Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

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Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Guest on 15th May 2014, 10:21 am

“intro (not my video BTW)”:

What’s up everyone? jokool here! Welcome to my LP of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

If you’re wondering what this game is:

Wikipedia wrote:999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors  is a graphic adventure game/visual novel developed by Chunsoft for Nintendo DS. It was first released in Japan on December 10, 2009, and then in North America in 2010. It was later ported to iOS in 2013. Directed by Kotaro Uchikoshi, it is the predecessor to the 2012 game Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward.

The story follows Junpei who is abducted and placed aboard an empty, sinking cruise liner along with eight other individuals. They are forced to participate in the "Nonary Game", which involves exploring the ship and solving escape-the-room puzzles. The game follows a branching plot line that concludes in one of six different endings based on the decisions made by the player character.

999 was critically acclaimed, with many critics praising the game's plot.

I said earlier in the Let's Post section that I don't think I'll be able to do this since it is going to be very time consuming, but I really do want to do this LP (also, seeing the sig Cap made for me really helped motivate me to try anyway), so I'll update when I can. I’ll try to update this LP every day or so, but don't be surprised if you don't see an update for a while, so I apologize in advance if/when I do get behind with my updates… Annoyed

Some info about this LP: I’ll be mainly doing screenshots of certain events, with maybe a few videos of brief cut scenes if my computer can handle them.
This game is a visual novel, so it’s going to have a ton of text to go with it. Game text will be done normally, character text will go in “quote” boxes, while my comments will be in italics.
There are times where I'll have to find my way out of a room and solve puzzles to continue, so I'll be posting shots of the situation while explaining what's going on. Most of the time, I'll only post how to escape and solutions to the puzzles, but I will post extra moments if they are key to the story or are really funny. If I have enough time, I'll also try to use MSPaint to highlight key areas in certain screenshots during the game play.
There are also times where key choices will have to be made, and I debated whether or not to let you guys make the choices, and I’m still open to this route if you guys are up for it, but if not, then I’ll choose the decisions that will lead to the true ending. Other choices that don’t impact the ending will be either the best answer for the situation, or just one that leads to a funny moment (and there’s at least one or two that I will be doing this for :P ).
Lastly, I’ll also post links to Youtube videos featuring the soundtrack in the game when they are featured (nope, not stealing this idea from Cap’s To the Moon LP, not at all Innocent).

One more thing: If the method I'm using to do this LP (type out all the text, screenshots of events) is too time consuming, I will most likely try another method, possibly taking screenshots of most of the game text.

I think that about covers everything for this LP. I’ll try to post the first part soon, but for now, I’ll end this here.

I can’t wait to get this started, and I hope you guys enjoy this game as much as I have!

I also hope I can finish this LP.... Annoyed

Anyway, until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Caprizant on 15th May 2014, 9:11 pm

It's alright, I may or may not have stolen the "showing the changes in the game's soundtrack as we go along" thing from reading orenronen's Dangan Ronpa LP which I need to continue soon from somewhere in SDR2 :I

I might play along with this, or I might go ahead, I'm not sure. I'm not very far yet. Good luck with the LP, don't feel bad if you don't always have time. OFF took pretty much an entire year to complete cuz I took a couple of seasons... er... off in the middle. :B


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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Guest on 16th May 2014, 4:55 pm

My opinion is that if you are playing it, and haven't seen all the endings yet, do so ASAP, but leave the true ending for the end. Then, either play through it, or just follow along with my LP. But that's up to you in the end.

Anyway, this took a while, but here's the first official part of this LP!

A quick reminder before I begin: This game is rated M for Mature for a reason, so just keep that in mind if you're still around the T for Teen age.

Part 1: What the hell is going on!?:
first cut scene:

I'm only showing the lower part of the screen on this shot since the top screen is just black. If I have time, I'll try to do this for most shots if there's nothing relevant in one screen or the other. I probably won't emphasize what screen the shot came from unless it's relevant to the LP.

A loud noise startled Junpei awake, and his eyes snapped open.

As they adjusted to the light, he realized that he didn't recognize his surroundings.

Junpei wrote:Ow!

Note, when characters are talking, a small bleeping sound is played as the text appears. It also changes in pitch for each character (girls have higher pitched bleeps, guys have lower pitched ones). I'll do a video to show this off in a sec.

With a "crack", Junpei's head connected with something metal.

He rolled over and threw out his hand to steady himself, but he found himself groping at empty air.

His balance lost, and his still-fuzzy mind struggling to understand what was going on, Junpei tumbled down to the cold, grey floor.

Junpei wrote:OOOOOOWWWCHGODDAMNIT! Gah! What the hell!?

Junpei glared around the room, still trying to determine where he'd woken up.

The fall had shaken the last cobwebs of sleep from his mind, and finally he understood where he'd fallen from.

It was a bed. A 3-level bunk bed, in fact. Junpei had fallen, apparently, from the topmost bunk.

His shoulder hurt, his knee hurt, his hip hurt... His entire body hurt.

He could feel a bump forming on his forehead, where he'd slammed it against the low ceiling.

He wondered if that bump was the reason he felt his vision wavering a bit, but that seemed unlikely.

At first, he thought the tremor that ran through his legs was just another effect of his rude awakening, but as he looked around, he realized it was real... The whole room was shaking.

Was it an earthquake, he wondered. It didn't seem likely. It was shaking far too quickly for an earthquake.

Then again, Junpei had no idea what it was, if not an earthquake.

He tried to tell himself it was important.

Junpei rubbed the growing bump on his head and gingerly climbed to his feet.

His balance regained, he finally took his first good look around the room...

...And muttered to himself.

Junpei wrote:Where...Am I...?

His pain momentarily forgotten in the face of the confusion of his circumstances, Junpei looked around the room once again.

Minutes passed while Junpei struggled to get his bearings.

Then, as suddenly as they had begun, the tremors ceased.

A cold silence fell over the room.

From somewhere far away, Junpei could hear the sound of metal squeaking.

He felt his stomach tighten. There was a thousand things the sound could have been, but none of the things he could think of were good.

In an attempt to distract himself, Junpei looked around the room once more.

There was a stove that looked more antique than functional.

The 3-level bunk bed had mattresses that were so thin that they were little more than blankets.

On the other side of the room was an identical bed, and set in the wall between the beds was a slightly dirty iron door.

The first thing Junpei noticed about the door was the number roughly emblazoned across it.

On the surface of the door, in red paint, someone had written...


Junpei wrote:[5]...?
What's this [5] mean...

Note, that's how the numbers are typed out, with the [] (or something like them) around them. This will appear frequently during the game, and not just for numbers, but also words and phrases that are important during the situation. I'm assuming this is done for emphasis, but it looks kind of weird to me.  Hm... 

Suspicious, and still utterly confused, Junpei approached the door, slowly.

Standing, at last, in front of the door, Junpei grabbed hold of the L-shaped handle. A push yielded no movement, and a pull the same result.

A few more tries cemented the truth in Junpei's mind: it wouldn't open. It didn't matter hos much he pushed and shoved. The handle wouldn't budge.

Next to the door was an odd-looking device that reminded Junpei of a card reader.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that the odd-looking device was keeping the door shut.

Junpei knocked, hard, on the door.

*insert knocking sounds*

Junpei wrote:Hey! Hello? Is anyone there!?
Open the door!

*more knocking*

There was no responce.

Junpei threw his left fist into the door--

*screen goes black*

--and stopped.

Junpei wrote:What the hell is this...

He wasn't really sure what else to say.

On his left wrist was a bracelet of a sort he'd never seen before.

Fun fact: If I remember something I saw correctly, when the game first came out, if you pre-ordered the game from (I think) Gamestop, you got a watch designed like that. That would have been so cool to have.

In the center was a large LCD display.

It looked like nothing else so much as a watch, but it clearly wasn't that.

After all, it showed only a single number.

Junpei wrote:(5)...
That's...that's the same as the door...

Derp... Okay, sometimes () is used. :P

True, the numbers were the same, be he had no idea what that might mean.

All he knew was that it was strange, and new, and he wanted it off.

Junpei flipped his hand over, as if to remove a watch, but...

The other side of the bracelet was solid: no buckle, no clasp, nothing.

He sighed, and flipped the thing back over. There were a number of rivets around the rim of the face. Perhaps...

*insert clicking sound*

He pushed them, but nothing happened.

On a watch, they might be dials for adjusting date or time, but on this bracelet they did nothing.

Junpei was at a loss. What was he going to do?

Growing more desperate, he began to tug at it.


Junpei wrote:Urrrrng! Damn! Ugh! It's no good... Damn thing won't come off!

BTW, did I mention that swearing would be present throughout the game? :P

A steel ring ran from the face, around Junpei's wrist, and back into the face. He wouldn't be pulling the bracelet off any time in the near future.

Junpei wrote:What the hell is the deal with this thing!?

Frustration and desperation were beginning to mix as the reality of the situation began to dawn fully on Junpei.

So much was happening, and none of it made sense. Junpei felt as though he were about to explode.

Small cutscene vid:

It was at that moment that he noticed the window.

The window was round, rimmed in riveted brass, like a window from an early 20th century ship.

Junpei wrote:What...? Wait... Am I in a ship?

Junpei walked slowly toward the window.

He could see noting beyond it but think, impenetrable darkness.

Junpei squinted, trying to see something...anything...

It was at that moment--

*insert scene of glass completely breaking and water pouring in that I could have recorded, but didn't :P *

999 Soundtrack: Unary Game (new soundtrack)

A crack split the glass of the window, and for a moment Junpei stared at it.

Then the window burst, and water began to pour into the room.


Junpei yelled, and spun around.

His feet slipping on the water already coming through the window, he ran for the door.

*insert rattling doorknob and banging sounds*

Junpei wrote:Hey! Anyone! Is anyone there!?
C'mon, if your're there, say something!

*insert more banging sounds*

There was no reply.

As Junpei screamed, and pounded on the door, the water began to rise.

It was now ankle-deep on the floor, and rising quickly toward his knees.

Things were not looking good for Junpei. Not good at all.

He needed to find a way out--and quickly!

Junpei ran a hand across his forehead, brushing the sweat out of his eyes, and looked around the room.

Cut scene:

Now it's time to get into some game play! Basics game play is explore the room by moving around using the arrows on the touch screen, or by using the arrow pad. In each part of the room, you can use the touch screen to investigate different objects. Just about everything will have some sort of text pop up if you touch it, but, as I said in my first post, I'll only be showing important stuff and funny or interesting moments since most of the things you touch will just say something simple, like, for example, touching a bed will just pop up: "It's a bed."

So anyway, in order to get out of this room, the first place I'll be checking out is over by the sink:

999 Soundtrack: Unary Game

Also, as you can see on the top screen, there's a map of the room when you first start the search. You can bring it up at any time by pressing the "X" button, or by touching the camera icon on the lower right part of the touch screen (which appears when the map isn't on the screen). I rarely check this map since it's fairly easy to navigate around the rooms without getting too turned around.

Anyway, like I was saying, let's check out that sink!

I'll only need those two things:

That's the item screen. You can use the touch screen to move the item around, see what's on the other side of it, and get a better look at it from different angles. I will admit that it can be tricky to move stuff around at the angle you want without flipping it around over and over again due to some mildly tricky controls, but it's still a really cool feature.

You can bring up the item menu by pressing the "L" button, or touching "item" at the top left of the touch screen, but it won't appear if you don't have any items.

A couple other things to note are the options on the item screen. "Search" gives a description of the item (which, like the map, I rarely check Sorry). There is occasionally some character dialogue when you search an item, so I'll go ahead and post what comes up for each item when I find it. Speaking of:

Note from bulletin board: The note's got *insert red triangles on note* in red and *insert blue triangles on note* in blue.

Picture frame: An old picture frame. There's a picture of a ship in it. There's [screws] keeping the back on.

The other option (beside back) is "Combine." This will be coming into play in a moment, so I'll just wait until then to tell you about it. Now back to searching.

After pulling back from the sink, I'll head to the left:

The next key area to check is the lowest bed on the right:

If you look under the pillow:

What's this?

Memo from bed: The note's got *insert blue square and triangle* in blue and *insert red triangle and square* in red. There's an arrow that goes all the way across the paper. It's red under the red symbols and blue under the blue ones.

Hmmm... I wonder what all these squares, triangles, and arrows mean?  Coy Cat 

Moving on, I'll head over to the area that's left of the door:

If you check the part in the center:

There's a mirror with a key taped to it:

Small key (red): A small [red key].

After leaving the item screen, you're back in front of the mirror and a dialogue scene starts:

Junpei grabbed the key and shoved it into his pocket.

He intended to leave immediately, but... Something stopped him.

His reflection stared back at him from the mirror, but he had scarcely recognized himself.

Junpei wrote:What's up with my face...

His confusion was well-justified.

His face was drawn and pale, and the dark circles under his eyes made him look as though he was nearly dead.

Junpei wrote:Man... What the hell happened to me?
How did I end up here...?

Even as he said it, something in his mind opened, and a memory bobbed to the surface.

It was the last thing Junpei remembered before waking up in the strange room.

*screen fades to black as the music dies away to the faint sound of crickets*

It was past midnight when he came home.

Junpei shuffled up the stairs, and opened the door to apartment 201.

*insert sound of door opening and closing, then silence*

Inside was his apartment. A small, one-bedroom affair, that ran him about $630 a month.

A bit expensive if you ask me. :I

He moved into it when he entered college, and so far he'd been there for 3 years and 7 months.

He stepped inside and turned on the lights.

*lights come on*

The fluorescent lights on the ceiling blinked and flickered slowly to life, as if waking from a deep slumber.

Their cold light illuminated the landscape he'd come home to so many times before... Everything was as he'd left it.

The magazines piled up in the corner. The text books collecting dust. The CD cases covering the floor. The jeans and t-shirt he'd work the day before, then tossed onto the floor.

There was one thing that didn't belong, however.

*insert breeze sounds*

There was a breeze. Breaths of cold night air wafted into his apartment, carrying the smells of autumn with them.

The white curtain framing his window swayed gently in the wind.

Huh. That's weird... Did I leave that open...?

Junpei walked toward the window, trying to remember if he'd closed it or not before he left.

One of the panes was hanging open. He stuck his head out, and looked around.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Junpei shrugged. He must have just left it open earlier.

Another small clip:

That made me jump the first time I played this game. Sorry

*insert a hissing sound*

Junpei turned, and found himself face to mask with a man dressed all in black.

The man wore a deep hood, and a bulky gas mask--his face was entirely hidden.

Junpei tried to scream, but all he could manage was a strangled croak.

He tried to step toward the man, but his legs could no longer support his weight.


Junpei collapsed to the floor--a crumpled heap of limbs, like a discarded puppet.

Too late, he noticed the white smoke that was quickly filling his apartment.

A small object, shaped distressingly like a grenade, sat on the floor in front of his face, hissing. The white smoke poured out of it at an incredible rate.

The smoke had grown so thick that the details of Junpei's apartment began to fade into the white haze.

He could feel his mind begin to fade as well, a white haze that was not the smoke creeping into the edges of his vision.

*screen fades out*

??? wrote:Consider this a privilege. You have been chosen.

A rasping voice wormed its way out of the gas mask.

It was cold and harsh, and distorted in some way Junpei couldn't put his finger on.

??? wrote:You are going to participate in a game. The [Nonary Game].
It is a game...where you will put your life on the line.

*screen completely fades away*

That was the last thing Junpei remembered.

The white smoke overpowered him, the masked man faded from his vision, and he felt his consciousness fall away into the white mist.

Junpei wrote:That's right! That guy with the gas mask!
That son of a bitch must have taken me here!

As to who the man was, or might have been, Junpei had no idea.

Indeed, he wasn't even sure that his assailant had been a man.

The voice had been cold and mechanical--likely passed through a voice-changer--and the body had been covered in a thick cloak.

Who was the man in the mask?

"You have been chosen." Junpei remembered that much, but...

What it might mean... That was beyond him.

Junpei had no idea where he was, or why he was there.

There was only one thing from his memory that seemed important...

??? wrote:You are going to participate in a game. The [Nonary Game].
It is a game...where you will put your life on the line.

Junpei wrote:The Nonary Game, huh...
What the hell is a Nonary Game!? Goddamnit!

With a yell, Junpei drove his fist into the mirror.

Back to searching! Time to head to the other side of the room for now, so I'll back away from the mirror and head to the left:

First area of interest over here is the stove:

If you check the stove door:

This is the door to the stove.
Well, it opens easily enough. Sure wish the door to get out of here was that easy to open...

Looks like there's something inside:

Screwdriver: A normal [screwdriver]. Doesn't seem to be anything special about it.

Now would be a good time to show off the "Combine" option in the item menu. Some items need to be combined in order to escape, so when you tap "Combine" (or hit X):

You can select another item to combine with the item you chose to get a new item. Not every item can be combined with other items, and what items that do combine can only be combined with one other item, so there's only one way that the items will combine.

....That really came out complicated sounding, so let me put it this way: This screwdriver will only combine with one other item in this room, and I happen to have it:

The picture frame.

Note, if a combination of items do not go together, a buzzing sound is heard, meaning they can't be combined. But if all goes well:

Well, the screwdriver got those screws off easily enough... And here's the picture.

Tada! So there's the combining feature! And that's how it works on all the levels, though, some (maybe the rest) of the levels have multiple items that will combine, but each combination will only work with a specific set of items, and I'm going to shut up and move on before I make this any more confusing... Loopy

Anyway, let's take a closer look at the picture:

Picture of an old cruise liner: 1, triangle symbol, 2 triangle symbol, etc. So someone wrote a bunch of numbers and symbols on the back of the picture, huh.

If you remember the notes I got earlier, they had those symbols on them. This is the key to those notes, but I'll be getting to them in a sec. Let's look at what's on top of the stove first:

If we take a peek inside:

Well, let's see if there's anything in here...
Huh. Looks like there is...

*taps the thing in the pot*

Yeah, there's a little blue key in the bottom of this pot. Odd.

Small key (blue): This key's pretty small... Definitely not for a door. What's it for, then? This key's blue... Is it supposed to open something else blue?

Okay, we now have everything we need so far. Just a few more things to check out and we'll be out of here in no time! Let's check the blue thing on the bed first:

*checks the briefcase*

No dice... It's locked tight. Let's see if there's anything in the keyhole...

Now to figure out a puzzle! Time to look at the notes:

The arrow on the bottom is pointing in the direction the code goes, so the top note has the first two parts of the code for the blue code, while it has the second part of the red code. Bottom one is the opposite (red first, blue second). Now, if you look at the back of the picture again:

It should be easy to figure out the code. Let's see.....

First note = 0285
Second note = 7463

Solution: Blue code is 0263, red code is 7485

Let's put these codes to use! Just insert the blue key into the blue briefcase:

All right, let's see what happens if I put this blue key in the keyhole...
...Aaaaand nothing.
I guess I'm gonna need some sort of code for the dial.

Well, fortunately, I just figured out the code. :I

So, in order to open the briefcase, just insert the code by touching the numbers on the touch screen until the correct number appears, then turn the key:


All right, let's see if these numbers work...
A turn of the key, and...hey, looks like it's working!

Junpei wrote:Yes! All right, let's open it up!

Junpei wrote:Yes! It opened!

Looks like there's something in here... What is this...? A file...?

*taps the file*

All right, let's see what's in this file...
Hm... "[Digital root]"...
Let's see here...
Compute a [digital root] with the following steps:
First, add all the numbers in question to one another.
If you end up with something greater than a single-digit number, add the digits to one another.
(For instance, if you have a double-digit number, add the number in the [tens place] to the number in the [ones place].)
Keep adding digits in this manner until you have a single digit answer.
The final single digit is your [digital root].
EX: The [digital root] of (678) would be...
6 + 7 + 8 = 21 -> 2 + 1 = [3]
Therefore, the [digital root] of (678) is [3].
EX: The [digital root] of (1234) would be...
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10 -> 1 + 0 = [1]
Therefore, the [digital root] of (1234) is [1].

Junpei wrote:I see...
So I just keep adding numbers until I get a single digit number.

The digital root system is going to be used a lot in this game, so keep all that in mind.

...Oh. Looks like there's something on the back of this thing...
A notebook, a pen, a calculator...
...And a stack of [key cards]. Huh.

Stack of blue key cards: Looks like some [key cards]. There's a number written on each card. (6) (7) (8)... Does that mean something...?

We'll be finding out in just a minute, but there's one more thing to find first.

Oh, before I forget, if you need to double check anything, you can tap "file" at the top right of the screen (or hit "R"), and it'll open up the file menu:

More info will be added to the fire as the game progresses, including key material for helping with some escapes.

Anyway, now to find the last thing I need to escape. Just back away from the briefcase and go over to the closet in the corner:

Pull the curtain back:

Bam! There's a red briefcase!
Just open it like the blue one:


And now it's open.

Note, I did skip a lot of dialogue from Junpei, but it was basically "Oh, this is locked," and "Let's try this key!" So yeah, not very important to the story. I may do this often during this LP, so don't hate me for taking shortcuts... Annoyed

Anyway, let's see what's in the briefcase:

Stack of red key cards: These look like [key cards]. There's a number on each one... (1) (2) (3)...

Okay, now I have everything I need to escape, so let's get outta here!

These cards with numbers on them... I'm pretty sure this is where I'm supposed to use them.

Junpei wrote:All right, let's slide this card and see if it works.


*insert a sliding sound for each card, while a red asterisk appears on the scanner for each card*
Junpei then pulls the lever and get's this result:

*beep* Nothing happens!

Junpei wrote:Huh...? It's not working? Why!? Damnit!

No...no, that's right! I still have cards I haven't used!

So now I have to switch to the other cards (the blue ones). If you need to switch to a different item, you can do it in the item menu, or just simply touch the item icon in the lower left until the right one appears.

Anyway, when you get the blue cards out and tap the scanner, basically the same thing happens with the red cards, so I won't bother posting it.

The key to getting out is using the digital root system. Use the key cards who's digital root are 5 (the number on the door), and presto! So let's see...

And yes, I did skip more dialogue. :P

Anyway, in order to work this, just tap the proper cards so that they appear at the top. If you mess up, you can tap "Reset" in the lower left.

So 1 2 3 6 7 8... I need 3 of them that have a digital root of 5. The answer?

1 + 6 + 7 = 14, so 1 + 4 = 5, aka, the solution! Simple enough (but this is the first level after all Dreaming).

*pulls the lever on the side*

All right, I think this is gonna work... There we go! That's a new noise!
Huh... Did it just unlock!?
Well, that light was red, and now it's blue.
No doubt about it...
There's nothing keeping me in here now!
Time to go!

last vid for this update:

And I think I'll end this update here! It's getting waaaaaaaaay too long, but I wanted to at least show off the first part of the game and get most of the basic info out (and I hope I did a good job of getting the info out Annoyed). This was probably the most work I've ever done for a LP update...  Phew! 

I probably won't do that many videos for an update again since it does lag the computer quite a bit when I'm recording them and uploading them, but I will try to get a few more out during this LP. I hope the videos in this update turned out okay... I think there may be a quality issue with a couple... Annoyed

One other thing I noticed while editing this post is that it may be hard to tell my thoughts from the regular game dialogue, so if that is an issue, I'll try a different way of making them different (maybe bold or colored font instead of italics).

Anyway, thank you all for checking out this update, and until next time (whenever that may be Sorry), see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Guest on 21st May 2014, 8:37 pm

Sorry about the delay in updates.... Been busy, busy, busy lately.... Annoyed

Anyway, here's part two:

Part 2: Who the hell are these people!?:
Let's get back to our story: Last time, I had just finished the last puzzle in the room Junpei had woken up in, and unlocked the door. Let's see what's on the other side:

Accompanied by a wall of angry water, Junpei shot out of the room and into the opposing wall.

I was trying to make that look like one shot, but I derped up the second shot and ruined the whole effect... :P

Gasping to catch his breath, he looked around. He was in a narrow hallway.

The water that had followed him out of the room was rapidly pouring out of the door. It flowed quickly down the hallway, and slammed into the foot of the short flight of stairs.

Just 5 steps in fact.

And at the top of this short staircase...

Junpei wrote:A door! Another door!

Junpei leapt up the stairs, straight for the door.

*insert sloshing sounds of footsteps*

*insert opening door sound*

The door burst open, and Junpei exploded out of it, only to freeze in his tracks.

What other possible response could there have been to what he saw?

Junpei wrote:Wha...what the hell...?

His voice trailed off, and all he could do was stare.

999 soundtrack: Eternitybox (new soundtrack)

A polished floor stretched out before him, ornate staircases rising up from the edges, each one of them equidistant from the others.

The stairs and pillars were solid wood, and Art Nouveau embellishments and decorations covered the walls and pillars.

It looks like nothing so much as the entrance to a luxurious mansion from the early 1900s.

Junpei couldn't help but wonder...

Was he really in a ship?

The water quickly filling the hallway behind him suggested that yes, he was.

As he looked, a fresh wave rolled out of the room he'd been in, gathering speed as it moved toward the stairs.

Junpei wrote:Yeah, that's what I thought...
This is totally a bo--

Junpei wrote:A wave?!

*insert rushing water sound*

Junpei spun around, his wet shoes squeaking in protest on the polished floor, and ran towards the tremendous staircase in front of him.

999 soundtrack: Unary Game

[C Deck]

[B Deck]

As he ran, he glanced quickly at the plates mounted on the wall, denoting the decks of the ship.

He took the stairs 2 at a time, not entirely sure where he would find himself.

Just as he began to wonder where, in fact, the stairs did lead...

Ohai there!  KM Says Hi! 

Junpei saw another person out of the corner of his eye.

He stopped short, nearly tripping over the next stair, and looked. It wasn't just 1 person he'd seen...

On the landing to the left of the stairs, there were 4 people staring at him...

And on the right side, 3 more.

All told, there were 7 of them.

I think I'll go ahead and end it here so I don't drag out the update too long. I know this one is much shorter than the first one, but, like I said, I wanted to get all the main game play stuff out of the way in that first one.

I'll most likely just do updates about this size from now on so I can get more updates in (hopefully).

Anyway, thank you all for checking out this update and being patient with me, and until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 21st May 2014, 9:42 pm

What the fuck. Why the fuck are you on RMS Titanic!?!


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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Guest on 21st May 2014, 10:08 pm

You'll have to follow along to find out! Extreme Smiling

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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 22nd May 2014, 7:01 am


*puts on reading glasses*


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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Guest on 23rd May 2014, 6:14 pm

Part 3:
Last time, Junpei found out that he wasn't alone on the ship! Let's find out who these people are:

999 Soundtrack: Unary Game

All told, there were 7 of them.

It looked as though they had been on their way down the stairs.

They'd stopped short when they saw Junpei, their eyes wide.

He'd done the same of course, and now they stood there staring at one another.

Junpei didn't move, one foot placed awkwardly on the next step, in the middle of a stride.

Who were these people?

This entire interaction lasted only a matter of seconds.

Seemed longer to me. :I

The woman spoke to Junpei, and time began to move again.

Say hello to the fan service of this game. :P

??? wrote:I guess there's another one of us now.

The woman was dressed, Junpei thought, rather like a [dancer].

Her clothes covered very little, and her prodigious jewelry little more.

Dancer wrote:Hey! You! Come on! Hurry!

For the moment, "Dancer" is the name of this woman since Junpei sees her as a dancer. The other characters will be receiving names like this shortly, but will soon change to different names once everyone introduces themselves. I believe there will be a recap of each character's name later in the game, but if not, I'll post one to help clear up any confusion. I'll also try to post shots of the characters when they start speaking to help identify who's saying what, but this may get confusing as well since multiple characters do appear at the same time every now and then.

Anyway, back to the game:

*insert footsteps sound*

With no further ceremony, she ran, straight past Junpei and towards the doors behind him.

The sudden proximity of a woman with such striking assets left Junpei momentarily stunned...

*insert more footsteps sounds*

...But the others wasted no time, and quickly followed the strange woman.

The first to pass Junpei was a young man with [silver hair].

He threw a quick glance in Junpei's direction as he ran, muttering...

Silver wrote:Hmph. One of us, huh...?

Following him was an older man, his face calm and without fear.

Soft wrinkles sprouted from his eyes, and he came close enough as he passed for Junpei to see wisps of grey in his hair. His composure and shock of hair struck Junpei as rater like that of an elderly [lion].

Lion wrote:Going up won't do you any good! There are 2 doors, but neither of them will open!

And now, say hello to my favorite character of the game!

The next to speak was a girl with [pink hair] and a high voice.

Her small hand was wrapped around the wrist of another man...

His eyes were closed, almost as though he were sleeping.

His features were graceful, almost serene... And he was dressed rather elegantly for someone his age.

Something about his posture seemed very refined, and Junpei couldn't help felling he was noble and dignified, somehow.

He'd certainly never seen one, but this man seemed like what Junpei had always imagined a [prince] would be like.

Prince wrote:That's 9 of us, then.
All of the cards are in hand.

What does "All of the cards are in hand" mean, he wondered.

Junpei opened his mouth to ask what the other man had meant, but the girl with pink hair rushed past him, and they were gone.

He turned just in time to see 2 more people running towards him.

One of them had hair like a [bird's nest], and looked as though a stiff breeze might topple him...

...And the other was a veritable [mountain] of a man.

The scrawny one said nothing, and scuttled past Junpei as though he were running from something...

Mountain wrote:Hey! What the hell're you just standing there for!?
Didn't you hear him?!

Junpei wrote:...

Mountain wrote:The doors on A Deck are no good!
We gotta check the doors on B Deck!
Got it!? Now go!

Before he had a chance to respond, the man laid a massive hand on Junpei's shoulder.

With no more effort than Junpei would have used to brush aside a fly, the man shoved him out of the way.

*insert thudding sound and screen going black*

Junpei wrote:Whoa...!

Thrown off-balance by the man and recent events, it took Junpei a few steps to get his bearings.

He finally regained his balance and looked up, at what the other 7 had been running toward.

There were 2 pairs of large iron doors set into the wall in front of him.

They looked quite sturdy, and each had handles jutting from them.

Written across the surface of each door in red paint was a number.

The door on the right had a [4].

And the door on the left had a [5].

*screen goes dark again*

Silver wrote:They're the same...

The guy Junpei had decided to call Silver was mumbling to himself.

Silver wrote:The room I woke up in had a number on the door, just like that.

Lion wrote:You too, eh.

With an arched eyebrow, the lion looked over at Silver.

Lion wrote:My cell was the same. A number upon the door.
I opened it, rand down the hallway outside, and found myself in the rather grand room full of stairs, as, I suspect, did the rest of you.

It was as though the floodgates had been opened--they all began to talk at once.

*screen fades to black again*

"Me too." "I did too." "Yeah, a door with a number on it."

It soon became clear that each one of them had awoken in a room with a locked door, and solved a puzzle to escape. They'd all ended up in the same room... Almost as though they'd been guided there...

Dancer wrote:Yes, we all saw the same thing! That's not important! We need to hurry!

Silver wrote:Ya think I don't know that, lady!?

Before the dancer had time to finish--Silver was already running.

He grabbed hold of the door labeled [5] and pulled.

*insert groaning metal sound*


Oh yeah, I forgot that, once in a while, there's a smaller picture that will pop up to show who's talking. If I have time, and if I can find one for each character, I may use these in the future instead of quote boxes to make it easier to know who's saying what.

Silver wrote:This damn thing won't even budge!

Mountain wrote:You're in the way.

The mountain grabbed Silver's shoulder and tossed him aside.

His path cleared, he took a few steps back, then threw himself at the door.

*banging sound* Once...

*bang* Twice... *bang* 3 times... *bang* 4 times...

The door shook as his body slammed into it, but showed no signs of breaking or opening.

The mountain threw himself at the door again.

Junpei turned toward door [4].

Next to the door, on the wall, was a small box.

It looked just like the one that he'd seen in his room, next to that door.

If it was the same, then...this door was likely locked as well...

Still, he had to check.

Junpei grabbed a handle and threw all of his weight onto it.

*insert groaning metal sound*


It was locked as tight as the door next to it, as he'd suspected.

Junpei wrote:Damnit!

Junpei punched the door. It did not respond.

Were these the only doors, he wondered.

He'd barely finished the thought when the C Deck plate he'd passed on his way up sprang, unbidden, to his mind.

His body moved before he had time to think.

Junpei turned, and ran back towards the stairs.

*insert footstep sounds*

He had scarcely taken a step, when--

At the top of the stairs, next to an ornate clock embedded in the wall, he saw a person.

*music fades*

It was a girl. She looked to be the same age as Junpei.

And I think I'll end this here since this is starting to get a bit long, so until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 23rd May 2014, 6:28 pm

Oh the choices.... Also please tell me they get actual names.


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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Guest on 23rd May 2014, 6:37 pm

I don't want to say too much since it would spoil the next part or so, but I will say that they don't.

Like I said, I'll try to find images for each character to use instead of quotes.

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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 23rd May 2014, 6:52 pm



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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Guest on 29th May 2014, 8:14 pm

Sorry for the delay with this update. Been very busy...again... :P

Part 4:
Last time, Junpei had just came across a girl. Let's find out who she is:

It was a girl. She looked to be the same age as Junpei.

He froze, unable to look away from her face.

He wasn't confounded by her beauty, or something equally silly...

No, there was another reason he couldn't take his eyes off the girl.

Junpei had seen her somewhere before.

He couldn't quite remember where, but he knew... He knew he'd met her before.

The girl, too, stared at Junpei, similarly stunned.

Her response suggested she'd seen him before as well.

: ...

: ...

And yes, I will be using images to identify who's speaking from now on. I found some on the Zero Escape Wiki (which I don't recommend checking out due to the high amount of spoilers there (already been spoiled for the second game :P )), and there should be a pic for each character and their different reactions/emotions. Let me know if you like them or not. Anyway, back to the game:

Without saying a word, Junpei walked slowly toward her.

*insert footstep sounds*

She didn't move. It was almost as thought she was held in place by some sort of magic spell.

As Junpei stepped onto her landing, the spell broke.

No sooner had he set his foot down, than the whole ship shook a second time.

*insert booming sound as screen shakes and goes black*

: Aah!

The quake caught the girl unprepared, and she fell--

And here comes my second favorite moments in the game:

Moving on instinct, Junpei leapt to catch her...

Or so he thought.

*insert clunking, bumping, and tumbling sounds*

Her face was far closer than it should have been; mere inches from his own.

He was flat on his back, and she had landed squarely on top of him. The girl seemed as confused as he did, and her face suggested she still hadn't fully recovered from seeing him.

For a moment that seemed to stretch for a very long time, they stared at one another.

Gah... Why can't moments like this happen with me IRL?  Disgust 

The ship stopped shaking. Everything was quiet.

Water could be heard from the bottom of the ship, lapping faintly at walls and ceilings, but eventually that faded as well.

The silence was complete, a thick, muffling blanket...

At last, the girl opened her mouth.

: Oh my gosh... Is that you, Jumpy!?

Jumpy... Jumpy...

Her words echoed through Junpei's head, and suddenly, his memory returned.

: A-Akane!?

Why hadn't he realized it before?!

The girl was [Akane Kurashiki].

The first real name we've heard in this game since hearing Junpei's name.

She and Junpei had been friends in childhood--they'd gone to elementary school together for 6 years.

But...what was she doing on the ship?!

Her soft eyes were only inches away from his own... He could feel the warmth of her face...

This part just makes me go every time I read through it...

Feelings he'd thought long-forgotten began to work their way to the surface...

He could feel his face heating up.

At that moment...

*screen goes black*

A speaker crackled to life, and a cold, eerie voice filled the room.

*insert speaker-like sound*

??? wrote:Welcome aboard.
I welcome you all, from the bottom of my heart, to this, my vessel.


With the voice's invasion, the spell between Junpei and Akane was broken, and all hints of burgeoning romance instantly forgotten.

...Dammit... Disgust

They hurriedly untangled themselves from one another, and struggled to their feet.

Their 7 companions had heard the voice as well, and many of their faces had gone pale.

They looked around frantically, desperate to locate the source of the voice.

At last they found it... A speaker set in the ceiling.

: I am [Zero]... The captain of this ship.
I am also the person who invited you here.

Gonna go ahead and use the avi Cap made for me to show when Zero is speaking since it's that awesome.

The voice was harsh, obscured occasionally by the crackle of static...

...But Junpei recognized it. How could he have forgotten it?

It was the same voice he had heard from the man in the gas mask.

: Hey! Asshole! What the hell is this?! C'mon out here! I wanna get a look at you!

: I mean to have you participate in a game.
Some of you, I know, are familiar with this game.
The [Nonary Game]. It is a game...where you will put your life on the line.

: Nonary Game...?

: What the hell's that?!

The voice continued, implacable.

: The rules of the [Nonary Game] can be found upon your persons.
They are simple rules. Read them.

Silver reached into his pocket, and  pulled out a small slip of paper.

The rest of them reached into their own pockets, and pulled out similar slips of paper.

Junpei followed suit, and dug into the pocket of his pants.

He felt the tell-tale crumple of paper, slightly damp from his earlier ordeal.

: Hey, I got one too!

: Then it would seem Zero has seen fit to grace us each with a letter.
Would you mind terribly reading it to us, young man?

His request had been delivered to Junpei who, after a short moment of surprise, did as he'd been asked.

: On this ship, you will find a handful of doors emblazoned with numbers.
We will call them the [numbered doors].
The doors in front of you are a pair of the same.

: The key to opening these numbered doors are the [numbered bracelets] that each of you possess.
Should you total the number on your [numbered bracelets]...
...and find that the [digital root] of that number is equal to the number of that door, the door will open.
Only those who have opened the door may pass through.

: Only [3-5] people can pass through one numbered door.
All those who enter must leave, and all who enter must contribute.

[Bracelet], Junpei figured, had to mean the bulky thing on his wrist.

He glanced around. It looked like everyone else had one as well, and had come to much the same conclusion.

: The purpose of the game is simple.
Leave this ship alive.
It is hidden, but an exit can be found.
Seek a way out... Seek a door that carries a [9].

Junpei had reached the end of the letter. There was a long moment of silence, and then the speaker crackled to life once more.

: There is one last thing I must tell you.
As you have no doubt surmised, this ship has begun to sink.
On April 14th, 1912...the famous ocean liner Titanic crashed into an iceberg.
After remaining afloat for 2 hours and 40 minutes, it sank beneath the waters of the North Atlantic.
I will give you more time.
[9 hours]. That is the time you will be given to make your escape.

*screen goes dark*

The voice finished, and the speaker went silent.

*insert a clock chiming the hour*

The sound of a bell tolling echoed through the hall.

It came from the dance hall adjacent to the stairwell.

It took those assembled on the stairs mere moments to trace the sound to an antique clock embedded in the wall.

*screen goes black again*

*bong* 7... *bong* 8... *bong* 9...

The sound of the 9th bell faded away. The 10th never came.

That meant the time was 9 o'clock. Most likely 9 o'clock in the evening.

When Junpei had peered out the window of his cell, he'd seen nothing but blackness.

It had to be nighttime.

If that was the case, then they would need to escape by [6 AM] the following day...

: Now, it is time. Let our game begin.
I wish you all the best of luck.

*screen fades to black*

The speaker went silent, and did not speak again.

And I think I'll end this update here, so until next time, see ya!

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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 29th May 2014, 8:33 pm

Knew it.

*begins to wonder if the repetition of 9 is based on Titanic as well*


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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by Lief Katano on 29th May 2014, 8:43 pm

I thought the pink haired girl was a dude at first I swear to whatever.

Thief Lief Katano appeared!
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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

Post by returnofmastercrazyhand on 29th May 2014, 8:56 pm

the images are broken for me.

I need a life.
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Re: Let's Play Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors!

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