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I'm just going to post this, regret posting it, then ignore all the comments that follow it (not you guys, this was for the Youtube post Dreaming ). Probably going to copy/paste it in a few forums since I've been debating this in my mind for awhile now:

I've played Paladins since about October last year and I love it. I've also seen a lot of Overwatch stuff and recently bought it during the Anniversary sale. Love it too.

When I first started playing Paladins, I really didn't pay much attention to the "OMG RIPOFF" stuff, even though I've noticed a lot of stuff. There's a lot of similarities in the characters, no doubt. Same can be said for Team Fortress 2, which both of these games draw inspiration from.

But anyway, with this new Champoin (as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4fdxUd8U9U ), and after finally playing Overwatch myself, I'm going to say it: An Asian guy who can deflect attacks with a sword, then dash forward to attack sounds pretty similar to Genji. They're different, but you can't deny there's something there. Add to that he can turn to smoke and move faster sounds similar to Reaper. His basic attacks can also be compared to Reinhardt's Fire Strike ability. Little bits and pieces everywhere.

Add to that other characters who are either similar in appearance and/or abilities, and you have a heck of a lot to talk about: *Torbjorn and Barik* (no explanation needed), *Skye and Sombra* (both purple wearing stealth flankers), *Reaper and Androxus* (just the looks here, they play much different from each other), *Widowmaker and Kinessa* (only differences are appearance and ult, but Cassie takes Widowmaker's ult), *Soldier: 76 and Viktor* (soldiers who use guns and sprint), *Hanzo and Sha Lin* (both use bows and can easily kill you), *Pharah and Drogoz* (both fire rockets and have jet packs to fly around), *Mei and Evie* (both can turn to ice blocks to protect and heal themselves, plus have similar aoe ults that are ice based), *D.Va and Ruckus* (both small characters that pilot mech suits, but D.Va is cuter and Bolt just laughs as you die instead of ejecting you), *Roadhog and Makoa* (both use chains to pull you in and blast you in the face)....I could keep going, but you get the idea.

That being said, I couldn't tell you who ripped off who...if there even is any ripping off (but given all the similarities....). It'd be like answering the age old question, "Which came first: The chicken, or the egg?" Both have been in development for ages now, and both have had their characters in the planning stages for just as long. I will say that, while Overwatch has most of it's characters from it's launch, the majority of characters I've mentioned were released after Overwatch's initial release date... But again, development time makes that fact a bit moot.

Now, I've gone on about how similar the games are, but I've only mentioned the characters. Honestly, that's about the only thing these games have similarities in (except for the fact that both can have toxic players and community members, but that's anything with the word "online" in it nowadays :P ). And there are some characters that are very unique to each game. Heck, even some of the characters I've mentioned have their own unique twists to their gameplay (though, some can be found in other characters...).

The gameplay itself in these games have a very different feel from each other (even though they're both the same genre). Both have some similar game modes (like payload pushing and capture points), but each one feels much different from the other. Maps are vastly different in both games (most of Overwatch's maps feel longer and more complex, while most of Paladins are simpler, and have straightforward paths to follow (game modes do play a factor in this however)). There's also the fact you can switch characters in Overwatch, but not Paladins. Meanwhile in Paladins, you can customize load outs and items for your characters, but in Overwatch, what you see is what you get.

There's also the loot systems that feel very different. Paladins has in game currency you can earn by playing and spend on stuff, plus currency you can buy with actual money. There's also a wide variety of chests that you can buy or earn for random items (including exclusives). Overwatch has the chest system, and you can earn them (mainly through leveling up), but that's it. The in game currency use to buy anything is only found in those chests. There's also no currency you can buy with irl money. You can buy chests with irl money, but that's it. The drops are a bit odd at times (I've gotten mostly player icons and sprays it feels like), and the currency is very hard to earn (only through rare drops and duplicate item drops), so I do give a +1 to Paladins for it's vastly superior loot system (though it is annoying at times as well...).

Anyway, I think I've covered just about everything I see in these two games, so I'll end this post here since it's turning into a wall that Trump would be proud of (OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH SNAP! Political joke!).

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Overwatch Vs. Paladins :: Comments


Post on 13th June 2017, 6:29 pm by Greece

[This is just kind of a weird info dump. but I'm not making it to refute or argue anything you've said. I just want to point some things out ]

I've watched videos on a the topic of Paladins vs Overwatch that focus on "who ripped off who" and the answer is both and neither.

Paladins and Overwatch started by taking inspiration from older games (I know one was TF2, but there are some others). When it comes down to it they started in the same place and took similar paths during development. The big thing is that they were in development around the same time, but Overwatch came out first. Leaving Hi-Rez the option of changing the game they were making or sticking with what they had done and having to deal with the "DIS IS AN OVERWATCH RIP OFFFFF" attitude it would get by some.

When it comes to characters, I think they've both stolen some ideas from each other. Most people give freedom sniper classes, because in order to work they all have similar abilities. So Widow, Kinessa, Hanzo, and Sha Lin get a free pass for most people (and basically all the support characters are good for both games, for some reason its easy to come up with new support characters).

Torbjorn and Barik -  This one actually isn't considered to much of a steal a mechanic dwarf isn't a new idea™ and that one plays as tank position and one is more about causing havoc.

Soldier: 76 and Viktor - My one problem with these two being compared is that they're supposed to be the basic FPS character. If you want to compare them and say they ripped each other off then we have to say "NUUU THEY RIPPED OFF HALO OR COD"- or some other game. I mean the sprint ability is the only thing they have in common and I'm not upset about people complaining about that but "guys with guns that shoot stuff" is a lot of games.

Skye and Sombra -  It's important to understand that Skye came out before Sombra did. Which is something I think is an important detail because it shows that this is a back and forth of taking each other ideas.

D.Va and Ruckus - Like Syke, Ruckus was playable before D. Va was revealed so you can't say the ripped each other off

Mei and Evie -  The ice block ability existed in Paladins before Overwatch.

Otherwise though there are a lot of visual simulates in characters, but they end up playing differently (Roadhog and Makoa being one of the ones I think of the most). But things like Pharah and Drogoz definitely have more of that rip off feel.

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Post on 13th June 2017, 8:17 pm by Guest

Hence why I said it's next to impossible to say who ripped off who.

Also of note, my post of this in the Paladins forums got closed a few minutes later by a mod for "Trolling/Non-constructive" post. Dreaming

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Post on 13th June 2017, 8:40 pm by Truthseeker4449

Wouldn't surprise me if that's a standard procedure. Sounds like the kind of thing to start arguments.

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Post on 13th June 2017, 8:51 pm by Greece

jokool wrote:Hence why I said it's next to impossible to say who ripped off who.

Also of note, my post of this in the Paladins forums got closed a few minutes later by a mod for "Trolling/Non-constructive" post. Dreaming

Hence why I said it was kind of an info dump, it was just building off of what you said and providing information for that entire point.

I'd also believe your post was closed for Truth's reason. There's probably been threads like it before that had a neutral tone, but then someone got upset and it turned into flaming.

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Post on 13th June 2017, 9:05 pm by Guest

It pretty much is it would seem. I went ahead and pm'd the mod who did close it and asked, but then said that it probably was best that he closed it before the negative comments started flowing. His response was basically that I answered my own question. :P

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