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Misc Short Stories

Post by Nopon on 17th July 2017, 11:50 pm

Going Home
The pitter patter of the rain outside my broken window helped ease my mind. It had been a long day, a long week at that. So much had happened, and now here I sat, inside the train, alone. I could barely remember where I was going, how long I had been on this train. A soft growl from my stomach snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Maybe I should get off..."

I spoke to nobody in particular. I was alone after all. I watched the scenery outside. Nothing had changed. It never did, not anymore.

A mountain looking down on the train. Standing tall and mighty against this flimsy contraption. I let out a soft breath as I stood up and went to my room's door. With a little effort it opened, and the darkness of the hall greeted me.

I walked past a puddle, it seemed to be new, was the roof leaking now? Nature was usually quite fast to reclaim that which had been taken by us. After who knows how long I managed to reach the end of the hall and found the door. I grabbed the handle and forced it open. The rain had seemed to be stopping now, and my growling stomach reminded me of my need.

I stepped onto the tracks, feeling the loose gravel beneath me. I made sure not to look to the left, it wouldn't do me any good.

That was where 'they' were. The ones I had had to move out of my car. I looked at the other cars of the train, sideways. Each time I saw it it reminded me of how lucky I was to be alive. What had caused my car to not turn over in the accident? Was it pure luck... or something more?

I smiled as the thought drifted in and out of my mind. No, I had to focus. The trees were all around me, but I could see the landmark up ahead. The tall mountain, perhaps there would be some people around there?

Thus I began walking.

One, two, no three hours of walking. At least that's what it felt like. On occassion I'd turn back and see the train behind me. Still so close. Maybe it was because I kept stopping that time seemed to drag on. Yeah, I'd focus on something else.

What would I think about? How I was just a simple train ride away from home? That everything had been fine until this stupid trip. This whole thing had been a pain. I had traveled to the next town over, hoping to find a job. There weren't any jobs for me at my town, not with how many businesses were closing down.

I let out a soft sigh as the sadness began to grow. No, I had to think about something else or I'd lose hope and give up! Hope. That was it, I'd think of the one thing pushing me this far. Annabelle.

She was so kind, so sweet, she was my everything, my reason to live. Our meeting wasn't like in the movies, love at first sight. No, we had been friends for years, and then one day I decided to ask her out. I had figured she'd say no, but she accepted. One thing led to another, and soon we got married.

I could feel myself grinning at the thought of her. No matter how bad things got she would always push me forwards. If not for her, I would never have graduated, I'd never have gotten a job in the first place, and when I became unemployeed, she helped me keep searching.

Pity I couldn't find anything, everywhere turned me down. Not much room for people like me nowadays I guess. I stopped to look back and felt my heart drop. The train was still there, as close as it had been before.

I turned and ran towards the mountain. I kept my eyes on it, and it didn't seem to be getting any closer. Why!? Was the mountain taunting me?! What had I done! I just wanted to go home, to be with my Annabelle again! Please!

I begged and pleaded but nothing. When I looked back I hadn't moved from my spot. Maybe...maybe I should rest for a bit, think things through carefully. Something wasn't right, but what...

I walked back to the train and sat on the tracks. I looked up at the sky, the clouds had cleared and the stars above shone brightly. Just like on our wedding night. I reached for the locket around my neck and opened it. There she was, in her wedding dress. My angel. How I longed to be with her again.

My stomach growled again. Hmph, stupid stoamch, ruining the mood. I looked around and frowned. There was no food left, I had already taken everything I could find. The first day had been the hardest, the smell of blood fresh in the air...and the moans.

I had tried to help, but it was no use. What could I do? I wasn't a doctor, I had no medical knowledge. Besides, they were all too far gone to even realize I was there. The pain must have taken over. The days after I had moved the corpses out of the train, the smell of the rotting flesh sickened me. I couldn't keep it there. I shuddered at the thought.

A loud humming caught my attention. I looked up towards the source and felt hope returning. A helecopter had come, a bright light meaning it was searching for something. I began shouting, waving my hands, hoping to be noticed. As the helecopter landed nearby I tried my best not to cry. I was saved, I could go home, I could see my love again!

One by one, people got out of the helecopter, likely rescue workers. They made their way over to me and the train, and I couldn't contain myself.

"Thank you! I've been waiting for so long! Do you have any food? Water?"

They walked past me.  

"Woah, you gotta see this! All the bodies are in a pile!"

"Any in the train?"

"Hold on, give me a moment to check."

"Oh, the bodies, that was me, I just couldn't stand the smell inside the train."

Yes that was it, the pile of corpses had caught there attention. I walked over to them. I'm sure I could answer some of their questions.

"Man, hard to believe anyone could survive this..."

"Hey, I found one!"

What? Had I missed one? I ran into the train, over to where the other rescuer stood, and stared. There was a body there, sitting in a seat.

"Ow, the glass must've done a number to the poor guy. You can see it sticking out of the other side of his throat!"

I walked over to the body, ignoring the workers. I looked at the locket the body had and fell to my knees.


I'm sorry.

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Re: Misc Short Stories

Post by Nopon on 20th September 2017, 12:52 am

The hot sun beat down on me as I looked ahead. Normally the heat would be my main concern, but today there was a more pressing concern. Before me stood a red haired woman, devilish smirk on her face as she looked at me.

"Did you really think you could do anything against my Rivers in the Desert?"

Behind her stood a large serpent, coiled around an ethereal woman. She was quite lovely, but my attention was more on the blond man laying on the ground, battered and bruised. This whole battle had been a bad idea, we had no idea what kind of power her stand had, and we fell for the trap. It was too fast for us to keep up with...and my stand wasn't much use...or was it? I began to grin, "Maze of Life!"

I reached out and a metallic...thing appeared in my hand. It looked like a lantern that was missing the middle...in a way it was just that...no it was more than that...it was my stand. A stand, the manifestation of one's mental energies, one's fighting spirit. Most people had something a little more...capable than mine. A clear example stood in front of me, the snake like Rivers in the Desert. It had been much faster and stronger than Lief's stand, Bare Naked Ladies, let alone mine. I quickly pushed doubt aside and continued to grin at my opponent.

"The hell you smiling at? You think you can do anything about this?!"

She seemed angry. Perfect. I knew people like her couldn't handle an arrogant grin. It made them feel like they were being looked down upon. I focused on my stand, and my grin grew even wider as it changed shape, looking more like a flashlight with a red bulb.

"Your stand really is fast...but is it faster than the speed of light?"

I pointed the flashlight at her, and she was quick to react. Rivers in the Desert let go of Bare Naked Ladies and shot towards me. It really was incredibly fast. Thankfully light was faster. A red light shot out, covering the serpent before me, and I charged towards it, and jumped.

In an instant I was in a field of flowers. I looked around as a soft breeze blew by. I took a few steps to the side and let Maze of Life return to its regular form, and then it opened up, turning into a lantern and releasing its red glow. I appeared a few steps to the side of Rivers in the Desert, smirking. This was the power of my stand. I could open gates to another world, and travel between the two as I pleased. Wherever the light shone, that was where a gate could appear, wall, floor...even air could have a gate on top of it.

I swung my stand and struck the serpent, which was quick to strike at me with its tail. Acting fast I closed Maze of Life and put it in front of me, blocking the blow, but being tossed back. I grunted as the wind was knocked out of me. Good thing Maze of Life was so durable, if it had been a direct blow I doubted I'd be alive to feel the searing pain in my arms. As I looked up Rivers in the Desert stood above me, ready to finish me.

"Looks like your little bluff failed you. Did you really think you could do anything to my precious stand?"

Her voice was still far. Perfect.

"All of you are the same huh? So caught up in trying to prove you're better than everyone that you forget the little details. I already did what I needed to. Such a shame you're so dense, guess you're all looks and no brain, heh."

I didn't need to be able to see her to know the expression on her face as she realized what I meant.

"Yeah, such a shame, especially since you have such a nice ass on ya."

"Y-you! I'll kill your friend!"

That was my cue as a gate opened around me and in an instant I was in the field of flowers again. I got up and ran a couple of feet. "Lets see, they should be around here I think..."

I opened my gate a few feet behind Lief. Drat, I was off again. Oh well, at least I'd have a good view of the finale.

"Such a shame you look so damn fine, my stand...she's a jealous type ya know?"

Bare Naked Ladies seemed quite annoyed at all the attention Lief was paying the woman, and how his eyes seemed to be focused on her...ahem...assets.

Before Rivers in the Desert could travel back to her, Bare Naked Ladies had already begun pummeling the woman, leaving her on the floor unconscious in seconds. Rivers in the Desert faded away as its user lay on the ground.

"Heaven knows no fury like a woman scorned..."

I let out a sigh as Bare Naked Ladies wrapped its arms around Lief before vanishing. Nothing made me more glad to have a Y chromosome than watching that stand's fury.

"You really are a damn pervert, probably undressing the opponent as I risked my life to save you..."

"Hey! I know for a fact you thought she was hot too! Besides, I could have gotten out of that myself." He was quick to retaliate with a jab at my arm, making me flinch.

"Ow...think something's broken..."

"Its what you get for using your stand as a shield again!"

"Yeah..well rather have a busted arm than dead again. So, want me to open a gate back home?"

"Hell no, you suck at getting us anywhere more than a few feet. I don't want to end up in the river again!"


As we both walked back home, I smiled. Having a stand like mine was pretty fun...if not for all the weirdos it attracted....

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