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Hello! If you've been following the TV thread you likely are now aware that we can do synctubes (a site that lets us all watch the same video at the same time while able to chat in a chatbox)

As you may or may not know, its been a bit of a chaotic mess (you can mostly thank me :D)

Now one thing I have been thinking of doing lately is watching every episode of the one piece anime and figured this might be a good chance to try and get others to watch along with me. My plan is to watch one episode a day and I'm looking for people who might be up for it :D

I'm looking first because as you may or may not know, synctube is compatible with only dailymotion, youtube and vimeo. In order to synctube stuff we can't find I've made a dailymotion account in order to upload episodes of stuff for the sync (I will then delete them to avoid getting that channel shut down). This is why I'm asking ahead of time for anyone who might be up for it, as this process takes time to do :V

I plan to watch episode 1 tomorrow, if you're up for it say what time you can, also say what times you can normally join a synctube so I can better plan them out as we are currently doing three series not counting OP:

1) Adventure Time - the objective of this one was to get bunnies to watch it so I like to have me, Lief, and bunnies for these to occur, though apparently TS also enjoys the show so he might become a staple!
2) Ghost Stories - Best dub ever. I like to have at least TS for this one as both of us are fans of it, Lief is also a great addition to the commentators
3) Watamote - This one is more something me and TS watch when alone as nobody else seems to like it :V
4) One Piece maybe? - A one episode a day thing I want to do

If you're interested in one of these streams, say when you're normally available so scheduling can happen :D

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Synctube shenanigans :: Comments


Post on 17th September 2016, 10:52 pm by Greece

I've basically seen the whole show in that one video, and it's a bit much for me.

Have fun though!

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Post on 18th September 2016, 12:07 am by Truthseeker4449

And we did, the stream just concluded with an episode of Watamote.

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Post on 18th September 2016, 12:09 am by Nopon

thinking I should make a thread specifically for synctube stuffs :V

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Post on 18th September 2016, 10:57 am by Truthseeker4449

Hijack the anime club thread, we're basically doing the same thing.

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