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Pokemon Giveaway on the Horizon Empty Pokemon Giveaway on the Horizon

So, I've got a bunch of neat Pokemon I don't use on Sun and Moon, so I'd like to give them to people who might.  I haven't figured out how yet, but I have a full box, ready to trade out whenever, though depending how I do this, I might mix in a few other things for the fun of it. There are a few Shinies I caught way back during my...hacking days, which I've specifically labeled.  They are entirely legal though, with mediocre natures, just caught with an "all wild Pokemon are Shiny" code.  So here's what I have.  

Magmortar, nicknamed Vulca, Mild
Shiny Palkia, Gentle
Landorus, Hidden Ability, Adamant
Thundurus, Hardy
Shiny Unfezant, Bold, level 100
Victini, also Bold and level 100
Meganium, Hasty
Shiny Gardevoir, Rash
Shiny Metang, Lonely
Diancie, Naughty
Shiny Milotic, nicknamed Leyna, Bashful, hacked but completely legal
Dragonite, Adamant
Shiny Groudon, nicknamed Codrex, (13 year-old me was weird) Brave, also hacked but legal
Savanna Vivillion, Timid
Monsoon Vivillion, Mild
Tundra Vivillion, Rash
Ocean Vivillion, Adamant
Keldeo, Rash, knows Icy Wind
Arceus, Bashful, knows Roar of Time and Spacial Rend
Shiny Pachirisu, nicknamed Pachi, Naive
Machamp, female, level 86, Adamant
Shiny Poké Ball Vivillion, undoubtedly hacked but I got it on GTS so it's legal I guess?
Ho-Oh, Relaxed
Aggron, Hidden Ability, nicknamed Ariana, Gentle
Celesteela, Rash
Celesteela, Hasty
Celesteela, Gentle
Celesteela, Lonely
Shiny Turtonator, Impish (fun fact, I accidentally hatched this while breeding for...some reason?  idk but I don't like Turtonator so y'all can have it)
Shiny Mewtwo, nicknamed Mewtwo.one, Serious, hacked but legal again
Thoughts on what other Pokemon I could include, or how I should give these away?

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Pokemon Giveaway on the Horizon :: Comments


Post on 26th June 2017, 10:58 pm by Nedoxu

I'd love that ho-oh... if nobody else wants it that is.

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Lief Katano

Post on 27th June 2017, 11:30 pm by Lief Katano

That Groudon would be awesome to have.

Maybe like put it up to a drawing if there's multiple people who want the same thing, idk

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Post on 28th June 2017, 7:42 am by Guest

Well, if nobody else is interested in them, I got my eyes on the shiny Pokémon (especially the Turtonator since it's a Sun exclusive), the Vivillion (still want to have a full collection of them), maybe a couple of the Celesteela (might use them as trade offers for the Ultra Beasts I can't get in Moon), and maybe the Landorus and Arceus?

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