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Re: Picture/Avatar of Yourself Thread

Post by Guest on 3rd June 2017, 11:20 am

Man, I wish I could find a place around here with good deals like that on trucks...


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Re: Picture/Avatar of Yourself Thread

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 3rd June 2017, 6:18 pm

Well unfortunately I discovered that the deal wasn't as sweet as I originally thought. This truck actually has a severely bent frame on the passenger front and I somehow completely missed this. For the amount of damage, it's quite impressive that the truck looks as straight as it does. Naturally this has drastically changed my plans for this truck and I will probably never name it as what's more likely to happen now is that I'm going to get the engine fixed and then rip it out and drop it in another truck with a better body and frame.

If I can get the alignment of the front wheels relatively straightened out then this swap may not happen for several months. A disappointment, but I still quite fond of my first diesel and once I get it back on the road in its present condition I'll be very happy with it.


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