Let's Play Prison Architect

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Let's Play Prison Architect

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 14th June 2015, 6:25 pm

Welcome to my new Let's Play! Prison Architect! Where you build and manage your own prison! Amazingly this rather highly detailed game is still in Alpha.

Now something important I want to say about this Let's Play, I'm not going to sit here and tell you how to play the game or show you through the menus. I'm going to be covering my design of my prison, the construction of my prison, and the happenings in my prison. As such I skipped the introduction/tutorial.

What will end this let's play? Hopefully not inactivity, instead I'm thinking more of when the prison is able to stably handle every kind of inmate.

So without further ado, part one!:

Main Menu! Excited

There on the left is the latest update post, kinda like the posts in the Minecraft launcher.

We're starting a new game because I don't have a game that I prepared earlier.

Oh... I wasn't expecting this screen. Uhhh... let's start with size of the map. I'll go with large, because why not build a huge prison?

Next is Fog of War. This means that I can't see wherever there's not a guard. I don't know if this is an option that can be toggled in game or not... I'm going to turn it off, just because this is my first time playing the game.

The next few I've never heard off... They should be pretty self-explanatory, but mousing over Generate Buildings reveals that I could use the buildings. I'll turn forests and lakes off, but turn buildings on.

Failure conditions? Sure why not? This means that if my conditions of my prison are horrible, then I'll be fired! And the Let's Play ends.

Unlimited Funds is naturally going to be disabled.

And this is the site of my new prison! And man this building doesn't look very useful... Also I only have 24 game hours to build the basics of the prison... Namely the administrative offices and a holding cell. But I kinda want to demolish this building first...

And the first workers arrive in style! For those unfamiliar with the game, I get these guys for free.

Wow these guys work faster than I thought they would. So uh while the second truck pulls up to unload, I should now read that letter.

Summary, build a Warden's office, a kitchen, a holding cell, and a canteen (cafeteria). Unfortunately individual holding cells are expensive to build in comparison to a holding cell, though the holding cell isn't very popular among prisoners.

Let's start with the Warden's office. The Warden's office, like most offices, is a 4x4 space, excluding walls. It requires an office desk, a chair, and a filing cabinet.

So while my workers build the office, yes I did initially make it too small, I'll start working on power and water, both of which are needed in a prison. Since this will be a large prison, I am making the power station larger than it needs to be right now so I can install capacitors around the whole thing. I'll extend that blue print up high enough so I can fit the water pump in the same room.

My power station and pump are complete! My office is also not far behind, it just needs a bit of power! Though I am having issues with doors... They don't seem to be sitting right and I selected a normal door at first instead of a staff door, which I presume adds more security.

But I can go ahead and hire my Warden!

Also I hit my laptop's wifi shut-off button without noticing. Good thing this game doesn't require constant online access.

Ugh, stupid workers... leaving garbage in the path of where I need to build my holding cell... Or so I thought, but it seems it's more door placement issues. I need to redesign my whole entrance to my prison, which I didn't think out that much...

*moves it to the side of the power bay*

....this is not going well. I guess I'll need to build every room separate... unless the problem is my building material. I'm using concrete, but Brick is also an option. ALSO WHY DOESN'T THE WARDEN HAVE POWER YET.

Ah-Ha! Now I'm getting somewhere. Turns out that after the foundation is laid, you have to use walls to fix my problems! Well aside from the doors. Anyway now I need benches and a toilet or two.

I'm feeling a time crunch now... I've got the holding cell now so I can store prisoners when they arrive. The unlit rooms are going to be my kitchen and canteen. Also I've started researching an accountant and Chief Guard. The accountant will allow me to spend more money than I make, while the Chief will give me a couple more options regarding prisoner management, plus reports on prison stability.

My Kitchen and Canteen are nearing completion as my workmen now begin building a shower. Why a shower? Because inmates get stinky pretty quick. That and I get money if I do! Well technically I get the money first, but then have to build the structures within a certain time limit or face penalties.

Crunch time! I've hired some staff! Just gotta seal off some areas...

And just in time! The first prisoners are here!

*locks some of the doors*

Also just realized I have nothing to stop guys from just running off.

*throws some fencing down*

Oh yeah, I can also disable my intake.

Now I won't have any more prisoners until I say so.

Well everyone seems to be settling in. Now I just gotta build a yard to finish off this grant, then I can start on cells! Because those inmates won't like their present accommodations for very long...

Quick note, you'll see that some doors are showing green markings, that means they are locked open. They will only be shut if I hit the lockdown button, which is kinda for emergencies only. Why lock a door open? Well I trust my inmates to make their way to where they need to go since they only need to spend a certain amount of time there in the first place. It also speeds things up a bit.

A red mark means the door is locked-shut and I think can't be opened by anyone. Maybe I should test that out on the front door.

...aw shit. I put down foundations in the main hallway for aesthetics and I demolished the walls as part of that... At least it's an easy fix. Also I have my accountant!

Hurry my minions!

*collects that grant money*

*lost screenshot*
And those cell blocks will have to wait again as I need to build a staff room now! According to the message I got anyway.

Oh nu... a prisoner died... well what now...

Oh good an ambulance is here to pick him up!

Also I'm so into this game right now that I'm not very tired despite it being 2 in the morning...

Gotta save for the night....

So I've finally gotten around to designing my first cells! And yes I added some hallways in before hand... I have 12 cells designed, but my grant requires 15. So I'll add another row of 6. I'm trying to keep all my administrative offices in that hallway next to the power-plant. Perhaps in the future I'll demolish this area and start over with the offices.

What I will probably do soon is turn my holding cell into a laundry mat and upgrade my kitchen to produce more food.

Oh god my prison is getting really filthy...

*starts researching cleaning*

The warden's primary job in Prison Architect is unlocking new stuff and some features.

And my Maintenance Foreman has been approved! Now I need to make him an office so I can start researching cleaning!

But first!

My cells need furnishing. Every cell requires a bathroom and a toilet. I would go ahead and designate these as cells now, but I don't want my inmates moving in quite yet...

So much construction. So much so that they haven't gotten around to finishing my office yet CURSE YOU!!!

Which I've noticed I've made larger than necessary! I should put the staff room there and change the staff room into the office!


*sets all of them to normal shut*

Well now that I can safely house up to 19 prisoners, let's bring in more prisoners!

But first let's install a metal detector at the enterance to help stop contraband!.

I've got my foreman! But as soon as I fix one problem, I've got several more. I've got people who want to visit, and I've also got some guys who need to be released. From what I can tell I actually need to build a room where the warden and chief can talk to the prisoners. I've already got the chief unlocked, but he needs an office. So I'll make two more four by four rooms to deal with the releasing prisoners first.

Also you can see that I'm taking in 12 prisoners in 8 hours. This should take to capacity, unless I've become horrible at math.



I'll install more capacitors. Hopefully that'll stop the system from overloading again...

...I think we're okay now. Geez this is becoming more eventful than I was expecting...

I'll set that staff door back to normal operation. I had locked two doors open to help get materials in as quickly as possible. I know I put down a capacitor earlier, but since I had the door locked... I don't think the workers installed it. So the generator as I will now call it even though it isn't really a generator, overloaded itself.

Also I think I'll keep this jail door open for the time being and shut only in case of emergency. Or when the prisoners are moving about while there's holes in the wall.

Anyway where was I? Ah yes building some more offices.

Damn a parole office needs to be 5x5... Visitor Center however has no size limits so let's make this the visitor center.

Also I can hire janitors now!

I meant to hire just three, but I got four instead because I misclicked. Oh well. It'll help get the place clean faster.

The new prisoners are here! And I can still do basic math! Excited

How on earth did my prison get so busy that I'm having to micromanage my security doors to get stuff done quickly...

Anyway my visitation rights grant tells me I have to build a common room. Why build one when I can repurpose my holding cell?

Crap my danger level is increasing... I should probably get to work on that parole thing, that might be one of my problems. I've got seven serious complaints right now. I do apparently have a couple addicts in this lot. Hmm I think several of them want to exercise, so let's throw some bench presses down and pray for the best.

*danger level increases to !!!!, medium*

Also I think I'm going to make much of this area to the south as some of the other facilities that I need, like a hostipal and the parole area.

I better get started on that hospital, another guy just died... On the plus side my danger level has fallen back to 0. The compliants appear to remain though. And despite my new parole room, nobody has been released yet. Hopefully the game sorts that out on it's own...

And there's a grant for a medical ward! Let's see... build the ward, hire two doctors, and hire a psychologist. Okay sounds easy enough. I'll build that overnight.

Also I'm having my guys research everything as much as they can. Especially the chief.

Oh shit I just closed out the game... at least there's autosaving, but how much did I lose...

Thank god I lost nothing Phew!

Now to plan out what I want to do. Well I suppose I could start with the easy one, the office.

And now my psychologist's office is complete! I put a sofa in so he could "talk" the prisoners. I say "talk" because I don't think he actually speaks to any of them in his office. More for decor than anything else

And that's that taken care of!

I'm going to sit back and watch for a little, see if I can find any problems.

Danger level is already rapidly increasing thanks to 12 complaints...


*throws down more drains to hopefully stop this*


....dear god. I wasn't expecting something like this so soon

Let's see.. I had an escape attempt, a fight between guards and prisoners that now requires several to be in the sick bay... And apparently a toilet backed up...

So I guess I'll build four solitary cells next to the medical ward... It seems there's no required size limit, but I'll build it as a normal cell. Oh it doesn't even require a bed or toilet. Okay so no bed or toilet.

*lost screenshot*
Another broken toilet... I don't know why... Dammit...

I think I need a laundromat and FAST. But first I'll hire two more guards. My existing guards already seem quite busy wrapping up the existing mess. Plus it seems I don't have enough for the number of locked doors that I have.

Laundry is finished, now I've just gotta staff it or something. Also I figured out how to get the parole hearings started. Right I now I'm quite keen to reduce my prison population...

So I've seen somewhere that more free-time reduces tension, so for now I've cut out some of the lockup time and replaced it with free time.

I've also added two phones to the common room. Hopefully that takes care of the family aspect, which is the other really common complaint.

I've also made it so that "hopefully" that the prisoners can now work in the laundry.

Also since it's now night, I'm going to expand my yard and canteen a bit.

My first released prisoner :D Diesel was in the first group of prisoners.

And there's another broken toilet in the cell block...

I those new phones are really helping, like a lot. Perhaps I can start focusing on other things, like a CCTV system? I unlocked that earlier and and automated doors would makes this a lot cooler.

Or I could make a church since that' seems to be a common request too. So is drug and alcohol rehabilitation... Might as well focus on the rehabilitation.

Well rehabilitation isn't going too well as I can't get it start a session. It says all rooms are full...

Hmm... my prison seems stable for the moment, so how about I put it up to you guys. I could build a Chapel, a Security Center, a Classroom, a Morgue, a Mail Room, a Workshop (this one has quite a bit that goes with it but can also earn me money), or more cells and find the absolute limit of my system.

Just as a heads up, I probably let the prison continue to operate as is without modifications until the start of the next part. It is entirely possible I will start the next part with some desperately needed modifications instead of what I listed above.


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Re: Let's Play Prison Architect

Post by Guest on 14th June 2015, 10:35 pm

Forgot how funny some of the prisoner bios were! Laughing Weren't they submitted by people who bought the game or something like that?

Anyway, this is pretty good so far! Quite tricky running a prison apparently.

Also, I say go for either a chapel, a workshop, and/or test the limits and build more cells.


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Re: Let's Play Prison Architect

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 14th June 2015, 10:47 pm

Yes, if you bought a high enough level of the game. I believe it's the second package offered

That's not too helpful...


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Re: Let's Play Prison Architect

Post by Guest on 15th June 2015, 12:44 am

Sorry Sorry. Okay, I say go for a workshop.


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Re: Let's Play Prison Architect

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 20th June 2015, 8:52 pm

Part 2: Prison Improvement:


*hits the bangup button*

Thank god that's working. For the record this is actually the second food-related riot, I reloaded my save because I forgot to save the first image. First time around they damaged a number of tables and sent ten to the medical ward.

Now to figure out what went wrong... And hopefully before sunrise or I'll lose the game...

I think my prison work program is the cause of this. I've assigned three prisoners to work in the kitchen and my theory is that this renders the cooks unable to work because all the cooking slots are filled. But because my prison doesn't yet have a training program for this job, this results in nothing happening. Well except for a riot.

*looks though some of the menus*

Well it's not the work program, that shows no prisoners assigned at all...

Looks like I have Power and Water. I'll sack my current workers then and replace them.

*new workers do nothing*

...I'll dismantle the extra cooker and dump the presumably old food.

So I did some clicking my logistics menu and I think I've got my problem fixed now. Before I had no prisoners assigned here now I have all 16 here.

Now I just gotta wait until day... in the mean time I saw something about water shutoff valves. I'm going to buy one and see if does something. If it works like it says on the tin, then hopefully I won't have any more flooding.

Wait a second.... what's this stuff under the beds? That doesn't look right...

*sends a guard to start searching the cells*

And my shut off valve is ready! This valve should shut off water to my upper two rows of cells.

Yup this did exactly what it's advised to. I'll begin installing shut-off valves in every cell. Now every cell will have a valve inside the cell. Hopefully these valves are something that the prisoners can't mess with. Also I'll need to reroute my pipes to make this work as the valves can't be within a wall or under something else.

This is pretty risky with everyone in my prison hungry.... but I need to get the job done quickly now as there's no turning back... I'm locking some doors open that way my workers don't need to wait so long.

I do believe my guards just started executing a random search of my entire prison and they've found drugs, and quite a few shanks... Also got a good chunk of the plumbing work done so far.

Phew! major crisis adverted. My prison now has food again.

My prison looks stable for the moment. So I will walk away for half an hour and see if things are alright when I get back. I'll also set my prisoner intake to 2 medium security inmakes a day, since they pay more than minimum secuirity.

*ended up forgetting the intake setup*

So my prison once again seems nicely stable. So now I'm going to start hiring some of these new people I can now hire. The most important the moment is the lawyer, just in case the worst happens. Plus he has a number of interesting things he can unlock. Like unlocking Death Row, as well as saving my ass from the game ending penalities.

First though, I need to build him a standard office.

While I'm working on the office, I'm also adding another parole room. Why? Because I think it'll double my output of "reformed" prisoners and I get a nice bonus for each one. Maybe by messing with the schedule I could achieve the same results, but we'll see what this room will do for now.

And both rooms are done! Next I want a few more cells, but first I think I should beef up security a bit by building a security room and a kennal! I'll build these new rooms on the rather empty hallway towards the bottom right of the prison.

Security rooms have to be at least 4x4, kennals 5x5. For asthics, I'll make both 5x5. Also I'm going to seperate this area off with another large jail door to keep my guards closer to my prisoners.

The security room requires the same materials as an office, but mine will also house wiretaps and a few cameras. "Wait" you may say, "aren't wiretaps illegal?" Not in prison, plus there's a small sign that I'm just now installing that says that your calls may be recorded and reviewed by the security staff.

These are my built rooms! Now to staff them and connect my phones to them. If I can figure that out... I know there's an option to wire stuff together in the utlities menu.

*buys two more guards*

I'll just connect these phones in the common room. I haven't seen any prisoner use the ones in the Visitor Center.

DOGGY :D I shall name him Snoopy 1.

Anyway I think it's time for another row of cells!

Hmm... It seems my power capacity is reaching it's limit, but very slowly. I'll check back on it after I'm done building my new cells and I'm making a lot of them.

And I mean a lot. So many I think I'll need another canteen, kitchen, yard, and common room at the very least. I'll go ahead and build as many as I can, but I fill them all up just yet. I'll fill them at a slow rate until I find the where my present facuilities are at their limit.

Things could get very bad if someone doesn't move this trash quick... My prisoners are in the yard right now so I've got the yard door locked at the moment. Hopefully nobody will escape...

Hiring a new guy doesn't fix the problem. Hopefully a new jail door will....

Phew! it did.

Hmm... I think it's about time to add another capacitor.

Also enjoy this completely uncut image!

So it's been a while since my last screenshot. I have my prison intake back open and as you can see, I've more than doubled the number of cells and even though most aren't occupied, they seem to be earning me money anyway. Which is good because I've spent most of my money on this project.

*accidently closed my LP Text Document out without saving and had to rewrite the next two screenshots*

Wait, what was that? What happened? Two people are injured? One guy is heading to Solidatry? A fight? But my danger level is marginal, why would there have been a fight?

Oh no... that's a bit sad... I'm not quite sure what happened here, but I do believe the prisoner started attacking his parole officers. But that only extends his time in prisoner... what drove him to do that?

*lost screenshot showing all but one sub-division of cells complete*
So this is my prison so far! Notice that've spent most of my cash on this endeavor! And that my profit margin has fallen somewhat... I'm not sure if I have enough money to finish this project, but I do have a grant for this I think that'll give me another $50,000 instantly since I've already met the requirements. I was hoping to save that until after the new cell block is finished.

Right now I'm thinking that my next project after this is to expand my yard, canteen, and kitchen to accomodate this massive growth in capacity. Though instead of expanding my yard, I think I'll just build a new one.

I am wondering if my common room and shower will be big enough to handle the sizable increase in demand.

Oh so I do have prisoners that use these phones, better tap these phones as well then.
Also I will now begin testing the present system as I have now set my intake to 5 prisoners a day.

So I've noticed a couple things about my canteen. One is that for some reason I'm missing part of a wall. The second is that it doesn't look like my present food delivery setup is at it's limit already. It's taking a rather long time to feed my prisoners and I'm sure lack of food is more likely than anything to drive my prisoners mad.


*hits the bangup button*

*lost screenshot, again...*
What's up with that guy's uniform? It's red not orange... *checks the prison population* ......how the fuck did I end up with two maxinmum security prisoners? I was thinking of making a brand new faciality just for those guys... Dammit... They add a whole new complexity to my whole plan... And it seems like that guy is the one who started it too.

But it seems I can recruit him as an informant to help track down contraband/escape attempts, so I'll go ahead and do that.

My lovely prison block is now finished! And that's where I will call this part for now!

Next time! Urgent security upgrades and House Keeping! Sorry for ignoring your suggestions after all... Sorry


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Re: Let's Play Prison Architect

Post by Guest on 20th June 2015, 10:31 pm

@Truthseeker4449 wrote:DOGGY :D I shall name him Snoopy 1.



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Re: Let's Play Prison Architect

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