Let's Play Eternal Senia

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Re: Let's Play Eternal Senia

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 22nd December 2015, 12:47 am

Meanwhile in the life of a young teenage(?) girl:

And welcome back to Senia. Thanks to Windows 10 fucking itself over, I lost my last save file and have to start over :D

And here we first meet our darling heroine, so young, so naive, so innocent. It's a realy pity it won't stay like that for long. But hey, at least she looks good!

Senia: "So this is... the Tower of Eternity...?"

Did that count as an almost title drop?

Senia: "Are you really here, sis...? ... (Takes a deep breath.) I am ready!"

Her face while saying that makes me think she isn't ready...

Ahhh, her OP starting weapons.... I sure will miss them for some time..... She'll get them back, well at least the sword. The armor will need another violet crystal that I need to find somewhere in the game.

Awww, the first monster. How cute, KILL IT. STRIKE IT DOWN. SHOW NO MERCY. Because killing this thing is more humane than killing the human-like monsters in this game. Unless PETA is involved, then all bets are off.

Remember kids, this is a very important part of this game's battle system. When you attack an enemy, they get to strike back immediately. ONWARDS!!! FOR NAPKINS!!!

*Senia is killed*


Probably none of you guys bought that at all. Oh well, felt like doing that anyway for whatever reason.

This is probably what you were expecting, right where we left off. But wait, wasn't the save deleted? Yes, I played the game again. Three and half hours of my life (over several days) later, I stand at the enterence to the Arcane Realm again. But wait wasn't Senia level 32, not 34? Yes, yes she was. Then I grinded a little too long in the Demon Frontier trying to get all the items and armor. I even discovered a few secrets I didn't know before. But anyway, let's see the stats now eh?

And behold, our scrawny heroine's ass-kicking stats! But anyway enough of that stuff, onto the long awaited Fallen Sanctum Arcane Realm.

Nothing truly noteworthy so far, though I'm starting to think the flooded halls sybomilize something. Also the soundtrack is the usual Arcane Realm soundtrack I've grown tired off.

Is that an obelisk? I'm curious what has to do with this church. I can't think of many religions that would use an obelisk and I think that Christanity, which has been implied so far, doesn't use them at all. Except for that one tower man built to heaven and God decided he didn't like it, or something like that. I dunno. FIGHT.

*strikes the crystal that breaks down the barrier by chance*

Well that was a tad-anticlimaxic. The next room was a bit better, two nuns after striking two crystals.


A statue this time? Well a change of scenery is usually nice.

So not only is Senia killing Angel Interns, Nuns, and Guards,  she's killing horses now too... I wonder of there's some ax-crazy fan-art version of Senia out there somewhere.



Well this doesn't look friendly. I have four ranged attackers to deal with, two of two different types, plus some more Knights on Horseback.

*relies on Phantom Strike to rapidly dispatch the enemies in one hit each*

I find it kind of pathetic that this is what nets me an Elite Sanctum Stone... I expected a powerful foe, not a half dozen ones.

NOT THE HOLYEST ANGEL OF THEM ALL    Also I thought Michael was a dude

Michael actually ain't as tough as I thought. Aside from summoning Angel Interns and whatever just appeared while typing this, her only attack is firing beams of light across the screen on other the other from one side to the other other. Not hard to dodge, not that they do that much damage in teh first place.

Well if Heaven's best Angel can't save this church from Senia, I dunno what can. Also I have exactly 4449 skill points Excited

*goes back through the realm to collect two more stones*

Let's try a different stratgey, blend in.

Hey, it seems to be working! I can pass through here now!

The stained glass is pretty.

That is an excellant question, also a good one is why does this soundtrack sound so familiar to me. I know I haven't heard it yet in the game, but I feel like I know it. Pity the soundtrack has no real name to it.

*Camera pans up to show more of the stained glass, but there's not really anything worth showing*

Senia: (This place has a completely different atmosphere... If this really is created by sis... She turned such a beautiful sanctum into this... With the power of eternity... does it mean...?) "Sis, are you scared, too? Sis, I am coming for you now. Wait for me."

Personally I consider this a beautiful place too. The stained glass makes it appear open.

*Senia walks forward to the window and the screen whitesout*


Oh snap, now I get what she's referring too. The colors are duller, as if the life is draining out of the walls...

Senia: "Another region? Sis must be at the end of this place, right? Let's do this!"

"Confession Corridor." Hmm...

Now is as good as any other time to invest in skills right?

Isn't that a statue of Michael?

So far this level has been mostly a long, winding tunnel packed full of enemies.

I still wish that more happened in these King fights besides waiting on regen. Found this guy on a side path and I need to beat him for the top-tier armor so...

Speaking of top-tier, Trial is the top-tier sword for this realm.

How do I get to that chest...

I found a switch! Look behind the left wing of the statue thingy. Go, go, go Fairy Throw!

*the switch triggers a staircase that lets me access the chest and obtain the elixir inside*

Senia's maximum MP just went up 10~!

Those stairs look important, and my way is otherwise blocked so up the royal stairs we go.

Well, this looks the room before the boss's room. Real quick let's see if I can finish upgrading the armor...

Damn, I need 11 more sheets of cloth for the armor and cape.

So I just restored the Hydrangea Sword and interestingly, it is not as strong as Trial in ATK, however it offers significant gains in Skill ATK and Critical Hits, which I think more than offsets the loss of ATK. So I'll go ahead and start running with Hydrangea.

Oh? I decided to backtrack and now this corridor is open. Let's have a look...

Huh? Where will this lead?

Woah... *reused soundtrack*

"Holy Chamber"

Looks like I can go either left or right. Hmm... considering that it appeared that I didn't have to visit this area to progress with the story, perhaps this will affect the outcome of the story if I find something worthwhile here.

Let's start by going left.

Looks like the Holy Chamber has a lot of fallen angels within...

What does this crystal do?

*acquired Jadeite*

So according to this hint board, this is really a puzzle. There's another gem somewhere and I need to put both in the correct spots.

*acquires Topaz and Agate shortly afterword*

Oh look, a king monster.

*aquires Ruby after slaying the Holy Angel*
*somehow manages to aquire a second Jadiate*

Hmm... this puzzle is more complex than I thought.

Oh look, random guessing wins!

*finds a three gem puzzle on the next floor*

There's also new gems it seems because I found Lapis Lazuli and Diamond.

So my working strategy so far is to put one gem up at a time until I hear a beep that tells me I got the right one up. Then I keep putting new gems up until I get two beeps, and so on.

On the next floor is Amethyst.

So it looks like I can reuse gems with no problem. So anyway I wonder what's on the next floor, because it feels like it's the last one.

Senia: (It feels... somewhat relieved in here...)

*fade to black*

*soundtrack change*

Although hidden by the text bubble, the church is drifting through space.

Senia: "Sacred sanctum... ..."

*discovers I have control and quickly finds a graveyard out back, with one tombstone out of the eight covered in flowers*

Senia: "A... graveyard?"

Thought so.

Senia: "..."


Nia: "Hello, you must be Senia!"
Senia: (Don't tell me...)
Nia: "My name is Nia! Our names are just one syllable away!"
Senia: "O..kay..."
Nia: "Nia have something to show you!"

*soundtrack reverts back to the previous*

Senia: "Y-yes...?"
Nia: "Quick! Give me your hands! Hands here!"
Senia: "..." *She's blushing hard if you didn't already guess*

Magaleta: "Nia...Sis Magaleta is here to visit you again... I am such a selfish sister..."

*just now notices that I had the game muted up until now and was in fact hearing the soundtrack playlist on YouTube*

*actual present track*

Once again the soundtrack of this game is absolutely fantastic.

"I have not been able to walk out of the fact of your loss. I just cannot forgive... Forgive those who left me. Why am I the one alive? Why tell me to live on? How can I do this without you..."

Magaleta: "I...um... ... ... Nia, I met a special kid. Her name is Senia. It is like you reappeared in my life! ... we live together now. I thought you came back to me... at first. But soon... I realized it is not that simple. Senia is a shy and introvert child. A complete opposite of Nia, right? Even so, I still love her as much I love you. I am sorry... I am no doing a good job as your sister. Failed to protect you then, and turned the love to you towards someone else now... However, I have made up my mind! I will watch over that kid, take good care of her. Not treating her as a replacement of Nia. But as Senia, another cute sister of mine. No more hesitation. For it may cause another tragedy... Nia, I will visit again sometime. Don't forget, you are also my lovely sis."

*fade to black*

"I have lost my sunshine. I have been walking in the dark. But I will not hesitate anymore. Because I have found one, Dimming, But lovely, Shining star."

("star" in different colored font)

*return to present*

Senia: "Sis Magaleta..."
Nia: "Nia is now an angel in heaven. This is all Nia can do for you. You are no replacement or clone of anyone."
Senia: "Right!" (Nia... she warmed me up.) "Thank you, Nia."
Nia: "You are welcomed! Sis is waiting for you. Please go meet her, quickly!"
Senia: "Right! This time, I will bring sis back with me!"
Nia: "Is that a promise?"
Senia: "Yes, it is. Off I go now!"
Nia: "Wait!"
Senia: "Yes?"
Nia: "Tell sis for me... I do not wish her to just live on."
Senia: "Huh!?"
Nia: "I want her to live a happy life."
Senia: "I will tell her."

*Nia passes on as the screen fades back to black*

"Nia gave me one warm smile before she dissapeared. That smile... It marked deeply in my mind."

*resume to present*

Senia: "Huh?! The cross pendant from sis! It is... fixed! Did you fix that for me... Nia?"

*immediately equips the pendant, still firmly believing that wearing the pendant is cruical to getting the good ending*

Well I think now's a good place to stop. I've got all sorts of feels now after that scene...


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Re: Let's Play Eternal Senia

Post by Guest on 22nd December 2015, 6:32 pm

@Truthseeker4449 wrote:

Interesting how a random 666 pops up in an area full of fallen angels.


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Re: Let's Play Eternal Senia

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 22nd December 2015, 8:59 pm

Oh wow nice catch, it's the blurb that tells me how much damage I dealt to one of them. Which kinda makes it even more ironic.


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Re: Let's Play Eternal Senia

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 28th February 2016, 8:41 pm

That awkward moment when you realize you misspelled Senia in the title of the Thread...


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Re: Let's Play Eternal Senia

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 29th February 2016, 12:02 am

I was hoping to push out the end of this let's play by the end of the day, but alas it took so long and I've written so much and taken so many screenshots that I'll have to break it up into multiple posts. And I haven't tried to get the other two endings yet. With a little luck, I think I can wrap this up on Friday.


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Re: Let's Play Eternal Senia

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 4th March 2016, 6:46 pm


The Semi-Final Part?:

So I really want to finish this, though have lacked the motivation to actually do it. Well I decided to do it, so onwards! But which way is it again? Confused After that encounter with Nia, it's put me back at the start of the level.


Come to think of it, wasn't there a blocked off area somewhere on the left?

Was it here?

Ah the very next room was the one.

Ah-Ha! This was the chest I couldn't get to earlier on the Hallway to the next part of the level. Inside was a magic elixir, for those for forgotten what these do, they boost Senia's MP just by having them in her possession. Which is kinda weird, but I've seen stranger logic.

Yay, I got the remaining cloth I needed just as I reach the staircase (visible in the background) and finish Senia's armor set for this level! Notice how every item has a different name. I don't know what Cherub and Seraph mean, but I'm betting they're Holy names or something.


Level up again! Yes by this point I have remembered there is a teleporting system, but I have chosen to press on in hopes of reaching Level 42.

Well we're back at the boss's pre-chamber. Might as well earn my stuffs. I get my last book of Evasion, plus two more elixirs that restore health with an attack or something. Apparently though I missed two chests, though I'm not sure where....

So one turns out to be right here, behind this statue. Inside is a book of Defense Ch.3

Found it :D Turns out I already kinda figured it was here because of an unusual floor tile, but completely missed the switch behind the cross. This chest also has a book of Defense.

Also I just noticed that the skills point thing caps out at 9999, then resets FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Ooo... Aaaah... Is that what I think I need?


DAMMIT, I STILL NEED ONE MORE...... and it's lost forever in the Demon Frontier... Niagara Falls

And now that I'm ready, I have a confession to make in this Confession Hall, I looked at a guide for the chests that also has the ending stuff in it. However I completely skipped over that part so really the only things I know about what's coming is that it'll most likely be Sis. Also apparently she's near impossible to beat on Hard Mode, so let's try normal!

She's still sane? Interesting.


Senia: "!!"
Magaleta: "Come!"

"Just a bit more, we can stay together, forever. With the help of eternity."

Senia doesn't look very thrilled about the thought of eternal life.

"(There is something I must... tell sis Magaleta... I will regret the rest of my life... If I do not pass my real thoughts to sis Magaleta.)"

"I thought I am just... Nia to you. Not Senia, not who I am."

"But I cannot... Because I am not... Nia."

Also I just noticed that the stars are scrolling in the background.

"(Sis regained her consciousness!)"

And away it goes...

"So come! Join me and live together forever."


The Final Part?:

And just like that, it begins with much less flare than I expected. It looks like Magaleta will just wander about casting spells.

And spell one is.... I'm guessing just an area of effect. Spell two is the one she used on the Demon Lord. I've dodged both.

And she vanished after the third strike!

*Magaleta reappears at the bottom of the room, then uses Spell one*

Turns out spell one continuely inflicts 10 damage as long as you stand in it.

Oh fuck.... This is gonna hurt.... or....

*uses Eternity Burst to escape, but subtains another Spell 1*

So she can teleport you from anywhere in the room into those crystals. They can be destroy with two hits, but they appear to give Magaleta immunity until Senia destroys them all. Or so that's my latest theory.

Also Spell Two inflicts 50 damage it seems.

This seems like a fitting ending shot to the first part of the fight.


I feel like I might have missed something in between those two...

.........did I just get the bad ending... For some reason it feels like I'm getting a bad ending.


I think Magaleta is trying to drag Senia down!

How about No? That sounds like a bad idea.

"No... NO!!"

"The cross pendant is glowing..."

"It resists eternity as well?"

"(The power of eternity is... losing control...)

Though it seems you cannot resist it. Magaleta is falling again to the purple swirls.

"Stay away!"

Now this is what I was expecting!

The Complete Three Part Boss Soundtrack

If so then Eternity can make things quite pretty.

"Like the time when Fairy Queen Malphiq lost control? So perhaps I can... ... Sis... This may hurt a little..."

*save screen comes up*

So apparently this location is called Eternal.

Let's do this!

Up first is a shield protected by Crystals.

This attack looks familiar, though it differs by having two beams open up on either side of the first as it vanishes. Also that barrier is in two halves, breaking down one crystal brings down half of the barrier.

I think the beams do not strike from a fixed point, the outer ones appear to be adjustable.

Dammit now I've got spell casting Nuns to contend with as well.


So far the overall situation is managable, it looks a lot worse than it is really hurting, especially now that I'm willing to try Eternity Burst thanks it's regenning properties.

Dammit, got no where to run now...


A small part of a flashy and lengthy animation. Also it only took me five minutes apparently according to the save thing I just did.



Magaleta: "..."
Senia: "I thought I will lose you forever..."

Good Ending?

Magaleta: "Sorry for making you worry. I am right here. Right next to you."
Senia: "Why... Why did you leave me without a word? Why left me alone... How can you do this to me..."
Magaleta: "I am sorry..."
Senia: "You can count on me, too. Don't try to burden everything by yourself! Share with me... ok?"
Magaleta: "You are right. I have done it wrong this time... Sorry for making you went through all this. I must have hurt you bad..."
Senia: "... It is the real sis this time... right?"
Magaleta: "Yep."
Senia: "Not some illusion by demonds, right?"
Magaleta: "giggles* of course not."
Senia: "Nor isn't this a dream...?"
Magaleta: "Not a dream, either. I am... right here for you."

Magaleta: "I have returned, Senia."

Senia: "Welcome back, sis Magaleta!"
Magaleta: "I thought I was the one who entered the Tower of Eternity for your life. I thought it was worth the price, even if that means I can never see you again. I thought I was determined. But now, I have proven myself wrong. It is so nice be able to see you again."
Senia: "Sis Magaleta..."
Magaleta: "However, this does not mean I forgive you for risking into the Tower of Eternity!"
Senia: "Eh? But... I... um..."
Magaleta: "Do you know what is at risk for venturing into the Tower of Eternity?"
Senia: "I..."
Magaleta: "Do you know how worried I was when you were cursed because you followed me? I blamed myself for being able to lift you from the curse so bad..."
Senia: "I am sorry, sis..."
Magaleta: (Am I being too harsh on her?)

Probably I swear to whatever.

Magaleta: "Anyway... Nothing is better than seeing you all safe and sound."
Senia: "Sis Magaleta..."

Magaleta: "It's real..."
Senia: "Sis, let's go home together. I have met Malphiq the Fairy Queen on my way here. She may have some clue on lifting your curse."
Magaleta: "A Fairy Queen? Sure, let's go!"
Senia: "Right!"

Magaleta: "OK!"


Magaleta: "Senia, what is wrong!? ... Eternity!"


Senia: "Sis... uh... Sob*"
Magaleta: "Senia! !! (It's no use...)"
Senia "Sob*"
Magaleta: (What should I do now? What can I do to save Senia? I cannot afford to wait...)

"Suddenly, a bad feeling rises in my mind. I cannot bear to imagine losing Senia. The desperation is like a swamp that sucked me in... What should I do now? Is there any way to save her? Senia... I have to save Senia.... I cannot just sit and watch here... Senia may be taken away anytime now.... No! It is not the time to give up hope! I should focus on saving Senia... There is... one method..."

Magaleta: "(I am sorry, Senia...)"
Senia: "It is ok, sis... I am fine... This... will not... last too long... It will stop in a bit..."
Magaleta: "Senia..."
Senia: "So...sis... Sob* Do not... DO NOT COME OVER!"
Magaleta: "... I am sorry, Senia. It looks like I will not be able to keep my promise..."
Senia: (Sis... What is she trying to do... What should I do?)

*music fades out*


Uh.... Uhh..... If I push Magaleta away, then Senia might fall to Eternity, but doing nothing might make Magaleta do something risky, like reintroduce Eternity into her system... Uhh...........


Magaleta: "Senia!!"

*fade to black*

That's kinda tempting to use as an avatar. I wonder if there's a version with no text box in the files somewhere... The only downside is that I think Senia just fell to Eternity and is now a mindless fighter. Still looks epic to me though.


Magaleta: "Eternity has her..."
Senia: "..."
Magaleta: "Senia, wake up!"

Wow... That power... I want that even more than the last one, which is probably still bad overall all things considered.

Magaleta:: "...!! Senia... (It was all my fault. I should not have taken Senia as a replacement of Nia...)"

*hears the unforgetable sound of a sword cutting into flesh, better known as Senia's critical hit sound*

Welp that sounds like I got a bad ending....

I'm starting to feel a little bad now I still want this as an avatar.

"It is a bad wound, probably a lethal one. But it matters not. What matters is how bad I have wounded Senia with my actions..."

Magaleta: "S-Senia..."

*hears Senia strike again*

Magaleta: "UH! It was all my fault... Where was the root of this tragedy? I don't have the time nor space to figure that out... I just... do my best limping towards Senia."

*Senia strikes again*

Magaleta: "OU!"

Senia waves her sword at me without even frowning. Looking at my wounds and this Senia... It is obvious to me now. All is lost. No more hope, no more light...

My sight is blurred by tears. My voice... started to choke.

Magaleta: "I need to apologize. To you, and to Nia... I failed to protect neither of you. It must have been a bad experience for you for having such a failure sister like me... I am really... sorry... UH-AH! I... we will..."

It is the last time I wipe my tears. It is the last decision I will make. For one last time...

Magaleta: "Senia..."

I want to tell Senia:

Magaleta: "This time... We are staying together, forever..."

And just like that, 564 screenshots later, we reach the conclusion of this story...


I was too hasty, this is the true end of that ending... It looks like Senia might have woken up from Eternity at least long enough to see what she had done... That's that real kick in the gut for me...

And here I was really hoping I could get a good ending on my first try... so much for that...


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Re: Let's Play Eternal Senia

Post by Guest on 4th March 2016, 7:25 pm

@Truthseeker4449 wrote:I don't know what Cherub and Seraph mean, but I'm betting they're Holy names or something.
Basically, they're the names of different angelic orders. Seraphim and Cherubim are the two highest orders. Wikipedia link for more info.


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Re: Let's Play Eternal Senia

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 4th March 2016, 8:40 pm



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Re: Let's Play Eternal Senia

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