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You know you've done a bad thing when your game just stops on you because of how stupid you are.

Didn't realize that it was day 42 (been on this save for a while now), so this night will have the red skies and all heck breaking loose with all the zom zoms out in full force.

...I forgot to rebuild my base after the last 7th day wave hit, so I'm extremely vulnerable and my house will probably collapse if I stay in it (the walls are full of holes).

On top of that, I was far out exploring and trying to find things I've been looking for (like schematics for the shotgun and minibike, which I found thankfully)...

Soooo, I decided to make a mad dash back to base to dump off everything I had on me, then with what little time I had, try to run to somewhere that I might be able to survive (the odds are next to nothing that I live, hence why I left everything).

So, here I am, running half naked through the woods as the sky turns red... I did find a church, so I thought maybe that would save me, but there's a graveyard next to it....and with graveyards come dead people....so you can imagine how many zombies were around that church.

Decided to keep running towards a lake I passed by earlier with a shack out in the middle of it. I got about halfway there when the night finally hit....and the game crashed.

I'm assuming that it's because it was trying to spawn in all the zombies like it does, but I was running at the same time, so the game was unable to keep up with me....or something like that.

But I like to think that it's the game telling me how dumb I am for running out half naked in the middle of the worst night possible, and refusing to continue. Dreaming

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Post on 4th June 2017, 10:02 pm by Truthseeker4449

Hey but you were surviving!

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Post on 4th June 2017, 11:59 pm by Guest

And believe it or not, after reloading the game, I actually managed to make it safely to that lake with the shack in the middle! Amazingly, the hoards never even came near me during the night, so I guess zombies don't like to swim. Dreaming

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