Railworks 5: Derailment

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Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 27th September 2013, 9:58 pm

Welcome to my Let's Play of  Train Simulator 2014 (Unofficially called Railworks 5).

Here I drive trains and take screenshots along the way and comment on what's happening as I go. Nearly all of the images receive a comment/explanation when I take them since I have two laptops, one runs the program and takes the screenshots, the other is used to record the text side of the LP. These comments and explanations may be expanded on after playing. If I discover something fairly major after playing but before posting, I'll tack it on where it seems appropriate.

I also frequently change the title of the thread in relation to the latest part and part of this new LP is to also note when the title changes. At the time of this post it is/was "Now where did I park the locomotive?"

Unfortunately I do not have the time to do a scenario today, so this post is just my first impressions of the game. Also this is my first experimentation with spoilering the screenshots from the get-go.

Where's the control that starts the engine?:

First things first, my thoughts about the intro. If my computer wasn't below min spec (the game requires a 2.8 GHz processor, with a 3.2 being recommended, and I have a 1.333 GHz, an AMD Dual-Core Processor C60 with Turbo CORE Technology up to 1.333 GHz, according to the sticker anyway), it would absolutely fantastic, but the screen locks up for me when it plays. I still get the audio though, which leads me to believe it would be fantastic. If I can find a video of it, I will post here.

The first half of this video is the intro,the second half is some tips I didn't bother reading:

Last Minute Before Hitting Send Note: The game also requires 2.0 GB of RAM. My laptop has a 2 GB DDR3, according to the sticker.

The menu got a complete overhual, far more fancier than before. Instead of train sounds being played in the background (such as hissing from air brakes, the sound of an locomotive passing, or the sound of a bell), music is played instead. The locomotives represent the routes included with the game (ICE 2, Hamburg Hanover; Southern Pacific Dash 9, Donner Pass; Southeastern Class 395 London Faversham High Speed, the last one is apparently able to run itself without the aid of the core program) if you bought the game instead of merely getting a free update to the new game engine. I currently have Railworks 5 through the latter, in fact the icon for Railworks 4 hasn't been updated to reflect the new name, it still says Train Simulator 2013. At the moment, I am considering purchasing the full game.

Now let's take a look at the first icon, Drive.


First off, very fancy transition with previous buttons dropping off and then new buttons popping up.

And there are Tutorials Excited

*opens career mode*


A big feature about Railworks 5 is supposedly the revamped Career scoring.

*backs out and goes into Quick Drive*

No major changes here.

*checks out the Tutorials*

I already know what these would be teaching me, but that Horseshoe curve one would've come in handy.....

*checks standard*
Why is there a star there?! I haven't released any scenarios into the public domain.... Is someone stalking me Scared

*free roam*
What, just what do these stars mean?

*decides to check my settings*
Menu doesn't look any different than before.


There's a new option. Also note that TSX is what creates most of the special effects, such as fire box glow, headlights actually shining on the ground (there is a difference between headlights and the marker lights that appear on my British steam locomotives), water on the windows, and the textures looking good. Disable TSX and the game's quality drops by a lot. Some of my early experimentation may involve enabling TSX and other settings to truly show the quality of this game.

I understand very little of this, but it's supposed to help with route building.

*backs out and checks the advanced settings*

Head Light Flares is new, perhaps it's no longer tied to TSX? But that aside, you can see just how low my settings are for semi-decent framerate.

*turns the Texture Filtering up a notch to Anisotropic x 4*

*goes to my Gameplay Settings*

Language warning isn't new, but I still don't know what it does. Score Career Scenarios does look new. Most of these should be self-explaitory, but Automatic Coupling means I have to manually connect certain types of cars, such as the type used in the UK. Some types of couplings, such as the couplings used in the US are unaffected by this since they are by nature "semi-automatic", meaning the connection between cars is made when the cars run into each other. Air lines still have to be connected manually, but I doubt this is simulated.

*backs out to the main menu*
Let's go to the career next.

OH MY GOD, THEY ACTUALLY MADE IT COMPETIVE. Of course this likely takes date from just the Career scenarios. Having not done any driving in this version yet, the stats are from my previous LP of Railworks 4 (Train Simulator 2013).


Wow this also got a make over, and a big one at that. Most of these images are new and I think were taken in game.

These are the routes I have. Cajon Pass, Isle of Wight, Sherman Hill, and Great Western Main Line all came with Train Simulator 2013 when I bought it from Amazon. At the time only three routes were included with the Steam version. I believe those were Sherman Hill, the only German route released at the time but I don't recall the name of, and the London to Faversham.

Note how I already own Donner Pass. Supposedly Donner Pass was upgraded to the new spec free of charge. If it was, then I should now have a Dash 9 and possibly a SD70M in Southern Pacific "Bloody Nose" livery.

Also speaking of extras like the SD70M, according to the offical website (http://www.railsimulator.com), the London Faversham route has a 7 seven mile branch line extension if you buy the "EXCLUSIVE Steam edition".

Huh? What's this and why is it blank?

*returns to main menu*

"Get Tutorials Here!"


Oh, it brings up my steam browser. And trust me on this, there is nothing worse than the  in game steam browser, Internet Explorer is better than this shit. Also note that the Steam overlay has not reset my hours for the game, the broswer covers most of it up, but it says 810 hours in game.

*heads over to build*

Familiar interface.

Oh this is new, Quick Drive Scenarios.

Clearly there is a lot to do in this. I'll spend the next part exploring the editor.

Everybody loves prizes, right?:
I discovered I got some interesting goodies on Steam when I logged on this morning. Awaiting me was a set of ten coupons that expire on October 31, 2013 @6:59 EDT, presumably AM.

These coupons are valid for Marias Pass (20% off, takes $6 or $8 off an already reduced price due to a sale that expires on the 3rd), Horseshoe Curve (20% off, useless to me as I already have it), Munich - Augsburg (20% off, I don't have much interest in this 38 mile highly detailed route that has higher than normal hardware requirements), Portsmouth Direct Line (20% off, not terribly interested in this route), West Coast Main Line (20% off, I may use this one), Class A4 Pacifics (25% off, frustratingly useless to me as I already have the pack), Baldwin Centipede (25% off, I am considering this one), BNSF GP38-2 (25% off, again I may use this one), DB BR Class 232 (25%, again not terribly interested), ICE 1 (25% off, not too interested mainly because I don't have any electrified high speed routes).

While seeing if any of these are worth using, I got two more goodies. Only these are a little more unique. Trading Cards. I got the BNSF ES44DC and Class A1 "Tornado". Like the coupons I can trade them to friends (only I don't have any) but unlike the coupons, I can sell these, though they won't fetch that much, the highest I've seen is $0.67 for Tornado and $0.78 for the BNSF ES44DC and these were when they were first released this Thursday and they all nearly go for less than half that now (latest for BNSF ES44DC is $.12 and for Tornado is $0.13). There are other trading cards too, and they seem to be promotional items for TS2014. The total list of cards in Series 1 are

1. 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy"
3. BR Thompson B1
4. BR Class 421 "4CIG"
5. Class A4 "Mallard" (if any of them are likely to fetch a higher price, my bets are on this one)
6. ICE 2
7. International Roundhouse (artwork is of many different locos from different national, only one of them not being available DLC, the GE Gensis in an Amtrak Heritage Livery)
8. Class A1 "Tornado"
9. Southeastern Class 395

It seems I can get 3 more by playing so....

*boots up the game*
*lets it run idle for a while*
*closes it and checks steam*

Hmm... it seems I must actually do something. Oh well, plenty of time to earn it tomorrow.

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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 28th September 2013, 10:36 pm

Title changed to "It's All Coming Back To Me Now"

First Drive, First Wreck, Second Drive:
So now as I load the game up, I'll take the time to mention my next route, Marias Pass. $16 off something normally $40 is just too good to pass up, plus I'm also using my coupons to get the related locomotive BNSF .

Click this link to see a preview

We'll play around with the test track, a very small route I don't think I've shown before.

I think I'll make a scenario with American stock, the other two came with the route, which came with the game.

Let's make it a Free Roam

*hits create and enters "Free Roam: American stock" as the name*

And there's the track, the grey being the railroad lines. It's basically two main ovals. Now has anything changed in the editor itself?

This has a few more buttons. Force Cab Camera is the only one I care about.

*starts placing stock*

This is interesting, a hump. These are usually used on a larger scale to sort cars by taking advantage of gravity. Now this method does have to completely override a very important safety feature (the full application of the brakes if there isn't any pressure in the brake pipeline) or the grade on the down side must be so steep that the e-brake's application doesn't manner. This would must likely mean the grade would have to be steeper than 4%, assuming the minimum is not much steeper. Hump yards are on the way out and this hump is more for demostration than for sorting due to its small size and the fact the sidings I'm going to place my stock in are not directly accessable by the hump, you would have to reverse into them.

I don't remember the end of train devices flashing in the editor.

Also from left to right, Wood Chip car, Coal Gondola, and 4 Bay Hoppers.

Maybe it's just the small size of the route, but things feel much smoother.

Where's my UP passenger cars?

*tries seeing if the Challenger pack as it*

That should do it. I'm curious just how long a tank of fuel will last at full throttle and because this track has a nice loop with decent speed limit, 125 mph if I remember correctly. The Amtrak train might go that fast, but the frieght diesels shouldn't, even if they are running light.

*as I save I'm debating if I should double up the road diesels*

I doubled up.

The font for the HUD has changed slightly and the game just feels really different. More 3 dimensional.

Taking on passengers.

Ready to go!

Supposedly the locomotives are capiable of 110 mph. I have 1499 gallons of fuel and now I'm going run until I run out of gas.

The comfort meter is going back in forth very rapidly.

And no I'm not keeping track of how many laps I complete. I'll base that on the my milage later. Also for this LP I'll try to log both hours and miles.

When I change to certain views FOV is displayed briefly.

There it is. It also appears when I zoom in and out in other views.

My mom just returned from depositing $40 at the bank. Later today I'll purchase the Marias Pass route (this route frequently shows up in the Steam Workshop scenarios) and the GP38-2.

I decided to change the route via the detour with a 100 mph speed limit on the grounds I traveling at a maximum of 95 mph and that was under that. Looks like a bad decision, or history simply repeating itself.

Now let's play with the freighters.

First up, the Switcher.

I discovered a previously unknown feature to me in a downloaded scenario I tried after ending the previous LP.

This switch activates

This beacon.

*collects the caboose*

Ah, that must be the language warning.

*now goes to couple the coal cars*

There we go, now to drag this back so that I can get the road engines.

Now gotta back up to drop off the switcher and get to the loop.

Let's roll!

That doesn't look good.

I believe the speed limit is certainly intended for trains that can lean.

Leaning is down the entire length of the train.


I'd say the stop went well.

I was going to switch to another set of locomotives, but I wanna play with that hump.

Went up and over it with ease.

*attempts to get the train to run away from the locomotives, but fails*
Well there's a fuck up on my part, I accelerated forward into the buffers.

That doesn't give me the milage I want...

Also to be on the safe side, I've decided to purchase Marias Pass tomorrow to ensure that the funds (which was deposited as cash, so it should techicially clear immediately) clear.

I was scared that I would lose this entire segment when my Netbook (the text recorder) froze up.


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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 30th September 2013, 7:24 am

For all my driving yesterday, I earned my remaining card drops. I got the BR 421 "4CIG", International Roundhouse, and Southeastern Class 395.

The Empire Builder:

I wasn't planning on showing the scenario building, but I was so surprised to see this that I'm making a brief exception.

Two quick drive scenarios. As tempting as it is to skip out on making a new scenario, I want to go where I want at have a small train to maxmumize framerate and a passenger train offers faster speeds. I highly doubt Marias Pass comes with its own passenger trains.

So these are all the new locomotives, ignoring the Amtrak F40PH I'll be driving and non-driver varients, with the GP38-2s in the foreground. Note how the two differ slightly and I'm not refering to paint. The headlights are in different locations and the BN has a revolving light. The switcher has a similar one.

Now time to load the passengers here at Shelby, a regular stop for Amtrak's Empire Builder and the start of the route. The train is heavy enough and the grade is steep enough that I quickly start slipping back if I let go of the throttle and brake.

Time to go and so far I've burned one gallon of fuel, leaving me with 1,499 gallons of diesel. Let's see if I can get up to speed with this heavy load.

Shelby's diesel pump. Shelby seems to have the same role as Colfax and Truckee on Donner Pass, a helper base.

Barely out of Shelby and I've got to slow down for a switch to the other main line. I'm doing this so I can easily get to some more units positioned down the line.

There's a line going that way and we're going the other way.
*checks map*

It goes to the Sweetgrass subdivision.

I wonder if switching sides has limited my top speed to 55 and other track can go 65

Looks like I do need more power, I'm slowly losing speed. Good thing the only extra set of helpers I placed is too not far from here.

What's this?

This means nothing to me.

Alright! Max speed limit!

And now I need to slow down for my new engines.

Got my new units.

Seems to be a delay in the HUD. Assuming this is not intentional, that makes two glitches I've found so far in the HUD.

So if I can't make it up the mountain with this much power, I'm never getting up it.

So the speed limit dropped.

And now it's inceased.

Going down!

And the speed limit dropped as we apporach Cut Bank, which is like Shelby.

Looks like we are stopping here.



Oh look, a bottleneck.

That's a very long drop.

Let's put the peddle to the metal! I am liking this route on the grounds that this route is great for just running without a care in the world. Of course this is only for diesels since none of the steamers I have used have enough water and may not even have enough coal.

Speeding, I've got plenty of power

Another business. I haven't seen any loaders though.

*has an idea for a scenario*
*then notices the speed restriction coming up*


Oh we single tracked. Why is this single tracked? That seems like quite a bottle neck.

Woah! Former trackbed!

seems that my track is a shortcut to the former.

Browning Station. A small station.

I can't take on passengers.... oh well.

Leaving Browning and we single track again. Again I'm suprised the line is single tracked.

A fence?

This might explain why the track is single tracked, but I would think this would be a vital traffic corridor, thus warranting expansion.

Double again.

Single here at Grizzly main.

Again this is very high. Also there is a Wye coming up and so is Glacier Park Station, which I'm stopping at.

Very nice station!


*departs at 4:12*

This is a better speed. Donner Pass was agonizingly slow, but Marias Pass is absolutely fantastic.

Also something I just remembered, this route is 140 miles long. The 4449 has gone that far at these speeds and thus might just barely make it to the top. The Challenger and Big Boy should also make it. But no British locomotive will make it.

Passing siding

End of the passing side.

So loopy....


Speaks for itself.

Balloon loop here.

Welcome to the Namesake of the Route, Marias Pass.

Steep now.

As you can see, there is still a lot of track left.

Snow shed!

Very different from the Donner Pass snow discs.


Must be a really old bridge for the line to be single tracked across it.

This viaduct is probably just as old.

Finally semi-level track.

Another viaduct. Or is it a trestle?

The humble little station of Essex.


A Great Northern locomotive on display. don't know what model it is.


There are a lot of wyes up here.

Did I accidently kill the engines again?

Another beautifully detailed place.

That looks fairly newer.

Conkelly? I better have a scenario here given how much track is here.

A logging branch line is if we go left. We're not going left.

Welcome to Whitefish! There's a GN switcher there, a GN road vehicle, I think a bus, and

A round house. Can I make it back in 3 hours? I don't think I can. That said, I don't need my laptop tomorrow so I can make a return trip, though there's little point in recording it. I have 1,336 gallons of diesel left.

Just discovered the my original units have 1,29- gallons of diesel left. And I've lost interest in returning the whole way so this is where I stop.

Perhaps my longest journey EVER, in game time as my earliest runs were this long without me realizing it.


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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 1st October 2013, 7:08 am

Title changed to "Technical Difficulties"

Back to School:

A workhorse eh?

Sweet, these will help, though I've already got a good feel for American signalling from Cajon Pass, Donner Pass, and Sherman Hill.

I'll just set back and let the game explain itself how to play.

Good thing I did pick this scenario first.

Braking is nothing new to me.

This the one I use the most across the board without a doubt. It's also sometimes the only brake I can apply.

I tried this mode once, it didn't stop me from running my first train into a shed at 10 mph. I have rarely used it since.

Dynamic braking is the most powerful of the three, Notch 1 of Dynamic is often too powerful for what I need. For this reason I don't like using my e-brake button as it often disables dynamic braking, resulting in a longer stop. There's been at least one train wreck due to the application of the e-brake. Had the e-brake not been applied, the train may not have crashed at the bottom of Cajon Pass....

Yada, yada, yada

Task log, you'll rarely see this open, except when I need to find something or check my distance to my final destination.

*plays with the horn*

It's got a good sound to it, but I don't like how suddenly it cuts off.

Bell doesn't sound too bad. A bit quiet though....

My netbook is currently refusing to take power from my adapter. I'll continue taking screenshots, but it won't be "live" until I get it to accept.

*was unable to get it to accept for the rest of the part*

That moment when you suddenly realize why the signal you just passed was at amber.

I wasn't paying attention....

*points to the fact I'm doing over 49 mph in a 10 mph zone*

Heavy braking saves the day.

going long hood forward.

Note how the text box title says "Scenario Incomplete" This is because I wasn't paying attention again, and the way I braked means that although I briefly stopped in the right spot, I quickly took off again in the other direction before the stop timer finished.

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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 2nd October 2013, 8:03 am

The netbook is charging again, but an update likely won't be out for a few days due to how I'm experimenting with some new engine repaints and the new features of the steam workshop, namely how you can now share routes. I've got to test the repaints one at a time and the route is a whole another matter that'll get wrapped up in one part.


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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 4th October 2013, 9:38 pm

Title changed to "Mad Scientist"

Testy, Testy, Testy:

And so I begin with two of my engine repaints, both for Norfolk Southern. In the front are SD40-2s and behind them are GP38s. In the very back are some BNSF SD40s I discovered when trying to load up the NS engines. I'm not sure if they are part of Marias Pass, Railworks itself, or a set of repaints. BTW, I currently have a massive pack of UP stock ready to be installed if I decide to do so.

Not much difference with these from the SD40s I have used before besides the paint.

In addintion to the air conditioning unit up top, these sound a little different.

Now these are supposedly all different paint jobs. The leading unit also seems to have a much longer hood, which I don't like.

And the wipers do not work on the inside, though they move really fast outside.

Really poor headlights too. The rest are the same, which is a bit disappointing. Though I'm sure I'll be able to find repaints.

While making a quick drive selection for the workshop route, I hit edit when it came time to select my consist and now I have this loading up.

*browses through the various lists*

When did I get this?

And this?

*is forced to stop for the night*

And now I see what's it's like to haul Amtrak's Auto Train, often said to be the longest passenger train in the world. I'm not messing around with coupling up the Screamers to get enough power, so the modern day owner of this section of track is providing the power. Note that the real auto train does not go pass DC due to height restrictions. Horseshoe curve is north of that.

My consist is

4 coaches
3 diners
6 sleepers
1 transition sleeper
2 lounges
30 autoracks (the real train can have up to 40 and still only use two-three engines)

Slipping backwards!!!

Not enough power!!!

I'll get the other three units. If I can't move the train with that much power, we're aren't going anywhere....

Let's try this again.

What the fuck....

Well at least the train is moving...

I swear it sounds like an engine just quit.

The end of the train is right at the beginning of the loop.

And I still don't have enough power

I need to go to school now.

remind me to record this

So now let's see how the route building has changed. Before I got Railworks at all, I wanted this feature so badly, only to find out just how time consuming it really was and I lost interest in it Annoyed

So where to start.....

*opens up google earth and consults wikipeda for relatively small routes*

*spends over an hour doing this*

I'm just going to bring up an existing route.

The align tool looks new.

Where's the intergration?

*checks railsimulator.com, the official website*

Ah, I need an API key from Google. I hope I don't have to pay for this....

*believes I have gotten one and tries editing the Settle and Carlisle*

Why is it dark and what scenario is this?

It looks like a free roam.... I ain't got time for this.

This is interesting, this is the Workshop route I got a few days ago. I really like how we can share routes we made ourselves through the Steam workshop. This was made primarily with Marias Pass and Horseshoe Curve assets.

I hope I don't have to pay for it...

Everything jerked just now.

Signal at danger, noted and ignored.

Losing boiler pressure....

Got a good sized hill now.

Eagle Bay.

I believe this route operates not on signals, but when the next train arrives at the station, if more than one service was ever operated on this line.

What's with the speed limit being halfed?

Well when going up a 2.3% grade, I guess speed isn't that important.

And even steeper downhill.

Cresting the summit

Speeds reduce again after increasing

Overshot a little bit here at Rondaxe

Let's go!

And this is where the little branch line ends. Actually a really nice ride.

My only complaint is that the route doesn't have a coal loader.

See, not long


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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 5th October 2013, 6:35 pm

Scenario Backlog:

I have a bunch of scenarios I've never done or never finished, so let's do one now.

Hmm? Where did this one come from? And what happened to my A4 scenarios for the London to Brighton route that I am currently debating if I should buy or not. It's currently $10 off, but the offer is only valid for a few more days...

I'll do this one, although the icon isn't showing, this is a workshop scenario.

Everything is shaking. Also that's the end of my train over there.

I'm taking so long to get out of the yard that two trains are already passing me.

Well wonderful.

That white texturing disappoints if I raise the camera high enough.

And there's the other train.


Nothing exicting happening. Using Notch 2 of Dynamic.

Why are the SD40-2s facing the oppositte direction of the SD70Ms?


...this makes no sense to me.

I was slipping on full Dynamic.

Not sure what this means.

If you say so.

To think this whole area was storage for steam locomotive parts....

I coasted here and actually had my engine idling most of the way down the hill.

I'm tired and wanna go to bed....

Gotta record this, then crash...



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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 6th October 2013, 1:20 pm

Does this look familiar?:

Starting with a period accurate locomotive.

Missed the alerter.

So does any of this look familiar?

Different? Familar? Where the hell am I?

This looks like the Settle and Carlisle, but that has a 60 mph speed limit.

*had closed the throttle and walked away for a while*

This is usually quite an active station, but there's nobody here.

This looks like the mine section.

I've decided that this field of view thing actually does make a good difference.


*hurriedly checks and changes points.

The station name says Appleby and that's the crane for Appleby, yet Appleby doesn't have sidings here.


Almost spot on with the hose too.

Now I save and resume this trip tomorrow.

This field of view thing can really help find a locomotive's flaws.

Also since when was this here?

Wasn't paying attention.....

Just came to a stop.


Another station I cannot stop at.

A branch line at Appleby?

Top of the line

Garsdale overgrown?

No 30 mph speed limit at Dent?

A water crane here?

Double tracking across the viaduct?!

Sidings here, yet the station is closed.

Well this is Settle....

Well here's a good question, if I just stopped at Settle, then why is there still more track past the junction?

And since was Long Preston part of this route?

I really like the new camera now that I've figured out how to use it.

And another station?

So figured out what's going on?

Two paths, two dead ends. This is the end of the jounrey.

Open only if you want to check your guess or have given up:

This is the Settle and Carlisle as it appeared in 1975, plus extension to a more natural seeming ending to the route. Settle never seemed like the true end of the route. And the kind fellow that uploaded this was also nice enough to provide us with that more natural extension.


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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 6th October 2013, 8:16 pm

Early Morning Race Against the clock:

Gotta hurry and prep my locomotive.

And we're off! However I always struggle with the climb out of Altoona.

I'm speeding, but I don't really want to slow down.

The horseshoe curve.

Woah, violent wheelslip. This means the wheels are spinning super duper fast, too fast to grip the rails.

So appearently I cannot let the level get below 60%.

Good lord, look at that slip

Slipping again! Note how my exhaust let out a huge sphere when the slip began.

If I turn off my sander even for a second, I'll start slipping violently. Also I'm doing pretty badly than before.

Finally caught up to freight train. I'm running very behind and thus will have to haul ass to make up time.

We'll see.

Probably going to wreck.

*screeches through a corner while typing that*

May be a little late for that.....

I think I went so fast I broke the scenario.....

I'll just keep going until I wreck

Overtaking another freight train.

I love this new field of view thing when it's trackside.

We were this close to tipping.

Oh we're here at Johnstown. Cue the massive train wreck!

Still haven't crashed, yet. We will though.


I love how there's smoke and steam everywhere.


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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 8th October 2013, 5:44 pm

Fancy Motherfucker:

Woah, flyby!

Waiting is fun

*still waiting for it to put in me in the cab*

Now the HUD appears

Wow, the oldest unit is up front.

Where'd the train go....

I'm not looking forward to this.

So laggy.....

*gives up*

This is set during the merger of Union Pacific and Southern Pacific.

Also my lead unit is a Dash 9.

And it sounds awesome.

Control stand. Also that's the aforementioned train up ahead.

I have shades.

Without headlights

With headlights. So this is headlight flare. Because I already owned Donner Pass, the route and locomotives were upgraded free of charge.

I have driven the Dash 9 before and only scene it a few times.

Fun Fact: All diesel locomotives in the US are required to have a letter F on the front of the locomotive, or somewhere close, to denotate the front of the locomotive. This resulted because diesels could be run equally well (well except for visibility in many cases) in foreward or reverse and several US designs are ambigous as to which is the front.


Why did I take this?

Flying Train.

Something is out of order here, either my pictures were uploaded wrong or I messed how somehow with typing.

This really should be a crossbuck, which is a white x with Railroad Crossing on it. A number would be attached below it to denotate how many tracks there are.

Now the real fun begins, controlling this train on the descent.

Been taking too much time to have a green.

Much better.

Just discovered 'U' will lower and raise my visors.


*hits the e-brakes*

*screenshot cut it off, but that's a Red Signal*

And now I have an amber and almost completely passed the signal.

*notices that my throttle and dynamic brake are one control*

Oh look, the grade increased.


I'm surprised that Southern Pacific Switchers would be here. Switchers are usually assigned to a certain locations and never leave.

American Crossing Procedure, blow the horn until you reach the crossing.

Not going to finish in time.

*goes to school*


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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 11th October 2013, 5:46 pm

Title changed to Scenario Insanity.
Back to training school:

Yadda, yadda, yadda, this is more for you the reader than for me.

Finally, something meaningful to me.

Odd horn...

Ooo! There's a fan in there!

*hits shift-G instead*
*the points behind me change*

*sets as nessescary*

Also this is the other end of the Marias Pass route.

A rookie mistake would be to stop here and uncouple.

*sets accordingly*

Not hard.

This engine rumbles loudly.

And to think I once was heavily confused by all this.

*skips most of the information for the controls*

*highly important information I didn't look at*

Oh hello.


Horn sounds decent enough.

0.3% is not steep.

Wow it actually locks you out of Dynamic until you hold it at 4% for a bit.


These all wipers move out here,

but this one doesn't on the inside

You'll regret saying that.

You know of late, these segements are double the length of most of my previous LP's segments.


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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 12th October 2013, 10:36 am

New Locomotives:

The SW1500 pack was on sale today (Friday, October 11) so I picked it up because I want to get some official Norfolk Southern locomotives. Norfolk Southern and CSX (officially CSX Transportation) are the main US Railroads east of the Mississippi River, BNSF and Union Pacific are the really big one's west of the M. River. Those make up the Big 4 of US Railroading, though their are also a few others in the same tier.

Anyways, the SW1500 pack is much different from what I've been getting in that it's a whole bunch of repaints (and a few remodels) of the SW1500 I've already used (I had Southern Pacific, though never driven, and Burlington Northern).

The first is the Burlington Northern I used in my previous segment.

Well that's interesting, the fan continues to run well after the engine has been shut down.

Idenitical modelwise is the BNSF locomotive.

This belongs to one of the other North American Class 1 Railroads, Canadian National. As you can see, it is a slightly different model with covers over the exhaust (perhaps for snow?) and different highlight placement. It also has ditchlights, number boards, and a differently modeled horn. Not completely sure if it has a different sound to go with it.

*has to restart my little free roam due to TS2014 not wanting to let me change locomotives*

Continuing on, is this one using the default model. I'm not sure what railroad it's from but seems to be have Frisco in the name.

*looks it up*

Ah, it was a railroad officially called St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad that is now part of the BNSF network. It ran over Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas and operated from 1876 to 1980. That's a little sad it couldn't make 100 years.

Now we have the ones I really wanted, the Norfolk Southerns.The closest one has ditch lights and those don't seem to be lights on the corners of the hood.

This belonged to the Southern Railway, which later merged with the Norfolk and Western, along with half of Conrail to produce Norfolk Southern. Thus it can be decently placed it to a Norfolk and Southern scenario.

Southern Pacific, later merged with Union Pacific. Of interesting note, one paper it was Union Pacific that was absorbed into Southern Pacific and the resulting company named itself Union Pacific.

Union Pacific.

And the Western Pacific. I know very little about this railroad and don't feel like researching it.

As the sales cycle on, I'll get some more packs like this one, only they will have the modern road locomotives like the Dash 9.

Black Foot or Bust:

Too much lag!

*goes to change settings*

Somewhat better now.

and now although the seconds tick away rather slowly, things are pretty smooth

Bouncing all over the place, that aside, it's been uneventful.

If you thought of a naked girl with large breasts riding in my spot, you need to go stick your dirty head in the toilet and flush.

It's rare I get to run flat out with an American freight train.

Slowing for speed restriction.

Gotta lose a lot of speed now.

*uses air brakes and then dynamic*

Actually able to use dynamic somewhat efficently.

Cut Bank.

So it takes just three units to move all of this, with slow acceration. If we wanted better acceration, another unit is needed.

Those letters pop really well. It makes it seem as if the textures are not quite on the doors when they are.

And now my last waypoint has appeared.

My first amber 5 miles out.

Telling me we'll be going off the mainline.

*the bottom indicator was flashing red*

Entering the siding.

Finally finished.

Another 49 miles to the total.


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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 12th October 2013, 5:50 pm

Mixing Things up:

Back to the Woodhead route.

first time ever driving this locomotive. First off, got a really nice sounding horn.

Also the locomotive comes in 3 parts in the scenario editor: Two bogies and a body.

Note how the pantagraphs are down. This train isn't going anywhere without them up.

Wheelslip trying to get moving.

Oh good lord, this is overwhelming. That said, it's got a really good level of clarirty in that once I zoom in, I can read everything.

SPAD. Using E-brakes

Now let's go.

*discovers that that control next to the windows is called a weight transfer switch*

Weight transfer switch? What the hell does that do?


Figured out how to turn my lights on. Each light has it's own switch.

Ooo, a sunblind.

It seems saving and resuming hasn't screwed me over, but how I do get both pantagraphs up?

There we go!

Feels easier.

Bring it on!!! I Got This, Guys 

Can be a little scary seeing how close we get to these trucks.

We'll see. In my previous LP, I had to stop for water here several times.

*applies sand as I near the bank*

1:40 grade. A 1:100 translates into a 1% grade, so this is a 2.5% grade, certainly a steep grade by most standards.

It seems I've caught up.

Or not.

We just changed tracks.

I know.

Arriving in the yard.

Not too happy with blocking the mainline with the trailing engine but I can't change it now.

I did it with 3 and if I had the Big Boy, I'd probably do it with just one.

Not sure if this is completely accurate or not since I saved and resumed.

Essex Work Train:

Where am I?

Oh in a shed.

I wonder if I did this right caus it feels as if I'm supposed to be facing the other way....

Requring a surprising amount of power for this train.

Random empty cars,.

Interesting switch....

I won't remember...

The work train is just around the corner. I turned on my beacon and my bell.

Haven't seen another service since I was shunting in Essex.


We have arrived.

Lumberjack Hustle:

Where am I supposed to go?

that way

I forgot I need to put her in reverse to head the way I need to go. See why the government requires that marking?

Red Signal.


Flashing yellow.

Another stack?

Running light with two locomotives. This will take some effort to control..

Now we run around after I switch cabs.

shit, forgot to set the points.

Third attempt, now this time we are overtaking the stacks.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, perhaps the only thing I'm good at.

We can now move.

So I have this set of cars, now to get the next set just up ahead

*hauls ass out off town*

Changing tracks

This is half moon.

Didn't overshoot that much.


*just turned on the wipers in the other loco so I can hypotise myself*

That moment when you hope the points are set right.


Aw come on...

Oh when did you get there!

Where is that?

Going to crash on the buffers aren't I?

Or I'll survive.

So while I was busy taking a piss, the scenario completed itself.

A SPAD? When did that occur?


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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 13th October 2013, 5:05 pm

Marias VIP Visit:

Let's Roll!

I was about to get out of here, then I noticed I was suppposed to make a passenger stop here.

Ready now.


Also I have a caboose on the rear.

That right there ruins the quality of the secenario. Look at the numbers of the locomotive.

That seems to be the aforementioned train.

Oh look there. This is probably how most switchers are moved over long distances.

Let's high ball.

*notices I haven't done the offical stop yet*



the fuck.

I'm having a hard time keeping boiler pressure.

Ah come on.

Something must be wrong, the throttle is closed, the fire is hot, and the blower is on, yet I'm losing steam.

I'll try to keep going.

Well pressure has stablized.

Why is this a 35 mph speed limit?

Do I have VIP Guests or Garbage?


Oh speed limit is back for 2 miles.

Another switcher.

Now here at Cut Bank.

Question is where is he.

Think that's him. I'll proceed to the next signal

Now on the other side, my signal has a proceed aspect. I'll run for it.

Cleared it.


*knows there is no way around this one as the line single tracks there.

That train is already at Blackfoot, which shows how late I am.

Passing by the freighter.

Sound just hicupped.

"Proceed when green" it said, well it was green when I got here, then I rolled too close to the signal.

Flashing Yellow... The question is will I make it to the next signal or will the engine fail.

It seems she has failed on me.

Or not, she's picking up speed.

I may run out of water....

Power seems to have returned now that I'm going downhill. I'm going to speed from here on out to make up time.

Ooo... Aaaah... A Union Pacific operated train! There's this thing called "Trackage Rights" where a company allows another to operate their own trains with their own crews on their tracks. Amtrak operates most of its trains on this system, only owning a few stretches of track and the Northeast Corridor, which I am now considering getting.

Arrived at the second to last station.

I don't want to slow down.

Someone needs to inspect this locomotive, she should be giving me much more power than this.

Either going to make it the last few miles or run out of water.

Injector failure.... a recurring problem for me and the Challengers. This failure means the water level in the tender goes down with the injectors off.

*nurses the sick giant off the mainline*

Sorry for the truncated trip everyone, but steam locomotives have millions of parts, any of which can fail.

Nearly 3 hours and 83 miles....


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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

Post by Truthseeker4449 on 14th October 2013, 10:18 am

Dying Days:

This is set during the last days of steam where Deltics have begun replacing the A4s as Express Engines and today Union of South Africa is being used to haul fast freight.

Time to go.

gotta remember to be mindful of the line ahead and the AWS.

Oh a green light.

Been hitting greens for a while now.

I've got a load of tractors.

Oh am-

*watches as the emergency brakes trip*

Priority over a passenger train?

Just noticed I was speeding.

That's interesting, the speeding warning keeps flashing when the game is paused.

*opens the throttle as we enter the last high speed stretch of the line*

Steam locomotives rarely exceeded 90 mph in service.

The AWS is so much quieter than the locomotive, which drowns out everything.

There goes Mallard in LNER livery, which it likely wouldn't have been in during these times.

Tyne Yard.

Well once again I missed the alerter.

Note how I actually won't be penatized for not dropping stuff off because it's a go via task, not a coupling task.

I can't click the coupling to uncouple the train.

*takes the train to Newcastle*

Shit I totally wasn't paying attention.

Though I like how the safety values popped when that happened which makes it seem a little more realistic in that the locomotive looks like it is desperately trying to get rid of the steam before it explodes.

I going to record the times for the A4s seperately, so when I finally post the final tallies, I'll be able to tell you how much time and mileage I have for each A4.

Meat Packers Isanity:



This is going to take forever. I have to travel over 44 miles.

Slow track speeds won't help.

Seem to have lost just a little bit of lag as we are about to enter a single tracked section.

Now the challenge begins, climbing this section of the pass.

Just started applying sand because I'm losing speed on full throttle. However there is a plus to losing speed, gaining more amps. Remember Diesel can start a train much easier than a Steamer and high amps is how they do it.

The morning sun actually illiumates the locomotive as it struggles up the moutain's steep 1.8% grade.

Picking up a little bit of speed.

So the end of my train just made it around the corner.

*left my train to its own devices for 5 miles*

In real life, I could not do this because there's a button I must hit every 2 seconds (or move a control) or the train will go into emergency and in real life, it can take 2 hours before the train can move again.

Finally reaching the summit.

*is prepping the dynamics*

Woah, full dynamic and I'm not slowing down.

*applies just 6.32 PSI of air*

Pretty, except part of the mountain hasn't spawned yet.

Passing through Glacier Park. I'll need to lay on the throttle pretty soon.

Back in dynamic


Well my train is still there.

We're appoaching our destination here in Browning. I've been driving for close to 4 hours I think.

This better be enough

I don't wanna a cold beer, I wanna a cold soda. jokool or Harv can have my beer.

What a rap sheet.....

Speeding 62 times.... there's a record

Also notice it only took 1.81 game hours, but I spent nearly 4 hours in real life. And you think your lag is bad.

*is about to close and save to jump drive to my other laptop when I notice the text lines are all messed up*



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Re: Railworks 5: Derailment

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