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  • 20161126
    Today's Archetype is: 

    Celestials are an Archetype That was introduced in set 11, they are a part of the Angel Feather clan. All Celestials have blue wings. They are those with undying dedication to the art of healing. They must pass a test to prove that they have skills to match. Once they pass the test they must commit. once they have done so they are baptized...

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  • 20161031
    Decisions, Decisions
    Hey guys I've been thinking bout somethings and I'd thought Typing them out would help clear my head. You guys can comment if you want to.

    Anyway I've been spinning my wheels for a while now I haven't gone a semester in collage without changing my major because of that I haven't been making progress towards graduating. Now I'm not in a rush to get out of school, but that student loan sure is piling up. I can't seem to make up my mind on what I want to learn, or what I want to do. I'm going to change my major again so I think I've found three things I want to consider. 


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  • 20161125
    So, in case you haven't noticed, my sig which is displaing my word count has been stuck at 10k for a while now. Its cause I haven't written anything in a while. I got some writer's block, then lost motivation, then started longing to do other things. Pretty much I realized that writing isn't my top passion anymore, as I would write I would want to do other things, draw, edit videos, attempt singing etc. I still love writing, it just isn't my top priority I guess?

    This means that I will be doing art day again, and will also try to have a vid up each week. This was a pace that worked fine...

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  • 20161122
    I heard Ayumi's true exhaust note for the first time today. We were working on her exhaust in welding class today to repair the hanger and one of my redneck friends was trying to convince me to just straight pipe it, literally just hack the muffler off. I decided to meet him halfway of sorts and we unbolted the muffler, swung it out of the way and fired her up.

    The beautiful roar she made stunned me. I had feared that doing a cat back exhaust would make her sound like an obnoxious Honda, but her straight piped note is more akin to a V8 muscle car, with half the cylinders of course. We...

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  • 20161111
    Holy jiminy shit, guys. Was I gone for that long? I hope y'all didn't think I had left for a second time. There's a lot of explaining that I should do, but I won't, because a lot has happened to me in the past month and I don't want to get into it here.

    Basically, my depression is getting worse (I was officially diagnosed a week or so ago) and it's causing me to let things slip through my fingers: friendships, school responsibilities, personal care, and my social media presence like here. There was never a day where I didn't think to myself, "I need to catch up at the Pit Stop,"...

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  • 20161108
    Nanna opened her Mission Call
    previous post

    "Well folks, there we have it! Idaho Nampa, February 1st!
    I'm so excited, and so, so thankful for this wonderful opportunity! I almost can't believe this is happening!"

    I'm honestly too excited for words right now, folks! I am so grateful for everything~! Excited

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  • 20161105
    As some of you know, I've been working on this idea for ages. I've had many ideas over the years, but this one stands out for me.

    I honestly don't know if I'd make a good writer, but I've always had that creativity in me, even from a very young age. There's a home movie of me at around 3 or 4 years old reading the first book that I "wrote" (it was mostly scribbles and some drawings) called "The Dude and the Worm." Laughing

    Later on in life, I would write now and then. Just simple little stories that...

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  • 20161105
    So as I've mentioned before, my family intends to travel down to South Carolina this winter to visit my mom's parents. It's about an 800 mile trip just one way and so it's not often we make it. The last trip was last year, a week long stay in the summer. I had chosen not to go because I really wanted to repair Ayumi (her brakes had failed the week before) and get her back out on the road and practice driving. Then my parents had viewed it as an opportunity to test my ability to live on my own and I did quite well. Even though I couldn't manage to repair Ayumi within the week and later found out...

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  • 20161105
    Part 2 of my Guardian blog!
    Last night, I was going over my idea for the story I've had stuck in my head for ages. I've gone over the basic plot ideas I've had (still trying to figure out what's best Dreaming), but now I'm going to show off the main characters for this story. I can't remember if I've shared them or not, but either way, here they are (and btw, the first anime character maker I used, I wasn't too happy with in terms of how the characters actually looked):

    north guy:

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  • 20161102
    Today's Archetype is:
    Blue Storm!

    The Blue Storm is an Archetype form the clan of Aqua force! They first appeared in Booster set 8, Blue storm armada, and have been last seen in G clan booster two: Commander of the Incessant Waves. Their play style is close to a generic Aqua force deck, but they use other Blue Storm units to work...

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  • 20161016
    Hello everyone and welcome to a new blog Series about Cardfight!! Vanguard. In this series I'll be talking about different Archetypes in the game! Now you may be wondering what is an archetype and how will I be defining an archetype? Simple! Names are key here. for it to be an Archetype the names of the cards in the Archetype must have the same words. Does that make sense? No? Let me give you some examples. "Duo lovers singer, Darling" and "Duo...

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  • 20160915
    Just because I've given up on that Ford Diesel doesn't mean I've given up on getting a new truck. And at this point, another truck will not replace Ayumi, since my budget for a new truck is enough to give me a rust bucket.

    The latest thing to catch my interest is a 2000ish Dodge Ram 2500. 8.0 liters of thirsty gasoline beast. This truck is in even worse shape than the Ford. It's also a high mileage truck with 193,000 miles. However unlike the Ford's owner, who didn't respond to my phone call, I happened to meet with the owner as I was browsing the lot. So I was able to hear it start...

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  • 20160927
    With the exception of our drive-on alignment racks, all of the shop's lifts are powered by two car batteries. Every so often the batteries do need to be replaced and one of the lifts had been showing signs of weak batteries for a while now. Because it's been slow this month, we were pushing the batteries as long as we could until they would be unable to lift a car at a reasonable pace.

    Apparently we pushed them too far. I had just set the lift for a 2012 Honda Pilot and was in the process of raising the vehicle for a tire rotation and oil change. About two feet off the ground, there...

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  • 20160919
    So, as you may know, my parents are divorced and live separately, and I switch between their houses often. I've been doing this for over a decade now.

    But today, my mom told me that the company she works for is doing some shifting around, and she might not be able to keep her job here in Columbia. The pay is apparently really good, probably better than any other job here could get her without a college degree. And if she stops working there, she'll lose out on retirement benefits for working there for so long.
    If she can't keep her job here or another position opens up, she...

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  • 20160916
    Hello! If you've been following the TV thread you likely are now aware that we can do synctubes (a site that lets us all watch the same video at the same time while able to chat in a chatbox)

    As you may or may not know, its been a bit of a chaotic mess (you can mostly thank me :D)

    Now one thing I have been thinking of doing lately is watching every episode of the one piece anime and figured this might be a good chance to try and get others to watch along with me. My plan is to watch one episode a day and I'm looking for people who might be up for it :D

    I'm looking...

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  • 20160914
    I keep bouncing back and forth between what I'd be better off doing with my life.

    In my mind, I want something ideal, such as building up friendships that last a lifetime, having fun and doing all sorts of stuff with them, maybe falling in love somewhere down the road, stuff like that.

    Something like this comes to my mind when I think of that.

    or a group like this also comes to my mind:

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  • 20160914
    Hey guys! you may have noticed that I haven't been posting as much. A few days ago I posted in a thread that I have been fired from a job. About this I had worked for the company before and when I left I ended up gaining absences that would have fired be if I had not left. These absences carried over to my rehiring, so I was fired because of that. It would have been nice if they had not wasted my time, but something good came out of this.  

    I haven't been doing the best in collage. I'm on academic probation, and if I fail classes this semester than I'm kicked out. I was planning on staying...

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  • 20160913
    Depression hit me like a train wreck. I was almost hospitalized again. Sorry for not focusing on the game script, I just couldn't bring myself to do anything.

    On a completely unrelated subject, I think I'll be cosplaying APH Finland this halloween.

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  • 20160908
    So it's pretty well known right now that I've been listening to the Interstellar music a lot lately.

    And so I was just watching some silly videos that overlay the Interstellar music over other movies, like Gravity or Star Wars or whatever. And because I was procrastinating art, I was reading some comments. I mean, yes. This is YouTube comments I'm talking about mainly, but I've seen this same topic applied elsewhere and it just got me thinking.

    I like Hans Zimmer's music. I think he's a wonderful composer, and I would probably call him genius.

    Well, someone did...

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  • 20160831
    I'm sorry for the formating
    So I’ve been thinking of MMOs and I’d want to play them. So I know I’d want to do World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV But I’m not sure which. So I decided to make a list of some of the Pros and cons of Each and share them with you guys so you guys could give some input.  Let’s get started!

    First let’s talk about Prices, The basic Subscription fee for both starts out at 14.99 but you can do lower  fees for subscribing for more time six months is the lowest, XIV also has an entrance level account that is also 12.99 that limits you down to 8 characters and 1 per server.  Now let's talk...

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