"Where am I?"—A Guide To Our Sections

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"Where am I?"—A Guide To Our Sections

Post by Caprizant on 30th May 2013, 5:22 pm

This guide is designed to clear up any confusions about what each of our sections are, what to post there, etc. I'll try to make this as short and informative as possible.

The Old World
Consisting of The Discussions and The Graveyard. A special portion of our forums that emulates the Pit Stop's structure of the very beginning (before we moved to our own site). New threads may not be posted here unless by an Administrator.

The Discussions
Here you can find the ten original "threads" of the Pit Stop. They are explained in detail here.

The Graveyard
An archive for all old/locked/split threads from The Discussions. We also began using this as a dump for preserving our old threads from the original Pit Stop, but we lost access to it before we finished.

The New World
Consisting of The Water Cooler, The Lava Cooler, The Shipping Lane, The Stage, Let's Post Let's Plays, The Sea of Japan, The Library, Mission Out-of-Control, Random Ramblings, and Customer Service. This is where all the original threads (save for The Cage being replaced with Let's Post Let's Plays) are recreated in a more standard forum format. Each section has their own archives subforum.

The Water Cooler
A place for general chat that doesn't fit in other categories. You may post a thread here whenever you'd like as long as it is a) reasonable, and b) not able to be put in other sections and/or threads.

The Lava Cooler
A place to post all of your negative feelings. It's advised (though not enforced) to keep them in here. Also take note that user-to-user drama is strictly prohibited. You may post a thread here whenever you'd like as long as a) it covers a general topic and not a specific one relating to yourself, and b) it's not just flaming.

The Shipping Lane
A place to discuss shipping (the belief that certain characters/people/etc. should be together). Please note that shipping between real people should be done ONLY for shits & giggles, and if given indication that someone wants you to stop, you should stop. You may create a thread here at any time as long as it is not already covered by another thread.

The Stage
A place to discuss media such as movies, music, videos, etc. Note that manga/anime/etc. can be discussed in The Sea of Japan. You may create a thread here at any time as long as its topic is not covered by other threads.

Let's Post Let's Plays
A place to post and read Let's Plays. If it is not your own LP, do not create an individual thread for it; use the Let's Play Let's Post thread instead. This goes for all other general LP chat and questions.

The Sea of Japan
A place to discuss Japanese culture, especially anime and manga. Use your own intuition on whether to post Japanese video games here or The Stage. You may create a new thread here any time as long as it's not covered by another thread.

The Library
A place to discuss and post your own literature. If posting original works, you should create a thread for each individual work (posting all the chapters and such in that thread only). For threads that are not for original works, just make sure the topic isn't covered by another thread first.

Mission Out-of-Control
A place for the odd semi-RP missions that we occasionally go out on. If you have an idea for a new mission, try to garner some interest in the Mission Out-of-Control Control Room first and then make a thread for it when you're all ready. You can also post regular RPs here if you'd like.

Random Ramblings
Basically you can just post anything you'd like here as long as it isn't offensive or coherent. This is also home to the Forum Games subforum where you can play forum games with other members.

Customer Service
Any questions, complaints, or suggestions about the forum can go here. You may not post new threads here unless you are an Administrator. If you think a new thread is needed, post in General Complaints/Suggestions about it and we'll get to it. We also have a tiny locked subforum for preserving our very first spambot because I wanted to keep him as a pet cuz he's so cute. <3

Well, that's it! Happy posting!

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