It feels weird to accomplish something...

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It feels weird to accomplish something... Empty It feels weird to accomplish something...

The past...year or so I'd say, I honestly felt like I've accomplished next to nothing. Work has been the same over and over again, life goes on like normal, just nothing much has changed.

I've had a few things happen, like finally getting a PS4, but that just meant that I now had something new to buy games for. I already had a mountain of games, so after buying a few, I feel like my collection is good enough for now...until I see the next sale.

And most of those games have sat around collecting virtual...or actual dust. I literally can't remember the last time I beat a game before Final Fantasy XV earlier this month, which was quite an accomplishment in itself after the cruel sucker punch it gave me...

So, after I finally finished a let's play of 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, it hit me: I accomplished something. Something that I've put off for...*checks his old thread*...almost 3 years... @~@

It's one thing to have something done that's been sitting on my "To Do List" for this long now, actually have a feeling of's so foreign to me....

I mean, I guess I kind of had this moment when I did beat FFXV, but this hit me a lot harder since it's been so long...not in a bad way, an odd way.

...and it also makes me feel a bit lost...I know I still have a ton to do in life, really feels weird for me right, where do I go from here after pulling this feat off?

I know I'll get over this and figure out what's next, but...I just can't explain it...this weird feeling...

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It feels weird to accomplish something... :: Comments


Post on 1st February 2018, 12:03 am by Nopon

If its the feeling I think it is, then yeah its pretty sweet. I get it when I finish making a chapter, video, drawing etc. Feels great to create something right? To look at something and think "This wouldn't exist were it not for me"

So, what do you want to create next?

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Post on 1st February 2018, 12:46 am by Guest

Honestly, I'd like to finally get one of my ideas out of my head and on paper without scraping it as soon as I start and/or having a change of heart about it. I've made a few notes over the past few years with some of the ideas I currently want to work on, but even those are far different from what I have in my head now...

...I doubt it'd do me much good to get one of them done, but it's like that let's play: I've been sitting on it for years, just putting it off. Wonder what kind of reaction I'd have if I ever did get one of those ideas done?

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Post on 3rd February 2018, 7:09 pm by Truthseeker4449


You've done good.

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