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Archived Shippings

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 9th February 2013, 5:03 pm

All good things must come to an end and shipping is no exception. This post exists as a graveyard for old shippings, all here for various reasons. But all hope is not lost as any of these shippings can rise again if conditions are met.

If you believe there is an error or the list requires an update, please post about it in the Old World's Shipping Lane.

Ships involving members who did not join us when we evolved from a social group to a forum.
User x User
2011ersShipping = Destiny Queen x shayminrules
Ain'tLifeGrandShipping = Fab x Locked In My Asylum x everyone in the Pit Stop
AlmightyShipping = Neltharion S. Deathwing x Senzura
AntiAshShipping = Enzap x Neltharion S. Deathwing x Zwampert
AriesShipping = Jack Pschitt x Koutetsuban
ArtistShipping = Rainbow x Shadow Mist x Devin x Game Maker
AskAQuestionGetAStraightAnswerShipping = Evil Ash x Kahuna Matador
ÀToutLeMondeShipping = Pyradox x The Mocker
BattleOfTheTwinsShipping = Jolty Febe x Princess of Lumas
BBBFFShipping = Mijzelffan x Pears
BroccoliMonkeyIsHighOffItselfShipping = Pokévision x Kahuna Matador
CanWeGetATableForNineShipping = Archaic x Joltik x Arcturus x Lief Katano x Moderator x Neltharion S. Deathwing x Neko x Pyradox x Seto Kaiba
CatEarsShipping = Truthseeker4449 x Yuki
ClownCrocodileShipping = Enzap x Neltharion S. Deathwing
ConfusedShipping = Kyumorph x Pyradox
CreepyWafflesShipping = Neltharion S. Deathwing x Wafflegurl
CuteLil'HolidayAvatarsShipping = Captain Snivy x Kahuna Matador
DawnWillGoOnShipping = MisterUrban x Neltharion S. Deathwing
Don'tAskDontTellShipping = Neltharion S. Deathwing x Marik Ishtar
DragoniteIsLoveShipping = Neonbolt x Kahuna Matador
DragonsPwnshipping = DracoMan x Kahuna Matador
EonKittyshipping = TheMedicineCat x Shiny Celebi
EpicBroFistShipping = King Maggot x Abba
ExperimentShipping = Kyumorph x Professor Erin
EyebrowShipping = jokool x Mintaka
FAB!Shipping = Fab x Everyone in the Pit Stop
Fall2010Shipping = Mr. Fahrenheit x Kahuna Matador
FastFoodRoyaltyshipping = Neltharion S. Deathwing x Destiny Queen
ForeverASlowShipping = The Puppetmaster x Kahuna Matador
FullMetalSkywardSwordShipping = TheCapsFan x mite75
Good&EvilShipping = Neltharion S. Deathwing x Star
HatoradeShipping = Scarlet Sky x Neltharion S. Deathwing x ♥Zoey♥
HotTubShipping = Fab x Jack Pschitt x Pyradox
IAmFabulousShipping = Kahuna Matador x sombra29
IcyBedShipping = Hiromi x Hypersonic
ILoveYouSoIKillYouShipping = Mijzelffan x FinalArcadia
I'mCopyingYouToFillTheVoidShipping = Locked In My Asylum x Jolty Febe
IncompatableOrientationShipping = Fab x Sunburn
IndecentProposalShipping = Snoozle x Kahuna Matador
Indonesianshipping = Neltharion S. Deathwing x bluemanaphy
InsomniacShipping = Destiny Queen x Mintaka
iPadBuddiesShipping = Fab x Lief Katano
IWantMoreShippingsShipping = Devin x Neltharion S. Deathwing
JustForLaughsShipping = Lux x HilbertCrossLover
JustForTehLulzShipping = Caprizant x User_Name
JustSitBackAndWatchShipping = Truthseeker4449 x Royal Scone
KakunaMewtataShipping = Master Mew x Kahuna Matador
KakunaMintakashipping = Kakuna Matador x Mintaka
KingAndPrincessShipping = Neltharion S. Deathwing x ♥Zoey♥
Knacapsackshipping = TheCapsFan x Sackboy
LeafyJackalShipping = TheCapsFan x LucarioGirl
LetTheShipsComeShipping = Lux x Mizuhashi
Loverdovershipping = Neltharion S. Deathwing x Xi <3
LugiaSigShipping = Kahuna Matador x TrippinOverPokéballs
LynchMeYouFoolShipping = Zenax x HilbertCressLover
MarsupialLoveShipping = Opossumguy x Kahuna Matador
MessedUpOnDrugsshipping = TrippinOverPokéballs x TheMedicineCat
MoéShipping = Destiny Queen x Invisible
MuffinTruckShipping = Drew MacGyver x Kahuna Matador
Musicalitashipping = Neltharion S. Deathwing x Autumnbreeze-49
NatGeoCareerKickoffShipping = Kahuna Matador x Zenax
NeedzMoarShipsshipping = CuboneKing x Kahuna Matador
NefariousAdictShipping = adit8888 x Neltharion S. Deathwing
NfiNitelySerperiorShipping = Neko x Serperiority
NilesShipping = Fab x Jack Pschitt
NiNteNdosoNyyugiohzexelshipping = the sony Pokémon dude x Neko
NyehCatShipping = jokool x Yuki
OneSidedLastPostShipping = Caprizant x Destiny Queen
OneTwoThreeStrikeOutShipping = Locked In My Asylum x Leon Kuwata
OtherselfShipping = Caprizant x Pokemoll
OwnagePhilosophyShipping = Kenshi x Kahuna Matador
PicturesatanexhibitionShipping = Autumnbreeze-49 x Destiny Queen
PlaythingShipping = ReshiramDragonofTruth x Lavendrowzazeemontw0
PossiblyGodlyShipping = Kyumorph x Pyradox x Space Opera
QuestionableSexualityShipping = Akuraito x Hypersonic
RaiseYourVoiceShipping = Neosquid x Pyradox
Red&BlackShipping = Neltharion S. Deathwing x Shadow Mist
RingOfEndlessDerpShipping = Alphaphlare x League x Neltharion S. Deathwing x Serperiority
RoleReversalShipping = Hypersonic x Koutetsuban
RPGShipping = Lief Katano x the sony Pokémon dude
SaturnicJunglePhilosofyShipping = $aturn¥oshi x Kahuna Matador
SeasonfullyShipping = Neltharion S. Deathwing x Sourcandy
SerpenBugShipping = Serperiority x Kahuna Matador
Shippersbeshippingalotshipping = J J M x Neltharion S. Deathwing
ShipEverythingShipping = Truthseeker4449 x Yellow
ShippingShipping = Mijzelffan x Kahuna Matador
ShippingToyMastersShipping = Truthseeker4449 x Joltik
ShockALionKingShipping = Zwampert x Kahuna Matador
ShutTheFuckUpShipping = Lief Katano x OceanicWildfire
SilentCapsShipping = TheCapsFan x Yellow
SilverSpawnSupportersShipping = Kayi Rowling x Kahuna Matador
SongTitleShipping = Singing in the Rain x Kakuna Matata
StarTrekingWhilePossiblyFightingSomeWarsShipping = TFSpock x Kahuna Matador
SupremeThemeShipping = mwto x Neko x FinalArcadia x HilbertCressLover
TeasingShipping = mwto x Neko
TenThousandShipping = Ebail x Locked In My Asylum
TheHardeningofGameMakingshipping = Kahuna Matador x Game Maker
TheHomestuckBrigadeShipping = Locked In My Asylum x Pokemoll x Abba x Caprizant
ThePlanetaryArmPitStopShipping = Caprizant x Joltik
ThePoetandtheMuseshipping = SamPilgrim x Kahuna Matador
TheTurtwigsRInShipping = ♪Twiggy♪ x Dark Cry x Neltharion S. Deathwing x TFSpock
ThisNameDoesn'tHaveToMakeSenseShipping = Lief Katano x Yuki
ThisShippingExistsBecauseItCanShipping = Truthseeker4449 x HilbertCressLover
ThrowABrickShipping = Lavendrowzazeemontw0 x Arc
TimeTravelShipping = Space Opera x Pyradox
TrueHotTubShipping = Fab x Pyradox
TruthfulShipping = Koutetsuban x Truthseeker4449
TweetboardStalkersShipping = Green Zubat x Kahuna Matador x SilverChromeX
TWEWYShipping = Greece x Meow Wow
Twin-TimelapseShipping = Rayne x Kahuna Matador
UpYourArsenalShipping = Sublime x Neltharion S. Deathwing
VigilphobiaShipping = Flonne x HilbertCressLover
WaitWhatShipping = In Soviet Russia x Neko
Wallpostopolisshipping = Kahuna Matador x Zenax x Parmalee
WallpostShipping = hurristat x Kahuna Matador
WedoanddontlikebeingshippedShipping = J J M x Destiny Queen
WhatIsShippingShipping = Joltik x User_Name
WeDon'tKnowWhatWe'reTalkingAboutShipping = Jolty Febe x Lief Katano
WeGotUsAShitloadOfShipsshipping = Neltharion x Kahuna Matador
WeirdoShipping = Truthseeker4449 x Jolty Febe
WeirdScienceShipping = Professor Erin x Pyradox
WeLoveNshipping = Destiny Queen x Neko
WeNeededToShipHimWithTheMiddleSisterEventuallyShipping = Arcturus x HilbertCressLover
WisconsiniteShipping = Marik Ishtar x Millapoke x Kahuna Matador x LucarioGirl
YoIHeardYouLikeVMStalkingSoIShippedYoVMStalkerWithYoVMStalkerSoTheyCanVMStalkEachOtherWhileYouVMStalkThemVMStalkingEachOtherShipping = Ebail x mwto
YoubeshippedalotShipping = Neltharion S. Deathwing x shayminrules
YouSlapMyBackISlapYoursShipping = Lief Katano x HilbertCressLover

   AGoodRipoffShipping = the sony Pokémon dude x invizimals
   AllThingsKHShipping = the sony Pokémon dude x Kingdom Hearts
   BATrainersGaloreShipping = the sony Pokémon dude x Red
   Cray-CrayDogShipping = Lavendrowzazeemontw0 x his/her dog
   EmotionShipping = Lavendrowzazeemontw0 x emoticons
   GentlemanShipping = mwto x V x Nando x Xerces Break x Nagihiko
   GimmicklySadisticShipping = HilbertCressLover x IV (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
   HappyCyclingShipping = Fab x Boards of Canada (Band)
   HelloGoodbyeShipping = Lithuania x awkward entrances and exits
   IGotSoManyCargoShipsINeedToCondenseItShipping = the sony Pokémon dude x Nintendo x sony x Sega x food x the 39 clues x Pokémon x The Planetary Pit Stop x the interweb x interweb forums x IGN x making my own comics x gaming x hanging out with my real life friends
   ILikeSayingThatILikeThisShipping = the sony Pokémon dude x pie
   LostInTranslationShipping = Fab x Scarlett Johansson's beautiful arse
   LoveToHateYouShipping = Koutetsuban x ranting about Fraud
   MabelPinesWouldBeProudOfSpongebobshipping = Fab x Striped Sweaters
   NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shipping = the sony Pokémon dude x Nintendo
   PokémonShouldBeOnSonyShipping = the sony Pokémon dude x Pokémon x Playstation
   PokéSpeIsNotThePokémonMangashipping = Hypersonic x Koutetsuban x Pokémon RéBURST
   SonicAndMarioAreBestFriendsShipping = the sony Pokémon dude x the Mario franchise x the Sonic franchise
   StolenStoriesShipping - Fab x Stealing Stories from Tom Waits
   TreatMeBetter!Shipping = mwto x Orbital 7
   UFOShipping = Jolty Febe x Alien monsters (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
   YouAreSoFreakingADORABLEShipping = Yellow x Foxes

Shippings that have lost their true meanings because of username changes or time.
None found so far

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