Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Caprizant on 11th February 2014, 11:08 pm

I apologize for the lack of an update recently, I've been quite busy and tired. I'm working towards giving myself a lot of free time during February Vacation, so I'll try to make up for it then.


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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Caprizant on 17th February 2014, 9:58 pm

If I can get this stinkin' video to upload, you can expect an update soon. :B


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Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 5—Having Lived)

Post by Caprizant on 17th February 2014, 10:45 pm

As always, make sure to watch the videos in full screen.

Music - Moongazer

Let's get this show on the road. There's nothing for us up here by the lighthouse, so let's head down.

Coming down here gives us a memory link from that scene back there. But it looks like Neil has something to say, so let's shut up and listen to him a sec.

Wait a minute.
Eva turns around to look at Neil.
They were referring to the lighthouse as 'Anya', weren't they?
I suppose so.
Then, that River... she declined treatment for the sake of a lighthouse?
Isn't that a bit too extreme?
I've seen stranger things in the course of the job.
Me too, but ugh... I can never wrap my head around it.
Eva turns back around.
It's none of our business anyway.
...She's not our client.

Received Note: Anya

Note: Anya
Description: The abandoned lighthouse by the cliffside.

As we continue to walk down towards the road, we see Johnny and River run past us towards the lighthouse, granting us a memory link each. As we reach the road, we get the last two. And, there appears to be something waiting for us here.

Memento Detected

> Prepare
Do nothing

I love how the leaves continue to fly around as we do this. They're really beautifully done.
Also, not sure if you guys noticed this, but in the code at the side of the preparation module, as it scrolls by you can see a prompt called "Step Twice in the River of Life." This is, of course, in reference to River, and also to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus' quote, "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man."

Anyway, on to the puzzle, this one is actually much simpler than it looks. Just press the corner piece, the top and third pieces on the side, and the first and last pieces on the bottom.

Activate memento?
> Activate

The music fades as we activate the memento.

All that can be heard is the sound of birds chirping.


Johnny picks up the rabbit and sets it on the desk. He looks towards the door.


He walks out of the room, and we arrive moments later.

If you examine the rabbit...

A yellow paper rabbit.

Dear lord, not again...

...we get a memory link.
There's nothing else for us in here, so let's head downstairs.

Let's examine the piano for a conversation I think jokool will like very much. :I

An old baby grand piano.

How the heck did they move this thing upstairs?
Who knows, but I bet it'd be a piece of cake for the TARDIS.
Not really; you can't even get it through its door.
There's a brief silence.
...Mm, true.
Well that settles it: moving pianos is a pain in the arse for everybody.
It'd probably take an entire episode to get it inside.
Eva speaks up.
...I wouldn't mind seeing such an episode.
Me neither. It sounds pretty epic.

...Aaaand we get a memory link from that. :I
Anyway, there's a cardboard box over here to examine.

New boxes of plain paper.

Uh-oh, I think I know where this is going!

...I thought that gave us a memory link, but hey. :I
Let's walk into the next room.

Music - Lament of a Stranger

Ah, walking in here is what gives us the link.

You went out for a haircut this early in the morning?
River doesn't respond. Johnny looks to the side for a moment, then speaks up again.
What are ya making there?
River stops folding and looks up.
Did you see the rabbit I left for you?
She looks at John for a moment, then back to the side.
Tell me about that rabbit.
Describe the rabbit.
...Erm, it was yellow.
What else?
A bit puffy.
John looks to the side for a moment.
Well... it's just a paper rabbit.
River looks at John.
I don't know how else to describe it.
River looks back down at her rabbit and continues folding.
...You're acting strange, River.
Is something wrong?
She continues folding without response.
I don't know about you, but I'm getting some inverse déjà vu.
I think I know of her condition, but this is rather odd even for that.
Neil glances over at Eva.
You think she's...?
Eva glances back at him.
Do you?
...Perhaps. Who knows?
He stays silent for a moment, then looks away.
But like you said, she's not our client.
Let's just get what we're paid for over with.

We regain control. Let's check the trash can.

Many long strands of orange hair.

We get a memory link from that. And if we examine River folding...

So this is the day she started it, huh?

...We get our final memory link. Let's get our memento platypus ready.

Memento Detected

> Prepare
Do nothing

As you can see, these are starting to get a bit bigger. No big deal though, this one's pretty easy: Flip the corner, then the yellow and orange ones on the left.

Activate memento?
> Activate

That eerie humming returns in the background, behind the music.
Looks like John and River's car is here. Let's head up to the cliff.

Walking up these stairs near where we first saw the "novelty beach ball" gives us a memory link, for some reason.

As we walk up to the top, the music fades. We walk further a bit aaaaand...

This is where the house used to be, isn't it?
The house that never should've been.
I mean really, what is it about unusually high and dangerous places that attract people?

Received Note: Acrophobia

We also get a memory link from that. Let's check out the note.

Note: Acrophobia
Description: Something that Johnny and River apparently didn't have.

Ain't that the truth. Anyway, if we head over to that ever-present cliff...


Let's hop over the log to where they are.

That gives us a memory link. And if we examine River...

Why did she cut her hair anyway? I like long hair.

...We get our final memory link.
Now let's prepare our memento, the backpack...

Memento Detected

...and enter what is quite possibly my favorite memory in the game.

> Prepare
Do nothing

This one's pretty simple: flip the three rows with only one tile facing up, then the one column left empty after that. As we finish, the music fades.

Activate memento?
> Activate

Music - Born a Stranger

Everyone with it is different, John.
Eva and Neil look over at the conversation going on next to them.
Just because she and I share the syndrome, doesn't mean we share the same head.
But you must be able to help somehow...
Everything was okay at first, but now, she's even more aloof than before.
Even when we're in the same room, she's never really... there.
He closes his eyes.
It's starting to take a toll on me.
He opens them back up.
I just don't know how to take it anymore.
Well, I can't speak for her, but many of us do long for connections.
...Though, being able to articulate it is a different story.
Just because she struggles to express it, it doesn't mean she doesn't feel anything.
She's still there, right?
Sometimes you just have to have faith that she cares.
That's pretty difficult to do, day in and day out.
I know.
Nick looks back and forth between Johnny and Izzy for a moment.
Wait, but why do you seem so normal, Izzy?
I mean, don't you have the same condition?
For one, I was diagnosed when I was still young.
With effort, it's not impossible to acquire a guise of social norms systematically.
There's a brief silence.
But you know what? I both envy and pity River.
Me... I'm an actress, because I've been doing it all my life.
Not only on-stage, but off-stage... and at practically every moment.
She's silent for a moment.
I've gotten good at it, because acting is the only option I have.
It's the only way for me to be 'normal'.
Johnny looks down a bit and there's another silence.
But River... she never did that.
She remained an outcast and refused to learn to step against it.
...I don't know if it was by choice or by limit, whether bravery or cowardice.
...There are days when I just can't stand faking it anymore.
And then, I realize that it's too late.
The Isabelle that people know of is all an act, and the real me has long become a stranger.
I think in the end... I just envy her.

The music fades as the camera pans to Eva and Neil.

Huh, I've never met a woman with it before.
Then technically, you still haven't met one.
They both stand up.
This isn't part of our business. Let's move.

Music - Having Lived

...Aaaaaand, the tension is immediately broken as Neil magically warps across the table and phases into us. :I

Also, I apologize for never being able to get a good sprite of Izzy and Nick. They're always in very dimly lit scenes with only vaguely defined faces. And I can't really get Izzy very well in this scene cuz she doesn't turn around.  Sorry

Anyway, as we head down from the little table area into the bookstore, Johnny walks out with us and over to River, who's reading a book from the shelf.

Anything new today?
Johnny looks at River.
What're you rereading there?
'The Emperor's New Clothes'.
I loved this when I was young.
Johnny looks back at the shelves.
Still do, huh?
River holds the book down by her side for a moment and looks at him.
Of course.
...Just for different reasons.
She turns back to the bookshelf. Johnny looks at her for a moment, and she gives him a sidelong glance before he turns back away.
When I was a kid, I loved the Animorphs series.
I know. Your mother gave you a book from it as a wedding present.
The music fades out and is replaced by the eerie humming from the background.
Heh, yeah, that was one odd wedding present.
I guess I was pretty obsessed with it when I was a kid.
River turns back towards John.
...Why haven't you read them since?
Music - Lament of a Stranger
River looks to the side.
I saw them. They're collecting dust in the garage.
Well... I just grew out of them, I guess.
He turns to the bookcase.
I mean, they're children's books.
What's wrong with reading children's books?
Johnny turns to look at River and she turns towards the bookcase.
They're comforting.
The music fades again and she glances sidelong at Johnny, who turns back to the bookcase.
...I suppose so.
River buries herself in the book for a moment more before turning back to Johnny.
...I think I'm going to get this one.

Music - Having Lived

River walks over to the counter and stops a few steps in front of it. She looks over at Johnny for a moment, then back at the counter, and she steps forward.

When we examine Johnny...

...he relocates himself to various different places around the room. First let's talk to the him that's directly above us.

'I'm not yours, you're not mine. Be my Anti-Valentine.'
He jumps up in excitement.
...Hey River, this one's not that corny!
He turns around to look at River across the room, then turns back to the shelf. We get a memory link.

Now let's talk to the Johnny below us, who's talking to someone else. (That "someone else" has a ponytail, but I sort of didn't notice that until after, and it's too late now... :B) 

...But what about David's? He's my favourite character!
Uh... I don't know.
And somehow, even though interaction is disabled...
What're you talking about?
Animorphs. Have you read it?
...Sort of.
Oh, oh! Do ya know what animal is David's main morph?

Now, I happen to know David's main morph is a lion. Er, I mean, a friend, er, told me... yeah. :I

> lion

That doesn't sound right...
Don't worry, I'll find it out for ya.

...they made it so this kid doesn't know what they're talking about so those who actually do know will do what they're supposed to anyway. :I

What you're supposed to do is talk to the third Johnny at the bottom...

...Which will move him over to where River is, and he takes a book with him. If you interact with either of them...

Tobias, hawk. Rachel, grizzly. Jake, tiger. Marco, gorilla. David, cobra. Cassie, wolf. Why?
Oh, just wondering.
You could have just Googled it.

So now if we go back here...

> cobra

Oh yeah!! A cobra!!
We get ourselves a memory link.
I really wish they kept the old covers instead of these plain sheets. Those were cool.

Johnny and the girl both turn to the bookshelf.
Now, while getting the final memory link, you get what is quite possibly my favorite line in the entire game. To get the link, simply examine any of the white ghosts hanging around the room, and...

...The world would be a lot more beautiful if people just remembered faces more.

And there we have it. Our final memory link.
Our memento is the book Johnny brought with him to the counter.

Memento Detected

> Prepare
Do nothing

For this one, you flip the diagonal, then the middle two on the bottom, then the yellow and orange ones on the left.

Received Note: Animorphs

Activate memento?
> Activate

The music fades.

Aw, everyone's leaving already? But I just got here!
Seems to happen to you a lot at parties.
Oh, go save your childish jabs for the insecure.

Music - Having Lived

There's only one thing for us to do in this particular area, really: examine the pickled olives.

A glass bottle of pickled olives.

I see le fromage, but where's the mouse?
That's the corniest remark you've made all night.
Don't you mean... cheesiest remark?

I am proud of you, Neil.
Anyway, almost forgot, let's check that note we got.

Note: Animorphs
Description: Johnny's favourite childhood books.

Anyway, let's head up to the lighthouse.

The music quietly fades and all we hear is the sound of the sea.
And hey, look what lovebirds we have here. Not much we can do though, so let's go for now.



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Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 6—Take Me Anywhere)

Post by Caprizant on 20th February 2014, 5:54 pm

I apologize that all of Nick's sprites in this update are facing sideways instead of the standard forwards :I

And with that beautiful scene over... Let's get moving.
If we head back down to the wedding party, there's something new for us there...

Music - Having Lived

...Oh, I'd better go see how your aunt is doing.
Alright, ma.
Tell her thanks for coming.
I will.
She turns around and starts to walk away, but then turns back around again.
I'm so proud of you, Joey.
She walks away to a nearby table.
Oh, that's my grandpa's name.
He passed away before I was born. Ma calls me by it as my nickname.
How come you never told me about it?
...Cause I'd rather you call me John.
Ack, not another sentimental-grandparent childhood...
What do you have against those anyway?
I mean, you sure talk about your grandfather a lot.
What? No I don't.
...Whatever you say.

Received Note: Joey

Note: Joey
Description: Johnny's nickname, named after his grandfather.

We also got a memory link from that.
Nothing else for us at the wedding, so let's head down to the road.

There's that eerie humming again.
John and River seem pre-occupied with something.

It can't be helped, River... I'm sure they didn't mean to.
...C'mon, we're late.
Wait, is that a... rabbit?
Think this is the source of all those folded paper ones?
...Why would she obsess over some roadkill?
Not to mention so many years later...
Don't ask me; you are the woman here.
...I'll be convinced that I'm the only one when you do a cordless bungee jump.

And there's our final memory link.
Gruesome as it is, I think it's obvious what our memento is this time.

Memento Detected

Received Note: Dead Rabbit

Note: Dead Rabbit
Description: A roadkill on Johnny and River's wedding day.

> Prepare
Do nothing

As you can see, this is our first full-board memento. Not a tricky one, though; just hit the green orb on the left, then the middle and last orbs on the bottom.

Activate memento?
> Activate

You know it's a fantastic wedding when the memento's roadkill.
Neil jumps in the excitement of discovery.
...Maybe she saw it as a metaphor for the terrible marriage!
So years later, she began folding rabbits because she was reminded of how rotten it was!
Or, y'know, something equally pretentious.
Cool story, Neil.

We're then teleported away to the next memory.

Poor thing. What's with all the roadkills today?
...Don't you look at me like that.
Eva turns around and looks at him like that, then turns towards the field on the other side of the guardrail.
Smells like a farm.
And roadkill.
Deactivate the scent simulator or get away from here already.

The music fades and we're now controlling Neil. Not much to do except walk over to an opening in the guardrail, where we get a memory link, and, uh...

Music - Bestest Detectives in the World

The horse neighs and stamps its hoof a bit.
...Don't do it.
Neil turns towards Eva.
Don't do what?
You know what.
Don't not ride this horse?
What're you, five years old?
Neil turns back to the horse.
Okay! I won't not ride it!
He hops on the horse and it turns translucent with him. It neighs, and he snaps its reins.
The horse gallops away and Eva steps forward.
Quit wasting time, Neil!
We hear a whinny off in the distance and a distressed nincompoop call back.
...That can't be good.
The horse gallops back by the other way, with Neil clearly having lost control some time ago.
...Damn it, this was not in the job description.

Received Note: Dr. Neil Watts

Note: Dr. Neil Watts
Description: Village idiot.


Anyway, the music fades as we get the note, and we can't really do anything about Neil right now, but if you walk to the right and up a bit...

Starting this scene gives you a memory link.

Is that really a good idea?
She should be OK. She's not new to this anymore.
But she has never done it herself before...
I'll be fine. I'm not a child.
Her horse begins to take off itself.
Ah--... Ack!!
Her horse runs off and the sound of its hooves begins to fade away; then, they return as the most gloriously happy music begins playing.

Music - Take Me Anywhere - NEW

What's the matter? Let's go!
Hey, wait up!
They both ride off somewhere across the field.
(...Huh. I wonder if Neil got off that horse yet.)
Neil's horse races by as he himself desperately calls for help while sitting backwards on the saddle, clutching the horse's rump for dear life.
What a moron...
The lone horse left turns toward the commotion. Eva looks from it, to the direction Neil went off in, and back to it.
...Oh, what the corncob.

She hops on and we're told the controls: use the arrow keys to, uh, steer, and hold the spacebar to gallop. Now, first priority is to rescue Neil from himself.

While saving to ensure I didn't miss any screenshots here, I found something rather amusing: Eva is now apparently half a horse.

Anyway, let's find Neil...

...and all you have to do to get him off is bump into him. This causes him to rather hilariously go flying straight across the field to under a hut thing way on the other side.


Rather unfairly, his horse can gallop over rocks and tiny patches of flowers and such, while yours can't. It's easy to lose track of him even if you've got the controls down.

Here, this memento'll do.
But I'm not getting on that horse again...
You go get the rest of the memory links.

We do, of course, have three of them to go. They're pretty simple to find, though. You get one of them by galloping under this huge tree on the far side of the field...

...And the other two by galloping past River.

Now let's just go back to the memento.

Memento Detected

> Prepare
Do nothing

This one's pretty simple. Flip the corner first, then the first, third, and last on the left.
I also kinda like how the sound effects of the memento preparation thingy are quietened so that you can hear this glorious music more. It's nice.

Activate memento?
> Activate

...We take the horse with us, apparently. :I

Music - Having Lived

...Is the diagnosis certain?
Yes, we've reached a consensus on the results.
Dr. Lee's sprite was too hard to get because it blended in with the chair, so if you guys don't mind, I'm going to use the standard "unknown person" sprite.
Unfortunately, like many cases of pervasive developmental disorders, this is a rather late diagnosis.
Had you known when you were a child, miss, it could've saved you a lot of trouble.
Do you have any books on it?
The doctor sets down a book on the desk.
This one is by Tony Attwood; he's one of the specialists on the subject.
You can borrow it free of charge for now; just don't elope with it.
River gets up and grabs the book.
Thanks, doc.
River sits back down, holding the book tight to her.
Now... are you two a couple?
Unmarried and without any other current legal affiliation.
Johnny looks over at River.
Yes, I see...
Well, I could give you a referral to a specialized counselor, if you wish.
Johnny turns back to the doctor.
Is there anything unsettling in the relationship?
And you, sir?
Johnny looks from River to the doctor, and back to River.
...No, it's fine.
Nonetheless, sir, you should also give the book a read.
It'd help you understand her condition.
I'd... rather not.
Why is that?
There's a lengthy silence.
...Well, it's your call.
In the meantime, there is a thing called equine therapy that might help her.
A ranch just north of here offers it; I can contact them for you.
The screen pans back down to Eva and Neil.
Told you so.

We're now back in control. There's a clock ticking on the wall. As soon as we step on the carpet below us, we get a memory link.

If you examine Johnny by the counter...

Excuse me, could you please silence the clock?
The ticking really bothers her.
It's not that severe. I'll be okay.
No problem, it's standard policy.
If there's anything at all that makes you uncomfortable, just let me know.
The person behind the desk walks over to the clock, jumps on the counter, takes the clock off the wall, silences it, puts it back on the wall, and returns to their post.
Thank you.
Johnny begins to walk towards River.
Huh, I guess that explains the ones in the house.

Received Note: Clock Ticking

Note: Clock Ticking
Description: Something River can't stand.

We get a memory link from that scene.
Over here, Johnny's talking to River:

Just a bit longer. They'll be calling for you soon.

We get a link from that as well. And finally, of course...

A stuffed toy platypus.

I can't believe this piece of atrocity is dated all the way back here.
Looks like someone took good care of it.
She's still got pretty bad taste in animals, though.

...I miscounted, that's the second to last memory link. :I
Our last one is up in the doctor's office...

...Right here.

A plain tawny handbag.

And now, for our memento...

...the clock.

Memento Detected

> Prepare
Do nothing

On this one you flip the corner orb (of course), then the orange orb on the left, then the green and purple orbs on the bottom.

Activate memento?
> Activate

The music fades back to the eerie hum again.

Eva looks around for a moment, then spots Johnny.

Psst, look!
I know! I can't believe he once paid to see this crap in theatre!
No, you idiot... Look, we leaped!

They both look over at Johnny in the row below them.

Music - Uncharted Realms

Holy overcooked macaroni, the kid's in the theatre all by himself! What a loser!
You go to the theatre by yourself all the time...
...That's different. No one's competent enough to match my taste.
But that aside, how could anyone last through this rubbish?

The camera pans towards Johnny and the music fades. He looks at the empty seats to the left and right of him, sighs, and steps down from his chair and walks out the door looking sullen.

...And thus, this movie sucks on both physical and metaphysical levels. Q.E.D.
C'mon, let's go.
What? Oh, right.

Music - Uncharted Realms

They both step off their chairs and we regain control.
Too bad, I think Neil was just starting to enjoy that. :I

Anyway, let's head out after Johnny.

We get a memory link from walking out here. Let's see what Johnny's doing.

Whoa, wait. I ain't talking to no emo teenager.
Grammar, my dear Watson.
Shut up, that's not even a full sentence.
...Let's just go look for mementos.

Well, we got a link right there, so search successful, I guess. :I
Anyway, over in this cafeteria-like place...

...For some reason, as I discovered on my first playthrough, we can make all these people disappear by just pressing the spacebar near them. After the second time you do this, Neil calls you out:

What're you doing? That's the third person you've removed here.
Eh, not like it's permanent.

Second person, Neil. Second. :I
After the sixth time, he starts to get a little annoyed.

You know that poking them out of the way like that does nothing, right?
Then why complain?

After the fifteenth person...

Oh look, this place is all empty and creepy now.
I hope you're happy.

At this point, the music fades and the eerie humming is all that's left. For some reason, every few seconds is accompanied by a quick dimming of the environment and a strange, alarming sound. If you're a completionist (like me), you can erase the last two people you can get to before moving on. As far as I know doing all this does not affect the rest of the game in any way.

After you're done erasing people from existence, just examine Johnny at the bottom end of the cafeteria.

Getting stood up? Now that's a Kodak moment.
You relate well with your kin, I see.

That gives us our third memory link. You may notice we're two short. Well...


Walking inside after them gives us our final memory link.

Memento Detected

> Prepare
Do nothing

As always, start off with the corner orb; then, do the top orb on the left, and the middle three on the bottom.

How many times do you think we've used this thing as a memento? :I

Activate memento?
> Activate

Y'know, I think this platypus is growing on me.
...Mostly just for convenience, but hey.

We teleport off.

C'mon dude, grow some balls!
Eva and Neil both look down at the conversation happening down the hall.

Music - Bestest Detectives in the World

It's not that... Look, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
Oh sheesh, what could possibly happen?
Just think about it! Worst case scenario: She says no.
You strut on like nothing happened; no one'll know and everyone'll still think you're cool.
But what if she tells someone!?
Or yells at me!?
Or... or says yes but really means no!?
Psh, quit worrying. Who would do that?
And what if she throws an encyclopedia in my face!?
I don't even have a helmet--...
Dear lord, I'm so not prepared for this!
Nicolas starts shoving Johnny down the hall.
DUDE! Don't panic!
Just straighten your spine and quit being a little wuss!
Everything'll be alright... Just turn around.
Okay... okay.
Nick resumes pushing Johnny down the hall.
H-h-hey what're y--
The music fades. Nicolas pushes him the last bit of the journey and runs back down the hall.

Music - Moonwisher
River looks to the side for a moment then quickly back at her book.
Eh... Hello?
Can you hear me?
Another short silence, then...
Then why didn't you--... nevermind.
Johnny looks down the hall for a moment, then walks forward.
Um, that's a cool platypus you got there.
River looks over her book for a moment, then holds it back up to her, looking sideways.
What're you reading?
A book.
...About platypus?
Oh... I, er, I think that's great.
Neil slaps himself in the face. Johnny looks down the hallway again for a brief moment.
Hey... wanna go s--
There are exactly sixteen second-order Fresnel lens lighthouses in the country left.
Nine of them are coastal, and one of them was modified from a historic kerosene lamp lighthouse.
Oh, is that what you're reading about?
Silence. Johnny looks to the side a moment.
Um, say... you wanna go catch a movie together sometime?
River sets down her book for a moment, looks to the side, and raises it back up.
I don't know.
Johnny starts to back away a bit.
That's okay, I'll give you time to consider it.
I can't.
There's no date or time.
...Oh, um, how about this Saturday at eight?
River looks over her book again, then to the side, and raises it back up.
There's an incredibly long silence, when...
Eva, I think the system froz--
Oh, great!
I guess we'll work out the details later?
Um, I'll just...
Johnny turns down the hallway, looks at River, then runs down the hallway to Nick. Neil hits himself in the head again. River looks out from over her book when Johnny leaves, and Eva stares at Neil.
What're you looking at me for?
You think I'm going to call out how utterly awkward that was?
Well just forget it.
I'm not giving into your expectations.
Give him a break, he was still just a kid.
You of all people should relate.
What's that supposed to mean?
Eva begins to walk forward.
Shut up and go.
'Shut up' isn't my name, y'know.

The music fades to silence and we regain control.

Music - Bestest Detectives in the World

What the heck were you doing in there, dude!?
What? I asked her out!
Nooo, that was pathetic!
If I were you, I would've just barged in there and be all like,
'HAY, YOU! Go out! Me, you, now!'
That's just terrible.
I know. And it would've still been better than what you just did.

The music fades, and there we get our first memory link of this totally awkward memory. :I

Dear lord, I can't believe you got me to take this stupid class.
Aw, c'mon, it's fun!
Only if you can paint!
You'll get good if you practice, y'know.
...Yeah right. After this class, I'm never picking up a brush again.
Quit complaining. I'm sure you'll learn to enjoy it someday.

Oh, the irony. Anyway, we get a memory link from that.
And now for one of the silliest lines in the game. Tell 'em, random art teacher:

Leonardo da Vinci trained by drawing eggs.
Barrels are like very big eggs.
Therefore, you will all be very big da Vincis.

And now onto the next room.

Anyone at all?
Alright then...
The teacher walks over to his desk.
River, why don't you answer it?
I know you know the answer.
We're waiting, River.
There's an extended silence.
Fine, I guess we'll have to--
...He made sail on August 3rd of 1492 from the Spanish city of Palos de la Frontera, which was founded in 1322, and granted to Álvar Pérez de Guzmán who was at the mere age of 14 by the--...
Okay, okay, I only asked for the date!
But see, was that so hard?
We get a memory link from that.
Good Lord, does everyone with her condition have near-photographic memory?
Not really... though I think their rote memory is often fairly strong.

And in this last room, though there isn't a memory link, there is something interesting...

(Psst, she's coming this way!!)
(Alt-tab! ALT-TAB!!!)

Received Note: ALT-Tab

Note: ALT-Tab
Description: Life saver.

And if you examine them again...

(Psst, she's coming this way!!)
(Alt-F4! ALT-F4!!!)

...So yeah. Anyway, if you head in the gym...

All the kids are walking out, including Johnny and Nick.

That's a wrap. You chumps better be, erm, better, next time!
An atrium... we could use this place later.
I just can't believe that these court lines are rectangles in his head.

If you examine the gym teacher...

...he disappears and Johnny and Nick appear, doing push-ups. As we examine them, Johnny flops down.

Fine... you win.

They disappear and we get our fourth memory link.
Now let's head to the cafeteria, which was blocked off before this.

The music fades and we can hear the regular chatter of the cafeteria. Johnny and Nick sit at a table with an unremembered face beside them.

Yeah, she's unique, but she's uniquely boring!
Music - Moongazer
I mean, just look at her!
He turns around in his chair and the camera pans to show River sitting at a table alone in the corner of the room, with her platypus.
She just sits there by herself all day, with that creepy deformed duck toy.
That's not a deformed duck. That's a platypus.
Nicolas turns back around.
What the heck's a platypus? Quit making words up.
Anyway, she's just so... off, y'know?
It's like she's from a totally different planet or something.
I know! Isn't that cool?
Uh, if you're into aliens and that sort of stuff, I guess.
But really, if you wanna be weird, why don't you just go hang with the emos and goths?
Well, for one, I don't wanna ruin my hair.
The fact that we got a name for them says a lot too.
Look, Nick.
I just... I just don't wanna be another typical kid in a sea of typical people.
But how the heck would being with her change your own identity!?
I mean, you'd just be some guy who hangs out with a shy girl.
She's not just shy, Nick.
Music - Lament of a Stranger
There's something strange about her.
Being strange isn't always a good thing, y'know.
Do you even know if she wants to be different?
Maybe she just wants to fit in like everyone else.
And if she does, pushing her the other way wouldn't help, would it?
Look Nick, the point is that I know what I need...
...And she's the one who has it.
So you want her for what she has, but not for her?
There's a brief silence.
...That's cold, man.
Another silence.
I just hope you know what you're doing.
I do.
I think you're wrong, though.
People aren't that typical. Everyone's unique in some way.
...That's just what grandmas tell you.
The camera pans back down to Neil and Eva.
Wait, so this guy's some kind of a human-hogging hipster...?
That's sorta, uh... disturbing.
Y'know, sometimes I want to slap our clients upside the head.
It's high school. Everyone's a bastard.
But hey, welcome to the club.
Eva looks from Johnny back to Neil.
Wait, so this is what he told her about at the cliff?

I suppose so.
She then went cuckoo and began to make those creepy rabbits, right?
Because he confessed this from who knows how long ago?
I guess she's pretty good at holding a grudge.
I'm not buying it.
Something feels missing.
Then go get a hat, Sherlock.
Neil walks forward.
C'mon, I think our passport's leaning against the table there.

We're in control again, but we still need our last memory link. And if you walk over to where River's sitting...

A stuffed toy platypus.

I just love how every time we see this thing, we're guaranteed a free memory link.
It must've left as big of a scar on his mind as it did on mine.

...And whaddaya know, our final memory link. Now as he said...

...our passport's over here.

Memento Detected

As we enter our first link...

Should I even...?
No need; I'm all good now.

We enter the next three without incident, but then...

Oh for walnuts' sake...
Eva shoves Neil out of the way.
She enters the final memory link for him.
Not cool, Eva.
You never (#&%block someone in the middle of a kamehameha.

My thoughts exactly, Eva. :I
Anyway, let's get going.

> Prepare
Do nothing

Flip the corner piece first, then the top and middle pieces on the left, then the farthest three from the corner on the bottom.

Activate memento?
> Activate

Aaaaaaaand we are transported to the next memory...
...next time. See you guys then.  Extreme Smiling 


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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Caprizant on 22nd February 2014, 12:31 pm

So do you guys actually care for this LP or am I just talking to myself here, cuz I'm gonna keep going to the end either way :I


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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Lief Katano on 22nd February 2014, 12:39 pm

A little bit of column A, a little bit of column B.

Thief Lief Katano appeared!
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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Guest on 22nd February 2014, 1:24 pm

I'm loving this LP! I didn't realize that you were....uh....multi-multi-multi-multi posting..... Annoyed

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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Caprizant on 22nd February 2014, 1:36 pm

You can add another multi- in there, there's one on the last page as well :B
Still, good to know someone's reading... :P


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Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 6.5—Something's Up)

Post by Caprizant on 19th March 2014, 6:39 pm

Mini-update today, because a) I'm having to use really uncomfortable headphones, b) I want to make sure this new image host works alright for LPing, and c) I wanna do other things today.

Music - Lament of a Stranger

Activate memento?
> Activate

A loud, slow ticking is heard. Johnny walks out of his bedroom and over to his backpack, which is leaning on a cabinet. His mother is doing something in the kitchen.

I'm going to school now, ma.
Have a good day, Joey.
She turns back toward her work.
My baby boy... growing up so fast.
Johnny looks down for a moment, then grabs his bag and leaves.
Ack, what if he was a girl? Would she still nickname him after his grandpa?
It wouldn't be that bad actually, since it ends in 'ey'.
 Jo-Ey... Ju-wee... Jul-E. Sounds cute.
If it sounds so cute why don't you marry him?
Neil turns around and folds his arms.
Ah, jealous?
Oh yes, so jealous.

And we regain control. Now let's look for some memory links.
First one which I really want to get out of the way fast is the clock.

Well, to be fair... a ticking clock is pretty annoying indeed.

We get our first memory link, and most importantly, the clock stops ticking.
The next one we find is for sitting on the couch, for some reason, and then there's one over on the counter that seems rather familiar.

Oh bleh, not again...

A glass of pickled cucumbers.

HOLY CRAP, my mind's totally blown!!
...You're pretty easily impressed.

There's our third memory link. There's another one up here in this study-type place.

Various books with smudged titles.

Just one more to go. We get it as we walk in this room over here.

In here we have our memento and something that looks really strange.

> Prepare
Do nothing

Oh boy. I remember this one being really complicated on my first run... q_q
Anyway, what you have to do is flip the corner piece (of course), then the first, middle, and last pieces on the bottom row, then the two remaining ones on the left side.

I accidentally hit space twice in one of the rows on my first try to screenshot this, so I reloaded the game because I believe I've had a perfect score so far and I don't want to ruin it for some dumb reason like that. :I

Activate memento?
> Activate

As we activate the memento and teleport away, Eva looks over at the weird thing, obviously unsettled.




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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Guest on 19th March 2014, 9:29 pm

That was interesting...and slightly creepy...

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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Caprizant on 17th April 2014, 5:02 pm

I'll be getting some work done quick today and tomorrow so that I can get a few updates out over vacation.


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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Guest on 17th April 2014, 7:01 pm


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Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 7—Warning)

Post by Caprizant on 23rd April 2014, 7:04 pm

Just so you guys know, I've started working a few updates ahead now, so hopefully I can update this with some regularity. Also, I'm trying to make these shorter, so it's easier to read. :B

The screen fades back from black. Waves can be heard in the background.

Don't disturb them.
They might not wake easily, but they need the concentration.

Lily looks around the room at everyone a bit before walking to Johnny's bedside. The screen fades back to black and we're back in Johnny's latest accessible memory.

Music - Having Lived

...And that's all this old fool knows, heh. Sorry I can't be of more help.
Then that'll have to be enough.
Aye, all that's left to do is linking your registered desire to go to the moon to your early memories.
Then we'll pull the switch, and voilá! You'll be on the moon in no time.
Eva moves to stand next to Neil as they get ready to go.
...I have a question.
They both turn their heads.
If you could make Lily disappear, that means you can alter this world.
Then... can you not simply make things happen, and fulfill my wish here and now?
That would work, if this were your one true set of memories.
What do you mean?
What is this, then? What am I?
This is just a copy... A canvas for us to work with, if you will.
As for you... You are merely an algorithm traced from Johnny.
Enough to reflect his likeness, but far from complete.
All we can do is prepare this canvas in a logically consistent way.
And then, we transfer your registered desire to your childhood.
The machine will generate your new life, one where the desire dictates your behavior.
The result of that would then be written to the real John.
So you see, even if we satisfy you, you are merely a 'read-only' program.
I mean, we could reset you over and over again, and--
That's enough.
Neil turns to look at Eva.
Oh, don't be so sensitive. He's not real, you know.
If you truly believed that, why did you even care to explain?
Neil looks at her for a few seconds, then he looks at Johnny as Eva turns her back on him.
I'm just trying to save time.
Let's go.

Eva teleports away. Neil prepares to do the same thing, however...

Neil looks over his shoulder at Johnny.
Is that... what I truly am?

A dull boom is heard. Neil stands for a moment, then turns his head forward and moves on without answering. Johnny glows for a moment as the screen fades to white, and then black.

Music - Uncharted Realms

Ah, all of our night's work...

What the--
Neil's head turns toward Eva.
...At least give me a warning first.
What can I say? I like being a head.
I'd ask if that's a pun, but I'm afraid you'd say yes.
Eva turns into a head as well.
Let's do this fast... I feel silly enough in this form as it is.
All we need to do is pass his desire from the latest memory to the earliest.

I'm extremely disappointed in Eva for not asking Neil to give her a head's up before turning into a head. So anyway, the basics of what we have to do here is kinda complicated. You have to rotate the mementos around each time period Johnny until it matches up with a memento in the next period. I'm not sure if the original intent was to have it completely linked from start to finish, but that seems almost certainly impossible to do and it's sufficient to just connect them each once anyway.

By the way, the menu even shows that you're a head:

Pretty neat. Anyway, I'll just move on through this as quickly as possible.
When you rotate your first memento sequence by interacting with the Johnny on the spot (excuse me for that), you get this:

Line up the two matching mementos on the edges to transfer the registered desire.

So yeah, already explained that. Anyway...

The flowers on this one match up.

The rabbits on this one match up (you have to rotate the younger one first to get the rabbit over there).

Hey Eva, check this out!

Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom...

Neil is a professional. Just like to remind you of that.
Anyway, the books on this one line up (again, rotate the younger first):

And finally, the clocks. The screen and music fades, then goes back to the front of the line. Each time a Johnny lights up, there's a ding and a blip.

Ding! That's about all of the ones we can work with.
Ready to pull the switch?
You know me. Always ready.

They both glow white and the screen fades to white. When we come back, that eerie humming returns.

Alright, let's go check out what souvenirs he brought back from the moon!
Ladies first?
Not this time, hun.

Aaaaaand we're back in control. Interacting with a Johnny will take us to a memory from that time period.

That's a little too early. Let's enter from a bit further ahead to see results.

...Except the first one. :I

The humming disappears and the waves roll in.

...Huh, I guess this part is still the same.
Let's check somewhere else.

Just check on Johnny to return to Floating Head Mysterious Memory Link LandTM.

The birds chirp.

Sheesh, the same thing here as well?
Usually, there's at least some change...
...Something isn't right.
Music - Beta-B
These memories... they feel more than just having happened again.
...They're exactly the same.
That's impossible. The desire was transferred, was it not?
It was...

The music fades and the sound of the sea is heard.

Okay, this isn't right!
And now, a much faster version of Beta-B is played. (It's not on the soundtrack, since it's just the same track sped up.)
Music - Beta-B
How could everything be the same!?
Let's confirm it.
We need his last accessible memory.

Here goes.

The music fades and the eerie humming returns. Also, we get our bodies back.

This is the same setting as his real last accessible memory...
I'm not too crazy about where this is going.

Let's just check and see.

Music - Warning (AKA best track ever) - NEW

Johnny and Lily turn around.
What a pleasant surprise... We don't get many visitors around here.
Neil turns to Eva.
Deja vu, again...
My name is Dr. Eva Rosalene, and this is--...
Eva turns to Neil.
...What? I'm not saying it twice.
...Dr. Neil Watts.
Are you familiar with the Sigmund Agency of Life Generation?
Oh, are you two from the agency?
Johnny walks forward. Eva and Neil turn to each other, concerned.
How convenient; I've just been thinking of calling you.
Lily, get us some tea please.
She doesn't respond.
Neil flashes white briefly and Lily fades away. Johnny looks back between Neil and where Lily was several times and backs away. The repeating tone becomes slightly higher pitched and faster.
Freeze him too.
Johnny looks around for a moment before Neil freezes him.
Eva looks from Neil to Johnny and back to Neil.
Wait here, I'll go send the desire signal again.
See if there are any changes.
She fades away for a moment and Neil stands staring at Johnny. Eva then returns.
It transferred successfully for sure.
Any changes?
Not even a hair.
They both look back at Johnny.
How could this be? Even if his desire doesn't work alone, why is there no change at all?
Perhaps... perhaps it just needs some more provoking to activate.
From his early memories?
The earliest we can get to.
...Let's go.

Eva fades away. Neil stays behind.


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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Guest on 23rd April 2014, 8:48 pm

Ooo! This is getting exciting!

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Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 8—Lunar-Trip Lottery)

Post by Caprizant on 24th April 2014, 10:01 pm

Sorry for the lateness, had trouble encoding the video. :B

Music - Uncharted Realms

(Johnny's desire to go to the moon might need some stimulation to be brought up, huh...)
(...Well then.)

Eva presses some sort of a button and the world glows white and starts to shake. When it's done, a change has occurred.

What the... This wasn't what they said was playing!
...Oh well.
Do you mind, River?
River turns to Johnny and back to the poster.
...No. I like this one.
Alright, let's go then!
They both walk into the theater.
(Hopefully that's enough for an ignition.)
(...Wait, where's Neil?)

Let's investigate a bit before going in.

Unfortunately no people disappearing this time, but we do get something else. (Differentiating between two unknown people with an underline under the second speaker's text.)

Did you see To the Moon?? How was it?
Eh, it was a bit too much pretense for me.
I prefer my movies to be a bit more... oh, je ne sais quoi.

That sounds like something Neil would say. :I
Anyway, doesn't seem to be much else here, so let's keep going.

The music fades as we get closer to the screen.

"To the moOoOon, darling!!"


"OoOoh, Henry!!!"

Eva plants her palm flat on her face.

(...Dear lord. I'm way too tired and hungry to be constructing movies.)
(Guess I should go see if anything's changed with John.)

Let's walk over to him (seems he's our travel memento now :I).

(Sorry for making you sit through this, buddy.)

The eerie humming returns.

(It's all the same...)
(I'll have to try igniting it somewhere else then... This is ridiculous.)

We can just walk up to Lily and disappear her. Johnny turns around immediately, scared.

Li... Lily?

Sorry, Johnny. Let's get moving.

(Perhaps something here could work.)

So did she throw an encyclopedia in your face? Huh? Did she?
Shut up, dude.
A person runs up to them.
What're you guys doing here!?
It's starting! Let's go get a good spot!
They all run off to the gymnasium.
(Wait... I don't remember that happening...)
She jumps in excitement.
(Something must've changed!!)

The crowd chatters and Eva walks in.

(Wait a minute...)
(This isn't a real change... This is--)

Music - Bestest Detectives in the World

As you know, I am a representative sent from NASA in all its glory.
And I'm here... to tell you all about it!
Eva quietly joins the crowd.
Whale calls are contorted and distorted into short bursts of energy that have all the emotion of a washing machine and all the gentility of a steamroller. (Actually, it's just a few kinda bad piano chords.)
Wow, that was terrible.
But I digress!
Eva facepalms.
Anyway, I know that many of you are wondering...
"What chances do I have of doing something as awesome as adventuring in another realm!?"
To inhale the sweetness of Venus, to swim counter-clockwise through the rings of Saturn...
...Or, perhaps, just chillin' at the backside of the MOON!?
Well here at NASA, we believe that with enough will, everyone has the potential!
Neil jumps off the stage and steps in front of a random kid.
It could be you!
He walks to another kid on the right.
Or you!
Or, perhaps...
He slides in front of Johnny.
But I don't want to go to the moon.
Then you're in luc--
Wait, what? Why not?
Why should I?
I'm hoppy here on earth as it is.
Well... don't you wanna go there even a little bit?
No. Why?
Not even a tiny bit?
Um... No?
The music fades for a moment as Neil and Johnny stare at each other.
Neil steps closer.
The music returns, much faster paced than before.
Well, as an official NASA recruiter, I shall go over some facts about the moon!
Nick and Johnny look at each other, worried.
To start off, the moon is 4.5 billion years old...
A clock winds across the screen for a moment.
...And did you know that its surface is about as big as Africa?
It's true! In fact, if you try to bike around the moon...
The clock winds again and Neil is standing directly in front of Nick.
Also, it takes 1.5247 seconds for light to travel to the moon from here.
And if you drive a flying car, it takes 130 days!
I knew that.
The clock winds again and Neil is back onstage.
And last but not least, people who go to the moon get rich and famous!
And we all know that rich plus famous equals groupies.
Soo... that concludes my presentation.
Remember: NASA welcomes any of you! Especially if you're a brunette.

The screen and music fades as everyone leaves.

Well? What did you think?
NASA probably wouldn't hire you, but I suppose it was blatant enough for this.
Hm, I do try pretty hard.
Are you gonna go see if that worked?
Of course. Be right back.
He goes away for a second and returns.
Utter failure.
Eva facepalms.
Hey, don't get discouraged!
I'm sure there are still things to be done.
Such as?


You know what? This is just not working.
Eva facepalms.
It's more than just not working. It's ridiculous.
We're freakin' professionals! I didn't sign up for the job to run around yelling at him like an idiot.
You didn't?
Eva closes her eyes.
...Look, maybe this lack of sleep's getting to us.
Had I known that it'd be an all-nighter, I would've brought coffee.
Eva facepalms, again.
I agree. You should've seen the movie I constructed earlier...
What movie?
Anyway... as valuable as time is here, this just isn't going anywhere like this.
She looks away.
Let's take a break 'til morning... Hopefully Johnny can hang on 'til then.
He looks away as well.
I do have some calls to make.

The screen fades to black. There's the sound of the machine shutting down, and then the sound of waves.


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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

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