Jo+Jo's Bizarre Adventure: Tourist Trap

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Jo+Jo's Bizarre Adventure: Tourist Trap

Post by Orcapon on 6th November 2017, 10:58 pm

So me and Lief decided to collaborate on a thing and it is...enjoy!

Lief Jotano Works at a Store:
"Alright, next..."

It was another day at the store, another long and boring day. Though none would have thought a boring day like today would be the start of everything. All because of....

"....You're kidding right?"

Lief looked at the bald man in front of him. He had been working as a cashier at the supermarket for a week now and had met many idiots...but this guy...

"Why the hell did you think this would work? The bag of chips was clearly opened, and it weighs way too much..."

Lief took the large bag of chips and removed the obvious tape, opening it to show a couple sodas.

"Woah! The hell you trying to pull here?! You stuffing metal cans in chip bags to make them feel heavier?!"

The man was clearly pretending to be shocked as he leaned over the counter. "I could tell everyone that your shop tries to con customers....or you could give me...a little discount."

Lief took a deep breath. This man...this man...

"I'm sorry, sir, but I can't do that..."

"Eh? What was that?! Hey, kid! The customer is always rig-"

There was one phrase Lief hated with a passion and that was it. In the blink of an eye, the man flew a few feet back as Lief stood there, hands in his pockets.

"H-he hit me!"

"Did not..." Lief glared at the man. He was about to walk towards the customer when an older gentleman came in from the back. The manager.

"What the hell, Lief?! You've been nothing but trouble since you started, but this settles it! You're fired! Get the hell out of my store and don't let me see you here again!"

Lief snapped back to his senses. He had gotten fired from another job. Crap. His mom was gonna kill him. He sheepishly left the store and began to walk off.

"Hey dude! Wanted to say that was real cool how you punched that asshole!" A boy around Lief's age had appeared in front of him. "Name's Johnny, pleasure to meet you!"

As Johnny extended his hand out, various items fell out from under his shirt. Lief was quick to recognize them, they were items from the store...

"I don't remember seeing you check out..."

" ya see...See ya!"

Johnny spun around and began running, Lief chasing after him.

"Get back here, you shoplifter!"

Johnny quickly ran into an alley and Lief followed. When he entered the alley, he ran into a dead end. He frantically looked around...nobody was here. Odd...

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