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Just because I've given up on that Ford Diesel doesn't mean I've given up on getting a new truck. And at this point, another truck will not replace Ayumi, since my budget for a new truck is enough to give me a rust bucket.

The latest thing to catch my interest is a 2000ish Dodge Ram 2500. 8.0 liters of thirsty gasoline beast. This truck is in even worse shape than the Ford. It's also a high mileage truck with 193,000 miles. However unlike the Ford's owner, who didn't respond to my phone call, I happened to meet with the owner as I was browsing the lot. So I was able to hear it start and run. I probably should've taken it on a test drive too.

Several things stood out to me as problems. One, the truck had an illegal safety decal, it was apparently last inspected in June, but the owner took the sticker and flipped it upside down, making it look like it was inspected this month. I caught this just as I was expressing my surprise that it had a "current" safety sticker. I didn't comment outright on my discovery, but I said, "Ohh, I see." Second, the truck clearly needs a battery and probably some electrical work. The battery didn't look as old as it should be for that model to have the kind of troubles it was. Third is a good bit of exhaust work. The truck has a crushed tailpipe from a collision on the right rear corner, which has mangled the bumper too. It also has an exhaust leak coming from the passenger side bank of cylinders. Fourth, a lot of deep gouges in the metal, rusty but not rotten through yet.

The guy wants $1500 for the truck, which I think is a reasonable starting price. All in all though, I'd have to do a good bit of work to it just to get it legal again. It does have good tires on it and it's also a plow truck, with the plow hitch still attached and all of the wiring intact. This truck definitely wouldn't be a daily driver due to a heavy fuel consumption (10 mpg), but if I can find a plow to put on it and a contract to run with, then it could make me a good bit of money. Assuming we get a good bit of snowfall this year, which so far it doesn't look like it and that could be the deal breaker for me.

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Post on 15th September 2016, 7:50 pm by Truthseeker4449

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I was in uniform at the time, so the guy should know that I know what I'm looking at.

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Post on 16th September 2016, 3:32 pm by Truthseeker4449

Wow I just noticed I forgot to mention that this truck actually has a V10 engine, decently powerful while absolutely thirsty for gas. Average fuel economy for this engine is about 10 mpg.

V10s are somewhat rare, and are often found in vehicles where more power is desired than a standard v8, but the extra cost of a diesel is unwanted. Nowadays they are found in older pickups (pre-2008ish) or vehicles in vocational applications like Ambulances, Service trucks, Light Duty Dump Trucks, tow trucks, stake beds, and buses.

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Post on 18th September 2016, 5:24 pm by Truthseeker4449

Just finished some more homework on the this truck. Pulled the VIN off it today, as well as did some closer examination on it. This truck has had three owners, the original owner keeping it until it had about 180,000 miles and sold it in November of 2011. The next owner sold it in December of 2015 with very close mileage to it's present mileage. Therefore it is likely the present owner only bought it as a plow, perhaps wasn't satisfied with it's performance or didn't make enough money to justify keeping it.

At this point, the question I'm pondering right now, is it really worth buying this rusting, high mileage monster? On one hand the truck isn't in too terrible condition, the bottom of the front doors need attention, but on the other is was a plow. Plow trucks are run hard and many go through transmissions due to the nature of plowing. If it has never had the transmission replaced, then it's probably on it's last legs. The engine is also apparently prone to breaking a part inside the cylinder head called a Rocker Arm, which push down on the valves.

On yet another hand, I don't need this truck. And yet I'm finding it hard to walk away from it. And I think a large part of why I want this truck is because it is 4WD and has a powerful engine in it.  Even though I know a used plow will cost me as much as the truck will. Even though by the time I'm done putting money into it, I could've taken that $3,500 and put it into a better vehicle. Even though I know Ayumi is still running fine and it kinda feels like she's trying to win back my attention.

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Post on 30th September 2016, 8:45 pm by Truthseeker4449

Turns out this story has a epilogue! Truck vanished off the lot some time ago, after I had decided not to buy it based on the likely hood it'd need a transmission. Today I saw the truck at an Advance Auto Parts, getting an alternator.

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