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Hello all! I am super hyped for Nintendo's show this year because it's all Zelda and some Pokémon and then who knows?!
I'm pretty sure Nintendo has already said they do not plan to show the NX, so everyone in the Twitch chat begging for NX news 8 minutes before the show are silly and in for some disappointment.

I'm going to say now that during the Zelda bit, I may be watching in full screen, so I'll not be chatting here. There's another 7 minutes in the meantime, so yeah.

I really am liking the official art of Zelda U so far. I like the paint strokes. I forgot to show you all the new art featuring Link ROCK CLIMBING so I'll have to link that sometime when I have the time (getting ready for a move and all, ya know. Comes with tons of lame cleaning and going through junk)

We've got another 4 minutes until it airs. I'm going to discuss some theories a tad. Some people think there is going to be a large science vs fantasy theme to this Zelda, with evidence pointing to Link's cool arrows and also the Sheikah magic book Link has.
Rumors say that there are only 4 main dungeons, but 100+ mini dungeons across the large world.

2 minutes hype! I don't know what to say right now, and I really should be cleaning ahhahahahaha. Mom said I could watch this as long as I kept busy. >v <
Yet here I am livestreaming. To be fair, I'm helping Valk a little go through some CDs.

It is 12 o clock and the music is fading! :O
Hello Reggie! And he acknowledges Orlando and Christina ;_; Thank you Reggie. Gosh dang it Reggie, moment of silence made me cry.

The site of Nintendo is on the Tree house Live set. Which we already knew.

Zelda has been given a name! Breath of the Wild!
And indeed! The world is so large and teems with energy (as Reggie mentioned). There are weather patterns, Link can climb trees, buildings, cliffs, etc. Magics! Food cooking! Outfit changes! (I spotted knight clothing like in Hyrule Warriors, swimwear (>v>) and some rock like armor?) Regardless, it looks really beautiful and really big and it is exciting!

Pokémon time before more Zelda. Live gameplay! BRB
Gameplay we've already seen, but now we know the Player Character is the cousin of Professor Kakui! Pokémon is another game designed to be full of life as suggested by the Sun and Moon theme as sources of life on Earth and in the Pokémon world. Seems to be a theme here.

They mentioned some about Zygard's forms, but I wasn't paying much attention to hear if there was anything new. :U Sorry.
Talking about the Alola region a bit. Cool islands, yup.
Asking about info on the starters. They are designed to be cute and move cute! Daw! I approve. I'd call their design a success.

It is really fun hearing the Japanese honestly.

Player characters are designed to have a little lighter clothing because tropics. :U
Oooh, the bracelet on the characterscannot be discussed at this time!
Characters have more realistic proportions, as we noticed. Gameplay, so one moment.

Lots to say!
I really like how the character moves, particularly through tall grass. It adds an element of realism, which is cool.
Two new Pokémon were revealed! Yungoos and Pikipek, a mongoose and wood pecker! Cool beans!
The islands have different "guardian Pokémon", and Lillie doesn't like Pokémon battles. I don't think Haun is the real rival, as he doesn't have a type advantage over the player (besides the Pichu he had).
Clothing customization is back!
It is really cool seeing the trainers in battle, and as mentioned, that can help you visualize how large or small Pokémon are.
The environment looks really cool, I'm excited.
And I really really like the new battle format! You can now click on sprites of the Pokémon battling to see Stat changes and such, which is really handy! If you have battled a Pokémon at least once, you will be able to see what moves you have that are super effective, etc. Really sweet for new comers but also nice for Pokémon veterans.
When you approach other trainers, the screen does this little focus like thing on them, almost as if you are squinting at them (I totally plan to draw that, just saying) it's hilarious, yet also nice, because you will know if you are about to face a trainer or not. Other trainers will have idle animations as well, like the one lady tossing a Poké Ball up and down. Its cool!
A new battle mode has been announced--"Battle Royale!" It is a free for all against three friends! :O Crazy! It looks fun!

And now we are returning to Zelda, and we will see some gameplay! So much hype! Oooooh, voices and subtitles? Yo, that's some voice acting! (Link is in undies again >v> )
How mysterious~! Holy cow, this is insane! "Shrine of Resurrection" dude.
Mystical magic technology gives you the Sheikah Slate. So wait, how long has Link been asleep? Yo! So you can change clothes, as I said. This Sheikah Slate activates pedestals. Mysterious lady keeps speaking to Link.



I can't guys I CAN'T

anyway...Mysterious lady said Link is the "light to this land"
You can pick things up and collect items. You hace an inventory and everything. Jumping is so you can climb. The stamina gauge returns for climbing.

Nintendo loves mushrooms. (But Link won't grow if he eats them)

Link can push rocks, and I forgot to mention earlier that you can chop trees!

This plateau is in the center of Hyrule. The Sheikah Slate is basically a map.

Theres an old man you can meet. He claims the Great Plateau is the birthplace of Hyrule. The kingdom is in a state of decay according to him.

I saw that old man walking earlier, so you can totally meet other people!

YO THE KOROKS FROM WIND WAKE ARE BACK!!!!! They hide everywhere in the world apparently. There are various swords you can find around the place.

That temple they showed that seems abandoned is probably the Temple of Time. 'V'
I forgot to mention that I saw Link using a spear earlier.

Yo, your weapons can take damage! The sword broke, but Link stole a spear. Eating food restores health.

I left when they said they were heading to the ruins. I'm back and they are talking about using resources is important.
You can critically hit enemies it seems. Getting "perfect timing" slows enemies down, but I don't know how that works :I

Everything is in ruin.

Well guys, Imy going to stop live streaming and post thins, but I'll keep watching while I clean. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL, I CAN'T BELIEVE
Burnin' Bunnies
Burnin' Bunnies

  : Holy crap. :

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Nintendo E3 Live from the Bunnies :: Comments

Burnin' Bunnies

Post on 14th June 2016, 4:16 pm by Burnin' Bunnies

So stuff is still being revealed as the Treehouse continues.

Using a Wolf Link Amiibo with Breath of the Wild brings Wolf Link into the game as a companion (since you don't have one). He has as many hearts as you save in TPHD.
3 new Amiibo have been/are being created for BotW. Archer Link, Rider Link, and a Guardian. The Links are based off the official artwork, and the Guardian thing (remember that big thing chasing Link in the original reveal) is the first Amiibo to have movable pieces!

The weather is very important. Things become slippery, enemies behave differently, and Link could lose health if he isn't wearing the appropriate clothing. It is so cool honeslty!
Trees can fall in different ways. You can chop them, if you use certain items fighting enemies you can damage trees, etc.

It has been confirmed that there are over 100 Shrines, which are different from dungeons but do give you important stuff, like upgrades to your Sheikah Slab.

This new Zelda, though very different from most Zelda games, has large references to the first Zelda. You start in a cave and enter a field (rather than starting in a field and entering a cave for your sword), when you step outside, beautiful mountains greet your view which are the very same mountains as featured in a image within Zelda I.

In the next segment of the Treehouse, they are going to discuss cooking aparently.

Overall, the game looks so amazing and I am very excited to play it someday!

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Post on 14th June 2016, 4:21 pm by Caprizant


I don't think the PC is necessarily Kukui's cousin. He could just be calling them "cousin" to be friendly, like calling someone a bro when they're not literally your brother. :V

That Battle Royale mode looks super fun. Can't wait to try it out!

Also, there was another new Pokémon revealed later, Grubbin!

Nintendo E3 Live from the Bunnies Grubbin

Pokédex wrote:Grubbin relies on its sturdy jaw as a weapon in battle and as a tool for burrowing through the earth. Grubbin loves electricity, which is why it can be found near power plants and substations. By wrapping tree branches in the sticky threads that it spews from its mouth, Grubbin can swing around like an actor on suspension wires!

Based on that description, I think it'll evolve into another Bug/Electric type! Which is cool, because Galvantula is cool. :V

They mentioned each island in the Alola region having its own "guardian," with Melemele's being "Tapu Koko." Is this a new legendary? What is it?

And they also said that Hala is a "particularly strong trainer" or something of the sorts. I'm betting he's either a Gym Leader or the Champion.

Also, I'm calling it now, the thing in Lillie's bag that they didn't want to discuss is totally a Zygarde core. (highlight)



I saw the trailer and the first 15 minutes or so of gameplay, and it seems really cool! I'm willing to bet this is in the Fallen Hero timeline. Hopefully we get more plot details soon.

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Post on 14th June 2016, 4:29 pm by Caprizant

Oh yeah, and looking at the experience yields carefully, it seems the Gen V experience mechanics are back. Higher leveled Pokémon have more trouble gaining experience while lower level Pokémon can gain experience more easily.

If the Gen VI Exp. Share makes a return, then I think this'll help a lot with balancing the team, to keep you from overleveling while keeping everybody at about the same level.

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Burnin' Bunnies

Post on 14th June 2016, 6:51 pm by Burnin' Bunnies

Cooking is great. It can give you extra hearts for a time, can help you resist temperatures, and restore more health of course.

There will be villages and such, but for spoilery reasons none were shown.

In game when you collect all the Spirit Orbs from the shrines, they say a secret spoilery thing will happen/you get. I bet it's the Hylian Shield. :U

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