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A Powerful Reminder Why You Need To Pay Attention To What You Are Doing Empty A Powerful Reminder Why You Need To Pay Attention To What You Are Doing

I was driving to Home Depot from Robotics Club about 40 minutes ago, it's dark enough that you can't see much beyond your headlights but there's still a little ambient light. I was sitting on the right lane of a 4 lane highway at a red light, first in line. Beside me, three cars. The light changed and the cars in the left lane accelerated away while I slowly worked through first and second gears. By the time I shifted into third and was doing about 30 mph in a 45 zone, we had gone about 800 feet or so and reaching the next intersection, an unlit one that had residential streets connecting at a 2 way stop.

Suddenly the brake lights of cars in the left lane came on as they passed through the intersection and I immediately sensed danger. Nobody slows down around here unless they have to, especially not right there, and the reason why quickly tumbled in front of me. I briefly saw a red glint, then a silver one and I quickly slowed down, knowing something had just fallen in front of me. Because I was going much slower and about 50 feet back, I was able to pull up and my headlights revealed a boy picking himself and his bike off the pavement. If I had not noticed the other cars, I would have a bloody smear square on my bumper. It looks like he was clipped on the back wheel by lead car and flung off his bike. If I had not slowed down, I would've actually ran him over, he was in the middle of my lane and Ayumi's headlights would not have picked him up until it was too late.

By the time I rolled up to him, he was already walking his bike off the road. I asked him was he okay. He responded that he was fine and the female driver that hit him had run over to ask the same. I pulled off onto the residential street to make way for any emergency vehicles that may have already been summoned and again walked over to ask if he was alright. It seemed the driver that struck him at least knew his face. He insisted that he was okay and repeatedly asked me not to call the cops or EMS. He didn't sound okay, but he was standing up and mobile. I acknowledged his request not to call, returned to Ayumi, and spun around in the neighborhood. By the time I returned to the main road to continue on my way, a cycling club had stopped at the scene.

Of course I can't stop thinking about this now and wonder if I should've called, or at least stayed at the scene until his breathing became calm. And of course the question keeps returning to my mind, why did he insist nobody call 911?

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Post on 19th April 2017, 10:34 pm by Guest

Oh sweet Lordy. That must have been terrifying... I imagine he wasn't supposed to be out late or something and/or didn't want to get in trouble?

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Kaede Akamatsu

Post on 19th April 2017, 10:45 pm by Kaede Akamatsu

He probably didn't want a huge hospital bill, from my POV. Insurance is getting fuckier and fuckier lately...

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Post on 19th April 2017, 11:19 pm by Truthseeker4449

Still, everything is free until you get into the ambulance. You can decline and I'd at least let someone whose certified in emergency medicine to determine if anything is majorly wrong that you're not aware of. The theory I've begun to kick in my head is he either had drugs on him or in his system. This guy did get hit by a car, and picked himself off the ground immediately. He then immediately grabbed his bike and was moving off the road. As I consider it more, it's starting to seem more and more likely.

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