Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Lief Katano on 23rd January 2014, 7:02 pm

Armageddon Fist.

Thief Lief Katano appeared!
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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 23rd January 2014, 7:55 pm

@Lief Katano wrote:Armageddon Fist.
I also vote for this.


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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Guest on 23rd January 2014, 8:36 pm

Shoe. Just because.

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Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 2—A Rabbit of Two Colors)

Post by Caprizant on 24th January 2014, 12:23 am

Hope this looks right for everyone... sorry it's late, I had ten billion technical difficulties ranging from the game running incredibly slow for no reason to the forum recognizing anything in brackets as BBCode...  Annoyed 

Music - Between a Squirrel and a Tree

After the last update, I found out that Tommy and Sarah actually have character bios in the menu, so let's take a look at them.

Doesn't like turtles.

Aspiring professional ice cream taster, aiming for the top.

D'aww. Kids. Anyway, let's head to the Study so we can find the key to that funny room. It's the door to the left of the entrance that the kids rushed into and out of in the last update.

This is da' book room!
The key to the funny room is in the thickest book on the upper shelf!

I should mention, you can turn on the lamps. They usually have little sparklies near them.

Much better. Now let's look around.
If you walk over to that easel (which, as it turns out, is not spelled eisel)...

(...Almost stepped on the paint.)

...Eva jumps back and says that.
Interacting with the shelves allows you to read various books. The one closest to the easel has...

The Emperor's New Clothes
-By Hans Christian Andersen

> Read Passage
Put it back

"And the colors! The colors of that beautiful fabric! I have never seen anything like it in my life!" They all tried to conceal their disappointment at not being able to see the clothes.

A child, however, who had no important role and could only see things as his eyes showed them to him, went up to the carriage.

"But he hasn't got anything on," the child said. "Don't talk nonsense!" His father reprimanded.

But the boy's remark, which has been heard by the bystanders, was repeated over and over.

We can't interact with the shelf next to it, but the one at the top has two books on it we can read.

The Pilgrim's Guide to Origami
Volume I - The Key to Avoiding Papercuts

> Read Passage
Do Nothing

The Pilgrim's Guide to Origami has already supplanted the great Wikipedia Origamia as the standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom about paper folding, for though it has many omissions and contains much that is apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate, it scores over the older, more pedestrian work in two important respects. First, it is made of paper; and secondly, it provides numerous bandaids to make up for the inevitable papercuts resulting from the reading of this book.

Read more?
> Yes

...For the grand origami master, it is absolutely essential for each origami to be completed in exactly 42 moves.

In most origami tournaments, scissor-cuts are considered cheating, but uppercuts are deemed legal...

Yeeeah, let's put that one back. :I

Dusklight -- "The tale of a girl who fell in love with a zombie who emitted the smell of daisies when showered with gentle sunlight."

> Read Passage
Do Nothing

[...Uh, maybe another year.]

Received Room Key.

(...He chose its hiding spot well.)

The key is an item I've never seen the description for, so I'm curious what it says.

Room Key: 1
Description: Key to the basement door. Everybody likes keys.

Keys are cool. Especially sentient, fierce, jingly keys. :I
Anyway, we got what we came here for. Let's roll. First, let's see what the kids have to say.

Tommy used to throw books at me and call it a book fight.
...Until one day, I threw one back and he needed a bandaid. Heehee!

I wonder if it was that origami book.
She has something new if you talk to her again.

I wonder if Johnny has actually read all these books!

Now let's hear Tommy's philosophical input.

Just a bunch of books in here.
They've nothing I don't know about, though!!

What precocious children. Guess living in this house does that to you.
Anyway, let's head on down to the basement.

We can open the funny room in the basement now!

This is the basement. We play hide and seek here!
Turn on the light before you trip over somethin'.

On the table, there's a locked chest. I've never actually been able to open it... Maybe I'm just not doing it right, I dunno, I'll try it various times whenever I can throughout the LP.

Nothing else in here is clickable, so let's enter that funny room with the sparkly on the door.

The door is locked.
Opened door with Room Key.

The door opens, the music fades, and we enter the room.

[It's like a cave in here...]

Let's turn on the lights.

Eerie music plays. Eva looks around, confused.
I believe the music that plays in here is the only track in the game that isn't actually on the OST, so... yeah. It's not much, just some creepy whirring noises. If you examine the things on the floor (you can't walk on them), you get this text:

A rabbit folded out of paper.

On the crate to the left is...

A broken music box.

And on that other crate is... a... creature.

A stuffed toy platypus.

(...It looks adorable enough to annoy Neil. Might come in handy.)

> Poke it.
Take it.

It falls over. Examine it again, and...

> Sit it up.
Take it.

It sits up. That was the most important thing to show you guys. :I
Anyway, let's take it.

Poke it.
> Take it.

Received Toy Platypus.

Toy Platypus: 1
A plush toy of a duck-billed platypus.

Let's skedaddle.

Music - Lament of a Stranger - NEW

...Did you see it??
...What do you two know about all those rabbits?
The old man didn't want anyone to go inside, so we never told him.
There're more of them, actually!
Inside the abandoned lighthouse! It's just beneath this cliff.
Wanna go see? I got the keys!
...You aren't supposed to go in there either, are you?
Remind me to never take you to Neil's house.
So, ya wanna go see the lighthouse?
Eva looks towards the stairs.
Well, it's rather cold outside, but...
The music fades out.

> Go see the lighthouse.
Stay and wait for the machine.

Now, I'm kinda curious if there's new dialogue or actions to take if we stay, so I'll do that later and report back to you guys.

Y'know what, fine. Maybe it'll tell me more about those rabbits.
She turns back to the kids.
Let's go check that old lighthouse out.

Alright, let's head upstairs.

Music - Uncharted Realms

As we walk, a bird flies off the rock. We're supposed to head down, but first let's head to the right left and see what we can see from there.

There it is!
We need to head south to the street and take the other path to get down to it, though.
Yah, I forgot my parachute.

Well, let's do that then.

Oh no!!
Tommy jumps over to the "boulder."
My novelty beach ball... Someone broke it!!
It was stupid anyway.
Music - Too Bad So Sad - NEW
But... but it's the bestest novelty beach ball I've ever had...
Music - Uncharted Realms
Oh, who could've been so cruel!?
Uh... Look, I'll buy you another one.
Nooo! Don't do it!
You will!?
Sure. But we kinda need to get going now.

And get going we shall. Just make your way back to the car...

It's smoking!
Who's da dummy that crashed da car?
Not me.
It's pretty dark out... aren't you kids scared?
Of course not! We roleplay it away!
Tommy's a super powerful knight and I'm a mighty magician!
Yeah! We destroy all evil!
Oh. That's, uh... that's nice.
Do you roleplay too??
I, uh... No?
She's not cool enough to do it.
Hey, I could if I wanted to!
...Just you children watch.

The music fades and we can hear the sound of the waves crashing against the cliff-side. A squirrel sleeps on the log ahead, and a seagull flies over.

Ooh! A Squirwel!

An arrow appears next to the squirrel. Let's investigate.

Oh no, it's a terrible squirrel-gon!

Music - Teddy - NEW

The screen folds out and battle music starts. The squirrel runs north and our valiant heroes chase after it. They stop a little north of the stump.

Don't worry children, I'll protect you!

Sarah turns to Tommy and shrugs, while the battle screen pops up.

If we choose Defend, Eva turns towards the player and says...

The best defense is a good offense!!

...And we're taken to the attack menu. :I
Our options are:

Volcanic Jump-Kick
Whirlwind Slap
Armageddon Fist

Lief was the only one who responded in time for me to proceed, so I went with Armageddon Fist, which is lucky since that ended up being the majority vote anyway. I was expecting shoe though :I

Yelling volume:
> Loudest

Gotta ham it up.

Your, uh, time is at an end, squirrel-gon!
Eva lights up and raises her fist to the sky.
Stop iiit! Or we tell ma you animal abuse!
The music fades.
Ya! She'll call the cops on you!
What? I was just... I wasn't gonna...
...Didn't you say you like role-playing?
The squirrel scampers away and a short victory jingle plays from a trumpet somewhere.
Yoo shoulda be ashamed of yooself!!
Let's name it Teddy.
Eva turns toward the lighthouse, confused.
...Let's just forget this happened.

A bird tweets from a nearby tree and we can interact with it, but all it does is tweet again and emit a question mark, because birds can't understand anything but bird, silly.
Anyway, heading north.

Music - Uncharted Realms

There's a gravestone over here.

In memory of River E. Wiles

'River Wyles'...
Was she John's wife?
C'mon, the lighthouse's right there!

Let's head in.

As soon as you step on those stairs you'll start climbing to the top. The music fades as you enter the next room.

This is it!

If you examine the light-lamp-thingy-that-saves-sailor-people's-ship-lives-by-doing-the-glow-thing-usually-except-this-one-isn't-so-ships-are-probably-gonna-crash-against-the-cliff-cuz-they-can't-see-a-damn-thing, you get...

Seems like this hasn't been lit in years...

The only other thing in this room we can interact with is on that table over there.

A multi-coloured paper rabbit.

Hey, this wasn't here when we came last week!
Oh ya, Johnny must've came here before he fell ill again.
This is the only one with two colours, huh?
Y'know, these things actually look pretty hard to fold.
Kind of an odd hobby, though...
A ringtone starts ringing a tone.
Oh, that's my phone.
She takes it out and looks.
It's Watts.
She picks up.
Is everything ready?
Alright, I'll be right there.
She hangs up.
Why do you have a creepy ringtone?
'Cause it scares the monsters away. C'mon, let's head back.

Received Paper Rabbit.

The screen fades and we find ourselves back at the house.

Oh, why don't you be late by another half an hour? Not like we got a dying client or anything.
I got caught up in something.
That 'something' being animal abuse :I
I got caught up in something too. It's called our job.
Get off your high horse, I'm late just this one time and you milk it.
At least tell me we're good to go.
Of course we are, because I'm competent.
He walks over to the machine.
Your helmet's on the couch. Chop chop!

An arrow appears by the couch. Just walk up to it, and...

> Initiate
Not yet

If you try to walk out, Neil shouts at Eva, so no use bothering. :I

Alright, here we go.

Fun fact: The text bubble there says "Dr. Rosalene" even though Neil is saying it. I'm guessing they forgot to make that one dialogue box change depending on who explored the house and lighthouse.

Anyway, they put on their helmets (not sure when they did that, I didn't catch it and I swear the screen faded to black before they did that last time I did this), and the helmets light up along with Johnny's.

Ohh, now the screen fades to black and there's a powering-down-noise-thingy. There's my memory mix-up.

Anyway, a beepy noise is heard and the screen fades to black, then flashes a brilliant white. Some mechanical noises are heard, then the scene fades in.

Music - Uncharted Realms

A line of static runs down the screen at regular intervals, like an old television set. Eva and Neil appear in the room and a timeline arrow swoops to the very end of the line, in Johnny's old age.

This should be the last accessible memory.
Disable speech for all except Johnny.
Neil does so and they both flash white briefly.
Done. Let's get 'im.

At any time, you can view your position in time by moving the mouse toward the top of the screen.

Note that the paintings in the lower hallway are gone. They haven't been painted yet.

We can't enter several of the rooms. They're cut off. They are not an essential part of this memory, and thus we can't go in them.

If we examine the piano...

What kind of a song is this? It's just two notes repeated over and over...

Let's head out. Head over to the cliff we went to earlier, with the bench and the view of the lighthouse and the sea.

Music - Having Lived - NEW

Johnny and Lily turn around.
What a pleasant surprise... We don't get many visitors around here.
Eva walks forward.
My name is Dr. Eva Rosalene, and this is--...
Dr. Von Matterhorn...
...Dr. Lorenzo Von Matterhorn.
Eva looks at Neil over her shoulder.
...Dr. Neil Watts.
Neil looks annoyed and Eva turns back around.
Are you familiar with the Sigmund Agency of Life Generation?
Oh, are you two from the agency?
Johnny walks forward.
How convenient; I've just been thinking of calling you.
Lily, get us some tea please.
She doesn't respond.
Actually, you've already called us.
Neil flashes white briefly and Lily fades away. Johnny looks back between Neil and where Lily was several times and backs away.
...We're here to fulfill our contract from the relative future.
Johnny backs away further, bumping into the fence.
Careful there. If you slip off the cliff, we're gonna have to reload this memory.
Eva turns around and whispers to Neil.
[Watch it Neil, show some respect.]
[Eh, it's just a program, y'know.]
(I know. But this is his last accessible memory, and we need its co-operation.)
[Worst comes to worst, we can just reboot it.]
[Why would you waste time like that?]
Eva and Neil turn around.
...You are here to take me to the moon, aren't you?
Yes, John.
Johnny turns around and looks at the stars.
...I suppose I had a good run.
Not good enough, it seems.
So, can you do it?
He turns back around.
Can you take me to the moon?
We can't, but you might be able to.
Why do you want to go there?
I don't know.
Eva looks back at Neil, who seems to have nothing to say. She walks forward.
It's fine, you can tell us. It's essential for helping us to get you to go there.
Do you want the fame? The money?
You've got to have a motive.
I'm sorry, but I really don't know.
I just... do.
(I can already tell that this is gonna be a pain in the ass.)
The music fades out and Eva walks forward.
Nevertheless, Johnny, here's what we will do.
Music - Uncharted Realms
We need to get to your childhood, but it is too distant to do so in one memory hop.
Thus, we will need to traverse through your memories with gradual backward leaps.
Which you've given us the permission to do in the relative future.
Eva glances back at Neil.
Once we lay down the waypoints in your childhood memories for direct access, we will return here.
That's when you'll need to help us influence the childhood you to become an astronaut.
...Or to get on a giant catapult.
The point is, you'll need to have more to say than just 'I don't know'.
As long as you can take me to the moon, I will cooperate in any way possible.
She turns around and walks back a little bit, then faces forward again.
Now, in order to leap to a memory...
...We need an item that is of importance to you.
Do you have a memento of some sort to get us started?
He walks over to the bench and picks up... a rabbit of two colors.
That'll do.
She turns around to Neil.
Well, shall we?
Ladies first.

Examine the memento, and...

Received Note: Moon

We'll need to prepare this memento first...

> Do nothing

I wanna check out that note first.

Note: Moon
Description: Objective. The moon in Johnny's memory is full.

Let's also check out the description for that rabbit, because we couldn't before due to cutscenes.

Paper Rabbit: 1
Description: A dual-coloured rabbit made from folded paper.

Well, let's prepare this sucker.

We're presented with some scrolling code and a puzzle.

Complete the memento: Click the orbs to flip pieces.

Basically, each orb rotates a line of squares. The ones on the left flip the horizontal rows, the ones on the bottom flip the vertical rows, and the one between them flips the diagonal. The diagonal is pretty much essential to all of these and is your recommended first move. The numbers at the side shows how many moves you've currently made on this memento, how many moves it can be completed in minimum, and how many moves you've used overall throughout the game. These don't usually get much more complicated than this, just bigger, but they're pretty neat to figure out. On this one, just click the two rightmost ones on the bottom and you get it.

The memento can now be activated for traversal.

Activate memento?
> Activate

The music fades out.

Wait, what about my privacy?
We'll try not to violate what we can avoid.
But in most cases... It can't be helped.

She activates the memento and they both disappear.


The screen becomes completely white, save for the paper rabbit. As the white fades away, we're transported to the next memory.


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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Guest on 24th January 2014, 12:19 pm

Everything looks good to me!

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Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 3—White Lie)

Post by Caprizant on 24th January 2014, 11:44 pm


Johnny sits at the piano and the timeline scrolls to the end, a little bit farther than we were before. He lays his hands on the keys and begins to play. As he does so, Eva and Neil appear.

Eva flashes white for a brief moment and turns translucent.

Turn off visibility and interactivity; it'd be messy to be seen.
Neil does so.
Yeah yeah, happy?
He walks around and looks at the origami littering the floor.
Geez, what's with all these... rabbits?
This is creeping me out. We probably should have checked his record for psychopathy first.
Johnny abruptly stops playing.
What the-... did he hear me?
That's impossible.
She walks forward.
It's probably just a part of this memory.
Johnny slams down on the keys with both hands.
...Then I stand by my point.
Anyway, quit blabbering and find a memento here to hop from.

Music - Uncharted Realms

We now regain control and a new thing appears at the bottom of the screen.

As you can see, we need to find the memento and establish five memory links to proceed. Interacting with objects lying around that are important to Johnny will grant you these links. So let's get cracking.

First, let's see what we get if we examine Johnny at the piano.
...Absolutely nothing. I could've sworn that did something. :I

Well, the dual-colored rabbit is down there, so let's check on that.

A multi-coloured paper rabbit.

Well, aren't you special? Having two colours when all your siblings look like they drowned in bleach.
What's that? You think you're really creepy?
Why yes, I agree!

That establishes a memory link.
You may have noticed the umbrella over there. Let's check that out.
When you do, we're propelled backwards as a blue shield appears around it.

Memento Detected

So that's what we have to send our memory links to. Pretty simple. Let's find them all before attempting to break it.

Heading upstairs...

Let's examine the clock.

The clock is moving but soundless.
Received Note: Clock

Note: Clock
Description: The clocks in Johnny's house never tick.

Interesting. Anyway, that gives us another memory link, so three more to go.
Seems Johnny's in the next room. If you interact with him, some things will change about the room...

A book is spread out on the desk Neil put the equipment on earlier. An old backpack is at the foot of Johnny's bed. A jar of some sort is now on the table by the window. Johnny moves over to the empty paintings, and next to him is a potted plant.

Let's interact with the book first.

"The Emperor's New Clothes"
by Hans Christian Andersen

That gives us another memory link. Next, the backpack.

An old and patched-up backpack.

What is this, a million years old?
I guess we'll find out.

No memory link for that one. Next, the jar.

A glass bottle of pickled olives.

Peh, I hate this stuff.
What's to hate? It's pickled olive!

That grants us another memory link. Just one more to go. To the flowers, now.

Fresh wild flowers.

And that's our final memory link! The world glows with a little more color and the music fades out.

Memory links established.
You can now travel with the memento (umbrella).

You can interact with Johnny again, but all you get is this:

Don't. If we have to explain our presence to him at every memory, I'd go crazy.
Don't tempt me.

Anyway, let's head back downstairs.

As you enter each memory link, the orbs fly into the shield and crack it a little bit. Neil extends his arms in a fighting pose.

The shield breaks.
What the %&#$ was that!?
...That's it, I'm doing the breaking from now on.

> Prepare
Do nothing

Reminder: The corner orb can flip the entire diagonal.

Thanks tutorial, I went over that in the last update. :I
To complete this, just flip the corner orb, then the middle on the left, then the middle on the bottom.

Activate memento?
> Activate

When it comes to rain, 'through' is better than 'onto'.
I don't mind it regardless.
She looks off to the left.
Seems like these memory hops only span a short period of time...
We need to find a leaping memento, or it's going to take forever.
Neil looks off to the right.
Meh, just enjoy the scenery.

Let's examine the platypus toy next to Johnny.

An old stuffed toy platypus.

That gives us two memory links.

Honestly, I just don't think this animal has the right to exist.
The world's not big enough for two of you.

I should mention, the lighthouse can only be entered once you have two memory links. How convenient. Let's go in there, then.

Requires 3 bars of memory links to proceed.

Turns out, you need to inspect the grave. That gives you your third memory link and an open lighthouse door. Once you get that done, Neil steps inside. Eva starts to follow, but...

It's finished, River.
Music - Moonwisher - NEW
Eva looks around at Johnny.
Like you, I'll be able to watch over her everyday.
...She won't be alone anymore.
Johnny closes his eyes for a brief moment.
I might never understand why, but I stayed true to your wish.
I'm sure Anya is grateful for you, too.
He closes his eyes again.
But when I'm gone...
...Who is going to watch over us?
Eva becomes visible and walks towards Johnny. He opens his eyes.
...Who are you?
My name is Eva. I was just passing by.
Was she your wife?
Yes. Her name was River.
That's a special name.
Johnny closes his eyes again.
It didn't need to happen.
She... She didn't need to do it.
He opens his eyes again.
But she...
You wouldn't understand.
...I don't even understand.
Eva backs away and becomes translucent again, then heads into the lighthouse. Lightning flashes, thunder rolls, and the screen pans and fades.

Received Note: Anya

Note: Anya
Description: Someone John and River cared for.

Let's head upstairs. Neil's gonna be angry with us.

About time you got here...
I almost thought you fell off the cliff.
What were you doing?
Enjoying the scenery, what else?
She looks around.
Any luck here?
Neil walks over to the platypus.
Big luck. Huge. Dinosauric.
Eva walks forward and looks around more.
Huh, this place looks pretty empty.
It's a lighthouse. What do you expect?
He walks closer to the platypus and gets ready to activate it.
Anyway, I'll catch ya on the other side.
Have fun rebreaking the barrier for yourself.
He activates it and disappears. The music fades and we're left with the sound of rain.

If you prod the light thingy, you get...

A broken lighthouse lamp.

...a memory link.

And some company.
When you interact with him, he simply closes his eyes and turns his head away. This gives us our final memory link. Let's break the barrier.

> Prepare
Do nothing

"Ideal" shows the minimum # of moves the memento can be completed in.

Again, covered this last update, game. :I
Anyway, just click the middle orb of the bottom row, and the top two orbs on the left, and you've got it.

Let's hitch a ride on this sucka.

Activate memento?
> Activate

Music - Born a Stranger - NEW

A soft heartbeat is heard in the background.

Just enough.
Eva walks forward.
After we pay for your operation, we'll have just enough left for it... So don't you worry.
River closes her eyes.
...White lie.
She looks sidelong toward Johnny from the bed.
That's what you call it, right?
No, I'm sure we can jus--
Stop it.
She averts her eyes from Johnny.
...I don't like it when you lie.
I calculated our finances; I know how it's like.
She closes her eyes again.
Why do you try to convince me against my will?
We need the money for your medical bills, River!
I understand that Anya means a lot to you, but this... This is just too much.
I mean, she-... She isn't even--
River turns on her side towards Johnny.
Do you know what makes me happy, Johnny?
Do you?
She returns to laying on her back.
Well, I do.
She averts her eyes again.
I just... hope you can help me with it.
She closes her eyes.
When the papers for my treatments get here, I will not sign them.
What you do with our money is up to you.
But if you would grant my wish, I want you to use it to finish building that house.
She opens her eyes and turns on her side towards Johnny again.
...And then, for every day that you live there, I want you to watch over her.
Visit her. Speak to her. Comfort her.
...I don't want her to be alone anymore.
And what about you?
She returns to her back and closes her eyes.
I'll be happy.
She opens them again, slowly.
I made this.

Tell me what it is.
Just tell me what it is.
It's a rabbit, like all the others you made.
What else?
Johnny looks at River, confused.
Um, it's made of paper.
What else?
Its body is yellow, and the rest is blue.
Good. What else?
Look, River...
He puts the rabbit down.
I wrote a song. It's for you.
Well... Would you like to hear it?
Johnny walks toward the piano, when he's stopped by River speaking.
You didn't have to bring the piano in here for this.
He looks over his shoulder.
I can hear you just fine with the door open.
He turns his head back around, sighs, and continues to the piano.

It's called 'For River'.
Why so cliché?
It's... just a placeholder.

Music - For River (Johnny's Version) - NEW
He begins to play. Neil walks over to Eva and they exchange glances.

Who is this 'Anya' they were talking about?
If she's so important, shouldn't we have seen her in his late memories?
I guess he didn't keep that promise after all.
Eva turns around and looks at the bed.
Unless what?
She stares off for a moment, then turns back around.
Hey, that's the same song the kids were playing earlier, huh?
I guess he taught them.
They stand in a brief silence for a moment.
Y'know what, I'm too manly for this. I'm heading on.
I already got my memory links; you wanna hitch a quick ride or look around yourself?

> Stay and explore
Leave now

Go on ahead, I'll catch up with you.
Neil walks over to the potted plant in the corner of the room.
Don't you miss the days when memory-audio-to-MP8 conversion was legal?
I think I brought home over two thousand songs during my first year on this job.

Neil activates the memento and disappears.
I think this is an appropriate place to end off. We'll explore a bit next time and try to see if we can get a bit further into his memories. Until then, goodnight.


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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Guest on 25th January 2014, 12:22 am

Oh God... The feels.... *SOB*

Man, I am so glad we picked Eva over Neil. Neil seems like a big jerk to me, although, I wonder if his dialog changes if you play as him?

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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Caprizant on 30th January 2014, 4:24 pm

I apologize the next update's been taking awhile, it's been a busy week. I'll work on it after I'm done making the rounds in New Leaf. :B


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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Caprizant on 31st January 2014, 6:42 pm

Alright, I've got the text and dialogue and stuff for the update finished. It requires a little bit of video-capturing and sprite-getting though, so I'll do all that technical stuff tomorrow (partly because I'm tired, but mostly cuz my computer's a bit slow right now).


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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Caprizant on 1st February 2014, 6:47 pm

Quick question: For videos of cutscenes, do you guys mind if I just do the videos and not write it all out in text below it? Cuz to be honest, doing that feels pretty clunky, and it'd be quite a bit of work for some of the later ones. If some of you can't watch the videos for whatever reason, then I'm fine with typing it out.


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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Guest on 1st February 2014, 7:04 pm

Videos are fine with me.

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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Caprizant on 1st February 2014, 7:09 pm

To clarify what I mean cuz I didn't think I said it clearly before and I'm just now thinking of a better way to phrase it :I, I'm doing videos either way, it's just whether or not I transcript those videos to text below it in case people can't view them because of internet- or computer-related reasons.


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Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 4—Moongazer)

Post by Caprizant on 1st February 2014, 8:51 pm

I apologize in advance and retrospect for the gratuitous opening and closing of eyes in my narration of this update and LP in general :I

Music - For River (Johnny's Version)

The faint heartbeat still plays in the background. Let's look around a bit.
If you examine Johnny playing the piano, you get...

Received Note: For River

Note: For River
Description: A song Johnny wrote for his deceased wife. Its title is a placeholder.

Examining River's bedside gives you another note.

Received Note: Paper Rabbit

Note: Paper Rabbit
Description: What River gave to John.

Examine the book on the bed for this:

"The Emperor's New Clothes"
by Hans Christian Andersen

That gives us two memory links.
Let's head downstairs.

I'm telling you, there's just no way.
What if we take it apart?
Look at us, John. We aren't exactly at the ripe age of piano moving.
Nicolas (the new guy) walks around the piano to face John.
You know what, if this means that much to you, I'll pay for the professionals to do this.
...I can't help saving that house for you, so this is the least I can do.

We get a memory link from that.
On the counter and stove are our last two links:

A glass bottle of pickled olives.

(...Someone really likes these.)

A pot of mixed dough.

Let's head back upstairs now and get to the next memory.

Memento Detected

> Prepare
Do nothing

Here's our first non-tutorial memento, so let's see how it goes.
Flip the corner orb, then the first on the bottom, then the top on the left, and finally the second one from the corner on the left, and it's a perfect score.

Activate memento?
> Activate

The music fades and all we hear is the sound of the sea.


Just walk south a bit, aaaand...

Heh, look what we have here.
I bet they saw this cliff, and thought it was not dangerous enough without people living on it.

Johnny is sitting alone by the unfinished house, looking a bit down. The sound of footsteps are heard and he opens his eyes.

Music - Born a Stranger

Nick called and said I should come.
She walks over to Johnny and sits down next to him.
I brought you pickled olives. They're your favourite, right?
She sets them down.
...I heard about River.
Will she be okay?
Johnny puts his hands on his knees.
Her illness was just diagnosed in its late stage. Fortunately, it's treatable.
But the medical bills...
The camera pans up towards the construction behind them.
We can't afford to finish building this house, Isabelle.
We can barely afford to pay for her treatment.
He rests his head on his hand again.
I'm just relieved that she'll be okay, but...
You don't know how much this place means to her.
He closes his eyes.
She's going to be heartbroken.
...I'd help, but Ted and I have been barely getting by since the market crashed.
She looks at Johnny, then back.
What are you going to do now?
Johnny opens his eyes and puts his hand down again.
I'm... I'm going to tell her that we can make it.
I'm going to tell her that we can afford everything.
He closes his eyes.
...I don't want her to do anything crazy.
You shouldn't lie to her.
You don't understand, Isabelle.
They look at each other.
If she found out, I'm not sure which she'd choose.
So what?
If she chooses not to save herself for the sake of this place, then so be it.
It's what she really wants.
She looks away from Johnny.
I really dislike when you neurotypicals think you know what's best for others.
Johnny looks away from Isabelle.
...I hate when you call me that, Izzy.
The music fades, and Johnny blinks, looking at Isabelle.
Do you think this is all about her?
Music - Lament of a Stranger
Johnny looks down and closes his eyes.
What about me, Isabelle?
He opens his eyes again.
After all these years, am I not allowed to be selfish even once?
He closes his eyes once again.
...I don't want to be alone, Isabelle.
Johnny stands up with open eyes.
I'm not going to let her die.
That's arrogant.
I don't care.
He starts to walk off, before Isabelle stops him.
Where are you going?
I'm going to pick something from this cliff to bring back to her.
It'll at least give her some comfort.
The music fades abruptly.
That doesn't make what you're doing any less wrong.
Johnny closes his eyes and Isabelle puts something on the ground.
Nick wanted me to give you this.
She winds it up and music starts playing. Johnny turns around and Isabelle closes her eyes.
Music - Everything's Alright (Music Box) - NEW
He said it's called 'Everything's Alright'.
Johnny turns around again and closes his eyes.
...It isn't.
He walks towards the cliff we had just come from. Neil steps out of the way for him.
I noticed that Neil seems to have a thing for politely stepping aside even when memories could just phase through him. Perhaps they both do that and I just can't recall, but I guess we'll see. Anyway, let's follow Johnny.

Anyway, if you examine the music box, you get your first memory link. If you examine the jar of pickled olives...

Memento Detected

...It seems that's our memento. Let's follow Johnny and see if we can get anymore memory links.

Walking up here gives us two memory links. I think this is mentioned at some point later, but certain scenes can give you memory links as well as objects, like that one.

Johnny has nothing to say, so let's look around some more. There's a truck over here...

...And if you walk into it, you get another memory link.
And finally, if you walk in the house...

Memory links may also be acquired from exploration.

Ah, that's what I was thinking of. :I
Let's prepare our memento.

> Prepare
Do nothing

Now hang on, this one looks tricky...
...Turns out you just need to flip the corner orb then the top and bottom ones on the left. :I

Received Note: Pickled Olives

Activate memento?
> Activate

Music - Moongazer - NEW

That's an incredibly beautiful song. I highly recommend listening to it.

So you guys are really going for it, huh?
Neil and Eva look over at the conversation going on behind them.
Yep! The construction's starting in just a few months.
It's a bit of a squeeze; we had to split the payment.
But with financing, we'll make do.
How wonderful, having your dream house built at such a beautiful site.
You had your wedding at that lighthouse near there all those years ago, didn't you?
That's not all that's special about it.
Johnny looks over at River, sitting in the dark corner beside him.
We have a long history with that place.
Well, it's good to have some good news at a get-together for once!
Cheers and congratulations, ya two!
Hey, cheers.
Izzy speaks up.
Be right back, I'm gonna get some fresh air.
She starts to walk out.
Me too.
She heads out the door as well, leaving Nick and Johnny alone.
Well buddy, it's sure been awhile.
Hasn't it? Who knew how hard it is to get across a few cities nowadays.
That River, still so quiet, huh?
Eh, she's actually been talkative at home, and with Isabelle.
I guess she's just not used to you.
The music fades out, leaving us with the same whirring I mentioned a few updates ago. You can hear it in the background of the song that was just playing.
Hahah, so I'm the bad guy here, huh?
Oh hey, so did you tell River that thing from back then?
I did.
So how did she take it?
For the most part, she took it well...
...But something bugs me.
A dull 'boom' is heard.
Ever since the incident, she's been making these strange rabbits out of paper.
Origami rabbits?
Yes. Lots of them.
Hah, I used to fold origami animals for my daughter all the time.
What's wrong with that?
I don't think it's the same thing.
She's been doing nothing but making the same rabbits, day in and day out.
...Our house is literally filled with them now.
Didn't Isabelle say that something like that is a common trait with River's condition?
Yes, but something doesn't feel right this time.
When I ask her about it, she never answers.
Instead, she gets this distant look in her eyes...
...It's almost as if she wants something from me.
Another 'boom' is heard.
And the strange thing is... I feel like there's something I owe her, too.
Have you asked Isabelle?
Yes. She said she talked to her about it, but got nothing.
Well, I'm certainly not one to inquire, but I'll tell you this:
I've known you since middle school, and you're notorious for overthinking.
You're probably just imagining things, there's no need to get too worked up.
Usually when someone says that, something's always wrong.
But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt... You're probably right.
Probably? I'm always right, John.
Neil looks over at Eva.
Wait, so even he himself never knew what was up with those rabbits?
Forget about the stupid rabbits, we've got bigger problems.
It's a confined memory, and there's no mementos anywhere.
Don't worry, we can probably draw one out of him.
The whirring stops.
Leave it to me. I just gotta give the bartender a quick visit first.

...There's two songs that aren't on the soundtrack, as it turns out. :I
Anyway, the one here is basically just a different whirring from before with a weird noise playing every two seconds or so. So yeah.

Anyway, just walk over to the bartender (he just appears as a faceless man behind the counter) and converse.

Music - Bestest Detectives in the World

Hey there! Could I get you anything?
Heyo! Could I get a bottle of pickled olives, please?
Sure. Cash or credit?
Er... I'm sorry, we don't take cheques.
Oh... Just put it on my tab, then.
Wait, does that mean you don't have any money?
You're so getting resetted.
The music pauses for a moment as he resets the memory, and resumes as you talk to the bartender.
Hey there! Could I get you anything?
Hillo! Could I get a bottle of pickled olives, please?
Sure. Cash or credit?
Just put it on my tab. I feel like spending BIG today.
Oh, thank you, sir!
Here're your pickled olives.
The bartender hands over the jar of pickled olives.
Thanks, bro! You'll be getting an enormous amount of tips today!
Thank you, sir!
(You're such an ass, Neil.)
(Oh loosen up.)

You get a memory link from that... somehow... I dunno. Maybe Neil contributed it for being forced to buy pickled olive.

Anyway, walk on over to Johnny, and be ready for glory.

Why, is that a bottle of pickled olives you're sporting?
Yeah. Are you a fellow olive lover?
Indeed I am! Just got a fresh bottle of them myself, in fact!
As if he couldn't hear the ham from across the room. Anyway, as he says that, we get another memory link.
Mind if I join you?
Sure, why don't you grab a seat? We'll down a bottle together.
Oh... Yeah, that sounds just swell.
(Eva, disable taste simulation, NOW!!)
(Oh Neil, I don't think I feel like it.)
(...I'm so gonna get you back for this.)
A clock winds around the screen, turning it black, then in an instant it comes back and Neil is sitting with Johnny and Nick at the table.

So that's how we got our first toaster, ohohoho!
Ah-... ack... ahh...
You okay there?
Some sweat drops appear over Neil's sprite.
Yes... I'm just... savoring the amazingness of pickled olives.
They're wonderful, aren't they?
Yeah, I just can't understand how anyone could... ugh... find such things to be disgusting.
Take your time. We've got two bottles left!
The clock winds again.
So I said, 'Hey, that's not right!'
And they totally agreed!!
Another memory link and clock wind.
...And you know what else is wrong with society today?
The final memory link and clock wind. The music fades out and the whirring resumes.
Yeah, I actually have it right here. Why?
May I see it?
...Eh, okay.
He pushes the olives out of the way and puts down a piece of paper.
Here it is.
The paper glows, and Neil takes his moment to halt the steady flow of torture olives.
Annnd... freeze!
Everyone glows except for Eva and Neil, who stands up immediately, fists clenched.
Finally! Dear lord!
How were the olives, Neil?
Oh shut your mouth.

We regain control. Let's activate the memento.

Memento Detected

Neil starts to enter the orbs, but:

Wait, don't you dare--
Don't worry, sheesh.
He enters another orb.
See? I'm doing it by the books.
He enters a few more orbs, aaaaand...
The shield breaks.
Neil, seriously...
I'm trying to get into this and you're ruining the mood.
...Totally worth it.

Now before we jump off to the next memory, I think now's the appropriate time to check out that note we got in the last one.

Note: Pickled Olives
Description: Johnny's favourite.

Anyway, let's prepare it.

This one's pretty simple; just hit the first and third orbs on the left, then the first and last ones on the bottom, then you're away.

Activate memento?
> Activate

Let's roll with this sucker.

Since only jokool answered quickly enough, I'm going to assume that the answer is a unanimous "go ahead with doing only the video," so correct me if I'm wrong and I'll fix it. :I
It's still appearing in the little tiny box inside the window, so make sure you go full-screen.



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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Lief Katano on 2nd February 2014, 1:14 am

Are you sure Eva's the snarky one?

Thief Lief Katano appeared!
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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

Post by Caprizant on 2nd February 2014, 1:21 am

That's the impression I got in my first run, but perhaps they both have that certain quality :I


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Re: Let's Play: To The Moon (Part 10—Beta-B)

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