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  • 20150113
    So... I'm finally starting to confront the next part of my life, college. I already know I'm not going to some fancy four year school to get some degree that'll prove worthless in my chosen profession, the automotive industry.

    I've long thought that I didn't require further schooling for working on cars beyond what I'm already receiving at school. I came to this conclusion from listening to other mechanics, who say that education only carries you for a little bit before experience starts to overwrite and fill in the gaps. Up until now I more or less sworn that if I chose to purse further...

    by Truthseeker4449 - Comments: 4 - Views: 365
  • 20150114
    Nothing quite like waking up in the middle of the night to your cat running around you room and the hall. And then jumping up onto your bed in the same frantic chase. Eventually, she jumped down and continued about with whatever she was doing--Great, I think to myself. Just great. I bet she's [insert spoiler]. Maybe if I fall asleep, everything will be fine...
    She continues to make all the noise of scrambling across the floor. She had better be playing with the pipecleaner that was on my bed, or something.
    And then she jumps up onto me again. "Hey, what are you--"...

    by Burnin' Bunnies - Comments: 2 - Views: 189
  • 20150114
    Writing out my opinion on things that happen in the Nintendo Direct. Could've just done this in the Galactic Arcade, but hey, we have blogs, let's use blogs.

    Starts off with a new Fire Emblem being announced! A comic book writer is joining the ranks for this one. And it seems to have choices that affect the game.

    A new puzzle game/RPG mix is coming to America. There's also a different one of the same series, just mixed with Mario also. Puzzle and Dragons Z + Mario Edition will be coming to America May 2015. (It's a bundle). You match orb things to attack your enemies. And...

    by Lief Katano - Comments: 11 - Views: 327
  • 20150112
    We are still exploring the uncharted territories of this most peculiar dimension of thought. Feel free to make your own journey into the unknown. A strange magic seems to lurk over these parts... Let us know how many heads you come out with.

    by Caprizant - Comments: 11 - Views: 286
  • 20150112
    Well, uh, I don't have an extra head. Yet. Woo!

    Anyway, yeah, I probably won't be contributing too much. Might make a blog when I make a new LP update or whatever. Might make a blog expressing feelings. Or when I decide to wax about games I love.

    Speaking of! If you have a PS2/PS3/PS Vita (why would you have a Vita though), I highly, HIGHLY recommend that you get Persona 4 (Golden for the Vita, which is better but burdens you with a Vita). It's a cool RPG, and the battle system makes grinding through random encounters not a huge pain in the ass. Said battle system consists...

    by Lief Katano - Comments: 7 - Views: 274
  • 20150113
    (I'm making a bunch of cliched stories from warioware games past for this, so criticism on something else is a better idea)

    story starter:you pick a name. then you(unseen) and your best friend(mii of your choice) see that warioware inc is developing a new game for the nintendo 3DS. and they are hiring 2 more people! being diamond city's most successful business, many people sign up, but you and your best friend get in! you get assigned the usual role of beta tester as in every other warioware game, and your friend becomes a new dev and isn't seen until later thanks to working hard on...

    by returnofmastercrazyhand - Comments: 1 - Views: 318
  • 20150112
    Here I can rant or just talk in general. 'v'
    I honestly don't know why I'm making this, but oh well! It will be fun! And here I can talk to myself and not bother people in the Random Ramblings or any other thread (looks at my commentary in Poke Park...) This will be fun, yup yup! :D

    So, I guess I'll start off with saying a few things.

    I just finished Over the Garden Wall, and it was awesome.
    However, I was planning on getting to work on school work right when I got home. It's been two hours now...
    jiogajiofjiaj maybe I shouldn't have watched it? But now it's done and it didn't take too long, really. I watched...

    by Burnin' Bunnies - Comments: 2 - Views: 279

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