Four Guardians characters

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Four Guardians characters

Last night, I was going over my idea for the story I've had stuck in my head for ages. I've gone over the basic plot ideas I've had (still trying to figure out what's best Dreaming), but now I'm going to show off the main characters for this story. I can't remember if I've shared them or not, but either way, here they are (and btw, the first anime character maker I used, I wasn't too happy with in terms of how the characters actually looked):

north guy:

North guy has blue hair and blue eyes to match his elemental ability: Water (this is going to be a recurring theme with all four characters btw). Originally just wanted a calm, cool, and serious acting guy with short hair. The snake staff is actually something I want to incorporate into the character and story (since the lore that is inspiring this story has both a tortoise and a snake).

east girl:

Love, love, looove that second pic, and that's probably going to be her final design. As you can see, she has green hair and eyes, which, kind of goes with her element: wood (as in green leaves). I guess brown would be more appropriate, but that's not as fun for an anime character. Dreaming
I've been a bit torn as to what her personality should be, but the original idea was kind of introverted and serious.

South girl:

...don't know where I was going with on that first one (I think schoolgirl-esque?), but the second design is okay. Might change it up though. South girl has the red hair and red eyes (for fire), is very smart, and very cute.

west guy:

I think I was going for a combination of Danganronpa characters with his hair (Mondo's spike and (spoilers for first game) [spoiltext]Ishimaru white hair after his transformation[/spoiltext] ). Unfortunately, neither character maker had a good spike like Mondo's, but the first one was okay. Anyway, his powers are over the element of metal, so he has silver/white eyes and hair. He's the youngest of the group, and shows how immature he can be sometimes. He's a nice guy though, and will pull through when needed. I kind of designed him with a punk-esque look, but...not sure it fits his character very well.

Some other information and ideas I had going for these characters:

Early ideas had them gain their powers either through symbols on certain parts of their bodies (this was based off of another story idea I had, which was a short lived one), or, as seen on some of the pictures, through different relics they wore (necklace, ring, etc.). Usually, they would touch the symbols/relics to activate their powers or summon a weapon (funny example: east girl summons a wooden hammer to bash people who are acting dumb (mostly west guy Laughing)), but other ideas I've had more recently just has them with their powers naturally apart of them (as in born with them), or just possessed by the spirits based off of the mythology I shared in my last blog. Guess I could work out multiple ideas together to see how that works.

North guy has a crush on south girl. This was an idea I had from the start (and totally not after I had other ideas fly into my head).

West guy also has a crush on the east girl, but she wants nothing to do with him. There was also an idea to have some tension between them at first due to his father being the king of the west. This tension is due to that great war idea I had, where the east land was ravaged by the west kingdom during the war or something like that. Another idea was that the west girl's parents died during the war, so even more tension.

North guy has a sister. I started this idea after creating this character:


She is super kawaii kitty girl! Coy Cat

...she only cosplays as a cat though, she's not an actual cat.

North guy is always embarrassed by her, but west guy thinks she's cute (because he likes cats).

Other ideas for other characters were a young and beautiful empress who was the leader of the southern land, possible inclusion of Iris (another OC I have) as south girl's sister (who also works as an assassin or in some cool military group thing), west guy's father being the king of western land (no, not the Mario Party 2 board Dreaming), possible sister for west guy, south girl's father being a businessman of some sorts (or someone important in the southern kingdomland thing), east land's leader being close friend and mentor to east girl (also has a son who is close friends to east girl), north leader being an older guy who has great knowledge of the history of the land and of the powers the guardians have, and a few other minor characters here and there. yeah, a lot of ideas for this story, but they're all so mixed up in my head that it's hard to actually write them down on paper...and there's probably a few dozen more ideas bouncing around in my head that I can't think of at the moment... Loopy


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