Forum Rules: "You bet we rule!"

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Forum Rules: "You bet we rule!" Empty Forum Rules: "You bet we rule!"

Post by Caprizant on 24th March 2016, 7:18 pm

Nothing in the new rules should be surprising. They've just been made easier to read and understand. Still, take the time to review them carefully!

There are four basic rules, each followed by a few examples of how they could be applied.

  1. Be decent.
    - Treat others with respect.
    - Respect others' opinions if they do not cause harm.
    - Respect others' requests. (For example, drop a subject if someone is uncomfortable.)

  2. Use common sense.
    - Keep videos and large images in a [spoiler] tag.
    - Talk about spoiler-worthy stuff in a [spoiler] tag or a [spoiltext] tag.
    - When you post a new topic, add a thread description. A mod can take care of it if you don't want to, though.
    - Keep signature sizes within reason. (Avatar sizes automatically cap at 200 x 200.)

  3. Keep it appropriate.
    - No pornographic content.
    - No gore.

  4. Be lax!
    - Throw out likes! Crack a joke! Join in others' fun!
    - Double posting is allowed. However, if an edit is more appropriate, use an edit.
    - Wandering off-topic is allowed. However, when starting a new conversation, start it in the appropriate thread.
    - Remember: We have an entire forum dedicated to venting! Don't take your anger out on other users. Post in the Lava Cooler when you're angry, and use the other sections to relax and cool down.

And that's it! If you have any input, post a reply. Happy posting! KM Says Hi!

Forum Rules: "You bet we rule!" RKV82WA

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