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Final Fantasy XIV:Fractel

Post by Meyneth on 22nd August 2016, 9:56 pm

Ah the realm of Eorzea, Blessed by the Gods. With a large variety of environments, from the forest to the deserts and the deep blue sea this world truly has a place for everyone. Man or Monster have found a home in this realm. Going through cycles of Propensity and Clamilty, the Astral and Umbral Eras. Now, five years into the Seventh Umbral Era you, an adventurer are looking for, well, Adventure. What awaits you in Eorzea?

Hello Everyone and welcome to Final Fantasy XIV:Fractel! This is an RP Set in the world of Final Fantasy XIV or to be more specific ARR. First this will be a non stat based RP, but there are limitations to what you can do, a mage can’t go and use a lancers skills or have super high physical attack. We’ll also need to decide what city We’ll be starting in

Eorzea was in an era of peace until the  Garlean Empire attacked, the world would have laid in ruin if not for the aid of the Warriors of light, adventures from different lands come together to fight. Despite best efforts the moon was crashed into the battlefield and the great Dragon Bahamut was set free. Angry from being imprisoned the dragon decided to rain ruin down on the battle. The warriors of light were sent away though time and space and five years have passed.

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There are three main starting cities, the sea faring town of Limsa Lominsa, the oasis in the desert of Ul’Dah, and the forest land of Gridania[/spoiler]

You’ll be an Adventure, you can be a Warrior of light but if you choose to be a WOL then you can’t remember what happened a few weeks or During the battle of Carteneau.


Hyer are relatively new to Eorzea having migrated there. They treasure Freedom and their clans are the Midlander who live in lower elevations and the Highlander who call the mountains their home.  

The Miqo’te are not as common in Eorzea as the other races they are easy to spot due to their cat ears and tails. Their clans are, the Seekers of the sun who come out during the day, and the Keepers of the moon, who prefer the night .
The Elezen tall people with pointy Ears were the first race to live in Eorzea they claimed it as their own and this lead to conflict with the other races the wildwood live in the forests while the Duskwright call caves their homes.
The Roegadyn are a big and buff race, which value loyalty their sea wolves descended  from pirates while the Hellsguard come from the desert
Lalfell are the small people of this world, being crafty and their trade the plainfolk live on farms in the pains and the Dunefolk live in the desert.
Au Ra:
The Au Ra a Dragon like Race from Othard There is the bight scaled Raen and the dark scaled Xaela

A class that can become a warrior they can go into a rage that can leave little standing They like to use axes
A class that can become a Paladin they work to protect their allies with a shield and sword.
A class that can become a Monk they enjoy hand to hand combat and let their fist do the talking
A class that can become a Dragoon they are masters i the craft of lances and use them in combat
A class that can become a Bard, they strike from afar and can help buff their allies
a class that can become a White Mage. They work on spells that can heal, and can do a little damage on the side too.
A class that can become a Black Mage. They control the power of the elements to attack with spells
A class that can become a Summoner or a Scholar they can call on a companion to help them in battle and slig both healing and damage spells.
A class that can become a ninja, They work by using stealthy and fight with daggers

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Warrior of light?(Yes/no)

History:(you can PM this to me if you want it to be a surprise!)


Why are you an adventure?  

Anything else?


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