that was pretty much the DS's last big game in north america, so yeah...

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Re: The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

Post by Lief Katano on 3rd July 2015, 1:23 am

@zero 2; Considering that Black/White 2 was released in 2012 and New Mystery was released in 2010...
@TheCapsFan; Do both! Watch the LP for the story and/or watching me flail at the game, play the game for yourself so you can flail at it. Win/win.

Chapter 1 - Dawn of the Duel Destiny


of the continent. The laws of nature were twisted from the vast amounts of power that were released...

The Dragons were defeated and disappeared from the face of continent. Mankind then began to spread its forces throughout to populate the land. And now, 1000 years later...

for some time now, after the Dragons were defeated in the Scouring.
...what technology? We're still using bows, for god's sake.

civilization in Elibe.

attitude about life, is located in the east. These were the two largest nations in Elibe, and the smaller powers were scattered between them.

wastelands in the north.

Mmmmmaybe they should switch to something more viable? Just saying.

Sacae's where the first lord from the prequel, Blazing Sword, is from. Ish. You'll find not a mention of her here, hinting that she was pretty much just there for tutorial purposes. Because her campaign is a tutorial, see.

sense of balance and peace in Elibe. However, that balance was suddenly disrupted...

of Elibe.
Look at that man! If that isn't evil, I don't know what is.

against him.
Y'know, I never quite got why someone would want to take over the world. Surely it's hard enough dealing with just one country...?

Sadly the tutorial never technically happened, so he's Res-less. Not that that's really a problem right now...

Eliwood was the second lord of Blazing Sword. He's not as famous as Roy, probably related to the fact that he never was in Smash Bros. or anybody's boy.

You're probably going to hear that a lot. Brace yourself.

to pay her respects to Eliwood.
Hector was the third lord of Blazing Sword, who was sadly beardless then.

Lilina we saw in the tutorial. I don't know how she's related to Hector, because in Blazing Sword Hector used axes.

Bors is the boss from the tutorial. His stats have improved, surprisingly enough.

: illness, eh?

there wouldn't be many soldiers around here because they're getting ready to take on 
: Of course, who do you think I am? But you never know when reinforcements are gonna show up. All right! Kill off the guys in the castle while we still got time! Then all the loot is ours!

This is, more or less, our opposition. I took the pic while the screen was transitioning. Not my best move. :U

This jerkwad is aiming to loot the village. Which is why we gotta get to them ASAP.

Or kill him. Either one works.

Unfortunately he takes advantage of the fact that we aren't here yet and ransacks that village.

This schmuck - Merlinus - is master of the convoy, both in Binding Blade and in Blazing Sword. Unlike later games, the convoy is a physical unit rather than tied to the lord.
: The bandits from Bolm Mountain have surrounded us!
: I see... Damn! If I weren't in this state, I would teach them a lesson...!

: Lilina, you must hide somewhere. This castle is going to become a battlefield.
: No, sir. I will fight, too!
: Don't be ridiculous. If something were to happen to you, I wouldn't know what to say to Hector.
But she's a mage! Those bandits have, like, 0 Res!
: To my father? But...
: It's going to be all right. Roy should be almost here by now, so if we can hold our own until then, we can drive off these bandits. Merlinus! Send a messenger to Roy informing him of this attack immediately!
: Y-Yes sir!

Way more enemies show up, along with a friendly unit.

: Why are you in such a hurry?
: Master Roy! Bandits have appeared and are attacking the castle as we speak!
: WHAT! Is Lord Eliwood safe?
This schmuck is Alen.
: He's inside, defending the castle against the bandits'. But I don't know how long he can last his illness...!
Sickness won't affect his defense, though. Sure, he won't be able to dodge, and his attack is lowered by 25%...actually never mind, let's go.

: Are you from Ostia? Lady Lilina is in the castle. She should be all right, as long as Lord Eliwood is with her, but he can't last forever.
: No...I shouldn't have let Lilina go to the castle before me.
: Lord Roy, regret won't solve anything. We must recapture the castle!
: Wolt is right. We must hurry!
: Yeah. You're right. All right, let's go! We're going to save those trapped in the castle!

The game's afoot! Let's check out our units not named Roy or Wolt.

Marcus might seem good, but he's already promoted - meaning he can't reset his level back to one and thus only has 19 levels to go rather than 39. Also his growths are bad.

Alan has high Str/Spd growths, and semi-high Skl/Luk growths, but not very high Def or Res growths.

Bors has pretty bad growths. Oddly enough (for a Knight), he has a higher Spd growth than Def growth. By 5%, but still.

Lance is quick, which is good. He's not lucky, which might be bad (though critical chances aren't too high anyways, at least for now).

Let's start off by moving Roy here, with Wolt coming behind him. (As a note, Roy - sadly - doesn't have a non-Rapier weapon, instead having a Vulnerary. It's good because Roy can now heal, but bad because Roy can't save uses of the one-of-a-kind Rapier.)

For whatever reason, Lance has an iron sword equipped. So let's use that!

The best thing about cavaliers is that they have access to swords and lances. You're able to hit two of the most common sides of the weapon triangle! (I think?)

As a note, swords are accurate, but lack in power, axes are powerful, but not very accurate, and lances strike a balance in between. The more you know trufax

Yeah, Lance! :toot:True hit made that have a 34.03% chance of hitting.

Let's move Alan over here. He's already got his iron sword equipped, thankfully enough - a lance is at a disadvantage here, and we don't want to be giving these guys any hit.

Unfortunately, not only do knights only have four move, they can also only use lances. Not quite ideal for facing brigands.

Marcus passes all of his stuff to Alan so he can't attack and rob our basic level 1 units of precious EXP.

By the way! Promoted classes count as level 21 for EXP calculation purposes. So not only would you be putting EXP in for bad growths, you'd also be getting less EXP and wasting it for the guys who aren't awful!

Alan can't use the Silver Lance right now. I'll either keep it or sell it for cash.

The head honcho moves onto the castle. Bah.

: But they ain't gettin' to the castle so easy!
Are...are you aware that standing on the castle prevents Roy from capturing it?

Axehead number 1 attacks Lance in an attempt to hurt him, fails, and gets killed for his troubles.

The annoying thing about doing this LP is that my ctrl key is being a bit sticky, so I often do things that I don't want to have happen.

Let's have Marcus visit this village.

Aren't you knights going to the castle? This may not be much... But this is something we'd really like to offer you. Please use it well!

5000 what received? EXP? God I hope it's not EXP, that would be a waste.

...actually it's probably gold. Yeah. (It is.)

Don't screw this up, Wolt! CURSE YOU!!!

Monkey Dance

Here ya go Lief :1

Let's try to get some EXP for Bors here. (After repositioning him so he's closer to other stuff.)

Emphasis on "try". Though I guess he did technically get the  You Tried EXP point.

So always stick to the weapon triangle, folks.

Let's try to weaken the archer a bit.

The archer tries to kill Roy. I believe that the Lord is prioritized when trying to kill your units. The funny thing is that this only had, like, a 1/4 of a chance to miss.

This isn't nearly as surprising.

Nor is this. ...Thank god Lance is axe-repellant.

This is a different bandit, but with the same results.

The first bandit to hit, of course, hits Roy.

So I was thinking on ways to ignore the purpose of bows when

(this is the only guy Wolt can kill that's in range)

It doesn't matter except now Wolt's right next to an axe guy. Gotta kill him!

Redeem thyself, Bors! ...please?

Redemption accepted.

Our boy kills the bandit on the right...

...Alan kills the one up top...

And Lance doesn't kill the remaining one, getting himself hit in the process.

This leads to a level, however. Drumroll, please!

I'll take the Str, Spd, and Luck.

Dammit, Roy. At least he has a Vulnerary. And killed the guy on the counter.

Getting a level!

 A point of HP isn't a good level, Roy. And it especially doesn't make up for you getting hit.

Meanwhile, another bandit attempts to attack Alan. He misses, and Al hits for 11 damage on the rebound.

There's no enemy that can kill Roy, so I send him to finish the bandit.

The bandits end their turn, so I move up and use a vulnerary. No, I have no idea what the hell Cnt and Trv are supposed to mean, though I believe Trv is Drop.

Everyone else scoots up.

Lance(?)* gets attacked by a bandit.

*I don't know who this is anymore. I accidentally deleted most of the post.

This doesn't go well for the bandit. His entire life was wasted.

Next turn, Lance uses a vulnerary and shows off a unique ability of mounted units: Canto. (Not to be confused for the region where you find Pikachu.) A mounted unit that moved and did a non-attack-or-staff action can move again equal to the amount of spaces s/he didn't move before. (So if you have a move of 8, move 4 spaces, then use a vulnerary, you can then move four more spaces.) This is more useful in the non-GBA games, where you could move again if you attacked or used a staff, but we'll be able to find a use for it here. Probably.

Everyone else moves to a nice little line...

...and Roy's head turns out to be an axe magnet.

Bors moved to weaken this archer,

Alen worked on killing the axe guy,

and Wolt proved that maybe, just maybe, he wasn't so worthless after all.

Actually Roy killed the guy, but Wolt still deserves an A for effort. (Also for making sure that the guy doesn't kill Roy.)

Lance went to make sure that this bandit didn't kill Roy.

He instead tries to kill Alan, netting him a level up. Party Favor

I'm taking it. Speed's useful, and Skill's good. Especially when you have only four.

Though I guess one of your weapons being swords makes it not matter that much...

That extra point of speed didn't help him dodge the archer's attack, though. (...I have no idea what the hell happened.)

Bors continues his holy mission to slay the demon archer.

Mission complete.

Now that he's the only one left, let's look at the boss:

Cons: he's going to hurt like hell if his attacks connect, and he has 24 evade. Pros: he has a hit of 60 and a range of 1.

Theoretically, you could use Lance's Javelin - which has a range of 1~2, like a magic tome - to whittle him down. In practice, though, it's not likely to happen, even considering that non-magic weapons don't lose uses when they miss. (At least, lances/axes/swords don't.) Both his 24 avoid due to being on the gate and having weapon advantage doesn't help.

Decidedly more likely, you could use Wolt to wear him down, though this is going to take a long while.

Far more likely to happen (with his accuracy of 94 - with true hit, that's a 99.34 chance to hit!) is using Roy to deal with him. I don't this turn - Roy needs a vulnerary - but that's what I end up doing mostly.

Along with some stupid things. (Lance never hits him.)

Aw, thank you.


Wolt's decidedly better at hitting...

...though 66.66% of his attack is rendered pointless.

Huzzah for non-total incompetence!

We can finish him next turn! Dunspach is Glory! (Accounting for, of course, enemy regeneration rates.)

Not accounting for Roy deciding to be a fancy-ass, though. And I was going to feed that kill to Wolt, too...

Only when the dice roll right, bud.

And that's not today. Though Def is nice, and I still like Skill. I think I'm the only Fire Emblem player who will say that ever.

I still want that point of Res back, but I don't think we'll be facing magic-wielding enemies for a while.

And with that, we seize.

(Well actually I faffed around a bit but that's not relevant. Yet.)

No love for Merlinus?

: Father! Lilina! ...Thank goodness you're all right.
: Roy, thanks for coming this far.
: Of course, father. How is your health?
: I'm fine. I'm still alive, see?
That isn't what he meant and you friggin' know it.
: But Roy, you do know why called for you back here?

: the Lycia Alliance Army.
: Right. As you know, Bern has started to invade Lycia. We must follow the ancient pact and send out Pherae’s military to defend our land.
: Yes.
:I didn’t want to send for you because you were still studying, but I’m not well…I would merely be a hindrance.
: Father…
: Lord Eliwood, I will accompany Roy! My father is in charge of the Alliance Army, and my magic could be of some help to Roy…”
: No, Lilina. You must return to Ostia.
: …Why?
Yes, why, Eliwood? She's a mage! She'd wreck everything!
: With Hector’s absence, the people of Ostia must be feeling uptight. As the princess, you must take the throne and ease the tension of your people. Do you understand?
That's almost a good enough reason. Almost.
: Roy, first you must go the Bern border and meet with a mercenary band that I have arranged a contract with. I’ll send Merlinus along with you. He’ll be helpful with his knowledge.
: Thank you for everything, father.
: You’ll be fine. You can do it! Go fight, and show them who you are, the next heir to Pherae!
: Yes!
: Bors, I have something to ask of you.
: I know, my lady. I will accompany Roy in his travels and swear to protect him with my life.
: Thank you, Bors. Roy, be careful.
: I know. You too, Lilina!

End scene. And chapter. Next time: with a mercenary band.

New character stats:
Roy, our boy:

Level 1 Lord
Affinity - Fire

HP: 18 (80%)
Strength: 5 (40%)
Skill: 5 (50%)
Speed: 7 (40%)
Luck: 7 (60%)
Defense: 5 (25%)
Resistance: 0 (30%)
Con: 6

I'm refraining from actually posting notes on the character growths, because I'm not a FE veteran. I like that his Skill is a coinflip, though. If nothing else, he'll be accurate.
Alan'll hit the fan:

Level 1 Cavalier
Affinity - Fire

HP: 21 (85%)
Strength: 7 (45%)
Skill: 4 (40%)
Speed: 6 (45%)
Luck: 3 (40%)
Defense: 6 (25%)
Resistance: 0 (10%)
Con: 9
Lance is ready to advance:

Level 1 Cavalier
Affinity - Anima

HP: 20 (80%)
Strength: 5 (40%)
Skill: 6 (45%)
Speed: 8 (50%)
Luck: 2 (35%)
Defense: 6 (20%)
Resistance: 0 (15%)
Con: 9
Wolt lets loose a bolt:

Level 1 Archer
Affinity - Ice

HP: 18 (80%)
Strength: 4 (40%)
Skill: 4 (50%)
Speed: 5 (40%)
Luck: 2 (40%)
Defense: 4 (20%)
Resistance: 0 (10%)
Con: 7
Looking after Bors is quite a chore:

Level 1 Knight
Affinity - Wind

HP: 20 (90%)
Strength: 7 (30%)
Skill: 4 (30%)
Speed: 3 (40%)
Luck: 4 (50%)
Defense: 11 (35%)
Resistance: 0 (10%)
Con: 14
I know I said I wouldn't comment on the units, but why the fuck does a knight have a higher speed growth than a defense growth?!
Marcus belongs in the circus:

Level 1 Paladin
Affinity - Ice

HP: 32 (60%)
Strength: 9 (25%)
Skill: 14 (20%)
Speed: 11 (25%)
Luck: 10 (20%)
Defense: 9 (15%)
Resistance: 8 (20%)
Con: 11

Thief Lief Katano appeared!
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Re: The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

Post by Burnin' Bunnies on 3rd July 2015, 1:48 am

So, what exactly are Affinities? I've never really plated a FE game besides the Awakening demo. :U

Also, I am cheering for Alen and Wolt for no real reason.
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Re: The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

Post by Lief Katano on 3rd July 2015, 2:34 am

Who isn't cheering for Alen? (Alan? I don't know at this point.) And Wolt's a popular underdog. (Actually he's kind of awful, especially compared to other archers, and especially compared to other units. But we can overlook that...for now.)

I suppose I could make a filler post! I planned to make this when I actually got around to getting a support, but now lets me actually go on it in detail like I love doing.

Affinities and you:

Affinities are assigned to each named character (or at least each player unit; Bors didn't have an affinity when he was a boss, and neither did Damas, the boss of chapter 1.) Each of them has a set of bonuses attached to them, invoked when a support is made between two units.

Supports are basically the two units being cool with one another, and are another new feature introduced in Sword of Seals. (Technically, it existed before, though SoS definitely expanded on the concept.) They're generated as the two units spend time with one another (i.e. they're adjacent at the end of each turn). Once enough time is spent together, they have a support conversation, and their support levels up. There's three support levels (C, B, and A), and a unit can have a maximum of five support levels.

To level up a support, you need a certain amount of points. The points needed for each level are consistent - you need 60 points for C, 120 (total) points for B, and 200 (total) for A. The "base" amount differs from one pairing to another, and the amount of points generated each turn is specific to each pairing. For example, Roy and Alen start with 20 support points, and gain 4 each turn they're adjacent to one another. After spending 10 turns next to each other, they can level up their support. You can gain a total of 120 support points per battle.

The effects of each affinity are as follows:
C. Evad+2.5+2.5+0.0+2.5+0.0+2.5+2.5
You multiply the affinity bonus by the support level (1 for C, 2 for B, and 3 for A), then add it to the other unit's affinity of the same level. Tada! You're now powered up! With love. Or brosmanship. Something or another.

Continuing Roy and Alen, both of them have Fire affinity. So a C-rank support will have them both get +1 Atk, +5 Hit, +5 Evade, and +5 Crit. Not bad! This only grows as they rank up. (All decimals are cut off if they don't end up as a whole number with the adding.)

Each Support bonus lasts as long as the units are within three tiles of each other.

Also if you get two units to A-Support you may get a special ending, though I think in this game it's Roy-exclusive.

I already have Roy's five supports planned out - three with Lilina, one with Alen and one with Lance. If you have anything to suggest, feel free to do so!

Also as a note this works pretty much completely differently by the time Awakening rolls around :U

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Re: The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

Post by TheCapsFan on 3rd July 2015, 10:48 am

Thanks for that, Lief. I've had no idea what those were since I first played Sacred Stones (they never explained it) and I've been too lazy to look it up.


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Re: The game that Roy is in - Fire Emblem Sword of Seals

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