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ARMS Direct - 5/17/17 Empty ARMS Direct - 5/17/17

Pop quiz! What do a ninja, a shonen protagonist, and noodles have in common? If your answer is "nothing" then, well, you're surprisingly wrong. If your answer is "ninjas can be shonen protagonists and eat noodles" then you're technically right but that wasn't the answer I'm looking for. If your answer is "they're all represented as playable characters in Nintendo's new game ARMS" then you're correct!

So! As usual, I'm Lief Katano, and that was your greetings for today! In case you couldn't tell from the title or the question I proposed at the beginning, today's Nintendo Direct focuses on new Nintendo IP ARMS - not to be confused with ASMR. And that isn't to be confused with Another Super Metroid Remake, which, to my knowledge, does not actually exist. I'd imagine the whole AM2R remake put the can on that... Anyways. While the focus is on ARMS, some information will also be dropped for Splatoon 2, the sequel to Nintendo's surprise hit on the Wii U, Splatoon.

Semi-related ARMS note - Mechanica, the girl in the robot, is the only fighter to not have spiral eyes or spring arms (well, excepting Helix, who has digital eyes). What does this mean for the rest of the ARMS cast? I suspect robotry.

Okay, Direct stars. Apparently nobody freakin' knows. Not even the fighters!

"I was shocked at first, but having arms like this is actually pretty rad." - Spring Man

Biff makes sure we know the deets! Weight affects arms - heavy is stronger but slower, obviously, and you can only block punches if your ARMs are of the same weight class or higher.

ARM attributes include fire, ice, electric, wind, blind, and stun. Make sure that your arms do different stuff! Effects only take place with charge attacks.

You might notice that this is all old news - because it is! His dash lets him unload his charged shot, I believe. Signature arms are Toaster (fire), Boomerang (Wind), and Tribolt (stun).

Mechanica is robotgirl, and apparently the only Regular Human in the cast! Because she's in a robot. Signature ARMS are Revolver (electric), Whammer (Stun), Home (explosion).

Ninjara is a ninjaman. Surprising, I know, and in college. And fighting...for his senior project. Hum. Siganture ARMS are Chakram (Stun?), Buff (none), and Triblast (explosion).

Mummy dude is looking for family, and uses Megaton (bigger when charging), and... Okay I have no idea what's going on.

New challenger! Kid Cobra! Doing this for, uh, his livestreams. Um. He uses snake arms, and uses Slamamander (wind), Hydra (fire, vertical bullets), Coolerang (ice). He can also slither across the damage.

Different modes include Fight! This includes items, like HP juice. 2-on-2 fights link teammates with each other, and friendly fire exists.

V-Ball has you play Volleyball with an explosive volleyball, and Hoops has you play Basketball with each other. There's also 1-on-100 modes, training modes, and target test.

You get new ARMS by winning and getting coins, to spend on lottery. Get duplicate ARMS? No problem - duplicates increase attack power!

Ribbon Girl is an ARMS idol, who has multiple air jumps, and who can drop down quickly. Uses Sparky (electric), Popper (wind), and Slapamander (fire).

Min Min is noodle girl! Because she's the poster girl for her family's ramen shop. She, notably, has a kick counterattack. And Dragon arms!

"Oh, ramen gods, why have you forsaken me?!" - announcer guy, desiring noodle arms

Helix's entire body is stretchable, created when trying to research ARMS stuff. He also has dragon arms, and shield arm options.

New fighters - clockwork cops! Byte and Barq - yes, as a tag team! Barq can attack enemies, and also serve as a stepstool for Byte.

Twintelle is another new fighter! She can slow down fighters while charging, has a nice butt, and...uses her hair to attack? I thought this was ARMS, not HAIRS! Everything I hold near and dear to my heart is betrayed!

But yep, that makes ten fighters total, at least to start with.

More Battle Modes - Grand Prix is story mode, ish, with you fighting ten rounds! ...But there's ten fighters! Who's the last character?!

Party is an online mode, with up to twenty players (two per Switch, ten Switches) per lobby. There's also ranked matches, with 1v1 fights. Also, you can multitask - do other stuff while waiting for the match to start. Local matches also exist, of course.

Final announcements for ARMS! ARMS will have new fighters, stages, and arms, released as free updates! Also a global test punch! 5/26 and 6/2's weekends will have you be able to demo ARMS online.

And now for something completely different - the aforementioned Splatoon 2 news! Going by the slow, silent pan, I'm going to guess it's story mode time. And also because the squid is diving into a sewer. Yep. Marie has apparently gone into a Japanese-based hiding, and is suspicious of Octarians. And is also apparently an unknown to the new Inklings!

But apparently the Octarians have returned, and you're going to beat them all up. Again. Similar conceptual bosses, it looks like, but... perhaps under new leadership??

Either way, that's all for now. That Marie returned for story mode and apparently is doing ~solo intel-gathering~ is interesting, but other than that nothing really caught my eye, so to say. Also that nobody knows of her. Probably takes place quite a while after the first Splatoon, then!

That's all my thoughts. Until next time, internet denizens!

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