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As you may know, I have a dog named Kobe who's 14 years old--very, very old for a big dog.  He's the gentlest dog you'd ever meet.  The past several years, he's been slowing down, and lately he's lost control of his bowels and even had trouble standing.  This weekend, we went out of town and left him with my grandparents.  According to my grandma, he had diarrhea, needed help getting up, and refused to eat or take his arthritis medicine.

And so my mom has decided it's time to have him put to sleep.  I went out there today to say goodbye to him, and he looked absolutely pathetic.  He's gonna be put down tomorrow morning.  I've cried and now I've run out of tears. I'm gonna miss the big guy.

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Post on 31st July 2016, 9:30 pm by Truthseeker4449

May Kobe rest in peace.

My extended family on my dad's side has always loved dogs. My aunt and uncle had a dog, my other uncle had his own dog, and my grandparents had a dog as well. The three always got along very well with each other and with kids. Sadly all three passed away at roughly the same time a few years ago after having respectfully long lives...

Now they all have new dogs. While I miss the old ones, I gotta admit the young dogs are delightfully lively.

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Post on 31st July 2016, 11:54 pm by returnofmastercrazyhand

I feel sorry for you, I had my cousins dog die recently, and my cousin I've known since he was born, so I feel his pain somewhat.

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Cap'n Jack

Post on 1st August 2016, 12:40 am by Cap'n Jack

I went through the exact same thing. Childhood dog got old, I watched her health tumble down, and finally just had to say goodbye. Shoot, I made a post on Bulba earlier today for somebody else who's saying goodbye to a pet. What helped me move on was knowing, and accepting, and never denying, that death is part of the deal. Everything dies, you just have to accept that it was going to happen at some point no matter what. It might sound like I'm being morbid, but that's because there's no easy way to say goodbye, and there shouldn't be. One of our other dogs is laying next to me right now, waiting for me to turn off the light so he can go to sleep. Some day, he's going to die. It's going to be sad, but as long as I always remember that this is part of the deal, I can be prepared and make sure the last time he sees me, I'll be smiling.

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Post on 11th August 2016, 7:49 pm by Princess

I'm super sorry.

My family's "baby", Jennie, a golden retriever, died a year and a half ago. She was only 11. I think I'm lucky because we never got to see her age. She was always overly affectionate, energetic, etc. and then a few months before her death, she stopped eating as much and lost a lot of weight - still as happy and bright as ever, though. We brought her into the vet and got bloodwork done, but the results came back as normal, and so we didn't question it, and figured she didn't eat as much because she was just aging. Then, one Sunday, she seemed lifeless. Just hung around and did nothing, could barely walk. We brought her in, and over the next two days, we found out she had this common heart cancer in golden retrievers, and we took her home because we knew she hated being at the vet's and there was really nothing we could do to save her. Our vet offered to put her to sleep at home, and so we decided that was the best option for her. I'll never forget petting her as she slipped away. I still think of her a lot.

I hope you're okay. Losing some entity (I would say thing, but they aren't that so) that was present for a sizeable part of your life is never easy. I will be thinking of you and hope you recover from this loss.

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