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So I saw my Grandfather today. Despite having lost a couple of people important to him recently, he appears to be doing fine, though I did notice he was fidgeting with one of my late grandmother's headbands while he was talking to my parents about my brother.

Right now he's in the early phases in the process of downsizing. Both he and my grandmother have been living in a house large enough to have four bedrooms. And that house, absent of kids, has been filled with all sorts of souvenirs and knit-nacks from friends, family, and their world travels. My grandfather desires to move into a smaller house and is in the process of giving away or selling many of these.

And now I get to my point, it looks like I will be receiving the model railroad he worked on a few years ago. It was never finished because he lost interest in it. However all the trackage has been laid and wired, and it has a fair collection of rolling stock. The problem I face is that I have no space for the layout, which is build in n-scale on a solid base about 3 feet wide by 6 feet long. The whole thing will most likely go into storage for a few years before I'm able to actually have it in front of me, but at that time becomes the question of what do I do with it. Basically, I could finish the layout, or take it apart and rebuild it into a larger layout.

From what I know and saw of the layout today, I know it'll be a rather substantial amount of work to return it to operational status. It has sat uncovered for several years in the basement, resulting in a great deal of dust on the rails. There is also the issue of alignment of some parts of the track. The tracks were nailed down a bit too early, resulting in kinks in several spots and are frequent spots of derailment.

On the other hand, I'm not particularly found of the overall track formation. From my experiences in Train Simulator, I enjoy just cruising out on the road more so than shunting in the yard or working in congested areas. The layout was designed to be small and compact and pretty much only operate one train at a time in a loop inset with multiple smaller loops.

There's many more questions and considerations that would go into both ideas, but you guys probably won't be interested in that. Maybe I'll play around in Train simulator's builder...

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