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Ugh...I may or may not be more tempted to get the Ultimate God Pack DLC, which unlocks all the gods (both current, and all future ones), for SMITE now...

I have quite a few gods unlocked right now, but I've also been playing ones I don't play as often and trying to unlock more...which is expensive Favor-wise... Favor is the in game currency that you get for playing, but it takes awhile to earn enough to just unlock one god.

You can also use Gems, which is the cash grab of SMITE, but you can also earn Gems by other methods, like logging in consecutively for a week gets you 50 Gems, there's surveys that have Gems as rewards, and random events and quests they do now and then. However, I only like using Gems on stuff you can only get with Gems (like some of the Odyssey exclusives they have right now).

Either way, I really just want to get the DLC and have all the gods at hand for when I feel like playing something different. Plus, you get all the favor you spent before to unlock any gods refunded to you, so that would be nice for unlocking other stuff (like mastery skins for my favorite gods).

Another thing is that I've been getting a lot of voice packs and skins randomly for gods I don't have unlocked from the bonus chests they've been giving away for the Odyssey event, so it would be nice to show those off...

The thing is...it's $29.99 for the Ultimate God Pack... They do lower the price now and then (like for Steam's Winter Sale), but it's still around $20....

Now, I was planning on getting a $20 Steam Wallet Card for the Winter Sale, but I feel a bit selfish spending that much on just one thing. But at the same time, since I've invested so much time into SMITE, I'd feel dumb spending money on games I may or may not touch for awhile (hence why I recently cut back on what's on my wishlist)... Plus, I always try to give gifts around Christmas time, so I hate to splurge on myself and not have anything left for you guys...

...UGH! I just don't want to feel selfish... Anger

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