Competition Results—March 2015

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Competition Results—March 2015

Post by Caprizant on 1st April 2015, 7:03 pm

In our very first monthly forum competition, an unnamed team representing the left brain won over Sinister Sinistrals, who had already decided on their name, color, and mascot while we were just waffling around. This month, they wanted revenge.

But will they get it? Find out under the spoiler!

and the winner is...:

What a comeback! After last month's loss, Sinister Sinistrals underwent a strict training regimen. 4.2e60 push-ups a day, I heard. And enough keyboard button presses to... cause many... keyboard pressings. I had a joke going there, but I couldn't find a punchline in time. :B

Though the team has a surprising inconsistency in activity, they managed to pull through thanks to a fairly even distribution of threads they've posted in, and the drive of one Truthseeker4449 (with a score of 95.745, more than a twenty point jump from last time!). And though their one win in the Counting Game provided the only game win of the entire month, it put the proverbial icing on the hypothetical cake for the team, bouncing them a whole point ahead of their original total score. This had no effect on their chances of winning, but it makes it look just that much more embarrassing for the still-unnamed left team.

The score, in the end, was Sinister Sinistrals: 39.75417; Unnamed Left: 33.16167.

As previously stated, the highest score for Sinister Sinistrals was Truthseeker (95.745). The second highest score on the team was Burnin' Bunnies (44.06), followed by Lief (33.76). The highest score on the left team was Greece (59.065), followed by Lief Katano (50.51), then Cаprizant (40.37).

Greece earned the most likes (31). On the left team, the second highest amount of likes was Cаprizant (28), followed by Lief (18). Prince Charles received the most likes in Sinister Sinistrals (29), closely followed by Lief (27), then Truthseeker (22).

Once again, TheSnazzMaster managed to nearly double their post count—remarkable, considering last time they had less posts to double!

Following is a complete spreadsheet of the scores. If anyone would like to dispute the scores or double-check the math, feel free to do so.


TS: I don't remember how many digits I told you to round to, but forget that stuff. I forgot I didn't actually round in the first place. :B

Finally, as you may have noticed, the score weighting has been redistributed. Our new scoring system is thus:

Posts: 9%
Games won: 11.5%
Threads in: 19%
Threads posted: 26.5%
Likes: 34%

The weird percentages are because I lost 7.5% somewhere along the line when I first set this up, so I just added 1.5% to each category. :B

Also, I'd like to replace or rework the "threads in" category for next time around, as that section's quite tedious to score. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Our new blue background will be up tomorrow. Badges will be ready whenever I can decide on a final design.

Well played everyone, and good luck in April's competitions! :D

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Re: Competition Results—March 2015

Post by Burnin' Bunnies on 1st April 2015, 8:46 pm

Yay!! I was seriously worried that we didn't do well enough, despite our efforts... Dunspach is Glory!
Burnin' Bunnies

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Re: Competition Results—March 2015

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 1st April 2015, 9:05 pm

Woo! Yeah!


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Re: Competition Results—March 2015

Post by Nopon on 1st April 2015, 9:58 pm

Come on team, we can do better! I even got us 50 points!

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Re: Competition Results—March 2015

Post by Greece on 2nd April 2015, 11:20 am

Highest score for the left team Dunspach is Glory!

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Re: Competition Results—March 2015

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