The World of Remnant

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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Meyneth on 21st November 2015, 10:53 pm

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but Qrow is voiced by Vic Mignogna.


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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Khaki Makoto on 27th November 2015, 3:26 pm

When it Falls lyrics wrote:There'll be no rest,
There'll be no love,
There'll be no hero in the end,
Who will rise above.
I keep hearing "There'll be no Menudo in the end who will rise above."
But it’s been growing on me.

My RWBY V3Ch3 Kommentary/Rmblings/Thoughts (Crossposted with the New Wash)

weiss why are you yelling she's right there and you're just running up to her anyways
but I can't blame her, just look at how excited this child is:

look at that smile
pure unadulterated joy upon seeing the freshly fallen snow

But Ruby is full of expressions upon this meeting of siblings too:

Yang in "Welcome to Beacon" Ruby right now: I love it when you're feisty
Winter: Beacon... It's been a long time. The air feels... different.
I wonder what brought her to Beacon before. Not to attend, since Weiss goes on to say this:
Weiss: You're going to love it here! I know you travel a lot, but so much of Beacon is different from Atlas! Vale, too. The government and school are completely separate! Can you believe it!? I-
Winter: I'm more than familiar with how this kingdom handles its... bureaucracy. That is not why I came.
I'm guessing it was for Atlesian military business. (Which lends itself to my theory that Weiss purposely chose to go to Beacon instead of Atlas' lead academy or hiring the best private tutors money could buy. There could be multiple reasons for this, but if I had to wager a guess, I'd say Beacon would not have been Papa Schnee's first choice.)
Oaky wrote:
Roxas wrote:So, the new WoR today talks about Huntsmen and the academies. Apparently, each school has it's own style of teaching. Atlas is more of a military school and pressures the students to enlist.

Makes me wonder if Weiss chose Beacon because she didn't want to become a part of the military...
I wouldn't be surprised. I think this might have been discussed elsewhere (ie in one of KM's wallposts in my thread) but it could also be the reason for some enmity within the Schnee family
With this vocal distaste for the kingdom coming from Winter, I'm really wondering how Weiss managed to swing this whole thing with her family's status and ties to Atlas. I just can't see them letting her go (and I do mean "let" because at least Papa Schnee seems to be very cold and controlling) unless she gave a really convincing argument about how it would benefit her/the family/the future of the Schnee Dust Company. Or maybe she had to do that and prove herself in the "royal test" of the White Trailer. Just something that got her off the intended path for her at Atlas, because if she wasn't allowed to be at Beacon we wouldn't have seen her with butlers and a ton of luggage (and as we later find out a monthly allowance) in the second chapter of volume 1.
Weiss: Right! I'm sorry!
Winter: Nor did I come here to watch my own blood fail so miserably in battle. But it appears that I have no choice in the matter.
Weiss: But, we won!
Winter: Only a novice would refer to that as a victory. I counted at least three strikes missed.
harsh D':
Winter: How have you been?
Weiss: Oh, splendid! Thank you for asking. I'm actually in the very top ranking of our sparring class! And the rest of my studies are going wonderfully, too! I'm-
Winter: *slap* Silence, you boob! I don't recall asking about your ranking, I'm asking how you've been. Are you eating properly? Have you taken up any hobbies? Are you making new friends?
npc016 wrote:It occurs to me that when Winter asks Weiss how she’s been, Weiss starts to happily rattle off a list of her accomplishments rather than realising Winter is asking about her wellbeing.

Then I remembered how in V3Ch1, Weiss’ father calls immediately after Team RWBY’s match, which Weiss reacts negatively to.

Was Papa Schnee calling Weiss after her fight to discuss her performance, and she knew he was going to find fault with her? And we have an idea of how much of an iron fist he has - Weiss’ credit card stops working almost immediately after she ignores his call.

It makes me wonder if Weiss responds to Winter that way because that’s what their father would have expected by way of an answer growing up. And Winter is exasperated because Weiss is behaving like she would with their father, whom Weiss despises.
That transition from harsh!Winter into nice(r)!Winter was somewhat unexpected. They could have gone with her being very cold (in keeping with her theme), but I'm happy to see there's some mix of formality and genuine warmth. And displayed out in public no less.

Also this cut portion of that line that's in the unrated version of the episode:
Weiss: Well, there's Ruby.
Ruby: Heh, boob.
Weiss back in V1 wrote:By no means does this make us friends.
look at how far we've come ;w;
Winter: I see. So this is the leader you wrote of. How appropriately... underwhelming.
can you imagine if yang would've been present for this exchange omg
Winter: Greetings, Ruby Rose. I wish to thank you for taking an interest in my sister.
Ruby: Pleasures all mine ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

thegreatweissshark wrote:She totally ships them.

huggingmarshmallows wrote:
rwby-rose wrote:oh man remember when white rose got so married, canonically
What do you mean that wasn’t canon?
Winter: But, seeing as I'm early, why don't you take me to your quarters?
Weiss: Really?
Winter: Yes. I wish to inspect them and make sure that they are up to my personal standards.
Weiss: Of course. Just so you're aware, the bunk beds only look unstable.
Winter: Bunk beds?

I don't think Weiss would let it get to the point where Zwei would be going to the bathroom on the floor (something tells me she and Blake would be very strict about what was and was okay with that dog lol), but still a very likely outcome.
Ruby: I'll catch up- I mean, I will... reconvene with you both... at a later... juncture! At a juncture. Yeah.
She's trying so hard to make Weiss look good and to make a good impression on (future sis-in-law) Winter. (And is adorable while doing so. TwT)

Enter the Fullmetal Alch- I mean Qrow:
First appearance in the episode and he's already cost the Atlesian military who knows how much money.

And Weiss makes a beeline to him in a huff without any regard who he may be, though she's not the Ice Queen he's looking for. (Popular nickname; is there going to be crossover art with Adventure Time when we meet Ice King!Papa Schnee? Who I've taken to calling 'William' or 'Wilhelm' until his given name is officially revealed.)

Protective Winter.
#keep your hands off the underage girl you just met
yeah qrow wtf I don't care how drunk you might be don't do that

A neat theory about the bird that appears during this scene and in the Red Trailer:

antivanqrows wrote:this is an expansion of my original post found here

So. When we see Qrow and Winter in the new episode, there is a bird watching them. This bird is black and has red eyes.

But why would they take the time to focus on this seemingly insignificant bird if there wasn’t extra meaning behind it? Well. I think that bird is Raven Branwen.

The colour scheme of this bird matches Raven’s if we take the feathers of the bird to be the equivalent of hair, and their eyes are the same colour.

Another comparison between Raven and birds, other than her name, is that her Grimm-like mask and her hair looks similar to a Nevermore.

And in a tweet Monty made around the premiere of Red Trailer, he mentioned that there was something we hadn’t noticed in reference to this shot which shows a bird-shape flying across the screen as the shot changes.

She’s already been shown to be able to create portals and through her portal to save Yang in “No Brakes” from Neo, it shows that she has been watching over them (not to mention the appearance of the portals in the opening sequences in volume 1 and 3) which also adds to the idea that she’s been watching all the events unfold, so why wouldn’t she take an interest in Ruby and watch her too?

I’m not saying Raven Branwen can turn into a Raven but, I wholeheartedly believe Raven Branwen can turn into a Raven
Imagine if this proved to be true and that Raven was helping Qrow get intel this way.
Imagine how pissed off Yang would be when she found out.

Cute smiles run in the family it seems.
Winter: You realize you just destroyed Atlas Military property.
Qrow: (sarcastically apologizes) Oh, oh I'm sorry. See, I mistook this for some sort of... sentient garbage.
Penny you stay away from this man
oferaid wrote:
oferaid wrote:Oh God, I just noticed something while rewatching v3 ep3

Take a look at this scene:

And now at this one, happening a moment after:

Notice where is Penny looking, and what is she seeing:

Jesus fucking Christ.
#this is so precious and yet so sad #Qrow you're on my shitlist for traumatizing Penny
I wonder what goes through Penny’s head when she sees “dead” robots.

And if she sees herself as expendable.
#it's rather fucking depressing
Now I'm wondering what would happen if Qrow and Ruby and Penny were hanging out together. (I mean it could just be part of the act, but if not...)
Qrow: Geez, you Atlas Specialists think you're so special, don't you?
Winter: It's in the title.
An intense battle of wits.
Qrow: Well, you know what you really are? A bunch of sellouts. Just like your boss.
Winter: I'm not sure what you think you're implying, but I've heard enough.
Qrow: Oh I heard, too. I heard ol' Ironwood finally turned his back on Ozpin.
But who did he sellout to? Papa Schnee? Someone else higher up in Atlas? And "finally" ?

Kudos to Miles and the animation team for adding the little stumbles and nuances to Qrow's movements while he speaks here.

Oaky wrote:
Roxas wrote:This gif, though. Everything about it is perfect .A. I also find myself doing that exact movement occasionally.
Me too actually. Kindred spirits, the three of us.
Guilty of this as well.

damn you slick qrow

Ruby: What's going on!?
Weiss: Some crazy guy just started attacking my sister!
Ruby: Oh no! Who would do such a th- thaaaaT IS MY UNCLE!
Weiss: What?!

cleancutegirls wrote:"Kick her ass Uncle Qrow!"

(The background extras this season are rather cute.)
Weiss: Uh... Teach him respect, Winter!

Mercury is also stunned by the beautiful people fighting in the courtyard
That guy to his right's got some nice curly hair

slick af

But Winter will not be outdone!!

The music for this fight is great, excellent job Mr. Williams.

at least Winter's move made more sense even though they both look cool while doing it

you just have to imagine that the crater is in the first picture
\"V1 Chapter 2 (Episodes 2 and 3) wrote:"][Ruby literally exploded a hole in front of the school! And there was some fire, and I think some ice...?]
Miles: So we wrote in a crater face joke… guys, there’s no crater.
Kerry: Ooooo I knew I forgot something.
Miles: We keeping talking about how she blew a hole in the courtyard, and there’s no hole in the courtyard.
Monty: That’s just hard to do, man.

Damn Winter dug her sword into the wall
These two are all over the courtyard
and the bgm is keeping up with them @o@
That fluttering cue when Winter uses her birdy glyphs against Qrow


Meta Fullmetal meeting up with this world's actual Fullmetal

"well hey guys what's all goin' on out here"

you've been caught ironhanded sir take off your glove so i can finally see it
Glynda: Break it up, everyone! We will take care of this mess.
And by "we" she knows it's all gonna be her, that poor woman

Back up a bit

Look at how happy he is to be swirling his hot beverage of choice
most adorable headmaster

YES I have been waiting for this moment for two volumes

Adorable Headmaster's Office:

Ironwood: If you were one of my men, I would have you shot!
Qrow: If I was one of your men, I'd shoot myself.

quality scene

Qrow: You see this? This is a send button.
"why don't you guys ever text me funny cat pictures i have unlimited data :(( "

Nobody wanna talk with a dusty old crow U_U

Gaga wrote:
Oaky wrote:
What is "Autumn"? After rewatching the episode, Qrow said something along the lines of:

"Your little infiltrator isn't just another Pawn. She's the reason for Autumn's condition"

I might have misheard. But who/what is Autumn? And why is he/she/it important?

I had a RWBY-related dream involving someone named Autumn but that's irrelevant xD
the real question is, where is Spring?

cause there's already Summer, Winter, and Autumn this is where i would put an ice smiley if i had one
The real real question is, is Spring actually going to be named "Spring"? Like is that their actual birth name? Is it spelled a qool way like Qrow's?
I've heard all three seasons being used as name before, but never Spring, or at least not in English.

Thank you Qrow for this convenient exposition dump of stuff all the other parties in the room are well aware of

the most adorable headmaster now desires a game of peek-a-boo

seeyouguyslater wrote:

Two volumes later lol (I kid a bit here because this is very true:)
Ozpin: A guardian is a symbol of comfort. But an army is a symbol of conflict. There's an energy in the air now, a question in the back of everyone's minds... "If this is the size of our defenses, then what is it we're expecting to fight?"
Ironwood: So then, what would you suggest we do?
Ozpin: I suggest we find our guardian.
What sort of guardian are we talking about here? A metaphorical one? A literal one that we have yet to receive a definition of? An out-of-nowhere crossover with The Last Guardian? Or maybe just a giant mythological beast reminiscent of the Goliath?
Oaky wrote:
Gafigglethorp wrote:
But how did Cinder rig the matches? She has more connections and strings to pull than I thought.
That's what I was wondering!

I noticed that after James takes down his projection, that Chess piece symbol shows up. It appears on Cinder's tablet too but also it's the symbol that showed up on the screens in the control room after her shenanigans the night of the dance in volume 2.  

I also wonder who the "clever little friend" she's referring to is....baaah
roosterteethbri wrote:I saw a lot of tags on a gifset I made wondering if Ironwood was working with Cinder and that’s why Cinder said they had a new “access point” at the end of the latest episode, and a picture of Ironwood’s face showed up on her scroll-like thing. That’s not what’s happened.

During the dance in Volume 2, Cinder put a virus in the school’s computer (represented by the queen chess piece).

When Ironwood connected his scroll to Ozpin’s desk to project his hologram, the virus was copied to his scroll (again represented by the queen chess piece appearing on it).

If Ironwood was working with Cinder, she wouldn’t need to hack his scroll.

As for the real implications of the virus being on Ironwood’s scroll, it likely means Cinder now has access to everything on his scroll.  And considering how important each hunter/huntress’ scroll is to them, there is likely a LOT of sensitive information on there, which could be used to make the other characters think Ironwood is feeding Cinder information.
lapis-lazulame wrote:so i was watching Chapter 3

and i noticed something

that was very odd

i’m not saying Winter is the “clever little friend”, but all i’m saying is when i look at that big cursive W, she’s the only one that comes to mind
Alternatively, if Papa Schnee's first name is William/Wilhelm/Something-else-that-starts-with-a-'W,' he could be working with Cinder for some sort of gain.

I find it being related to the Wicked Witch of the West who has yet to appear more likely at this point. The Schnee family may conduct "question" business practices, but until we get some idea of what Cinder's actual goal is it's hard to determine if they would ever work together. There's always more money and such yes, but that doesn't seem to be Cinder and co.'s endgame. (Right now I'm assuming "chaos/let's fuck shit up" is their MO, very incongruent with what we've seen of Winter at least.)
What the Gags' said
kingdom-of-vale wrote:If you actually look at it, the entire fight was genius on Qrow’s part. It had absolutely nothing to do with gender roles or being an ass for no reason.

He knew exactly who was attending that meeting, and had already decided he that was going to share his information there. It’s clear from the start he doesn’t trust Winter, so naturally didn’t want her there while he was divulging his intel. So what does he do? He starts a fight with Winter, and as a result she’s dismissed from the meeting.

If he hadn’t had the fight, and instead just told her to leave, then there was a pretty high chance that Ironwood could’ve just said ‘she’s responsible enough to be here’.

But by making Winter completely lose her cool in front of a big crowd, not only makes her look incredibly immature (considering she’s supposed to be a high ranking member of the military), who is supposed to handle situations like that with a lot more control.

But he also got a double whammy in, because Qrow managed to even make Ironwood look bad in front of everyone. By provoking Winter to have a fight with a drunk dude who was taunting her, it made James’s officers look juvenile. And by extension it made his military look bad. If his higher ups are getting involved in brawls with intoxicated people, then what the hell are his lower officers doing? You aren’t exactly going to feel protected or safe.

Not even mentioning the fact Qrow dismantled Ironwood’s robots while drunk and focused on something else, which wouldn’t exactly be very comforting to the people, considering those things are supposed to be protecting them.

Taunting Winter and managing to get her to start a physical fight allowed him the freedom to tell Ozpin, Glynda, and Ironwood what he wanted to. And by making Ironwood’s fleet look bad it potentially made some of the public lose support in the military, which is what Qrow wants because he doesn’t want them there. He knows that with Ironwood’s forces above their heads things are going to go down hill quick.

Qrow wasn’t doing anything for the hell of it, he actually had a reason. Really if he can fight and think like that drunk, what can he do sober?
daftprodigy wrote:As I and others have pointed out already, Ozpin’s inner circle seems to be composed entirely of Wizard of Oz-paralleling characters: Ozpin’s the Wizard, Glynda is Glinda, Ironwood is the Tin Man, Qrow is the Scarecrow. (Dorothy could be anyone from a relative of tornado-using Vytal Tournament competitor Dew Gayl to Ruby herself–like the ruby slippers–and the Cowardly Lion is…probably hiding.)

But Ozpin seems to be bringing these thematically-consistent people together to fight a large evil force, which makes me wonder: Where is the Wicked Witch of the West?

I don’t think Cinder’s at the top of the leadership of this shadowy enemy side–if she were, why would she be in the field and taking down a tournament, of all things? To use the chess metaphor that’s shown up, Cinder is the queen piece of her side, doing the strategic heavy-lifting and getting into danger (she even uses the symbol herself with her computer hack), but where’s the king piece?

We know that Cinder Fell is based on Cinderella to some extent. That means she probably has an “evil stepmother” hanging around somewhere. Of course, in this case, the two of them probably get along like a house on fire. Potentially a house they set on fire together.

What if Cinder Fell’s stepmother, and the leader of the enemy side, is the Wicked Witch of the West?

To go a bit further, what if she has Cinder at the Vytal Festival not just to sabotage the tournament, but to sabotage the enormous floating arena on which the tournament takes place?

What if that floating arena isn’t going to stay floating?

“Misery and pain for all, when it falls…”

Buildings falling out of the sky and killing those beneath is a part of the Wizard of Oz story, after all…

Cinder and co.'s Dorm:

Cinder: And you're sure?
Mercury: Bad hair, used a scythe, and smelled like my dad after a long day. It was him.
Well that's one reason to leave home and start working with what's potentially hate incarnate.

I'm again reminded of this scene from V2 Chapter 1.
Some nice subtle hints going on for why these two youngsters have joined up with Cinder.

Also, with how few lines he's had so far this season, I only now just realized Yuri Lowenthal has taken over for J.J. Castillo.
Cinder: They have no idea who we are, so we have no reason to worry. Besides, the last of the heavy lifting is being taken care of thanks to our clever little friend.
I still have no idea who you are, you mysterious fiery enigma you

Could Neo be the little friend?
In case anyone forgot she is lil':
And I imagine you can get a lot of things done with a semblance of illusions. (The possibilities, man)

I wonder what Penny's relationship is with her partner. Is it all strictly business or is she one of the few friends she has besides Ruby?
I'm guessing it's the Worf Effect.

Originally I was betting on Team RWBY or Team JNPR fighting Em and Merc in doubles. Yang vs. Mercury and Weiss vs. Emerald has been forshadowed in the past two openings, so it didn't seem like too far of a stretch. Plus it was the only connection each vs. pair had between them (compared to the deeper connections between Ruby vs. Cinder and Blake vs. Adam/Roman). But it did not come to pass, and we'll have to see those matchups another day (all this hype build up oof)

Team JNPR also seemed pretty likely as the B-Team. Their defeat in the doubles would increase the tension of a Weiss or Yang vs Em or Merc fight in the singles. Plus, they've singled out Pyrrha, a world-renowned fighter, as a target. (This is what makes me so salty all the screentime Jaune has been given. I wanna see this, not another Jaune arc. This is their strongest in to the main plot.) However, this too did not end up coming to pass. It is too early for them to go after that target. Anyone who takes down Pyrrha is going to have attention drawn to themselves.

By contrast, I don't think Team CFVY's members are as well-known by the world of Remnant at large. But we, the audience, know what this single upperclassmen team is capable of from the Volume 2 finale. Having Emerald and Mercury defeat Coco and Yatsuhashi is a good way to clue us in on how strong they are; much better than the Grimm of "Breach." And their defeat won't cause as many waves as more well-known fighters in the tournament, so they're advancing, but keeping it relatively low-key.

Oaky wrote:
Enzap wrote:
Gaga wrote:
Oaky wrote:I do agree with Gonzap that I would have liked to see more of her in team JNPR's battle last episode. It was pretty Nora-centric, not that that's necessarily bad xD

Did it show in Cinder's rigging the match scene who from JNPR is moving to doubles? I'd assume it's Pyrrha and Nora but who knows xD
I really wanted more Ren. We don't even know his Semblance after all this time.

I don't think so. But it showed that Team CRDL moved on :T
I'm hoping for Pyrrha and Ren. They were both shown to be awesome in season 1 and barely did anything in the last fight. Although I wouldn't really mind any combination I guess, I just hope it's not Pyrrha an Jaune.
I guess it could be a combination of any of those three. I do wonder if we will learn more about Jaune's semblance this volume though
Anyone but Jaune. There is no logical reason for him to be there. Nora even draws attention to it in the first episode of this volume.

Between Nora and Ren, Nora has had a better track record. I'd be happy to see either interacting with Pyrrha.

Gaga wrote:
yeah but no one else had a long 1v4 fight like Pyrrha had last volume
that fight might be my favorite in the show so far, it's a masterpiece
I concur.

Gaga wrote:Winter and Qrow are so stronk omfg
They're like super powered versions of Weiss and Ruby, which I guess means Winter largely trained Weiss in her fighting style too.
Was she there to witness of the fight in the White Trailer? : o

gags pls sage has been in two openings and has had two lines what chance does Yatsuhashi have when Team CFVY was cut from the opening credits

Related links:
Qool Qrow Cosplay
Apparently this is called "Chess"
V1 vs V3 Comparison
"that's so evil"

@Meyneth wrote:Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but Qrow is voiced by Vic Mignogna.
If Vic Mignogna voices Qrow Branwen...
Khaki Makoto

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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Khaki Makoto on 27th November 2015, 3:32 pm


Oaky wrote:
Enzap wrote:
Gaga wrote:
Metata wrote:Also I failed to notice this when watching it the first time but

teamgentsfancynews wrote:so like

are we just gonna ignore this or…?
I thought his semblance was going to be something related solely to speed based on the volume 3 trailer, not being a damage collector, but it's not too far out there

Related to that.

Unrelated to that.
first I love that that person's avatar, maniacal Ruby!
and i ship her with maniacal Weiss ofc

But wow, didn't notice the mirrored symbols. I did notice the glint in Qrow's eye and was hoping it'd be his semblance rather than just an animation touch, though if it was the latter it was really cool.

also I would like to point out that Winter was never hit during their fight, 10/10 agility
I'm pretty sure Qrow's semblance is very similar to Yang where he gets more powerful when he takes more damage (which is probably why he let Winter land a couple blows on him and was even more cocky afterward).
I definitely got "I Burn"/Super Saiyan vibes from his semblance, yes. Not exactly the same as Yang but similar.

^^^I liked both the related and unrelated links. I definitely want to see more Scarlet ASAP....not counting on that though xD
And then some stuff on the V3 Chapter 4 trailer:

Metata wrote:
Gaga wrote:
this is the first preview I've watched and I clicked on it because of you two and I just can't get over Weiss' face when Winter is scolding her

I'm sure Coco is okay gais!

it's not really surprising i'm just very happy and excited
Qrow: You really think four girls and their friends can end all crime in a kingdom?
Ruby: I did until you said that...
wow way to crush your niece's hopes and dream qrow
Qrow: Violence hasn't dropped since Roman got nabbed. It's stopped. Completely.
qrow what world are you livin' in

But yes poor sweet bby Weiss ;A;

And Coco losing her shades shit just got real

Cinder hanging out behind what looks like Fox reassuring Velvet and Ruby looking worried without Blake visibly reassuring her
wtf Blake be there for your teammates talk to Ruby

Roxas wrote:I feel like Winter just being there is going to have an effect on Weiss's performance during the tournament.
Definitely. (And I think we can both agree not for the better.)
Enzap wrote:I'm really excited for this episode. We get to see both Team CFVY and Mercury/Emerald in action for the first time in a while, plus Weiss development.

The thought of Merc and Em giving Coco and Yatsuhashi trouble is very exciting given their powerhouse status in the V2 finale.
Khaki Makoto

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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Khaki Makoto on 29th November 2015, 1:11 am

You know what I'd like to see in the future on RWBY? A lady who looks like she's over 50, and a child under 10 years old. (If you guys remember seeing one or the other in the background please say so because I honestly don't recall seeing either.)
My RWBY V3Ch4 Kommentary/Rmblings/Thoughts (Crossposted with the New Wash)
Emerald and Mercury vs. Coco and Yatsuhashi:
Yatsuhashi meditating before the match
The calm before the storm
Er, tornado.

Ruby meditates as well:

Kicking it up a notch from Pokémon; now teams have four different terrains to utilize.
Does this mean Singles will have six/eight?

Yatsuhashi speaks!!
Coco: Hey, love the outfit, kid.
Emerald: I'll try not to get blood on it.
I think that'd be pretty hard to do considering you're barely wearing anything on the upper half of your body. I know people have aura as a defense in this world but srsly this is not practical armor

Also, "kid?" Aren't you 18, Coco? (Their ages haven't been stated but I kept thinking Em and Merc are in their early 20s.)

Very predatory shot here, I like:

i was going to call them "children of the corn" but that's not corn

Coco nearly taking out a couple members of the crowd if it weren't for the colosseum's shield

Blake shouting "Look out!" even though Coco and Yatsu can't hear her she is just so involved in everything now |3

It was obvious but Yatsu confirmed as the mighty glacier. Able to knock Merc back without breaking a sweat, though Merc quickly regains his footing and proceeds to toy with the two, as well as confirm he'd be great at breakdancing.

Merc's able to stop Yatsu's full force attack with just his rooty tooty shooty booties, sending a shockwave throughout the ring, damn.

What are the odds Yatsu would land right in a geyser lol

I wonder why Neo showed up to pose as Yatsuhashi (I'm assuming it's her at this point since there's nothing suggesting Em can create illusions) when Em and Merc showed no signs of distress. Other than she was bored I mean.
Can her illusions be picked up by the video cameras? If not, then I guess it doesn't really matter if she performs them in the forest since no one in the audience can see it. If they can, I guess Cinder doesn't care since she didn't seem upset at the end of the match.

10/10 A++ Emerald, sends Coco flying and manages to knock her right next to Yatsuhashi.

Fox reassuring Velvet is so sweet. |3

This was such a great match. As per usual, great syncing between the action and the music. Despite getting a few counters in it was clear Em and Merc were in control of the entire thing. After all this super evil snooping™ around, we got to see a bit of what they were made of and it did not disappoint.
If they took Coco and Yatsu down without any trouble, I wonder what will happen during the matchups with Team RWBY foreshadowed in the past two openings:

mammothrider wrote:So, in another repeat of last volume’s opening, we get the one-on-one fights. Merc and Yang, ‘cause we’re now pretty aware that Yang’s greatest weakness is legs. Neo cleaned her clock with hers, Melanie gave her some trouble in the Yellow Trailer, and Merc’s legs have, like, rockets.
fuk you man bumbleby is g8 i'll fight you

mammothrider wrote:Also, Emerald better kill Weiss’s sister or something this year to really make that fight seem, y'know, relevant. You know that trope in romcoms where they take the only two characters left not paired together and make them fall in love randomly? These two are the fight scene version, I’d imagine. Though nobody would argue if they became the fall in love version either, I’d also imagine.

Tea Time with Weiss and Winter:
...who are at one gorgeous location (really where is this in Vale)

Aw Winter's leaving. : ( I wish she could've stuck around for the Freezerburn Doubles match, but alas.

bby no
Weiss looks so beat down here. Being successful in her sister's eyes means so much to her and she failed to do so.

Winter: Weiss... you've done... well, out here, on your own. You should be proud.
I'm not sure if this hesitation is Winter taking care to phrase her words or if it's because it's just not something she's used to giving out or receiving (read: I hate you, Papa Schnee), but regardless, her tone of voice and expression convey that it's genuine praise...

...and it means the world to Weiss.

Winter looks so at ease and jovial here. We've seen her relax while talking to Weiss in the previous episode, in public no less, but she's really being open now. It makes sense since they're alone together, but seeing them act like this now, it's just going to make the inevitable conflict between them all the more delicious and heartbreaking. TwT

Winter: I'll be honest, it was quite amusing seeing father's face the day you left for Beacon.
Weiss: I can't wait to show him what I've learned.
Thata girl Weiss, you show 'im! (งòwó)ง
Winter: Oh? And what do you think you've learned?
Weiss: Whatdo you mean? I'm getting better and better with my glyphs. I've even started time-dilation.
"time-dilation" what the what now
Winter: And what of your Summoning?
Weiss: I- You know I can't.
weiss no you were doing so good with your confidence qq
Winter: Don't be ridiculous, every Schnee has the ability to Summon. We have for generations.
Weiss: I've tried! It's just, it's the one thing I'm having trouble with.
Winter: We Schnees are unique. Unlike many, our Semblance is hereditary.
Keyword being "many" as opposed to "everyone else" (or something similar) here. Is this one way royalty and nobility lay claim to their titles, by showing they have the same Semblance as their forebearers?

On the opposite side of things, if not genetics, what other factors influence each person's Semblance? An interplay of environment, experience, personality? Once it's unlocked, is it set in stone, or could a traumatic event drastically alter a person's Semblance?
Winter: But that doesn't mean that it will come easily. Your Semblance is like a muscle. The more you practice with it,, the stronger it will become. But if you only focus on one aspect of it, if you fail to test the limits of what you think is possible... then you'll never truly grow.
I really like the musical cues towards the end of Winter's inspirational speech.

Family Bonding Time with Qrow, Ruby, and Yang:
They work as videogame controllers too what can't scrolls do (I imagine the handling isn't that great though for more advanced games)

gaaah I've been so excited for this scene since the version of it in the V3 trailer was shown!
The 2D flashback animation lookin' spiffy as always:

Qrow: And then it happened.
Yang: What happened?
Qrow: I was defeated... by the mere sight of the inn keeper's skirt length.
Qrow (earlier): And by the way, don't ever call me old.
i'mma call you old qrow you a dirty old man
Qrow: Me and Oz go way back. We're cool.
Yang: Cool for an old guy. :v
Qrow: Not funny.

's a good moment for the connection to buffer
Yang: We totally saved Vale while you were gone.
Qrow: Funny, because I heard Vale suffered a Grimm attack after you almost managed to stop a train. Buuut they don't give out medals for almost.
Ruby: They do and they're called 'silver'!
You tell 'im, Ruby! (งòoó)ง

my ruby what an evil smirk you have
"all the better to steal your heart with, my dear"
she onto me
Qrow: Violence hasn't dropped since Roman got nabbed. It's stopped. Completely. No White Fang activity anywhere around the city.
but there's still pickpocketing and stuff going on
gotta give the cops somethin' to do

So the speculation over Qrow's team's name can finally come to an end. Team QRTS ("Quartz") was the most popular from what I saw, but it turns out Summer was indeed the leader with Team STRQ, which was hinted at with the order in the picture from the opening...

...that is now introduced in the series proper. And holy shit Yang's face here.
I don't think she's ever seen a photograph of Raven before. She has, however, seen her in what I'm assuming was a dream/illusion unless stated otherwise, the V2 finale stinger. And she can't take her eyes off of it. She even follows it when Qrow moves it a bit, totally entranced.

caitea-ward wrote:The coffee mug ring is specifically around Summer

Was Qrow covering up her face?

Maybe he didn’t want to deal with the pain of looking at her again
Qrow absentmindedly moves to cover up Raven's face while he talks here, while Ruby pokes fun at their "crummy" fashion sense (excuse you Ruby they're all lookin' damn stylish) none too vexed by the contents of the photo. Before I said things could go either way on Ruby knowing about Raven's relation to Yang, and it looks like she doesn't. She's just a member of her parents and uncle's team that's never discussed much for whatever reason.

Why is Qrow given pause here? Did he and Taiyang (and/or Summer?) remove any traces of Raven from their lives for their sake and/or the girls'? Was it just because she left or the specific reason why she left?

I'm assuming Qrow must have known Yang learned Raven is her mom after the incident in "Burning the Candle"'s flashback, so why did he never show Yang a picture of her until now? (And by the looks of it without really thinking it through since he pulled it away so quickly.) He makes a hasty exit for the door before Yang can ask any potential questions, but not before giving his nieces an inspirational speech to parallel Winter's.

rwbyadventures wrote:…DOES BLAKE KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?!!?!

Blake in V2Ch8: Please keep it away from my belongings.
she only had ONE request you guys goddammit
Where is Blake during all of this? My guess is hanging out with Team SSSN (though I'm sure she would've been welcome for family bonding time).

Speaking of "Blake" and "family," reunion with Adam when? As far as we know he was the closest thing she had to a brother/mentor(/lover?) during her formative years.
Qrow: You two, you're gonna go far. But only if you keep learning. If you never stop moving forward.
:'3 okay don't even shut the door when you leave you're really practicing what you preach here mister
still better than weiss' exit at the end of "The Badge and the Burden" lol

Back to the Schneesters:
Guest appearance by the Hungry Caterpillar

Winter: Now think to your fallen foes. The ones that forced you to push yourself past who you were, and become who you are now. Think of them, and watch as they come to your side.
i know it's been said before that weiss is OP
but she is gonna be really OP like holy shit

And then Winter smacks Weiss yet again, from what we can only assume is learned behavior. (read: I still hate you, Papa Schnee)
Winter: If this is what you call "trying", then you have no hope of winning the tournament, let alone succeeding as a huntress. Why don't you just move back home. I'm sure Father will give you a nice job as a receptionist.
Weiss: I don't need his charity.
Winter: But you do need his money, don't you?
Weiss: What?! How did you know about that?!
Weiss: Lucky guess. I may have been in a similar situation when I joined the military. So what have you done this time?
Now this comes as a surprise to me. I thought that, while she wasn't with Papa Schnee learning the ropes of running the Schnee Dust Company, that joining the military would still be a respectable and one potential desirable path for a Schnee to take. Are people in such positions viewed as "beneath" them?
also "this time" winter please inform us of any past schneenanigans weiss has gotten into
i am only the slightest bit sorry
Weiss: Why would he cut me off like that??
Winter: Perhaps so you'd stop avoiding him and call home.
this was not the answer weiss wanted to hear hoo boy
Winter: Emotions can grant you strength, but you must never let them overpower you. It sounds to me like you have two choices in front of you. You can either call him, beg for his money, and explain once more why you want to study at Beacon over Atlas. Or, you could continue to explore Remnant, discovering more about the world and, honestly, more about yourself.
I'm so happy Winter didn't turn out to be a complete yes woman to their dad and is encouraging Weiss to find her own path TwT

Weiss looks a bit taken aback by that hug here, but quickly recovers and moves to reciprocate. :'3
white-fang-adam wrote:Okay, so I got an ask that made me wonder if the Knight’s sword and the summoned sword were similar, because that’d be hugely telling.

They aren’t similar.

They are exactly alike.

I’ll say this again:

Weiss’ father summoned the Knight in the White Trailer.
that last line and how it synced up perfectly with the animation tho

Other links:
It's not what Yang actually found in the flashback of "Burning the Candle" but I like how it was framed in the gifset.
I'm thinking "no" but still a neat "what if." (Just ever-so-slightly more likely than Raven or Summer being his mom.)
"Sun’s inability to keep important secrets…"
Khaki Makoto

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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Guest on 29th November 2015, 9:47 am

*resists urges to open chapter 4 spoilers*

I'll have to watch it later when I get back from work...

On a side note, that one theory page led me to these:

Ren may be a LGBTQ+ character. Not sure about him being tras, but it would not surprise me if he was gay.


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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Khaki Makoto on 29th November 2015, 12:24 pm

@jokool wrote:*resists urges to open chapter 4 spoilers*

I'll have to watch it later when I get back from work...
You are much stronger than I. I saw some gifs on tumblr yesterday after work and couldn't resist, so I ended up doing the 30 sponsorship trial.
jokool-aid wrote:On a side note, that one theory page led me to these:

Ren may be a LGBTQ+ character. Not sure about him being tras, but it would not surprise me if he was gay.
With the hints in the show and "Boop" from the V2 soundtrack I'd be genuinely surprised if Renora didn't happen. (Though not as surprised as I would be if Arkos didn't happen.) But if not, then that's all right too. And maybe Renora does happen and during their time together Ren comes to those conclusions about himself and feels they work better as friends. Either is good.
oh YEAH wrote:OH GOD NO PLEASE NO!!! EVERYBODY PANIC this is something I failed to consider, thank you for sharing.

*joins jo in EVERYBODY PANIC *

Have you seen these AMVs already? (V2 Spoilers)
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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Guest on 29th November 2015, 12:30 pm

*just finished chapter 4*

*will share thoughts after work*

And yep, I think I did see those a while back. Dunsparce Approves


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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Meyneth on 29th November 2015, 2:42 pm

The only old person I remember is Ruby's? Grampa? I think.


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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Guest on 29th November 2015, 8:24 pm

KM, I love how much effort you put into your posts!

much less detailed rundown of thoughts on latest chapter:
Tournament fight was epic! Cringed at how much of a stomping Coco and Yatsuhashi received, but they were still awesome in the fight!

But that illusion... I was baffled by it when I saw it... Didn't think of Neo being behind it though... Hmmm....

Ooo... Aaaah... Schnee's can summon! That is awesome!

Qrow wrote:Qrow: I was defeated... by the mere sight of the inn keeper's skirt length.



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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 29th November 2015, 11:09 pm

Those eyes are some of the hugest hints I've ever seen.


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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Guest on 29th November 2015, 11:59 pm

Oh shush you... Disgust


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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Khaki Makoto on 3rd December 2015, 5:03 pm

@jokool wrote:And yep, I think I did see those a while back. Dunsparce Approves
Aaaand nvm then.  Sorry
@Meyneth wrote:The only old person I remember is Ruby's? Grampa? I think.
Do you mean the old shopkeep from the first episode who keeps popping up because has two different jobs at this point? Or someone else?
@jokool wrote:KM, I love how much effort you put into your posts!

much less detailed rundown of thoughts on latest chapter:
But that illusion... I was baffled by it when I saw it... Didn't think of Neo being behind it though... Hmmm....

And I enjoy sharing in RWBY feels with y'all. :D

There's also the possibility that Em's semblance is something related to shapeshifting, but Neo was my first thought.

Metata in the Wash wrote:
Zenax wrote:I don't think that was Neo, the risk of having her there and being disqualified if found out would have been way too great just to confuse Coco a little.
You'd think, but after their meeting during sunset in V2 while wearing her outfit from episode one on a rooftop while military airships are patrolling the skies... who knows. xD
Gaga wrote:Okay, so I really think fake!Yatsu was Neo

the color scheme of the blur below seems to match her, though it's not detailed enough to confirm

I could easily see Neo taking a risk and breaking the rules just to get into the head of Coco
because I take the (very lovely) song Die as Neo's theme and a general song for the show
Roxas wrote:
That sword is the perfect size for him

Caterpillar knight when
I'm more "d'aw" than worried. xD

Also going to amend this:
Metata on November 10th wrote:But yes we definitely need some more JNPR bonding time where it's on equal terms and not NPR commenting on whatever's going on with Jaune. I honestly cannot remember Pyrrha and Ren ever talking to each other (please correct me if I'm wrong) and this saddens me.
There is this exchange in V1 Chapter 8:
Forever Fall wrote:Nora: How come Jaune gets home so late?
Ren: He's become rather scarce since he started fraternizing with Cardin.
Nora: That's weird... Doesn't he know we have a field trip tomorrow? We need our rest!
Pyrrha: I'm sure our leader knows exactly what he's doing.
So that's line.
pls have nora and ren be more involved with pyrrha and people outside of their team
like ruby and nora obsessing over cookies or blake and ren talking about a book (The book Blake was reading in "The Shining Beacon" about the man with two souls [in reference to Ozpin??] ?
Third Crusade for a callback to "Best Day Ever"?
or Ninjas of Love 'cause shit Idk what ren's into he never gets any screentime to drop hints about his interests
other than that he likes pink towels and uses Samurai Shampoo to keep his luscious locks lookin' g8)

Also this:
Spoilers for V3 Chapter 4:
Metata on November 29th wrote:So the speculation over Qrow's team's name can finally come to an end. Team QRTS ("Quartz") was the most popular from what I saw, but it turns out Summer was indeed the leader with Team STRQ, which was hinted at with the order in the picture from the opening that is now introduced in the series proper. And holy shit Yang's face here.
I don't think she's ever seen a photograph of Raven before. She has, however, seen her in what I'm assuming was a dream/illusion unless stated otherwise, the V2 finale stinger. And she can't take her eyes off of it. She even follows it when Qrow moves it a bit, totally entranced.
I don't think she's ever seen a clear photograph of Raven.

Prior to the airing of "Burning the Candle" I had assumed that the "Transient Princess" (which was an original artwork made by Monty in 2009 that was used as filler art) Yang was looking for in the Yellow Trailer was Blake or Cinder. After that episode it was pretty much all but stated that it's a picture of her mother (or someone who can give her information about her mom), since finding her mother has been her quest for some time now (though not to the point of letting it control her, as she notes). Maybe she found that picture of her the same night she took Ruby out into the woods, somehow managing to find one of the few remaining pictures of her in their house. Maybe it was sometime after, like she swiped it from Qrow's place without him knowing (if he has a house...? He could very well just travel around and crash at family and friends' places when he needs to.) Who knows.

The only thing about the picture (assuming it is Raven and not someone who could lead Yang to her) is that it doesn't give a clear shot of Raven. Maybe it's a picture of her from the back, or it's of poor quality, or it's a picture of her in a different mask and outfit from the one we've seen her in, etc. Something that would prevent Yang from seeing her face clearly, which is what prompts that reaction to seeing the photograph of Raven with the rest of Team STRQ.
Khaki Makoto

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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Khaki Makoto on 6th December 2015, 12:00 pm

Jazz Cover of "This Will Be The Day" (Brief Rough Cut)

The very beginning sounds like SMB with the audio.

My RWBY V3Ch5 Kommentary/Rmblings/Thoughts
Team CRDL vs Penny (with cameo from Ciel) Doubles Match:

Looks like Ciel is keeping track of Penny’s combat time records. Or just wants to gtfo of there, which is entirely possible, she looks like a very busy girl. Only 15-17 and already got a gig in the military (and looking very stylish to boot). I’m assuming she is able to fight but since this was a test for Penny she stayed on the sidelines.

Also her voice actor sounds adorable, she sounds like a genuine teen.

This glomp attack was so cute.
Penny: Ruby, this is my teammate.
Ciel: *bows* Ceil Soleil.
Ruby: Hi! (this sounded super adorable js) I'm Rub-
Ciel: Ruby Rose, 15, hails from Patch, leader of Team RWBY, status...questionable.

Penny rn: i love when you talk analytical to me

“Questionable” status = ???    
Ruby: Sooo Penny! You two were incredible out there!
Ruby is so courteous to acknowledge Ciel keeping track of the time during the match
This child is such a sweetheart
Ruby: So is she your friend, or...?
Penny: Well, in a way. She's like Blake, but if Blake was ordered to spend time with you.

I just called her a sweetheart and then she goes and says this smdh
Despite that ENTIRELY UNNECESSARY segue,
I like how Penny used Blake as an example here, since her first lesson on friendship came from RWY looking for Blake in the V1 finale. Nice touch.

Good job on keeping your mechanical status under wraps, Penny. Or rather under hats.
It's a small victory compared to that mountain of a challenge of getting to stay at Beacon though, how're you gonna pull that off?
Team RWBY vs Team FNKI:

Our favorite heiress and blonde bombshell vs

Flynt Coal

and Neon Katt

god what does the other half of this team look like can we get a cameo in the stands like with that Bolan moment in Chapter 2?
rumbutt wrote:
npc016 wrote:So basically, all Atlassians either have a stick up their asses or are musically inclined.
Or, in Weiss’ case: BOTH
Flynt: You're Weiss Schnee, right? The heiress.
Weiss: I am. x)
Flynt: I take it you’re pretty good with Dust then.
Weiss: I do my best. uwu
Flynt: Yeah, my dad was good with Dust too. Owned a little shop of his own ‘til your father’s company ran him out of business.

Yang goes in to defend only to be countered by Rainbow Brite
Neon: You should try rollerblading sometime, it's suuuper fun. It'd probably take you awhile though since you're so, you know, "top-heavy."
Yang: Excuse me?!

Ruby: Oooh here we go.


i am so starved for Blake/Ruby interaction and it's not even for shipping purposes i just want them to exchange more than two lines of dialogue in a scene
kerry and miles pls show me they're friends onscreen; have them talk about a book or something
i was looking forward to ladybug shenanigans and i have to make due with Blake merely glancing at Ruby

i do not envy the ladybug shippers:
Moving on, this sort of situation has (unsurprisingly) happened to Yang quite a bit, going off of Ruby's response.

Flynt lookin' super slick as he's facing down Weiss
while Neon continues to taunt and give Yang trouble:
she mad

And then the awesome "This While Be The Day" jazz cover starts up. <3

Flynt has Double Team in his moveset.

was this jaune reaction shot really necessary [/nitpick]

please don't tell me this is going to be used to revive the love square
"oh look, he really does care! neptune's not even watching the match!"
*angry rumblings*
Neon: OOO, flashy eyes!! You know you're actually kind of pretty when you're angry.
I think Yang going from red to lilac here was an animation slip-up.
Neon: I wasn't saying you should go on a diet, I was saying you really need to go on a diet.
Yang: That’s it!
Neon: You’re fat! :V

Yang's so enraged she's not even attacking here. Kudos to Neon for playing to her strengths and preventing Yang from using hers.
As much as I love "Red Eyes Take Warning" from the perspective of the audience here how awful it must be for Yang. Unless she's got her eyes closed she has her anger broadcasted against her will.

hanasaku-shijin wrote:Just look at her expression as she’s deciding what she needs to do. She’s clearly so exhausted from the high-intensity battle she just suffered through and she just took a huge blow and is hurt and wincing and yet she STILL is smart/conscientious enough to assess what’s happening/going to happen to Yang and she’s fast enough to realize “I’m already almost down for the count, might as well give it all up and let Yang do the rest since she’s in the better shape of the both of us.” It’s the best way to for her to make herself useful in all of this because she knows it hasn’t been her best fight and she hasn’t got much left to give. But she realizes she has one last thing she can do for Yang and for the sake of their team, even if it means she herself can’t continue fighting.

It’s so wonderful to see Weiss taking action to help save her teammates, but she puts their wellbeing above her own constantly and doesn’t care what it costs her and that is what the rest of them need to realize and appreciate but they need to tell her to stop putting herself at risk so much. Please.

I mean, her aura got completely depleted for god’s sake. That is not good. Please take care of your self-sacrificing heiress.
The inclusion of Casey’s wail here just adds to it.

Port: It appears we have a double knockout on our hands!
Oobleck: In fact, it looks as though Ms. Schnee’s Aura has been completely depleted. She sacrificed herself to take out Flynt!

Despite that sacriweiss, Flynt's still standing with 16HP.

burninggoldbeauty wrote:"Ooh, it looks like Yang's angry.
And you wouldn’t like her when she’s…upset."

You’re right, Port.  I don’t like her when she’s upset.

I love her
me too, burninggoldbeauty, me too

I didn't know how much I needed a jazz cover of "I Burn" until now. The syncing here is really good, I loved it.
Right up until this point:

The finish with Neon seemed really rushed and contrived to me, like "okay we gotta get Team RWBY to Singles in the next 30 seconds go!" Eh.
what is it with this tournament and people landing in geysers this is like the third time now
Yang: Weiss! Are you okay?

Xekstrin wrote:
During the V2 Hiatus wrote:
Blake has cradled Weiss in her arms. Ruby has cradled Weiss in her arms. When is Yang gonna get a turn? Everybody needs to cradle Weiss in her arms. And by everybody I just mean Yang. When is Yang going to tenderly hold Weiss by the back of the neck and gaze into her eyes. Weiss IS SUCH A FRAGILE LITTLE FLOWER & SHE NEEDS TO BE SPOILED BY THE REST OF THE TEAM & NEXT SEASON BETTER HAVE MORE MOMENTS OF CUTE GIRLS GENTLY TOUCHING A WEISS SCHNEE
Xekstrin wrote:RT: here u go, freezeburn shippers
RT: we haven't forgotten about you
dashingicecream wrote:oh thats right, the holy trinity is complete now

weiss has been hold by ruby, blake, and now yang in moments of weakness

but the real question is: will weiss be able to hold herself
#getting philosophical here #SUMMON THE KNIGHT  SUMMON THE KNIGHT BABY GIRL.
Ladybug shippers were left hanging but MAN DID THEY DELIVER ON THE FREEZERBURN
since she's the ice queen and all and she was burned
Weiss: *dainty coughing fit* I may not be singing for awhile.
Does this mean you've performed in front of an audience at Beacon? Or just RBY's private concert while they're waiting for you to get out of the shower?
Flynt: That was a gutsy move, Schnee. I dig it.
Feels like they really forced that line in there just so Neon wasn't the only one from FNKI that was talking.
Zenax wrote:
Oaky wrote:Neon was annoying but I loved her design and fighting ability.
Neon Katt has a cool design but she's way too cocky. :l
Basically my thoughts on her too.

skimmonsaf wrote:this is my favorite part of the whole season so far
Blake and Ruby got over there so damn fast like whoa
put their semblances into overdrive
they just...they just love weiss so much TwT
Team Evil:
Merc stayin’ fit doin’ pushups during the meeting
Now that’s dedication
daftprodigy wrote:I think I know what Cinder’s going to do to Penny, and it’s not evil-making mind control. I don’t think Cinder’s capable of that at this juncture, not just upon learning that Penny’s a robot.

However, I do think she’ll be able to take Penny out of commission…by cutting Penny’s strings. The strings also known as the “how” in “how do you control all those swords?” and as in “there are no strings on me.”

Because Cinder seemed particularly interested in the part of the schematic featuring Penny’s hand:

And fighting a Penny with no strings would be an easy singles-round win for either Mercury or Emerald, while also not raising the immediate suspicion of “someone’s hacking our military!” that an evil Penny would raise. This would just be nasty sabotage by an unknown competitor, and would leave Penny completely helpless and Ironwood distracted.

Distracting and distressing the person whose military you’re trying to take over sounds like a solid idea to me.
Most Adorable Headmaster’s Office, Again:
a true enigma
Ozpin: [referring to Ironwood] His heart's in the right place.
Qrow: Sometimes I'm not even sure if he has a heart.
those subtle wizard of oz references

Qrow's giving the flask a rest for now. Surprised Ozpin is sharing any of his precious mugs.
Qrow: So have you chosen your Guardian yet?
Ozpin: Maidens choose themselves. I simply believe I’ve found the right candidate.
How often has this happened before that Ozpin is an expert on this? Also is this second or firsthand experience?
Ozpin: Ever since the day I met her, I had a feeling she would be the one.
Well that rules Zwei out
Ozpin: She’s strong, intelligent, caring, but most importantly… she’s ready.
And to no one's surprise it's Rub- Pyrrha?!
Pyrrha Nikos?!

They got me with the fake out there. Being the main character and all I was expecting Ruby and was ready to say "really? Even with her skills she's still only 15 and has a ways to go."

Pyrrha though, this is great. She's already a noted celebrity with good publicity, sure to inspire confidence.
pls don't be a repeat of Chapter 5 of V2
pls don't start what looks like a Pyrrha arc only to segue into a Jaune arc

wind-at-your-back wrote:An interesting part of the recent episode was the implication that the only reason Jaune is leader of JNPR was as a secret test of character for Pyrrha.
#she protects and inspires and empowers #the traits of a guardian #and jaune was the guinea pig for that
People have been noting something about that final shot of Pyrrha.

daftprodigy wrote:Also, is anyone else weirdly suspicious that Pyrrha isn’t actually Pyrrha right now, but Neo?

It’s not just the oddly smug smile she had upon entering the elevator.

We know that Neo can give herself green eyes, and we learned last episode that she can make an illusion that looks completely like someone else (even someone as different from her as Yatsuhashi) for short periods of time. Pyrrha would fall somewhere between “green eyes” and “Yatsuhashi” on the disguise difficulty scale…and also, coincidentally, has green eyes.

We know that last volume Team Evil really wanted to know what Pyrrha’s Semblance was for some reason.

And we learned this episode that magnets exist. Those just so happen to be a very convenient technology to use to fake a Polarity Semblance…
schneemas wrote:okay okay okay but when you think about it the chances of neo disguising to be pyrrha are actually kinda high bc wHAT IF CRME KNEW OZPIN WOULD CHOOSE SOMEONE SPECIAL?? THAT’S WHY CINDER MADE THAT LIST IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE THAT LIST WAS THE LIST OF POSSIBLE GUARDIANS AND PYRRHA WAS ONE OF THEM
The counterpoint:
I dunno, it’s possible that’s Neo getting in the elevator there
But there’s quite a risk to being exposed there, even greater than the one she ran if she was the one impersonating Yatsuhashi in the previous episode.
Ozpin: so Pyrrha about our meeting yesterday
Pyrrha: what meeting
really i think after four episodes of being a no-show (until confirmed otherwise) i think the FNDM is just starved for more neo
i know i am
Some interesting points regarding guardians:
Opening Narration of Volume 1 wrote:
Click for spoiler for full quote:
Narrator: Legends. Stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past.

Narrator: Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful, but he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness — creatures of destruction — the creatures of Grimm - set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed, and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man's brief existence to the void.

Narrator: However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time, man's passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named "Dust".

Narrator: Nature's wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness, and in the shadow's absence came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life.

Narrator: But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die. And when they are gone... darkness will return.
Narrator: So you may prepare your guardians, build your monuments to a so-called "free world", but take heed... there will be no victory in strength.

Ozpin: But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten. Things that require a smaller, more honest soul.
who are you talking to oz
is it future!Ruby from that epic time travel theory?
Xekstrin wrote:
Kepler: so Ruby is the protagonist, right
and Pyrrha is the Chosen One
I dont want to get ahead of myself but. if they did that. I might forgive RT everything.

theivorytowercrumbles: yeah I would forgive them quite a bit if they go that route that’s why I am praying

Kepler: “a legend was born of one who would save the world…………. what no, ruby, you’re just the spunky protagonist. we’re talking about pyrrha, obviously. the unbeatable girl? she’s like a classic hero. I mean you’ll save the day and all but the chosen one is pyrrha.”
ruby and pyrrha save the world
im losing it ivory
im losing it

theivorytowercrumbles: I’d die
I’d love it

Kepler: what if Cinder is like, reading the script and trying to find out who the chosen one from legends is
“Pyrrha is OBVIOUSLY the hero. look at her.” but it’s actually ruby because simple soul.

theivorytowercrumbles: so I think Cinder might go after Pyrrha
because like Ozpin


theivorytowercrumbles: thinks she’s the ‘hero’
she’s the one to stop
but Ruby is actually the 'hero’, Pyrrha is the Guardian

Kepler: genre savvy antagonist

theivorytowercrumbles: so Cinder is going to get sideswiped by Ruby
because I’m sure Cinder took one look at JNPR and went 'okay lmao’

In short:

sleighbelladonna wrote:so episode five was great
It was a good day if you are a Mechanical Rose/Nuts and Dolts shipper and/or Freezerburn shipper
ladybug not so much but they're used to it

Some other Weiss posts:
Zenax wrote:Weiss sacrificing herself kinda came out of nowhere. It just feels like a cheap excuse to show Yang in a 1v2 battle.
I'm on the fence about this. I like how it showed how she's changed since the beginning of the show, but tying into this:
Zenax wrote:Ngl I didn't like this episode that much compared to last week's.
The whole episode felt kind of rushed, so I share in that feeling. Maybe it was due to primarily being in the arena, with some really minor scene changes in the last two minutes.

I hope the Singles round is treated more seriously. There's nothing wrong with comedy in the show, but coming off of the Team ABRN match (which I thought was a really strong lead-in), this one seemed somewhat lacking for the titular team to experience.
sleighbelladonna wrote:weiss schnee has grown so much as a person, friend, and teammate and it hurts me

she’s all about perfect form. she’s all about elegance and winning and being the best.

but she saw that one of her best friends was in trouble and threw all of those things out the window and TACKLED a guy into a lava pit to try and save yang

and even though she didn’t succeed the way she wanted too, the first thing she did when yang ran over to make sure she wasn’t hurt too badly was crack a joke about not being able to sing for a while.

she wouldn’t have been able to do something like that two volume ago.
npc016 wrote:Y’know Ruby, given that Weiss has sacrificed herself several times for the team including:

1) Exhausting herself to let you run straight up a high af cliff to take out the Nevermore

2) Taken a hard fall instead of correcting herself so she could buff Blake

3) Took on the WF lieutenant who was a majorly bad match up for her so Blake could settle her score with Roman

4) Threw herself on a freaking volcanic geyser to save your sister

You can stop with your “Weiss is not really a team player or my friend” schtick any day now. Seriously.
rwby-rose wrote:so in the latest of our self-sacrificial lancer, who has to date, exhausted herself propelling ruby with glyphs against the nevermore, leapt into a highway in front of oncoming traffic, has used her energy to throw down a time-dilating glyph for blake instead of breaking her own fall against roman’s robot, and took on chainsaw guy from white fang herself and got super hurt-

weiss has now literally sacrificed herself trying to take out flynt and it didn’t even take him out and i’m so scared for her because her family will probably be furious with her for the display and like

i’m scared that it’ll extend to a true life or death situation and by then it’ll just be second nature to her because it’s what she’s been doing all this time
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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Guest on 6th December 2015, 12:21 pm

Ooo... Aaaah... Me likey!

And that reminds me that I need to check out this week's chapter! Someone remind me to do that when I get back from work!


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Re: The World of Remnant

Post by Khaki Makoto on 6th December 2015, 12:27 pm


And this (my kommentary in century gothic):
george-oswald-dannyson wrote:For people who can’t afford the RWBY V2 dvd/blu-ray, someone made this post with information mostly from the Director and Animator Commentary.

1. Tukson is very dead. In fact they wanted it to be so unambiguous that the scene initially had blood splatter across all the windows. (He also originally had blonde, then green hair, cause they were worried people would think he’s sabertooth, now folks think he’s wolverine when he’s neither) (Em and Merc's Confirmed Kill Count: 1)

2. Semblance is any active application of Aura. Healing and Defense are passive

3. Glynda’s Semblance is Telekinesis

4. Yang was originally going to have a cherry stem tongue tying scene (ooo boy)

5. Ruby’s Tray scene is actually foreshadowing to something in a later volume (Snowboarding competition?)

6. The team plans to have ozpin speak with every major character and they plan 3 one on ones for next year (Pretty much confirmed Pyrrha is one of the three for this volume. After that, we have Weiss, Yang, Jaune, Nora, and Ren... eh, Weiss and Jaune?)

7. Ruby tripped up due to Penny’s mass forcing her to exert herself way too much

8. WF Leiutenant was called Bane by the staff from his inception

9. Kinda suggested that Neptune’s semblance has to do with his random appearing. (Teleportation eh? Does he have to have been there before, or can he just look at a picture and teleport somewhere, with the longer the distance the more of his semblance is used up?)

10. The difference between Blake and Sun’s semblances is that blake can only leave hers behind while sun project’s his forward. Sun’s clones have a lot more freedom in ability (they can do much more than explode), but at the expense of him being unable to move while they’re used. Sun’s semblance is named Via Sun

11. RWBY’s team combos were inspired by the Hobbit, Rival Schools, Tekken and DoA

12. The time glyph is haste from Final Fantasy (pretty obvious)

13. Neptune was actually supposed to be the one to ask how Yang’s semblance worked, but they had to cut him and Sun out due to time constraints (Gaaah this would've been so much better coming from either of those guys, it's so awkward coming from Blake. Why wouldn't her partner know about her semblance unless it was noted that Yang was keeping the specifics about it a secret?)

14. Yang’s semblance is specifically ultra meter and her hair’s actually an indicator of when she’s taken damage.

15. Neo doesn’t actually physically block yang with her umbrella, It’s all an illusion from the moment she appears to save Roman. (damn she good)

16. Dove and Russell are the best fighters in CRDL

17. Mercury was one of the original characters created to counter Yang

18. Nora’s Boop shirt is actually her PJs

19. A saxaphone plays whenever Neptune appears

20. Blake and Yang were the very first planned partners in RWBY (BumbleBy endgame conformed)

21. Yang’s prom dress is based on Marilyn Monroe

22. A lot of episode 7 was a homage to Scott Pilgrim

23. The joke that Blake and Sun are laughing at when Jaune goes to confront Neptune is actually Neptune telling the story of Frosty the Snowman

24. Ruby legitimately can’t fight without her scythe. It’s a hard set rule that she’ll slowly grow out of. (Looking forward to this. 10 years from now at this rate.)

25. One of the missions on the mission board is a hint at a future arc that was supposed to be this season. (But which one? :0)

26. Goliaths are 20 stories tall

27. Torchwick is also partially inspired by Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

28. They plan on focusing on Port next year to play off of Oobleck this year

29. The train used to be another vehicle that has yet to be revealed but is still important

30. Creeps are non animal grimm based on birds and reptiles (Did not remember these guys from the V2 finale)

31. Neo’s a perfect counter to yang because none of Yang’s attacks can connect (<3)

32. Of all the elemental clones, Blake’s Ice clone is a hint of how her semblance will be expanded later (:0)

33. Roman is skilled in Bartitsu

34. Weiss vs. WF Lieutenant was based on Oberyn vs. the Mountain

35. Raven’s sword is similar to Weiss and the blades are in fact Dust (and what a collection of dust she has)

36. Neo escaped because she could tell Raven was someone she couldn’t hope to fight

37. Raven’s portals are referred to as a form of teleportation

38. There is something legitimately special about Zwei that’ll be elaborated on. (???)

39. Monty directed the final episode

40. Ren and Nora’s ties to the village are very important (It sure didn't sound like it based on the dialogue in "Breach." [Jaune: Ren, we'll make it to that village another time.] Not "their" village, "that" village.)

41. Weiss’ ice sword has meaning and there will be more moves like it.

42. Ironwood is a legitimately good guy, no ambiguity and Ozpin’s friend. He’s not working on any hidden schemes, he’s just too overzealous and cares too much. Also Military Steve Jobs.

43. Coco, Fox and Yatsuhashi, at least design and weapon wise, were around long before RWBY was actually in production. Velvet was added because she fit their team cohesion.

44. Size and amount of armor is an indicator of grimm levels

45. Oobleck and Port are partially inspired by Mario and Luigi

46. Ironwood was supposed to fight this volume

They later made this post:
1. Pyrrha will have a flashback involving her mother

2. Cinder’s weapons and dress details in "Dance Dance Infiltration" are black glass

3. Cinder, Glynda and Weiss all have character unique glyphs (they don’t overlap)

4. We have not yet seen Ozpin’s weapon

5. The gears in Ozpin’s office serve a specific function

6. Velvet’s weapon isn’t suited to mass waves of grimm, at least not like Coco’s

7. The sound of fluttering bird wings when Qrow appears to save yang and ruby in the flashback is very important (Raven??? Or is Qrow an Animagus Bird Faunus???)

8. Roman has a very long and rough past

EDIT: Roman’s racism isn’t actually exaggerated or he’s especially like that. His views are actually very common. (This one was in the comments section of the post.) ( :( )
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Re: The World of Remnant

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