Nintendo Switch Direct - 4/12/17

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Nintendo Switch Direct - 4/12/17 Empty Nintendo Switch Direct - 4/12/17

Greetings, internet! As per usual, I'm Lief Katano, here bringing you the latest information about Nintendo video games! Notably enough, this is our first Direct on Nintendo Switch games - namely, Splatoon 2, sequel to Wii U shooter superstar Splatoon, and ARMS, a fighting game tuned specifically so as to utilize the Joy Cons. It's also the first Direct that has games I am completely incapable of playing, as I am incapable of getting a Nintendo Switch. Yes, I'm still salty.

Direct time! Yoshiaki Koizumi is our guide for this Direct. First we're starting with 3DS titles, surprisingly enough.

First up is Pikmin 3DS, which is a 2D Platformer, and has Pikmin amiibo to call in for help!

More info on Ever Oasis, a game where you defend the world's last oasis! Available June 23. Wait, did they say Hey! Pikmin's release date? Crud...

Monster Hunter is next! Specifically, Monster Hunter Stories. It's a cuter, mon-collecting game. Comes this fall.

Yo-kai is here! Specifically, 2: Psychic Specters. Coming in the fall. I know it's at least sort of like Pokémon, but did they really have to inherit the "three versions" aspect as well...?

RPG Maker Fes is coming! Also Culdcept Revolt! A card/board/RPG mashup, August 29. RPG Maker Fes lets you make RPGs on your 3DS, and share them. June 27!

Miitopia time! A Dark Lord has stolen faces, and you have to get them back!

Fire Emblem Echoes info! There are DLCs. And a season pass for 'em.

Kirby's 25th anniversary! First, Team Kirby Clash Deluxe! Action RPG fights! Free-to-play! And available today! Also, Kirby's Blowout Blast! A 3D Platformer version of Kirby. Lacks his classic copy abilities, alas, but the version in Kirby: Planet Robobot was enjoyable. It comes out this summer, alas. And a multi-player action game later this year!

Bye-bye Boxboy! Last Boxboy game, probably. Also things are deadly. And save data bonuses! And demos! It's also available today!

Three new amiibos are available June 23! Also amiibos for the last few DLC fighters in Smash - Cloud, Bayonetta, and Corrin, with both of their main costumes involved.

Now we're focusing on the main meat - ARMS! It shows off some of the types of Arms availables, along with special effects - mostly elemental effects. Notable is that arms can be mixed and matched - your left arm can have a different effect than your right.

New fighter - Min Min! She can use kicks to deflect attacks and also use dragon arms. Dragon arms with lasers! Also note that your arms can be disabled for a bit if they take too much damage. Also you can have team battles, in addition to single duels. ARMS launches on June 16, and are also being released with Joy Con Battery Attachments and new colors.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe info! More characters are unlocked from the start, and you can battle online. And tournaments - two of which (for Battle and regular races) are held by Nintendo at launch! It launches the 28th.

Ultra Street Fighter II! New HD characters! Evil Ryu and Violent Ken are also now in the game, and you can also play stuff. Launches May 26.

Minecraft launches for the Switch. Meh. Portability's nice, at least. Launches March 11.

Neo Geo games for Switch Virtual Console.

Sonic Forces! Both Modern and Classic Sonic appear in this game, playing much like they do in Generations. Available Holiday 2017.

Sonic Mania is coming this summer. Plays like an old Sonic game, with Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles.

Fighting puzzle game! Flip tiles to hurt other people. Available this summer.

Fate/excella. If you've played a Warriors game, it seems to be like that. Available July 25.

Disgaea 5 Complete! I...already preordered that game. :V Over-the-top Tactical RPG. Available May 23.

Puyo Puyo Tetris! Puyo Puyo is like Tetris, except instead of clearing them with lines, you clear them by matching colors.

Monopoly on the Switch! That's...really it. HD Rumble lets you feel like you're rolling dice, Coming in the fall.

Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition! Lets you do former multiplayer levels solo and adds a soccer-esque mode.

I missed a game, but christ, there's a lot of info in a short amount of time.

Payday 2! Rob banks with your fellows. Cool if that's your thing. Not mine, so eh. Comes later this year.

Namco Museum! Play Pac-Man, Galaga, all that stuff. Also comes with challenges! Available in the summer.

May 19 sees the release of standalone Switch docks - handy if you need to tag between two different places. Or if you have two TVs, I guess.

US Inkling Open! This is for standard Splatoon, so only on the Wii U.

Also now it's Splatoon 2 time... I guess? ...Oh, Power Eggs are Splatoon stuff. I'm pretty sure. Yep, definitely Splatoon stuff. It has Inklings. Now you're working at Grizzco Industries, I guess. The weird trailer was related to a new mode called Salmon Run. You punch salmon stuff. You can be revived by having team mates shoot at where you died. Your main objective here is to get Golden Eggs and turn them in at the center of the map. You get rewards for doing it! The octarians return...but in what role?

New Splatoon amiibos, as well. You can have them save outfits for you, and they will also give gifts to you. Also, they still have compatibility with old Splatoon amiibos.

Splatoon 2 and its amiibos launch July 21st!

Aaaaand that's it for this Direct! Kinda lots to see, not much to actually learn, I'd say. Except for Splatoon and ARMS, I guess.

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Nintendo Switch Direct - 4/12/17 :: Comments


Post on 12th April 2017, 10:15 pm by Nopon

Overall this direct felt....meh?

Like they were too busy being "professional" and weren't having as much "fun" as per usual. Also I'm not a fan of the new headline style of cramming games in your face in seconds as none of it really sunk in too well (I forgot about kirby and Boxboy stuff so fast despite me being interested in it ;w;)

All in all I know I'm gonna get a switch by July.

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