Wow, so much for promising to check in…

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Wow, so much for promising to check in… Empty Wow, so much for promising to check in…

Er… hey guys. *waves awkwardly*

Laptop is still not fixed, unfortunately. Apparently, not only do I need a new hard drive but I also need software to get the original OS, which was Windows 7, and that is really expensive for two people who only get $1200+ a month all together. All of the money goes to food.

I am also currently sick with a nasty cold. XP Which why I'm awake and posting this at a really weird time in the morning.

(A bit of brighter news: I have Pokémon Sun in my possession, and I've pretty much completed it. THIS GAME IS AMAZING.)

I've missed you guys tons and I'm really sorry for not coming back to check in.
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Wow, so much for promising to check in… :: Comments


Post on 23rd December 2016, 7:06 am by Guest

*glomps Lima*

I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!! Hope your computer problems get resolved soon, and get well soon!

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Post on 23rd December 2016, 10:20 am by Greece

Always great to hear from you! I hope you get over your cold (because they are the worst. I remember having one over summer and all I did was drink DayQuil and died)

Don't worry about us too much, and take good care of yourself!

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Burnin' Bunnies

Post on 23rd December 2016, 12:23 pm by Burnin' Bunnies

I really hope that cold improves soon! All I've got is an annoying snotty nose, as always, but colds are awful!

We all love ya and are understanding, so the quiet inactivity is perfectly fine. Here's hoping you can get your computer up and running soon (without yall starving, please don't starve. Food can be ridiculously expensive sometimes.)


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Post on 23rd December 2016, 4:07 pm by returnofmastercrazyhand

Get well soon lima and thanks for stopping by!

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