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Since I avoid posting in the I've Got a Problem to Complain About thread because it makes me feel like I'm indirectly swearing, and there have been things that I've wanted to say but didn't want to bring them to other threads, I decided I'd make my own "thread" to specifically personally reply to Problems. Because sometimes I want to give input, but I still don't want to post in that thread.

It seems kinda silly, but oh well. Onwards to my responses!

This is important and the first thing I am responding to! I will continue responding to things in the comments of this post. You are welcome to comment on my comments and such, or you can continue the conversation in the Problem thread, but I will always respond here.

So without further ado, let's a go!
Spiky Nopon in the Problem thread wrote:
I hate feeling powerless, I absolutely hate it more than any other feeling. I hate being unable to control anything. I hate not being able to help those I care about. I hate essentially being meaningless and that whether or not I was there or existed doesn't matter. I wish there was something I could do to help my friend but there is nothing I can do and anything I say will be nothing more than "I'm sorry, I hope things get better" when I know they won't get better and will in fact get worse but I can't tell someone I really care about to just walk it off as things will get worse and worse, not when things are this serious and in the end I'm felt feeling like a useless waste of space in the situation but I doubt they would even care if I said anything to them about it and would prob rather I don't say anything but I feel like I have to and my concience is going to hate me either way and I'm left feeling like a real jerk and then start questioning why I even want to help out. If I just want more evidence that I am in control or that I just want an excuse to talk to them more or some other stupid selfish reason my mind comes up with and then I just want to scream and punch and destroy but that won't help anything. And then I realize that I'm turning a situation that's about them into a situation that's about me making me feel like a completely egotistical butthole who only wants to feel important. I want to help but I don't know if its for the right reasons, and even then I know I can't do anything so I'm stuck in an emotional catch-22 where I'm going to end up hating myself no matter what choice I make

Obviously I don't know the complete problem. I don't know what they're going through or how close you are to them. I just don't know the situation. If you don't feel like this advice will do any good, feel free to ignore it, but I'm going to suggest it anyway.
Maybe you don't have to truly talk to them about it? Like, if they know you know what is going on, or even if you don't, just asking them sometimes, "Hey, are you okay?" and reminding them that they can always come to you if they need to talk about it can be a big help. And if they do come to you, maybe you can just be a listening ear, help them get it off their chest. Be a shoulder they can cry on. And if they ask for your opinion or your input, provide it if you genuinely think it will help them.
It sounds to me like you are truly concerned for them, and that it's not just for your feeling of self worth. The best thing I can think of is just continue being their friend. Let them know they can trust you and stay with them through their tough times. As I said, I don't know what they're going through, but I hope this helps?

I'm bad at giving advice. But I felt like I had to say this. :/ ?
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Post on 16th August 2015, 11:04 pm by Nopon

dangit bunny, now I wanna cry, how is it that you sound so much wiser than you should be for your age xD

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Burnin' Bunnies

Post on 17th August 2015, 12:15 am by Burnin' Bunnies

Oi, I'm almost an adult! >:U haha!

Maybe it's because I've been in this situation. I don't know what to do a lot. So I observe. I've learned from others that this is the best solution, and I see it in my head working out for the most part? I tend to tear things apart in my head, and this is a solution that seems to work most of the time. XD I don't know. Maybe because I'm close to someone with depression, and that is the most common thing I hear to help. Just being there as a silent supporter.

I've been told I'm mature for my age. :U Many, many times. Though, it could also seem that way because I'm some one outside looking in. Sometimes when you're in the middle of a situation, it is harder to see everything clearer. :shrugs: I just hope I can help.

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Burnin' Bunnies

Post on 1st July 2016, 11:37 pm by Burnin' Bunnies

@returnofmastercrazyhand wrote:
behold, a PM conversation from twitch that spawned out of a talk about religion:
Please don't share passwords or personal information.
7/1/2016, 9:23:18 PM
bbqftw_ : oh, I will say this
bbqftw_ : I think if you accept Jesus as being a perfect infallible human being and look at his recorded words, it is not consistent with any evolution-based worldview
returnofmastercrazyhand : no, jesus was flawed, didn't you read the story about when he was a teenager he ran off
returnofmastercrazyhand : and he had a choice to die or to do whatever
bbqftw_ : uh, that wasn't his bad
returnofmastercrazyhand : it was though, as his response was "don't you realize I must be in my fsather's temple?"
returnofmastercrazyhand : and it is stated he had just as much flaws as the rest of us, just he didn't give into them
bbqftw_ : we have different definition of flaw then
returnofmastercrazyhand : look, I believe in evolution, and I believe in jesus, you are NOT going to convince me to not be a catholic
bbqftw_ : my point is, if you look at Jesus's words re: creation, its not really consistent with long-over-years evolution
returnofmastercrazyhand : I was born catholic, I will die catholic
bbqftw_ : well
returnofmastercrazyhand : and yes I realize some of the stuff is kind of kooky
bbqftw_ : I am a young-earth creationist
bbqftw_ : I would be considered even crazier
returnofmastercrazyhand : so am I
returnofmastercrazyhand : like I said before, evolution happened
returnofmastercrazyhand : 7 days in gods time isn
returnofmastercrazyhand : isn't 7 days on earth
bbqftw_ : genesis was written as historical narrative
bbqftw_ : there's no compelling reason to believe that it wasn't 7 human days
returnofmastercrazyhand : especially considering the sun didn't become a thing until day 4
returnofmastercrazyhand : no it was not a historical nqarrativer
bbqftw_ : then why bother believing the rest
returnofmastercrazyhand : you ever heard of the scopes trial? that was a famous court case that proved that evolution and the bible could co-exist if taken as metaphor
returnofmastercrazyhand : because there are historical records proving there was a jesus of nazarith
bbqftw_ : I don't need them to co-exist
returnofmastercrazyhand : I believe they do
returnofmastercrazyhand : I believe the the old testament minus the prophets is metaphor
returnofmastercrazyhand : the new testament minus revelation is fact
bbqftw_ : romans essentially predicates the saving power of jesus on adam being a historical person
returnofmastercrazyhand : just because you say they can't coexist doesn't mean they are
returnofmastercrazyhand : like I said jesus existed, adam didn't
returnofmastercrazyhand : just give up, you won't win
returnofmastercrazyhand : if you seriously think I can't have my FUCKING OPINON ON RELIGION
bbqftw_ : I don't have any interest in winning
returnofmastercrazyhand : then you are just as bad as the people who are stupid with the bible
bbqftw_ : ?
bbqftw_ : ok, for example
returnofmastercrazyhand : as in, those who believed in only creationism
bbqftw_ : jesus references creation as 'created them male and female'
bbqftw_ : if you take those words as infallible
returnofmastercrazyhand : I CAN HAVE AN OPINION \
bbqftw_ : than it is not inconsistent with an evolutionary explanation of origins
returnofmastercrazyhand : then you are taking it out of context
returnofmastercrazyhand : that was supposedly about how marriage should be done (which I disagree with)
returnofmastercrazyhand : but like I said, jesus was just as flawed as the rest of us
returnofmastercrazyhand : his whole purpose waas so god could understand what made humans so flawed
bbqftw_ : you think that god didn't know already ...?
returnofmastercrazyhand : and potentially save them from the devil if he decided to not give into said flaws
returnofmastercrazyhand : god is perfect, as one knows, perfect beings can't comprehend imperfection. just like a rouge AI
returnofmastercrazyhand : he created us in his image, nothing more, nothing less, then he saw we where flawed, so he made jesus
bbqftw_ : ok, the beginning of john explictly says jesus was around before human creation, and wasn't created
New Whispers
returnofmastercrazyhand : seriously I CAN HAVE AN OPINION, and if you can't accept my opinon on religion, then I have no choice but to block you
User successfully blocked.
bbqftw_ : well that is unfortunate
bbqftw_ : I don't view this as an argument to be won
returnofmastercrazyhand : then don't continue it
returnofmastercrazyhand : the simple fact that you kept replying to me proved you did want to win it
why do I even bother.
Sometimes I seem to forget that I have this blog to comment on events in the Problem thread.

I found this discussion very interesing, and I just want to open the door to further discussion from anyone on my personal views and opinions. Anyone can shoot me a PM if you have any questions relating to my faith (I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly refered to as Mormon) and personal beliefs. I am not looking to start arguments, and I will answer to the best of my current ability. (If I find a better answer later on, I may revise a few things I'm not completely sure of, because faith and knowledge are constantly growing.) Just wanted yall to know. :)

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Post on 2nd July 2016, 2:06 am by returnofmastercrazyhand

glad I could help
but seriously I have no time for that guy

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Post on 18th July 2016, 4:34 pm by Greece

sorry for bring this here, I also don't post in the problem thread because of indirect swearing

jokool wrote:OMG the 11th Colossus is an absolute jerk... Just rage quit after getting in a nonstop loop of being trampled and stunned... Anger

No one likes 11, it's terrible (and I swear, you get looped and you can't recover in time unless you get pushed into a corner). Do you understand what you need to do in the fight?

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Post on 18th July 2016, 5:37 pm by Guest

Yeah, I know what to do, the problem is that I keep missing his back and he tramples me...

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