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So I’ve been thinking of MMOs and I’d want to play them. So I know I’d want to do World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV But I’m not sure which. So I decided to make a list of some of the Pros and cons of Each and share them with you guys so you guys could give some input.  Let’s get started!

First let’s talk about Prices, The basic Subscription fee for both starts out at 14.99 but you can do lower  fees for subscribing for more time six months is the lowest, XIV also has an entrance level account that is also 12.99 that limits you down to 8 characters and 1 per server.  Now let's talk about expansions. There’s one for XIV(Heavensward) and a lot for WOW(Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm) Just so everyone knows, I would just need to Buy Legion(the newest expansion) since all accounts get the expansion that came out before the newset. I can pick up the Heavensward bundle for only 30 dollars.(said bundle includes A realm reborn and a month of play time) But what if I end up dropping it before I get to the Heavensward stuff? Most expansion stuff is meant to be past the old level cap. I would have to buy the base game for XIV which would cost me 20 dollars. I would not need to do the Same thing for WOW and just need a subscription. Legion on the other hand costs 40 to 50 dollars. But the legion stuff doesn’t start until level 100 and You can’t even play the demon hunter class until you hit level 70 with a different character on that server. So with WOW I could buy play time and wait and see if I wanted to buy Legion while I try to get to level 100. To be fair the money aspect doesn’t matter that much to me, but I wanted to write about it.

Final Fantasy XIV
Looks good, like really good. Polised
Character creation is really in death and give you lots of options and give you a lot nice details         
Main plot is right there and you don’t have to go a lot of lore. (in outside media, like books)
Greece likes it and Lief plays it.
Level sync
Mandatory plot Dungeons-Sometimes doing dungeons stresses me out. I’m not in mood for them and if I have to do them advance the main story plot then that’s a killjoy for me
Too much reading for quests- I feel myself skipping the dialog for quests, which brings me to my next pointThe quests don’t interest me, I can’t explain why but most of them don’t catch my eye or are part of long chain that lead to something cool. The main story quests are okay, but you still have to do dungeons.

Lastly and most importantly with XIV I feel like I’m just going through the motions. Like I’m just doing the quest because It’s a thing to do, not because It’s fun. The quests aren’t pulling me in.   

World of Warcraft.


Lots of stuff to do, places to explore.

A lot of different ways to play, there are 12 classes and each has three specs that have different moves and even different roles/play styles.

Interesting quests and chains.

Nostalgia I used to play WOW in middle school, I was pretty bad at it, but it was still fun. A lot of the areas have changed since cataclysm and while it may have changed but that gives me a lot of new areas to expoiler


Cons: lots of outside lore and in game optional books that you can read, Granted this could also be a pro

Ugly compared to XIV

No Greece/Lief.

People like to make fun of people who play it

Also worth noting is that despite my Garbage internet both games run fine and are both downloaded and up to date. Money isn’t that big of deal.So what do you guys think?

Not really going to make an impact but I seem to a get a lot more money spam in XIV then WOW

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Lief Katano

Post on 31st August 2016, 10:59 pm by Lief Katano

Final Fantasy XIV! Praise feathers!

...I mean, really, if you thought I was going to suggest anything else...

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Post on 1st September 2016, 12:29 am by Princess

There's always Maplestory Extreme Smiling

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Post on 1st September 2016, 2:34 pm by Guest

Just thought of something...isn't there a Star Wars MMO?

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Burnin' Bunnies

Post on 1st September 2016, 2:35 pm by Burnin' Bunnies

I'm not sure Knights of the Old Republic (?) counts quite as an MMO, unless I'm forgetting something completely different.

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