How far we've come!

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How far we've come!

Post by Nopon on 26th December 2016, 12:14 pm

This has been a hectic year for everyone involved. The world has gone insane, what with a UK leaving the EU, a meme becoming president, and various tragedies, but its important to remember one thing. You're still here. You managed to reach the end of another level, and now, lets look back for a moment on everything awesome that happened this year, those accomplishments that have helped you grow into a better person.

This is the first post in "I've got something to be overjoyed about" that happened in 2016 Jack gets to say first

For convenience sake here's the next thread in the series.

Looking back through these threads, is there anything that jumps out at you as being extra special? One thing you want to tell us how its progressed?

I'll post some of my favorite moments later once I finish going through the threads, and smiling at everything that has made you smile. It's been a long hard year, you've changed, grown, and now that its about to end remember:


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Re: How far we've come!

Post by Burnin' Bunnies on 27th December 2016, 2:31 am

This is a great idea!

Major events this year:
• My older sister (not Valk) came home from her mission in Denmark!
• I graduated High School. I can't believe I hardly talked about this to you all, but yeah. I got two awards--the Patrick S. Gilmore award in band, and the Semper Fidelis Award for Band Excellence (or something along those lines). I'm going to be going to Brigham Young University Idaho studying Music Education!
• I made an Instagram? and a Tumblr? I never thought I would, but I guess I can include these here. They've been somewhat important I guess. (which I'll get to)
• I moved! This may not sound all that great to some people, but boy, I'm so happy here in Kansas? It's great? I love it. And there's been so much good that has happened since I've moved here in July.
• I voted for the first time, though...that really did nothing...
• I got submitted my papers and got my mission call! Before attending college, I will be serving an 18 month mission in the Nampa, Idaho mission (which contains part of Oregon in it! I've always wanted to go to Oregon, to be honest).

@Burnin' Bunnies wrote:Was watching an art stream and made more artist friends, and now I'm being watched by three more people on Tumblr~! <3 I love streams so much!
I have continued to make new art friends through streams. I've had great luck this year stream wise---both watching streams and learning, but I've also started streaming myself!
@Burnin' Bunnies wrote:So I think the interview went well?
It was the manager's first time interviewing someone, so he had no idea what kind of questions to ask, so there were some really out of the blue ones, like how I would sweep and mop the floor (this is a fast food restaurant, of course.). Which are really weird to answer? So I hope I did fine?

He says he'll definitely consider me, and that the other person who was supposed to be interviewed that day hadn't shown up, so we'll see. :shrug:
I never got this job--I don't know why, but I was just never contacted again. To be honest though, I'm not too upset. I got a solid job of babysitting! I've earned so much and have had great experiences thanks to all the babysitting I've done since moving to Kansas in July. I started the babysitting gig around mid August or so, I think. Most of the money earned has been put straight to savings for college and my mission, though I will admit that I splurged a bit, especially in these later months. ;)

Ultimately, though 2016 will go down in history as being a crappy year and so many people just didn't have it well this year...I can look at 2016 fondly. It has been a good year for me. I've found good songs (yes, I'll include this as well from like the past week or so), I've really just...grown in general. Something about being out of High School I guess and then having my own schedule of sorts (moving to a new place, babysitting frequently, learning to drive again). My art has improved greatly, like, yeah. It doesn't look like there's been a huge difference, but it's definitely there, and I think I can thank Instagram, Tumblr, and Streams and free time for that. Mostly streams, to be honest, but I include Tumblr and (albeit less so) Instagram as well because of confidence in sharing my art and talking with artists and all that, I don't know.

Art from the beginning of the year:

first actual post of the new year, though I was never really proud of it:

a colored sketch from the beginning:

a quick kinda venty sketch I did--openned me up to the idea of using custom brushes:

an experimental paintery piece...I did a lot of this sort of thing over the year, though I think this was the first:

another expiremental paintery piece, but also experimenting with layer modes and such...will be seen again towards the end of the year:

some newer art (since September at least---aka after the move at some point):

latest art--maybe the last of the year, maybe not :shrug::

a colored sketch:

some experimenting...again!:

I was very inspired this year, by both music and imagery.:

I gained a better understanding about bodies, especially hands:

and I finally finished the "Shatter Me set" (the Daer above was also a part of it). Featuring playing with layer modes again ;)  using tricks learned in streams:

The picture I think I am the most proud of:

(too many spoiler tags, didn't look section):

So...yeah. It's been an exciting year. I've grown a lot. And I think it was the perfect year for me to do as much as I did, if only because I'll be so disconnected from all of...THIS next year and a good majority of 2018 as well. This was the right time for me to learn all I did, in art and in other parts of life, so that when I get back from my mission I can keep going. So while I'm on my mission I can be confident and independent. I look forward to next year, but I almost dread it as well. My mission is going to be so hard, so very very hard...but I can live through it. I can do it. And 2016 has helped teach me that, in a round about, strange way.

Thank you all for being a part of it.
Burnin' Bunnies
Burnin' Bunnies

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